TNA iMPACT Results & Review – January 18th, 2024

TNA iMPACT #1017
January 18th, 2023
Palms Casino Resort

Las Vegas, Nevada
Attendance: 1,280

It’s back! TNA Impact is now back in the saddle again. I am hopeful they come out of the gate HOT here, and this doesn’t look like a typical episode of 2022/2023 Impact Wrestling. Fingers crossed! We start off with highlights from TNA Hard To Kill.

The System are shown dressed to the nines and smoking cigars, and Alisha looked AMAZING. We’re kicking it off straight away with a 6 Way Match instead of some sort of story. That’s okay, X Division used to open the shows, right?

Six Way Match
Laredo Kid vs. KUSHIDA vs. Mike Bailey vs. Trey Miguel vs. Jake Something vs. El Hijo del Vikingo

This certainly is a vehicle for AAA Mega Champion, El Hijo del Vikingo to be featured in a multi man match, and I would not be surprised to see him pick up the victory here. This is just one of those random X Division type deals, not about weight limits, but no limits. If Vikingo doesn’t win, I expect the winner to be a challenger for Chris Sabin’s X Division Championship soon.

The Match:
The small guys all start off quick paced, and then as they were running around, everybody stopped when Jake Something stopped KUSHIDA in his tracks as they all realized the size of the man. Then, they all teamed up on Jake. We got 3 stereo dives to the outside after this. Trey Miguel got his time to shine, being the heel you would expect from him, and you know what? He is way better as a heel. Jake Something makes his presence felt when he chokeslams Miguel onto Laredo Kid. Vikingo comes in and got LAID OUT by Jake. Jake should win this! Jake Vs Sabin would be super interesting. Vikingo did a lot of spectacular stuff, but then Jake powerbombed him to the outside onto a pile of wrestlers! Vikingo then hit a double stomp on KUSHIDA as he had the hoverboard locked in on Trey. This match was going TOO QUICK for my note taking. Laredo hit an amazing Spanish Fly, but then Jake hit him with the Into The Void, and got the win!

I would have to assume Jake will be throwing a challenge the way of Chris Sabin at the next Pay Per View.

Winner: Jake Something via pinfall.

Will Ospreay Interview with Gia Miller
I laughed at Will calling Josh Alexander a ‘cheeky little slag’. He talks passionately about TNA being the reason he became a wrestler, and called Josh bruv a few times, and that the Walking Weapon is likely losing to Will again tonight. At least the promo was passionate, but I am hoping for some interesting scenarios on this show!

We get an Ash By Elegence vignette and woah. She looks unbelieveable! I look forward to seeing where this goes.

Giselle Shaw cuts a promo whilst holding the big X she won at TNA Hard To Kill in the Women’s Ultimate X Match. She brags, and is interrupted by Gail Kim, who thinks that Giselle doesn’t need the SHAWntourage. Giselle gets all uppity and walks off. I have to laugh, Giselle is cutting a promo on her own to a camera and Gail just straight up walked into the shot to interrupt her. You can disguise it all you like but this may as well have been an interview with Gia Miller! I kid.

Singles Match
Xia Brookside vs. Tasha Steelz

These two ladies were in the recent TNA Hard To Kill Ultimate X match earlier this month, which is where Xia Brookside, the daughter of British Wrestling legend Robbie Brookside, made her TNA Wrestling debut. This will be Xia’s TNA Impact debut, and is the first time she and Tasha Steelz have ever gone one on one.

The Match:
Xia really is the ‘Angel of the Ring’, she’s a little angel indeed! She shows off early on with some rolls and evasions, and great chain wrestling with Tasha. It’s good having Tasha back in TNA, she was missed during her time out. Tasha started to dominate, and even hit a 3 Amigos, followed by a twerk. Brookside started to fight back and she’s already made a fan out of me! Tasha hit a Lungblower to cut her off. Brookside hit the BrooksyBomb and got the victory! That was a cool move.

Xia Brookside gets a pretty big win here considering Tasha Steelz is a former Knockouts World Champion!

Winner: Xia Brookside via pinfall.

