NXT #733 Results & Review (May 14th, 2024)

NXT Results & Reviews

NXT #733
May 14th, 2024
WWE Performance Center
Orlando, Florida

The show begins with Noam Dar pretending he’s been attacked backstage by Trick Williams, and Lash Legend is screaming that Trick hadn’t done it.

We get more highlights of the Womens Combine to see the 12 Superstars that will qualify for the 6 ladies Ladder match at NXT Battleground. The matches begin tonight!

Kiana James is backstage with Izzi Dame, and Kiana tries to put a bow on their alliance and says whilst she runs RAW, Izzi can run NXT.

WWE NXT Women’s North American Title Qualifying Match
Izzi Dame vs. Sol Ruca

The Match:
I worry Izzi will get a tad lost in the chuffle without Kiana. I do expect Sol Ruca to get the win in this one. These two are hot. Izzi has grown by leaps and bounds with how confidence in the ring over the last few months. Sol took charge early with her quickness, but really needs to be careful about always having to add a flip to certain moves, you are at risk of making your opponent look bad by having such a complicated move set. Izzi really did well with her heat, as Sol fought back with evasions and quickness. They gave them some decent time here, Sol hit the Sol Snatcher and picked up the win! Sol is the first to qualify for NXT Battleground!

Winner: Sol Ruca via pinfall.

Backstage Tony D’Angelo and the D’Angelo Family are in Ava’s office and she’s asking them about the disappearance of Myles Borne and Damon Kemp. Typical shenanigans from the family, and they get fined $20,000. Tony get’s Adriana to pay it off with a stack of cash in an envelope.

Edris Enofe and Malik Blade are seen backstage. Malik was excited about their upcoming match, as Edris was stoking a rabbits foot for luck.

Shayna Baszler/Lola Vice Interview with Kelly Kincaid
Lola and Shayna talk about Roxanne Perez and the title, and out of no where Karmen Petrovic attacks her with the heat of 1000 suns, and Natalya attacks Shayna as security and agents try to break them up.

Tag Team Match
Edris Enofe & Malik Blade (w/Brinley Reece) vs. Out The Mud (Bronco Nima & Lucien Price) (w/Jaida Parker)

The Match:
Out The Mud make their first entrance with SCRYPTS gone from the group which is a shame to see for him. Edris and Malik totally do need a win here. Get this group of 6 to feud for 5-6 weeks and that would be good for both of them. Malik and Edris hit some dives to the outside and dude what in the hell was one of the OTM guys doing being so out of place for the dive? Brinley and Jaida start fighting on the outside after Jaida got involved. We got back from commercial break and they started fighting again, which was funny. Edris’ boot was half hanging off his foot. Malik scored a hot tag and cleaned up before Edris tried to hit a dive but his loose boot distracted him, and Out the Mud finished him off for the win.

Winner/s: Out The Mud via pinfall.

Noam Dar is backstage whinging about the attack on him, Oro Mensah said to not worry and theat he would take his match.

Nathan and Axiom are standing backstage with their titles over their shoulders like marks, and Ridge is having a joke around with them. The O.C show up and interrupt. The O.C talk to Ridge about being a Main Roster guy whos not welcome in NXT. The O.C challenge Ridge to a match with a partner of his choosing because the wrestlers can book their own matches.

WWE NXT Women’s North American Title Qualifying Match
Ivy Nile vs. Lash Legend (w/Jakara Jackson)

The Match:
I feel like Ivy could be on the chopping block at the moment. It’s not her fault per se, but we don’t see much character out of her and she hasn’t one much since going to the main roster. I think Lash should win this match. They worked pretty well together, Ivy is quite good in the ring, it’s just the personality I’m looking for. I actually saw some fans chanting for both wrestlers. Pick one or the other! Ivy hit a big bulldog off the top rope for a near count. Jakara got involved and grabbed Ivys foot, and Lash hit a pancake then a pump kick to beat Ivy Nile! Thank you.

Winner: Lash Legend via pinfall.

Sarah Schreiber found Je’Von Evans backstage as a roving reporter, which is concerning, because that’s what Kelly was doing which lead to McKenzie Mitchell getting the sack which was BS. Je’Von saying it’s about to get BOUNCYYYY makes me want him to lose. Convincingly.

Debutant Carlee Bright is backstage wanting a chance to fight Lola Vice. Tatum Paxley was shown watching on in Ava’s office.

Singles Match
Oro Mensah (w/Jakara Jackson) vs. Je’Von Evans

The Match:
Popping to see Jakara back out here again. If Mensah is ever going to get a win, it needs to be here. Why do referees always count in a wrestlers hair? Je’Von kept on getting cut off every time he built up some steam, I can totally tell if there’s a dip in the ratings on this episode, it would be during this match. Nothing against the guys, there’s just no heat on this. This was a struggle between the two, Evans hit a Cody Cutter and then a big dive to the outside on Oro Mensah. Jakara distracted the referee, Lash went to grab a chair, and Trick came out to stop Lash from doing it because she’s conflicted. This leads to Evans to hitting his big move for the win.

