WWE SmackDown October 20 Results, Grades and Analysis

WWE SmackDown went down on October 20 from Frost Bank Center in San Antonio, Texas. John Cena was on the show. Also, LA Knight and Paul Heyman had a heated exchange. Logan Paul returned to the show and came face-to-face with Rey Mysterio, as we knew. Let’s talk about everything that happened on SmackDown this week. 

LA Knight and Paul Heyman Promo Battle

Paul Heyman was in the ring as we went live from the arena. Heyman mentioned Jimmy Uso costing the Titles to Jey Uso and Cody Rhodes. He also stops fans from chanting “YEAH.” The Wiseman warned LA Knight that he would be smashed at the Crown Jewel. LA Knight’s music hits and outcomes the megastar. As Heyman talked about Roman’s Spear to Knight last week, the megastar said he would bounce back every time and get the Undisputed Title. He also mentioned the contract singing segment that will happen next week. 

Grades A


It was a vital promo segment, and both Heyman and Knight did well to sell the match. LA Knight always works nicely on the mic, proving he can hang with the best mic workers like Paul Heyman. It was an excellent opening segment. 

Singles Match

Santos Escobar vs. Montez Ford

Backstage, we saw Bobby Lashley and Angelo Dawkins instructing Montez Ford for his upcoming match against Santos Escobar. The match began at a good pace. The beginning minutes of the match featured kicks and a frog splash: suicide dive, crossbody, and hurricanrana. Dawkins interfered and laid down LWO. Escobar took him out and returned to the ring. Ford rolled him to steal the victory. Carlito came down with a steel chair, causing Street Profits to retrieve it. 

Winner: Montez Ford

Grades C+


US Champion Rey Mysterio was not on ringside, which was questionable. Michael Cole also mentioned the absence of Rey. It may be a point in a future LWO breakup at some point. 

Backstage: Rey Mysterio thanks Carlito for helping LWO. He mentions he will go alone while facing off against Logan Paul. Brawling Brutes attack Pretty Deadly at the spa. Jimmy Uso joined Heyman and Sikoa and bragged about how he caused Jeyand Cody’s title loss. 

John Cena and Bloodline Segment

John Cena came out and was introduced as The Greatest Of All Time. The crowd loudly chanted his name, and Cena thanked them. John mentioned his massive bad record of 2000+ days. He last won a singles match in 2018. Fans chanted “You still got it”. Cena delivered fiery lines, then. He said it was time to change the stats and warned everyone coming out to face him. Solo Sikoa came out face-to-face with Cena. Both exchanged punches, and Jimmy Uso arrived to help his younger brother. A black hoody person superkicks Jimmy. It turned out to be Jey. Security breaks them up. In the ring, Cena ducked Samoan Spike and delivered an AA. 

Grades B+


Things are going according to the speculations. John Cena will go against Solo Sikoa in a one-on-one match. Also, the feud between The Usos, Jimmy, and Jey ignited. 

Backstage: Logan Paul arrived in a black SUV. 

Nick Aldis backstage talked to Adam Pearce and Jey Uso. Aldis fined Jey Uso $10,000 and told security to escort him. Pearce disagreed with Aldis, but the SmackDown GM escorted him out of the arena.

Logan Paul and Rey Mysterio Face-Off

Logan Paul arrived in the ring. He mentioned his win against Danis and called him a scumbag. Paul said many things have changed since he last appeared on WWE TV. Also, he disrespected Rey Mysterio and called him a deadbeat dad. He said he wants the US Title. Rey Mysterio came out to face him. He called him a big-mouth idiot. Mysterio gave Logan a title match at Crown Jewel. Both shook hands in the end. 

Grades B-


Logan Paul looked good on the mic. He has improved much since his last stint in WWE. Rey is an absolute star and can make anyone look better. Both will now face each other at the Crown Jewel event for the US Title

Tag Team Match

Dragon Lee and Cameron Grimes vs. Austin Theory and Grayson Waller

This feud has been building for a few weeks as all the competitors have faced each other in random singles matches. Lee hit a hurricanrana early on. Good Tag Team was wrestling throughout the match. Grimes’ German Suplex looked incredible. Dragon Lee delivered a senton from the top rope to the outside. Waller laid out Lee into the timekeeper area at ringside. In the ring, A-Town Down by Theory gets the win. 

Winner: Austin Theory and Grayson Waller

Grades B


The babyfaces needed a win, too, but WWE went with the heel team. Waller and Theory make up a good team and can elevate the Tag Team Division.

WWE Women’s Championship Match

Iyo Sky (c) vs Charlotte Flair

It was a great match, as we all expected from these two women superstars. Bayley made her presence felt with a little interference to get a victory for the Women’s Champion. Flair took out Bayley at the ringside, giving time for Sky to recover and pin the former women’s champion. The match was good, but the aftermath of the match was outstanding.

After the match, Bianca Blair returned to WWE SmackDown to enter the championship picture again. WWE has yet to make clear that either Bianca will face Sky at Crown Jewel or a triple threat is again on the plans. However, we can see tag team matches in the upcoming weeks.

Winner: Iyo Sky

Grade A-


There is always a problem with Charlotte Flair’s stardom because WWE always wants her to be in the title picture. It will be good if Iyo Sky and Bianca Blair have their singles match instead of a triple threat at WWE Crown Jewel. WWE must use Bayley better and develop her feud with Charlotte, culminating in singles matches for upcoming pay-per-views.

Overall, WWE delivered a good SmackDown episode. WWE SmackDown will move to the USA Network in the next week. Let us know in the comment section about your views.



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