We come back from Commercial Break, and it’s Joe Hendry taking the piss out of AJ Francis at Hard to Kill, and how it lead to him deservedly getting the snot kicked out of him. I love that Joe went to all that effort to annoy AJ and start a confrontation. This was actually a great debut for him, and the best presentation I’ve seen of him.

Joe Hendry cuts a promo about what happened at Hard to Kill’s Countdown show. Joe Hendry had to laptop that he got hit with, and he turned around and DJ WhooKid was in a trash can knocked out. I am guessing we aren’t getting any pretapes on this show, like I had hoped. I wanted TNA to really consider the way NXT book their shows, where we gets lots of angles, character development, and we get to see everybodys personalities.

Tag Team Match
Eric Young & Frankie Kazarian vs. Grizzled Young Vets (James Drake & Zack Gibson)

Eric Young and Kazarian seem to have formed a new Tag Team here, and just copped a loss at the TNA Hard to Kill Countdown show to Brian Myers and Eddie Edwards. The Grizzled Young Vets were debutants at that same show, failing to win the TNA World Tag Team Titles in a Four Way match with The ABC, Mike Bailey/Laredo Kid and The Rascalz. This is their TNA Impact debut!

The Match:
The Grizzled once surely need the win here but I don’t see the TNA Veterans losing here. James and Zack definitely have their working boots on, wanting to prove themselves since their run in NXT. I wouldn’t have been happy being henchmen in Schism either, considering Joe Gacy wasn’t exactly moving up the card at the time either. Annoyingly, we got a commercial break during the match. Kazarian fought back against Zack Gibson and we’re awaiting that Eric Young hot tag. Eric got yanked off the apron just before and the heat from the Young Vets continued. There is little to no heat on this match at the moment. It’s a good show but I really thought they were going to push the creative envelope here on this show and not just keep it safe. Eric got the hot tag eventually. Kazarian stopped the GYV’s hitting a move, and Kazarian then accidentally hit Eric Young in the face, but then the Vets hit their finish on Eric Young to win!

The Grizzled Young Vets get a needed win, they are already making claims to want a shot at The ABC and their TNA Tag Team Titles.

Winner/s: Grizzled Young Vets via pinfall.

After the match Kazarian LAID ERIC YOUNG OUT with a clothesline. Just like that, his whole demeanour, who he is as a person, has changed. No pretense or context rather than just losing 2 matches with Eric. Perhaps I can let it slide that Frankie is hell bent on this being his year, that he just lost it after losing his first 2 matches of 2024. It’s just a bit lazy I’m afraid.

Another vignette of The System airs as they’re on the town in Vegas celebrating Moose’s TNA World Title win at Hard to Kill. It would be great to see them rock up to the building with champagne bottles, and Myers and Moose have some chicks they met out on their arms, Alisha is all over Eddie, let’s do this!

We get back from Commercial break as they’re smashing food and drinks in Vegas, in a booth. I’m digging their new group. I am digging that there’s a new stable. I want them to make this stable something that really means something!

Nic Nemeth Speaks
The newest signee to TNA Wrestling, Nic Nemeth comes out to address the fans and his signing with TNA Wrestling. He’s dressed in a very sharp suit. The crowd chant Nic, and he says that’s going to take some getting used to. Nic talks about all his accomplishments were in one world, and now he’s nervous and excited because he gets to try something different. Good for him, honestly. Nic wants to the TNA World Title, but respects everybody backstage, and doesn’t want to skip the line.

Oh man, and Steve Maclin interrupts! Now that’s a match to see. Steve talks that he agrees with Nic and Nic is nodding along like a real nice guy. Maclin then calls him a phony, and then stops Nemeth from responding. Maclin mentions Nic gave so much to wrestling, that he knows he’s here now to take. Maclin gets on Nemeth and says that everybody is going to ask ‘Whatever happened to Dolph Ziggler?’. Maclin went to hit him, but Nemeth hit the Zig Zag!

