Insiders Edge Podcast Episode # 171 – Big F’n Joe | Shoot Interview Transcript

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Karlifornia Infirri: 00:00:16:10 – 00:00:44:09
Hello everyone and welcome to the Insider’s Edge Podcast here on the WZWA Network. I’m your Host with the Most on the West Coast, Karlifornia Infirri, it’s a joy to be with you all once again. And speaking of a joy… right here right now, I have the opportunity to talk to a guy who I’ve become a very big fan of over the past year since I first discovered him wrestling on a show called XPW Killafornia… 
…ladies and Gentlemen, this is the one this is the only this is Big F’n Joe. How are you, brother?

Big F’n Joe: 00:00:45:13 – 00:00:45:08
Good mate, thank you. How about you?

Karlifornia Infirri: 00:00:47:32 – 00:00:52:11
Yeah, not too bad, not too bad… I just did a 12-hour shift and I have a cold beer, so…

Big F’n Joe: 00:00:53:30 – 00:00:58:15
Oh nice, jealous… I’ve gotta wait… I’ve gotta wait until I’ve done the school run to have a beer.

Karlifornia Infirri: 00:00:59:48 – 00:01:22:29
Fair enough, but that’s good. You got something to look forward to… and Joe, really excited to have the chance to have you on the show here. The thing is, I figured out today that you and I are actually the same age, so I’m intrigued to know about your journey as a fan before you got involved in the business, to see how it compares to me. So how did you become a fan of professional wrestling?

Big F’n Joe: 00:01:23:35 – 00:01:31:08
Just one of my first memories, man, just… remember watching WCW when I was a kid and just progressed from there really.

Karlifornia Infirri: 00:01:32:19 – 00:02:00:31
So WCW was the first thing, that’s cool, so like… it had to be at some point that you discovered a certain different style of pro wrestling, which is kind of your bread and butter at the moment, the deathmatch and hardcore style of wrestling. I know… considering we’re both the same age, getting your hands on footage of that kind of wrestling was very hard and difficult to come by as you’re growing up as a fan, so how did you first discover deathmatch and hardcore wrestling?

Big F’n Joe: 00:02:01:19 – 00:02:37:04
So in England there was a magazine called Powerslam. I don’t know if it ever made its way out to Australia, and they used to have pictures of old FMW, [Atsushi] Onita with the flames, ECW obviously as it came into prominence and… in the back pages, there was like small ads where people would write in like looking for pen pals…
…and I dread to think how many nonces, paedophiles are in that little section, but basically you could find tape traders, and that’s how I started falling down a slippery slope of ECW, then CZW, FMW, all that sort of stuff.

Karlifornia Infirri: 00:02:38:09 – 00:03:12:06
Right, that’s awesome. Yeah well, I interviewed Thumbtack Jack about two years ago and he told me about this obsession he had from just seeing these stills in these magazines, and he just had no idea how he was going to ever get his hands on that footage, but he was just obsessed with it. So it’s cool hearing, you know, your version of events, that you’re able to find those tapes that a lot of us did back in the day. 
So your fandom grows, obviously, to a point where you want to start getting training, and I believe you get training with the ‘UK Pitbulls’, [Big] Dave & [Bulk] Mike Waters, is that correct?

Big F’n Joe: 00:03:12:46 – 00:03:31:31
Yeah, yeah, basically I found them- I was watching them as a teenager, I’d go to shows on my own… and they were always on the shows in the local area, and I obviously found out that they had a training school, so I knew when I was finished with college I was going to go there and learn to try to be a wrestler, so…

Karlifornia Infirri: 00:03:32:32 – 00:03:35:57
Right, and how was the experience with those guys?

Big F’n Joe: 00:03:36:41 – 00:04:10:29
It was interesting, it was definitely like an old school sort of deal, the ring was very small. You could only bump corner to corner. It was a boxing ring, so it was very hard… and they’re quite ‘larger than life’ characters, so today it wouldn’t fly, you know, ‘cause everyone’s so like… in this ‘PC’ like… you know… ‘snowflake’… it wouldn’t fly, but it was, it was hard, but it was good.
It shaped me to become the person I am today, so nothing but good things to say about them. But yeah, because they’re like a bit more punk rock and old school, it was different.

