TNA iMPACT! #1024 Results & Review (March 7th, 2024)

TNA iMPACT #1024 Results
March 7th, 2024
Alario Center
Westwego, Louisiana.

It’s time for the go home show of TNA Impact before this weekends TNA Sacrifice Pay Per View which is taking place in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

We open up the show with Non-Title Singles action as the TNA X-Division Champion takes on Kevin Knight.

Singles Match
Mustafa Ali vs. Kevin Knight

The Match:
To begin the match the two go tit for tat up front. Mustafa Ali ended up taking control. Kevin Knight came back by nailing a massive hurricanrana off the top rope, followed by an big time crossbody. Knight leapt up on the turnbuckle but Mustafa Ali reversed it into a pattented backstabber. Mustafa Ali’s security force checks on him at ringside before Kevin Knight hit an awesome crossbody to the outside to knock all of them down as if they were bowling pins! Mustafa’s new buddies, The Good Hands walked down the ramp but were attacked by Chris Sabin and KUSHIDA, who have been siding with Kevin Knight lately in this feud with Mustafa Ali. Ali then planted Knight with a cool looking tornado DDT and then followed it up by a missing his finisher, the 450 splash that didn’t connect. Kevin Knight hits Sky High like D’Lo Brown for a nearfall. Ali then grabbed his X Division Championship and nails Kevin Knight behind the referee’s back. Mustafa Ali then was able to score a three count.

Winner: Mustafa Ali via pinfall.

After the match, Mustafa Ali then disgustingly hits a 450 splash onto Kevin Knight’s arm. Alex Shelley then sprints down with a crutch to clear out the area of heels.

Tasha Steelz, Xia Brookside and Jordynne Grace had a promo video air for their upcoming match at TNA Sacrifice, discussing how Tasha Steelz and Xia Brookside were not sure Jordynne Grace could beat the both of them.

Backstage, trainers checks on Knight’s injured left arm. The doctor says Kevin Knight cannot compete at Sacrifice in 24 hours. Alex Shelley declares that he’ll take Knight’s place in the 6 Man. Alex Shelley gets a little annoyed with the guys, and says he didn’t think KUSHIDA would throw in the towel at No Surrender, costing him the TNA World Heavyweight Championship against Moose, and he also claimed Chris Sabin didn’t have his back at No Surrender. Alex Shelley then said he’ll go to Director of Authority, Santino Marella about putting him in the match at Sacrifice. More multi man matches – seems to be the norm these days!

Singles Match
Ash By Elegance vs. Angel Blue

The Match:
Ash by Elegence took control early on and took Angel Blue to the corner with kicks and stomps and wailing on her. She then shoves Angel Blue’s face into her boot in the rope before her assistant brushes off Ash’s boot from the supposed filth from Angel. Ash tells Angel Blue to hit her but she runs her over with a big clothesline. Ash then hit a handspring elbow into the corner before going up top and hitting her finisher Rarified Air for the fairly predictable win. It’s good to see they are giving Ash an introduction like this and taking their time as we learn about her character.

Winner: Ash By Elegance via pinfall.

Steve Maclin cuts a promo via a video from his hotel room. He states he’ll be at Sacrifice waiting for Nic Nemeth when his connection cuts out and somebody attacks him! We cut to Steve Maclin on the floor and Nic Nemeth holding the camera to reveal himself as the one that just laid Maclin out.

John Skyler from The Good Hands then cuts a promo ripping into The Time Splitters on his way to the ring.

Tag Team Match
Time Splitters (Alex Shelley & KUSHIDA) vs. The Good Hands (Jason Hotch & John Skyler)

The Match:
Jason Hotch and KUSHIDA grapple with one another to start off this Tag Team contest. Alex Shelley tagged in and Time Splitters briefly double-teamed John Skyler. Jason Hotch was able to find his footing again in order for The Good Hands to take turns keeping KUSHIDA grounded, cutting the ring off in half. KUSHIDA finally rebounded with some double springboard elbows to the duo. Alex Shelley tags in and ends up getting copping a heat as well. KUSHIDA gets the big time hot tag and barged in with a flurry of offense to both members of the Good Hands, Hotch and Skyler. The Time Splitters then double teamed Skyler before Alex Shelley accidentally kicks KUSHIDA in the face. It’s pretty obvious where this angle is headed, I just wish TNA were a bit more subtle with heel turns and didn’t run them like they did with Frankie Kazarian recently. Skyler then tried to put away KUSHIDA. Jason Hotch landed a Blue Thunder Bomb for a nearfall. KUSHIDA then kicked Skyler’s arm and then trapped him in the Hover Board Lock for the win. The Good Hands are the Deaner of the Tag Team Division, they are never going to pick up any big wins are they?

