WWE SmackDown November 17 Results, Grades, and Analysis

The November 17 edition of WWE SmackDown went live from Ford Center Evansville, Indiana. The show featured further build to the Survivor Series premium live event, especially the Women’s WarGames match.

LA Knight looks to take revenge on Jimmy Uso. Solo Sikoa made his return after demolishing John Cena at Crown Jewel. A Number 1 Contender Match for Tag Titles and much more to witness on SmackDown. Let’s find out what happened on this exciting Friday Night.

Damage CTRL Kicks Off

The new Damage CTRL made its entrance. Bayley took the mic and said that they are the strongest faction of WWE. She called her opponents idiots. Asuka, Iyo Sky, and Kairi Sane had a chat in Japanese.

Dakota Kai told Bayley to introduce Asuka to the stable formally. Bayley got to her knees and gave Asuka a t-shirt, which The Empress accepted.

Kai also asked Bayley to propose a WarGames match between Damage CTRL and Bianca Belair, Charlotte Flair, Shotzi Blackheart, and a partner of their choice.

Shotzi attacked, followed by Flair and Belair, but the numbers game was advantageous for Damage CTRL. After the commercial, Nick Aldis said he wanted to know about the fourth member of Bianca’s team by the end of the night. 

Grades: B+

Analysis: The Women’s division seems more energetic on SmackDown after the arrival of Kairi Sane. There was a lot of hype surrounding this Damage CTRL angle, so putting them in the opening was a good move. Dakota Kai seems to be playing a significant role in the future.

Triple Threat Tag Team Match

Brawling Brutes vs Street Profits vs Pretty Deadly

It was a triple threat Tag Team match to determine the #1 Contender for the Undisputed Tag Team Championships.

Bobby Lashley was watching the proceedings on a monitor backstage. Early on, there were quick tags to set up a good pace throughout the match. Butch taking out everyone outside with a moonsault was amazing.

B-Fab joined Lashley backstage to talk about some business. Street Profits won after delivering Revelation on Ridge Holland. Bobby Lashley and Profits celebrated on stage. In the ring, Holland is frustrated and leaves Butch in the ring. 

Winners: The Street Profits

Grades: B

Analysis: The Street Profits were the deserving winners. There are some issues in the Brawling Brutes, and maybe Sheamus will return to solve these soon. Butch’s performance was brilliant throughout the match, and it looks like it’s time to end this butch thing and go back to the Bruiserweight Pete Dunne. 

Backstage: We saw Bianca Belair talking to “Michin” Mia Yim, probably in search of the fourth member. After the break, we saw Damage CTRL destroying Mia Yim. 

Singles Match

Dragon Lee vs. Axiom

We saw footage of Dragon Lee asking Nick Aldis for a match against Santos Escobar. Instead, he was given a match against Axiom. It was a fast-paced match.

Axiom delivered a moonsault to the outside. A German Suplex followed by a Penalty Kick got the crowd’s praise. Dragon Lee delivered a brainbuster.

As Lee went for the powerbomb, Axiom countered it into a flip piledriver for a near fall. A Spanish flew off the top, but Lee managed to kick out. Axiom survived a Liger Bomb. In the end, Dragon Lee got the victory using Dragon Operation. 

Winner: Dragon Lee

Grades: B+

Analysis: Dragon Lee has been very impressive recently, and tonight was no exception. He looks to further his story and may join Rey Mysterio when the Hall of Famer returns from injury. 

Santos Escobar heated Promo

Santos Escobar made his entrance embraced with boos and “You Suck” chants from the audience.

Escobar explained why he attacked Mysterio. He said that Dominik was right about his father. Escobar said that he deserved to be the US Champion. He claimed Rey was his hero and family, but Mysterio gave more importance to Carlito than him. Then he calls Mysterio trash and hopes that Mysterio never recovers from injury and catches an infection.

Zelina Vega was disappointed with all the stuff going on. She slapped Santos and went away. Cruz and Joaquin also rejected Escobar’s offer to join him. Santos attacked them and said he made them and could destroy them. Carlito made the save as Escobar left. 

Grades: B

Analysis: This was a much heated and much-needed segment from Santos Escobar. His work as a heel is top-notch so far. He delivered a decent promo. This storyline will progress between Escobar and Carlito as Rey Mysterio will be out of action for 6-8 weeks. 

Singles Match

Grayson Waller vs Cameron Grimes

Austin Theory joined the commentary team to support his pal. It was a short match. Grimes got the advantage with a Manhattan Drop, some kicks, and a Bossman Slam.

He took out Theory with a Penalty Kick. Waller got the advantage of distraction and got the win by flipping Killswitch.

Winner: Grayson Waller

Analysis: Waller and Theory continued their momentum. A Kevin Owens appearance was missed, as he is currently suspended. 

Backstage: We saw Bianca talking to Zelina. As we saw earlier in the show, Damage CTRL took out Vega, too. 

Solo Sikoa’s Return

Next up was the much anticipated Solo Sikoa’s return. Paul Heyman and Jimmy Uso were with him.

Heyman said there is a surprise, an acknowledgment ceremony for Solo. He said that John Cena was not there and said goodbye on Cena’s behalf. He counted to three, but Cena didn’t come out. Heyman said that’s the proof that Cena is done. This is all because of The Enforcer. 

LA Knight entered the fray. He said the same stuff that Roman Reigns is all due to The Bloodline and nothing without them. He claimed to finish the Bloodline starting with Jim Uso. 

Grades: B

Analysis: Solo Sikoa has surely been up the card after beating the 16-time World Champion John Cena. Paul Heyman did a great job creating hype for Sikoa. 

Backstage: Charlotte, Bianca, and Shotzi were talking backstage. Flair agreed to make a call to find a partner.

Singles Match

LA Knight vs Jimmy Uso

Knight started with a Suplex. Uso delivered a Samoan Drop. At ringside, Knight throws Jimmy over the announcers table.

Knight reversed some moves from Jimmy. He blocked Samoan Drop and delivered a DDT. Then he ducked a Superkick to deliver BFT to get the win. 

After the match, Solo Sikoa came out. Jimmy Uso blindsided Knight, and Sikoa delivered a vicious Samoan Spike. Cody Rhodes made the save for Knight. 

Winner: LA Knight

Grades: B

Analysis: Cody Rhodes’ arrival post-match came out of nowhere. This also highlighted the reported plans for The American Nightmare in WrestleMania Season. 

4th Member is WarGames

Charlotte Flair, Bianca Belair, and Shotzi Blackheart entered the ring. Flair accepted Bayley’s WarGames challenge. She claimed to have found a partner. Damage CTRL arrived.

Bayley said Flair was bluffing as they took out everyone, and no one left on SmackDown Women’s roster. She said Flair has no number on her phone because she is an idiot and a loser.

Becky Lynch entered and joined the face team as the 4th member. A brawl began, which continued as we went off-air. 

Grades: A

Analysis: Becky Lynch’s arrival has made things quite interesting. She is a mega star, and her star power is high for the Women’s WarGames match. There’s enough hype already, and the brawl angle added to it. 

Overall, it was a decent episode of SmackDown. Women’s WarGanes match is set, and we also have the #1 Contenders for Undisputed Tag Team Titles. The LWO angle is cooking greatly, too.



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