Karlifornia Infirri: 00:04:10:56 – 00:04:15:17
Right? And these days everyone needs a little bit of baby powder up their ass before they-

Big F’n Joe: 00:04:16:04 – 00:04:10:29
Everyone these days- it’s like they would tell people in training “look, we just don’t want to take your money.” “This is not, you know, this is not ‘Make-A-Wish”, you know… “Maybe be a referee? Maybe be a cameraman?”

They were very honest, you know? No one needs to hear that the good stuff, you need to hear everything that’s bad about you, so I’ll always take that from them. They were my best friends now in the business today, so I can’t put them over enough.

Karlifornia Infirri: 00:04:42:08 – 00:04:49:02
That’s very cool to hear, so… okay. You do some training with these big boys. Tell me about your first match.

Big F’n Joe: 00:04:50:32 – 00:06:10:18
My first match, that’s quite a cool story, is that my first like singles match anyway was against a guy called Stevie Knight who was like… he was like one of the top guys in Britain, like, you know, like during the tape trading era in England, he was like one of the names. He was ahead of the game. Doug Williams, Johnny Storm, people like that.

And in the first match as a rib, he said “oh, you’re going to get color.” Like I don’t know, okay, whatever. Just leave it to him. And so he hits me in the head with a fork in the match, just pulls it out of his tights, it’s like a normal traditional wrestling match, puts me in a headlock, tells the referee to turn around, pulls a fork out, hits me in the head with the fork…
and I think I’m getting color because I’ve never done it before, I just presume he’s going to give me color. So I’m now selling my head, trying to get blood out and there’s nothing that was just a rib on me. So that was kind of interesting, and the whole match went “can you do anything off the top?” I went “yeah, I can do a moonsault.” He’s like, “good, miss that and we’ll go home.” That’s all I have to know.

So the lesson from that was like, after the match he said “the reason I don’t tell you anything is because if you’re not told anything, you can’t forget anything.” The match can’t go wrong because you’re not planning from A to Z. The fans don’t, you know, if they don’t go for it, you have to change.

So yeah, that was a cool first match against someone I really respect. He grew up tape trading as well, so it was all good.

Karlifornia Infirri: 00:06:10:46 – 00:06:37:22
That’s very cool to hear, so… okay. You do some training with these big boys. Tell me about your first match.

Big F’n Joe: 00:06:38:20 – 00:07:24:26
So WAW is Paige’s [AEW’s Saraya] family’s promotion. They’re local to Norwich and the Pitbulls were always cool to be like “go train everywhere and anywhere. Do as many things as you can.” Some schools get a bit butthurt about things like that and that they were the next closest school. So I started training there and met Danny Darko, who had a Native American gimmick at the time, which he likes to forget, and we just clicked straight away.

We’d be the ones after training and that would go out and party and, you know, hang out and stuff rather than the others who just go back and sit and watch wrestling shows, I guess all night and do that sort of thing, so we clicked really well and they could see it at the training and started putting us together in tag team matches, which was good, and we’re still friends and still team today.

Karlifornia Infirri: 00:07:25:22 – 00:07:40:25
Wicked awesome stuff. I didn’t know that… I should have known that that was the Knight Family’s company, but that’s very cool to hear. 
So during these years, these early years, how would you describe what the UK scene was like with Pro Wrestling?

Big F’n Joe: 00:07:43:19 – 00:08:18:13
It was kind of just before the kick off of like obviously PROGRESS [wrestling company based in London, England] and stuff and became more… there was more of a scene and this was kind of in between the boom from like the ‘Attitude Era’. 
Obviously, there was a boom in England and then it was kind of on the down side. This was like the quieter days, like… don’t get me wrong there’s still shows every week, but they weren’t to the level where they were a few years later with the rise of like PROGRESS and… just the internet, like really helping, you know, this was kind of like in the doldrums, so to speak.

Karlifornia Infirri: 00:08:18:46 – 00:08:50:51
Right. Interesting. I’m just curious. I always like to hear about a certain territory and what it was like in a certain period of time. So speaking of like, okay, you’ve been working, you know, mostly in the UK for this period of time in your career, but in my research it could be wrong. 

The Internet’s wrong sometimes, but it said that you first performed in the United States in 2007 for a company called Division One Pro Wrestling. I believe it said that you won a Bunkhouse Battle Royal and New Jack was also on the card.

