TNA iMPACT! Results & Review (May 2nd, 2024)

May 4th, 2024

Kicking off this week’s Impact with a recap of Nic Nemeth’s promo and Matt Hardy’s promo which led to The System’s taking shots at Nemeth and their match. We also see a preview of the Knockouts Title Match.

Non Title Match
X Division Champion Mustafa Ali vs. Chris Bey

The Match:
Chris Bey goes for Art Of Finesse but Mustafa Ali up for a dropkick to the floor. Ali rolls Bey in & hits somersault neckbreaker but Bey counters with a superkick. Both men slow to get up, they make the count and trade strikes. Irish whip by Bey but Ali holds on then he goes for a pin with feet on the ropes but Ace Austin knocks Ali off the ropes. Security confronts Austin and Ali dives onto him. Bey dives on Ali! Bey up top before a crossbody gets two then Ali rolls into two. Bey with a powerbomb countered then Ali with a superkick before a powerbomb counters into a high knee, inverted Gory Driver gets a two count. Bey kicks Ali on the apron and goes up top but Ali grabs him for a German onto the apron. Ali up top & hits a 450 Splash but Bey moves & Bey connects with a cutter. He goes up top but security hits him with the flag behind the ref’s back so the 450 Splash finishes it.

Winner: STILL TNA X Division Champion, Mustafa Ali via pinfall.

Singles Match
Dani Luna vs. Alisha Edwards

Dani Luna goes for Luna Landing but Masha Slamovich gets on the apron and Jody Threat pulls her down. Alisha Edwards dives into a dropkick on Threat which distracts the ref & Slamovich in the ring to slam Luna down with Snow Plow for the win.

Winner: Alisha Edwards via pinfall.

It’s time for DMTV. Sami Callihan welcomes us to the very 1st episode and says he can spit without getting fined and say what he wants. He is in TNA for 1 reason: right the wrongs of the past. All the idiots and false prophets in the back don’t have a clue. He doesn’t believe in reruns; thumbs up, thumbs down.

Cody Deaner cuts a promo before the match saying he has a battle ahead of him against Hammerstone and says he talked to Santino Marella and they can add a stipulation. Hammerstone says he’s only been in TNA a couple months but his pandering is the worst thing he sees. Hammerstone says if he wants a stipulation, it can be an arm wrestling match. Deaner would prefer something crazier: an Anything Goes, No DQ, Sin City Street Fight. Hammerstone doesn’t like it but it’s not their choice; it’s the peoples’ choice. The people want the Street Fight.

Sin City Street Fight
Alex Hammerstone vs. Cody Deaner

The Match:
Alex Hammerstone with mounted punches on the mat and then grabs the chair setting it in the middle of the ring. Nightmare Pendulum into the chair but Cody Deaner escapes and hits the bodyslam onto the chair for a two count. Deaner slides out for a table & he gets it in the ring and sets it up. He goes for a forearm but Hammerstone blocks it and hits a suplex. Goozle to Deaner, he shouts Deaner wanted it and chokeslams Deaner through the table. Hammerstone with the Torture Rack & Deaner taps out.

Winner: Alex Hammerstone via submission.

After the match Hammerstone keeps the hold applied until Jake Something comes out to attack. Officials break it up!

We see a video from last week in which officials say his neck is injured and he can’t compete at Under Siege. Matt Hardy shows up and says he can’t take Nic’s pain but he can take his place. Santino makes it official.

Trent Seven tells Mike Bailey that The System need to be taken down. Bailey says Friday it’s time to delete The System. Matt Hardy says he’s making Speedball Mountain honorary members of House Hardy as Trent the Seventh and The Ball of Speed and they will render The System obsolete.

Santino Marella walks up to Jonathan Gresham and says last time they were here there were rocks in the road but hopefully this time it’s smooth sailing. He’s excited for Gresham’s match with Kushida and welcomes him back. Gresham stays seated in his chair and the weird version of him appears in the other chair. Meanwhile, Marella washes black gunk off his hands.

AJ Francis says from the VIP section that this has been an excellent episode of Impact. He says unfortunately it’s the part of the show where they’re supposed to get their apology. He doesn’t believe it but he’s going to see if he’s a man of his word.