Jordynne Grace Interview with Gia Miller
I”m digging the hair Jordynne. They talk about her winning the Knockouts World Title, and all that same stuff you would expect. Trinity interrupts because we only had 2 months to write this show. Sorry, I am very disappointed.

Jai Vidal shows up with a microphone, and Tom Hannifan made it seem like this wasn’t on the format. Jai rips into Vegas, where he got his start. Jai says something stupid about there not being somebody in the building that could beat him up, because not only did they have 2 months to write this show, but clearly it was written with a crayon. PCO happens to be on a guerney again and gets wheeled out to kill Jai.

Singles Match
PCO vs. Jai Vidal

Impromptu lazy booking.

The Match:
PCO takes Jai’s head off with a clothesline. Jai cops a chokeslam, then gets laid out, then hit with the PCOsault and what do you know, PCO wins.

Just getting PCO on the show I assume.

Winner: PCO via pinfall.

Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin cut a promo backstage about Kazuchika Okada teaming with the Motor City Machine Guns against the System next week. Okada shows up and says he’s returned to T.N.A. Good job building heat guys, and yes, that is sarcasm. I can’t believe I’m being like this, but I really thought we would get something different rather than this safe wrestling show.

Singles Match
Josh Alexander vs. Will Ospreay

Josh and Will previously battled one on one last year on Impact Wrestling Episode #1008, in a 20+ minute battle where Will got the victory. Ospreay had already picked up victories over Mike Bailey at Bound For Glory and Eddie Edwards at Turning Point as well, and now he has a rematch with Josh here and I am certain, and I hope that Will shall be doing the favor here as he exits this short stint with TNA Wrestling before he inevitably gets lost in the shuffle at AEW.

The Match:
The usual feeling out process begins the match, and Will took advantage early with his evasions and reversals. Josh took advantage with his crossbody to Will to the outside through the bottom rope. We get another commercial break, as Josh got Will in the ring and hit some German suplexs, but Will fought back with a springboard kick which sent the Walking Weapon to the outside. Josh ended up locking in the ankle lock on Will who pulled a table out from under the ring, then hit a massive tornado DDT on the floor! DURING A COMMERCIAL BREAK. Will set up a table at ringside, but Josh fought back before they both got back in the ring. Josh hit a sweet German followed by the Powerbomb backbreaker. Josh is definitely able to keep up! I just hope the guy wins the match. They teeter on the ring apron near the table again. Josh Alexander then copped a Storm Driver off the ring apron through the table! Mental stuff. Will dropkicked Josh in the head as he got in the ring before the 10 count, then hit an Os-cutter. Alexander managed to avoid a Hidden Blade and OH MY GOD THERE’S ANOTHER COMMERCIAL BREAK. It’s such a shame because they’re doing so much good stuff and it’s being ruined by me listening to some dude talking about committing to lose weight. If they were looking for die hard fans to tune in and check this out, how pissed would you be to get this? Maybe if you pay for it on their YouTube, you don’t have to deal with this BS. Os-cutter attempt on the ramp got reversed into a tombstone on the ramp. Rolling senton off the 2nd rope from Josh, which lead to an ankle lock on Will. Poisonrana off the top, Hidden Blade on Josh, and Josh kicked out! Ospreay went for a Stormbreaker, then hit another Hidden Blade, then a Storm Driver 93, and another kick out. Josh hit a huuuge clothesline, went for a C4 Spike, Will reverses into a Styles Clash attempt, but Josh ended up hitting one of his own. C4 Spike from Josh Alexander and thank god, Josh Alexander got the pinfall victory. Good on you Will.

Josh gets two super important wins in a row over Alex Hammerstone and Will Ospreay.

Winner: Josh Alexander via pinfall.

Scott D’Amore comes out afterward, and he’s really happy to see TNA crawl back to life, and he’s passionate about it. He gives a very nice speech, and is super emotional. We go off the air with Josh Alexander and Will Ospreay shaking hands.

Final Thoughts: I was also hoping the show would end with a cliffhanger, but I guess it’s the first Impact back, so I can let it slide. Don’t get me wrong, that was a solid episode! Just not exactly what I was expecting, or hoping for. I look forward to next week!

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