Big F’n Joe: 00:08:51:10 – 00:09:17:42
Yeah, New Jack was on the card. I can’t remember winning the Bunkhouse Battle Royal. Basically, me and Darko went on the holiday to Florida. As kids we had like fake I.D.s, which we could use out there so we could drink alcohol because obviously being British, if you got a fake I.D. saying you’re 21. They just think you’re 21. Even if you are 18, whatever.
And… we yeah, we got onto an indie show that had New Jack on and he was a really interesting, really interesting guy. So,he did that, that’s true. But I don’t know about the Bunkhouse Battle Royal.

Karlifornia Infirri: 00:09:23:41 – 00:09:25:39
Right. Again, the internet can be wrong.

Big F’n Joe: 00:08:51:10 – 00:09:17:42
I might have, who knows?

Karlifornia Infirri: 00:09:29:52 – 00:09:37:52
Cool, so you had your first trip there, to the U.S… so you were just on holiday and you just managed to get yourself a booking or something like that?

Big F’n Joe: 00:09:37:56 – 00:10:07:29
Yeah, so basically at the time I was working a bar, nightclub and I’d make so much money that we’d just literally go to Florida or go to America like every month or so just to party because we were young. And it turned out we met a guy… my friend was dating a girl whose dad used to be a jobber in WCW, and he just ended up getting us on shows in Florida randomly when we were out there, like go party, get to play fight in our pants and stuff and yeah, it was cool… good times.

Karlifornia Infirri: 00:10:07:29 – 00:10:36:49
That is very cool. It’s about who you know sometimes isn’t it? 

So again, the internet… my research… don’t know what’s what, I noticed on, which has a lot of information on people and how many times they’ve wrestled and where they’ve wrestled etc. 

But after November 13th, 2010, you apparently only wrestled three times between then and 2015. Is that incorrect?

Big F’n Joe: 00:10:36:53 – 00:10:47:37
Probably, yeah, I’d imagine so. I don’t know, took a little break and stuff because I had real life stuff to do like kids and stuff. But definitely yeah, that would be wrong.

Karlifornia Infirri: 00:10:47:41 – 00:10:57:20
Okay, cool. Just checking because I was thinking, well, there was such a gap, maybe there’s a big reason why I maybe got really badly hurt or something like that. But no juicy gossip.

Big F’n Joe: 00:10:59:02 – 00:11:03:54
I’ve never been hurt bad wrestling, which is good… so far.

Karlifornia Infirri: 00:11:03:59 – 00:11:34:36
Considering the style that you’ve become to be known for, which is a lot of this Hardcore Deathmatch stuff which I love. 
Fast forward. Okay, to July 19th, 2018. You’re wrestling Casanova Valentine at JCW Oddball Wrestling, which I would imagine would have been super exciting for you, to wrestle for Juggalo Championship Wrestling. Tell me about that experience there and being able to work for the clowns.

Big F’n Joe: 00:11:34:41 – 00:12:26:05
So basically, they toured England the first time in like 10, 15 years. And I said to Dan Darko, like, we need to go because obviously I’m a Juggalo, we needed to go. So, we snuck backstage after the meet and greet and we speaking to them, we basically saying about like wrestling and stuff and we got talking and they took my email address down on a paper plate and said, “oh, we’ll be in touch, we’ll hit you up” because I said, like The Gathering [of the Juggalos] is my WrestleMania, like as an English person like that’d be sick to go to The Gathering. 

Then a few months later they kept to their word, I get a message from the clowns saying “yeah, you want to be a part of The Gathering” and stuff and you know, this is what we’ll do for you. So, it’s just like if you don’t try it don’t get, right?

So by sneaking backstage and talking to them, that was super fucking cool and hooked it all up for me… and that’s where I met Cass [Casanova Valentine] and Cass is a fucking dude. So we partied at the Gathering, bled at the Gathering, and then he’s like, helped me out in America and stuff.

Karlifornia Infirri: 00:12:27:23 – 00:12:43:36
Awesome. So, okay, if I have someone on the show that’s been to The Gathering I have to ask a little bit about the experience. So, I’ve talked to [Mad Man] Pondo, who’s been there, I’ve talked to 2 Tuff Tony, who’s been there. 