Winner: Je’Von Evans via pinfall.

Charlie Dempsey Interview with Kelly Kincaid
Charlie informs Kelly that the NQCC boys are on their way to the building now but are in rough shape.

Out comes Wes Lee pretending he has a personality. I think segments like this require somebody asking him a question before he starts talking. It just seems random he just comes out and starts talking. Get Kelly Kincaid to call him out to the ring, get her busy. Wes’ plight is already boring me. As Wes gets emotional, Oba Femi comes out dressed to the nines. He says Wes took the North American Title far, but not as far as Oba will. Wes starts to make another point, and Ivar interrupts. He wants his shot too. Ivar is interrupted by Josh Briggs. This will end up in a brawl, and then a three way next week, which Wes will win, and then Wes will lose at Battleground. I’m calling it like Babe Ruth calling the shot. Oba backs up and says they will have to fight eachother for the shot. No brawl, I was wrong.

Ridge gets Kelly running up to him asking if he was facing The O.C on his own. Andre Chase shows up with Chase U and offers Riley Osborne, who isn’t happy about it! These random people are standing around the kitchen and then he starts talking about how great he’s been lately. Jazmyn Nyx shows up and wants them to sign the Get Well Soon card for Jacy Jane. Lexis gets Jacys name wrong 3 times and writes the wrong name in the card, AND steals the pen. Amazing.

Tag Team Match
Ridge Holland & Riley Osborne (w/Andre Chase, Duke Hudson & Thea Hail) vs. The OC (Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows)

The Match:
When you watch Chase U enter, just watch Thea Hail. Honestly, it’s hilarious, even when she’s not supposed to be super jacked up, she acts like she’s mental, randomly screaming and shaking about. It must be so hard keeping on top of the booking for this show having so many people on the roster. It looks like the referee is Karl Andersons slightly portly brother. Riley copped the heat on this one, of course. He fought back with a corky out of the corner to get some space to tag Ridge Holland in. The thing about Ridge is, on the main roster, we aren’t going to get this kind of character focus that he gets in NXT. If I were a wrestler, I’d want to wrestle in NXT, if I worked in creative – NXT. Riley screwed the match up and Ridge got rolled up by Anderson for the win.

Winner/s: The OC (Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows) via pinfall.

We get a hype video for another new lady in NXT, Carlee Bright, who will be wrestling next.

Singles Match
Lola Vice (w/Shayna Baszler) vs. Carlee Bright

The Match:
Of course, Carlee comes out, and she’s another dreamboat. She’s a former cheerleader. Lola’s entrance is the best. I’m glad they interrupt her hip thrust with the name plate anymore. She’s seriously something else, she gets it. Carlee was super athletic as expected with the cheerleading experience – the cheerleaders and gymnastics in NXT are seriously whooping some butt. Karmen Petrovic is seen backstage and wants to get involved, she and Natalya have been clearly steaming mad for over an hour. Shayna on the outside got cross that Lola kept on taunting and shaking her butt around, and that gave Carlee the chance to fight back, and she showed off some ability. Lola hit the back fist and it was over. Bro, I SAID WEEKS AGO THE BACK FIST SHOULD BE THE FINISHER. Somebody is listening to me, or great minds think alike. Karmen and Natalya attacked them after the match. They challenge them to a match next week.

Winner: Lola Vice via pinfall.

Ridge Holland is backstage and Riley apologized to him. Ridge hopes Chase U can trust him.

WWE NXT Heritage Cup Title Match
Charlie Dempsey (c) vs. Tony D’Angelo (w/Adriana Rizzo, Channing Lorenzo & Luca Crusifino)

The Match:
Who knows which way this will go! I would assume Charlie will win somehow, perhaps William Regal will get involved? Doubtful. As expected, Tone was trying to out wrestle Charlie, and Charlie was surprised by it. If Tony and the D’Angelo family go to the main roster, does Tony get the TV time he needs? Tony countered Charlie into a neat pinfall in round 1! Drew Gulak being gone is whats helped pushed Charlie through. Charlie had an arm bar locked in on Tony as we ended Round 2. Charlie had a Fujiwara Arm Bar in at one stage, great selling from Tony. Tony collided with the ring post and Charlie Dempsey hit a German to claim the 2nd fall. With 1 minute left in Round 4, Tony reversed a triangle choke into a powerbomb. Charlie gets saved by the bell when it looked like it was over. Damon and Myles ran out and attacked Luca and Stacks, Charlie nearly had Tony beat, but Tony hit the Fuggetaboutit and he won the Heritage Cup!

Winner: NEW NXT HERIATE CUP CHAMPION, Tony D’Angelo via pinfall.

Gallus attacked the 3 guys in the back who were to be contenders for the NXT North American Championship as we go off the air!

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