Joe Hendry comes out to the ring with his guitar with a chair set up in the ring and mic. Hendry says it’s time for him to apologize to First Class, noting that his issues with them began in this building with a song so it will end with a song. He reminds the crowd that the 1st song mocked them brutally and he performs the song as a reminder mocking Francis’ NFL career and saying he’ll never be World or X Division champion.

He notes that he did a 2nd song and he performs than one too talking about how Francis is banned from diving. Francis & Swann are not pleased but Hendry says it’s time for the apology song. Before he went low but he’s taking things higher. He spoof’s Creed’s Higher and says he’s sorry he makes fun of them but it’s too easy, and shows a photo of Francis and Swann where Francis’ hand is on Swann’s ass. The song is Can you please get fired? Because it’s happened twice before. He gets the audience to join in on the chorus. He closes with I’m sorry.

Gia Miller welcomes The System down to the ramp. She says Under Siege is tomorrow and asks the guys about their 6 Man Tag Team match. Eddie Edwards says tomorrow night Alisha Edwards will bring gold to The System and that when you see the poster for Under Siege has The System because TNA hates to admit it but they need them.

Brian Myers asks how Speedball Mountain got in the match and that they’re riding Matt’s coattails. Moose says Under Siege is the return of a TNA legend but that Moose has become a TNA legend while he’s been gone. He says The System can’t be deleted and that Speedball Mountain & Hardy will be deleted. Alisha says you always trust The System.

X Division Title #1 Contenders Match
Ace Austin vs. Trey Miguel

The Match:
Trey Miguel with a backflip dropkick to the head for a two count. Miguel shouts at an audience member talks shit he goes for the boot to the face but Ace Austin blocks & hits a enzuigiri. Miguel rushes into the corner before Austin blocks it and goes up on the 2nd rope. Miguel with a kick to the head and goes up top but Austin blocks him and goes up. Miguel with a bell clap gets up top & hits super sunset flip for a near fall. Austin manages to get a face stomp to the mat and hits The Fold to score the win.

Winner & #1 Contender To The X Division Title, Ace Austin via pinfall.

Josh Alexander is with Eric Young and says sometimes it doesn’t have to be complicated. This is simple: he doesn’t like Frankie Kazarian or Steve Maclin. Young says he doesn’t like them either and this is real simple: 2 guys that wear their emotions on their sleeve and rep everything good in this business are coming at Kazarian & Maclin.

Knockouts Title Match
Jordynne Grace (c) vs. Miyu Yamashita

The Match:
Jordynne Grace off the ropes for a dive but Miyu Yamashita nails her and hits a kick to the head. To the apron Yamashita goes to get Grace on her shoulders but she blocks it but Yamashita with a kick to the head and a slam right onto the apron. Yamashita with a pin attempt for two. Yamashita with a takeover into a submission before Grace counters with a headscissors and kicks her way free. Both up now and they strike against each other then Grace with a bodyslam and Yamashita is right back up. More strikes, Yamashita with a kick as Grace hits a backfist they both go down. Grace takes over with a back elbow in the corner then she goes for a Muscle Buster but Yamashita blocks it. They’re on the top rope & Grace with knee lifts but Yamashita responds with her own. Grace in the tree of woe but she gets up and hits a back body drop off the top for two. Yamashita with a kick to the head but Grace with a clothesline. Yamashita with a knee to the back of the head for two. Yamashita goes for Skull Kick but Grace blocks it & hits Juggernaut Driver gets the win.

Winner & Still Knockouts Champion: Jordynne Grace via pinfall.

After the match Steph De Lander kicks Grace down and orders Kon to break her neck. Kon goes to snap the neck & PCO is here. He chops Kon then Grace with a low blow. Kon sent to the outside, Steph clotheslines Grace but PCO backs her in the corner with a goozle. De Lander tries to seduce PCO but Grace grabs her and tosses her to the outside.

Final Thoughts:
I like that they had a bit more story driven stuff on the show this week rather than wall to wall wrestling. This was a good show, and I really look forward to TNA Under Seige this weekend!

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