Can you tell me any sort of, you know, memories of being at The Gathering?

Big F’n Joe: 00:12:44:12 – 00:13:20:38
So within 5 minutes of being there, I went to the gypsy crew tent, like camping area and hit a six-foot bong for the first time, like this giant six-foot bong. Never met these people before, super cool. So that was the start of my Gathering experience. It’s… it’s fucked up, man. It’s like everyone that likes live music experiences should go to one Gathering.

It’s life changing, for sure. I don’t want to say too much, it’s fucking mental. I don’t know, get like them in the shit, but you just see so much fucked up shit, so good!

Karlifornia Infirri: 00:13:22:13 – 00:13:27:31
I thought as much, but it’s still on my bucket list, it’s still on my bucket list.

Big F’n Joe: 00:13:27:35 – 00:13:35:25
Do it. Do it for sure. It won’t go on forever, because they’re only getting older. But yeah, it’s a real cool experience.

Karlifornia Infirri: 00:13:36:08 – 00:14:13:57
Cool, hopefully next year I’ll be able to go. 
Cool, so speaking of Casanova Valentine, you’ve worked with him six times from my- it might be more… Internet, again could be wrong… including a No Ring Deathmatch in Vegas with Marcus Crane involved, may he rest in peace. But one big one that I’ve seen myself and we’ve actually done a reaction video to it on our YouTube channel was CZW Tournament of Death 18, Bundles and Boards match. 
For you, how important was it to finally work a Tournament of Death, and what did you think of that experience?

Big F’n Joe: 00:14:14:02 – 00:15:09:41
It was a life goal. Like I still remember getting T.O.D. 1 on VHS, like bootlegs, and it came through before I went to school, so I had to bunk school that day, of course. Like the postman came early that day. 

Yeah, it’s fucking awesome to work T.O.D. I mean, the circumstances around that match weren’t ideal because he was coming from New York and it was a case of like the match got moved back, the match got moved back, oh, if he’s not here in the next 5 minutes, you’re just gonna have to work whoever, you know? 
The circumstances around it weren’t great, but it’s fucking T.O.D. man. I was just one of the tape trading kids, you know, that would seem impossible back in the day, so… yeah, definitely a life goal ticked off right there. 

It was the world’s worst T.O.D., it wasn’t the best T.O.D. of all time, definitely not like I’m not saying that, but who cares? Like, fucking none of my friends have done T.O.D. like in England, so I’ll take it.

Karlifornia Infirri: 00:15:10:55 – 00:15:39:17
That’s awesome, a goal achieved there. And, you know, I had to- I want to kind of press on this T.O.D. experience a little bit more. 

For you, are you going out there with a lot of those fans not really knowing a lot about you, maybe? You hadn’t wrestled on a CZW show before, I don’t know what it’s kind of like with those fans there. 
Did you feel like you had something to prove there? Did you feel like there was a bit of pressure to get over with their fan base?

Big F’n Joe: 00:15:39:56 – 00:16:09:49
Oh 100%, because at the time, like no one really knew who I was at all really. So super, super nerve wracking. And then obviously it’s amplified because it does mean so much to me, it’s not just another show like some of them American guys, they kind of- it’s probably lost on them, they don’t realize the platform they have.
Yeah, it’s nerve wracking, man. I can’t… there’s nothing more. I get crazy nerves before wrestling, so… that was an exceptionally bad one for me, nerves wise. But yeah, it’s all good.

Karlifornia Infirri: 00:16:10:06 – 00:16:48:29
That’s good, that’s good bro. Because here’s the thing. Like I think about a crowd seeing you come out for the first time and… this is the question that kind of makes me laugh a little bit. For a lot of people out there that may not understand when they first see Big F’n Joe walk out, why was your attire of choice a collared shirt and your white underpants?
It makes a great visual with all the blood because they’re both white. And I know Jasmin St. Claire’s talked about your big legs being eye candy in the past as well. So tell me a little bit about the decision for that outfit.

Big F’n Joe: 00:16:49:53 – 00:18:19:18
It all started through like a rib in a promotion called RISE [RISE: Underground Pro Wrestling]. We were doing like a storyline and it just… rather than wearing the dress trousers looking like Right To Censor, or Corporate Kane you know in a dress suit and stuff. 
It is like more comedic, when I work security or a bouncer or whatever you call it where you’re from, a lot of time your trousers do rip in real fights. They just rip, like you’ll slam someone onto the floor and your trousers would rip and your balls will be out and stuff. 

So, it’s just more comical. It started from that and it’s just an easy sort of thing, like no matter on first sight, no matter what match has been on before, you’re always going to remember the fat cunt in the tighty whities or the nappy or whatever the fuck people think is… like by hook or by crook, you’ll talk about it, and that’s all that really matters in wrestling, right? So, it’s half the job done there and then. 
As well, with the Deathmatch thing, so many guys wrestle in fucking jeans and a long sleeve top and stuff and it’s just… it’s a Deathmatch, right? It’s a visual art form. So, I mean, for me it works, like I’m not justifying is a good look because it’s not,but realistically, for me, it’s good hustle because the gear is super cheap and people always fucking talk about it, and then when I do family shows as well, it’s like 90% of my shows, the family shows. 

So, you can have more fun with it, You know, you in… fucking [under]pants so you can do like stink-faces and stupid goofy shit like that that just get over with a different audience because it’s more pantomime as such. But yeah, it’s just noticed. That’s the whole reason behind it really.

Karlifornia Infirri: 00:18:20:09 – 00:20:05:36
Right. Okay, that’s cool now that I have uncovered that, and you know what, it does stand out people do remember it because I’ll tell you a little story here, Joe. On our YouTube channel. We do you know, reviews of wrestling pay-per-views, etc. and we’re the only ones that seem to have the balls to actually cover XPW. My co-host wasn’t really- he didn’t really know a lot about XPW.

So he was going to this kind of, you know, just looking at it from a fresh perspective, perhaps maybe he’d listen to a little bit too much Jim Cornette that week, but in the review, I mean, we talked about, you know you’re in three matches on that show, in the review, like, you know, you’ve worked with the big boy Terex, Necro Butcher and also MASADA you know, and my co-host was just ripping into you and I was like, ease up. Like, it wasn’t that bad. What’s your problem? 

Anyway, I don’t know what was with him that day, but the day that the review went out on YouTube, you should have seen the amount of people with comments on Twitter, on our on our YouTube channel just ripping into my co-host. 

And I don’t know, it just made me laugh so much that he was just torn to shreds by all these Big F’n Joe fans to the point where we did the next day do a reaction video of you and Casanova Valentine at T.O.D., and then he realized how in the wrong he was because he just didn’t get it, you know what I mean? And I think maybe he just judged you on what he thought was your attire. You know what I mean?

Big F’n Joe: 00:20:06:11 – 00:21:02:45
Yeah, I mean, I get that. Like, I know a lot of people don’t like the attire, and wrestling’s so subjective, so I’ll never get offended by, you know, someone not getting what I’m selling sort of thing. 
But I just think like by hook or by- he was talking about it, right? If I’d have just went out in fucking jeans with some band patches and a fucking emo top on that, there’d be no conversation, right? So, it’s important to be remembered, so even if they don’t like it, they’re fucking talking, that’s half the battle. So that’s, that’s where I stand, plus, like, it’s more visual, like I’m bleeding in fucking [under]pants, man. In no knee pads. Elbow pads, just pants. 

You know, some people are going out there like, looking like- can remember Greg Valentine when he was in that barbed wire match in Japan? They got fucking jeans on with pads over the jeans, fucking hoodie? It’s like, what’s the fucking point? It’s a Deathmatch, man. If I’ve got the balls to do it in [under]pants, then fucking… that says something to the other guys maybe. I don’t know.

Karlifornia Infirri: 00:21:04:14 – 00:21:52:53
Very cool bro, I just wanted to tell you that story because it got a real chuckle out of me, because I like when my co-host gets a little bit of misfortune in his life. It really… it pops me. 

So not long to go here, Joe, I really appreciate your time again, as time wears on after this period, you know, after your T.O.D. experience, you start to work with some names, you know, real kind of big US Deathmatch names like SHLAK for the first time in Leeds in England in 2021, Hoodfoot for ICW No Holds Barred in 2022, John Wayne Murdoch the following month in Illinois.

How did you feel, you know, now you starting to work with some of these, I guess, names from the U.S. That must have been pretty exciting for you, right?

Big F’n Joe: 00:21:52:58 – 00:22:21:34
Yeah, it was a good… it was a good run because I’m still a massive wrestling fan, so I always watch wrestling if I’m like on the Cross train and stuff. So, I’ve been watching these guys for years thinking like, I would love to do Deathmatches, but in England there just wasn’t a scene. 
So, to finally get to, you know, step toe to toe with guys I’ve watched for years and then make new friendships and connections and stuff was a really cool time. Had some fucking wars as well, like some of the matches held up… most of them, so it was good.

Karlifornia Infirri: 00:22:21:39 – 00:23:05:38
That’s cool bro, and the next one- I’ve only got a couple more questions here before we get to our final segment. I’m ending this with this one here because I want to save more for next time, if maybe you want to come on the show in maybe a year’s time or so. 

April 9th, 2022, as I just talked about, XPW Killafornia, you battle that big bastard Terex, the legendary Necro Butcher, I mean, come on. And then MASADA in the semifinals, another Deathmatch legend and someone I would consider a friend now.

How big of an occasion is this for you? I mean, we’ve talked about some names just before there, but you’re working with Necro and MASADA in the same night. That’s crazy. Tell me a little bit about that.

Big F’n Joe: 00:23:05:43 – 00:23:45:34
Man that was a fucking long, long day. Because I think when I checked the time in England, it was like 7:00 in the morning or something. Yeah, that was fucking a shift, man. I think when I work Necro, I think the first punch he threw broke my nose.
Obviously, I was barefoot as well- I had a torn Achilles that time, so the barefoot thing I didn’t know it was coming and that was just a… on the moment sort of thing, so that was a real- the shower that night really fucking sucked. I remember going to the airport like death. 

Yeah, that was that was fun. Just a shame that the show went on for like, 8 hours, but I think people should check out that tournament, it’s definitely an underrated tournament. I would say.

Karlifornia Infirri: 00:23:45:39 – 00:24:03:40
Definitely. You know, and I’m sure it’s been edited down because there are a lot of gaps between the matches to set the next one up. But, you know, I watched it after it had finished so I could skip through all that. So it wasn’t too painful to me, from Australia here, but yeah, huge day for you.

Big F’n Joe: 00:24:03:44 – 00:24:19:17
You do your match and it’d be like up here then you think right, what’s the next? And it’d be like waiting 3 hours before your next match. So, you are fucking ready for bed and the shower and stuff. That was… yeah, a really, really long night.

Karlifornia Infirri: 00:24:19:22 – 00:24:40:17
You know what? I just remembered I always ask the Deathmatch guys on the show this question. 

How many times do you think you’ve ruined bed sheets over the years with just blood seeping out from you whilst you’re sleeping? This seems like it would be quite a prominent problem throughout the scene, right?

Big F’n Joe: 00:24:40:22 – 00:24:55:19
Yeah, yeah. It’s best to normally sleep in a hoodie or something like a tracksuit I’d say, and just kayfabe the sheets, palm them off. It’s normally the best thing to do, I find if you got seeping… seeping wounds and shit.

Karlifornia Infirri: 00:24:55:24 – 00:24:56:56
Yeah, I was just- I just wonder.

Big F’n Joe: 00:24:57:43 – 00:25:08:39
Another thing that’s hard for Deathmatch guys, which not many of them do, but sunbeds. When you got like massive open cuts, try to go on a sunbed. There’s no fun trying to cover them up, I guess when you’ve got your insides hanging out.

Karlifornia Infirri: 00:25:10:19 – 00:25:23:05
Crazy shit, bro. So the last question before we get to the final segment, what is next for Big F’n Joe? Who do you want to work with? What do you want to accomplish next? What is on the bucket list for you next?

Big F’n Joe: 00:25:25:01 – 00:26:26:32
I’m just happy doing cool shit man, because I thought none of this would happen. Like, I just fucking love wrestling. Even if I was wrestling in a holiday camp in England for 30 quid and a fucking pizza, I’d be ecstatic, so… right now I feel I’m on a good run. 

You know, I’ve done… well, obviously T.O.D. got postponed, but it would have been GCW, CZW and XPW all in the space of three weeks. So I think that’s a pretty good standing in- independent wrestling wise because I don’t know of anyone that’s, you know, working and getting on with everyone as such. 

But opponent wise, I would like to have another match for SHLAK for sure. Try to get that [XPW King of the Deathmatches] belt off him, out of his cold dead hands. Nick Gage would be a massive one for me as well, before he eventually ends it, sort of thing.

I guess I’m just happy to do cool shit, like I want to get to Japan. That’s a goal of mine. Australia is a goal of mine as well. I just wanna keep doing cool shit, man. Like life’s too short to work shit jobs you hate, right?

Karlifornia Infirri: 00:26:27:21 – 00:27:01:18
Exactly. I went through that for about ten years of my life, and now I’m pretty settled. But, you know, Deathmatch Down Under [Deathmatch promotion from Australia], if anyone from that company, if you’re listening to me right now, you watch this interview. Come on! Book him! Book him! It’s Big F’n Joe, for fuck’s sake. It’ll be great. It’d be great to have you over here, bro.

Okay. So Big F’n Joe. We’re going to get to our final segment here of the show. It’s finding out about your favorite things in life, the first three are about wrestling, though. Joe, who is your favorite pro wrestler of all time?

Big F’n Joe: 00:27:03:01 – 00:27:09:25
Of all time? Let’s just say- I’ll go with Sting. Fuck it, of all time. Sting.

Karlifornia Infirri: 00:27:12:35 – 00:27:16:12
Very good choice. Do you have a favorite opponent from over the years?

Big F’n Joe: 00:27:18:57 – 00:27:37:06
SHLAK, Cass [Casanova Valentine], [Danny] Darko. 
Yeah, just- as well, when your friends… like Bulk [UK Pitbulls’ Mike Waters], you know, one of my trainers, when you’re friends it’s more fun because you can laugh at shit. You can look back at shit for years and bring up past memories. So, I’d say any time work with friends, it’s a good time.

Karlifornia Infirri: 00:27:38:16 – 00:27:47:34
Cool. Is there one particular match that you’d say is your favorite one that you’ve performed in? If someone said to you “hey, show me what it is that you do”, what would be that match you’d show them?

Big F’n Joe: 00:27:49:15 – 00:28:04:22
That’s a hard one, but maybe just for making it easy for them, maybe me vs. Necro [Butcher] at [XPW] Killafornia. It’s only 2-3 minutes, so there’s not like, much tension… that’s quite a mad match as well. Like the bare foot in the glass and shit.

Karlifornia Infirri: 00:28:05:23 – 00:28:09:44
Very cool. Okay, getting away from wrestling now. Do you have a favorite book?

Big F’n Joe: 00:28:12:03 – 00:28:18:36
Favorite book? Maybe Foley’s first biography [Have a Nice Day!: A Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks], maybe.

Karlifornia Infirri: 00:28:19:04 – 00:28:20:29
Yeah, that’s a good one.

Big F’n Joe: 00:28:21:32 – 00:28:18:36
I can remember getting it for Christmas. That’s why I think I’ve got fond memories of it.

Karlifornia Infirri: 00:28:25:40 – 00:28:29:38
Right. Fair enough, that’s cool. Do you have a favorite TV show?

Big F’n Joe: 00:28:31:10 – 00:28:53:48
Favorite TV show? I don’t really watch much TV. If I do, it’s normally comedies, so like there was an English comedy called ‘Bottom’ back in the day, or there’s a current one called ‘People Do Nothing’, which is like about a pirate radio station. That’s quite good. 

Anything comedy. I don’t- I don’t want to think too much, you know? Once I finish work, I want to get stoned and chill out.

Karlifornia Infirri: 00:28:53:52 – 00:28:57:11
Yep. Good call, do you have a favorite film?

Big F’n Joe: 00:28:59:45 – 00:29:04:31
Again, this is going to ruin my credibility… maybe ‘Happy Gilmore’? ‘Step-Brothers’?

Karlifornia Infirri: 00:29:05:45 – 00:29:23:55
That’s okay, bro. I interviewed Sabu and his favorite TV show was like, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or something like that, so… you can never be too, too weird when I’ve had that from Sabu. Next one favorite musical artist or band?

Big F’n Joe: 00:29:26:05 – 00:29:43:00
I’ve got two sides, so obviously, massive, Juggalo, so I.C.P. [Insane Clown Posse]. But then I’m massively into like pop punk, so like, you know bands like fucking Blink-182, Bowling For Soup and shit like that, my ska-punk like Less Than Jake and bands like NOFX, so anything that sort of genre.

Karlifornia Infirri: 00:29:44:05 – 00:29:48:12
Right? So now I know why you used to be called Jo FX [or Big Jo FX], okay…

Big F’n Joe: 00:29:48:12 – 00:29:49:28
Yeah, yeah.

Karlifornia Infirri: 00:29:53:27 – 00:29:57:50
Very cool bro, okay, getting away from the arts now we’ve only got five to go. Favorite food?

Big F’n Joe: 00:29:58:58 – 00:30:16:01
Pizza. Pizza. A shit pizza is still better than nothing, right? There’s no such thing as bad. It’s like when you cum, like if you if you’re getting laid or whatever. As long as you come, you’re fucking happy, right? So, pizza, whether it’s a good pizza or a bad pizza is still the same… pizza! It’s great.

Karlifornia Infirri: 00:30:16:10 – 00:30:22:25
Great analogy, bro. Do you have a favorite place to eat on the road?

Big F’n Joe: 00:30:22:29 – 00:30:50:13
In England it’s pretty shit because you only really after 11:00pm, unless it’s kebab shop which is unlikely because you’re on the road, would be McDonald’s, so boring. But America you have places like Wawa [convenience store], which is so good, so convenient. 

Just yeah, that’s my favorite thing about going to America is just all the junk food options. No matter what, if you want a fucking Chinese buffet at 3:00 in the morning, you can get it. But America wise, I’ll say Wawa.

Karlifornia Infirri: 00:30:50:32 – 00:30:54:24
Okay, very cool. What’s your favorite alcoholic beverage?

Big F’n Joe: 00:31:04:04 – 00:31:03:57
I’m a light beer person, so I guess like Coors Light. Bud Light. Pretty easy, cheap date.

Karlifornia Infirri: 00:31:04:04 – 00:31:15:00
Very good. Very good. 2nd last one, could be considered the naughtiest one of the ‘favorite things’ here, a favorite female body part. Big F’n Joe sees a good-looking woman. What will your eyes look at first?

Big F’n Joe: 00:31:20:55 – 00:31:21:57
Tits I guess.

Karlifornia Infirri: 00:31:24:01 – 00:31:30:55
Very good. Awesome bro, and the last one here Big F’n Joe, favorite curse word?

Big F’n Joe: 00:31:32:45 – 00:31:43:55
Fuck. I say that so much, or cunt because people get offended by it and I don’t get it. Like I’ll never get how people get offended by words. Like, why would you give power to a word so maybe fuck or cunt.

Karlifornia Infirri: 00:31:44:50 – 00:31:57:00
Yeah, see the thing is, you’re English, I’m Australian. We get it. We understand what cunt means, you know, to us, it’s it can be most of the time, a term of endearment. You know, He’s a good cunt.

Big F’n Joe: 00:31:56:59 – 00:31:59:26
Yeah, of course. Yeah.

Karlifornia Infirri: 00:31:59:31 – 00:32:07:12
And the people you don’t like, you sometimes call them ‘mate’, you know, you go “look mate!” So that’s kind of how it works, you know…

Big F’n Joe: 00:32:07:17 – 00:32:11:28
Yeah, I think the worlds pretty fucked up, if people get offended by everything, pathetic really.

Karlifornia Infirri: 00:32:11:32 – 00:32:28:15
I agree, bro. And I’ve had a great time here on this show with you, Big F’n Joe, really appreciate your time. Thank you so much, and… hope to see you in Australia, too, sometime, hope to see your continued success in the US. So again, thank you so much for your time, bro.

Big F’n Joe: 00:32:29:12 – 00:32:31:32
Thank you, dude, for… putting me over!

Karlifornia Infirri: 00:32:32:11 – 00:32:43:20
No worries bro, and thank all of you out there for joining us here on the Insiders Edge Podcast. I’m Karlifornia. This is my new homie, Big F’n Joe, and we will see you down the road. Thank you!


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