Winners: Time Splitters (Alex Shelley & KUSHIDA) via submission.

Dirty Dango, Oleg, and Bravo cut some more funny promos outside, where is Gia Miller? We’re getting a lot of promos, but she must be established as a broadcast journalist looking for the scoop with people.

Backstage Mustafa Ali informed The Good Hands that they are being replaced by the Grizzled Young Vets at Sacrifice due to their loss! The Good Hands just can’t catch a break brother.

Singles Match
Masha Slamovich vs. Dani Luna

The Match:

They targeted each other’s left arms at first to start off this match, as these two teams have been at eachothers throats for weeks now since Dani Luna signed with TNA and started teaming with Jody Threat. Masha delivered a few big kicks, and got a 2 count. Masha cranked Luna into a devastating Camel Clutch but then slammed her face against the mat, staying in supreme control. Masha Slamovich then applied a stretch on the mat whilst clubbing Luna’s chest. Dani Luna fought back with gusto with some strikes and a dropkick. Dani Luna then used the ropes for an assisted Blue Thunder Bomb but was unable to put Slamovich away with it. Luna clocked Masha and then hit a sit out powerbomb for the surprise win!

Winner: Dani Luna via pinfall.

Singles Match
Alan Angels vs. PCO

The Match:
This has definitely been set up for Kon to attack PCO after this match, sometimes you can see why things are done by design. PCO was large and in charge initially but Alan Angels found an opening to attempt a splash. Angels missed the splash as PCO got up and booted him. PCO then hit a chokeslam followed by the PCOsault for the easy, easy win.

Winner: PCO via pinfall.

Big Kon attacked PCO right after the match, see, I told you! Alan Angels tried to cheer on Kon but Kon hilariously grabbed Angels and just wasted him. PCO and Kon then swung chairs at each other but PCO got the upper hand at first. They both just kept brawling until they reached the backstage area. I hate to keep harping on it but it’s like TNA are too scared for a heel to go over in a segment, and give us some heat going into the PPV. Imagine PCO got sent off the stage through a table? Make Kon at least look like a threat going into Sacrifice.

They announce the following event will be TNA Under Siege, from Albany, New York on Friday, May 3rd.

We see some footage of Crazzy Steve defeating Rhino to retain the TNA Digital Media title on Xplosion. Steve says he will defend his title each time he’s in the ring, no matter his opponent. Well, I should hope so. I am however disappointed they kicked off an angle between these two, and the matches are relegated to Xplosion.

Eric Young In Ring Promo

Eric Young made his way out. He says Sacrifice is not just the name of an event coming this weekend, it’s his way of life because he’s given everything to Total Non Stop Action Wrestling. He said he’ll keep coming forward, before Moose’s music hits. Moose trots out and says Eric is truly a world-class maniac, and makes fun of all of the fans for believing Young. Moose doesn’t care about his opponents sacrifices; the outcome will be the same, “And STILL”. Moose loves a fight alright and pitches a street fight… right now – Bet you it doesn’t happen. Yep, Moose nearly entered the ring and then backed out. He then says that’s not how The System works. The puns with the word the System are starting to get a bit annoying, haha. Brian Myers and Eddie Edwards then attacked Eric Young from behind! Moose then hits a spear, followed by a second one with a chain wrapped around him just like he did to Alex Shelley at No Surrender. Ace Austin and Chris Bey run down to clear The System out, this is like a carbon copy of the angle with The Good Hands and Ali with Kevin Knight, KUSHIDA and Chris Sabin, as well as the previous few weeks angle with Nemeth and Steve Maclin/The Rascalz.

Singles Match
Josh Alexander vs. Dirty Dango

The Match:
Josh tackles Dango and does some stretches his early on in the match, and Josh targets the ankle for his Ankle Lock submission but Dango manages to escape and get the advantage. Dango picks Alexander apart for a short while, mostly targeting the left arm and then the left leg of the Walking Weapon. Josh finally chops free only for Dango to pull him to the ring post where he smashes his left knee and continues the assault on his limb. Josh came back with a rolling senton back inside, followed by a knee drop to the throat.

Dango goes up to the top rope but Josh rolled to the other side. Josh baited him into a bunch of German Suplexes. Josh and Dango slugged it out up top before Josh Alexander sent Dango crashing onto Alpha Bravo. Josh leapt off the post to wipe out Dango, Bravo, and Oleg Prudius. Josh manages to escape from Oleg, allowing Dango to hit a big time Tornado DDT. Dango goes for the leg drop from the top rope but Josh catches him into the ankle lock for the submission win! Entirely predictable result, but that’s what I have come to realize when I watch TNA these days.

Winner: Josh Alexander via submission.

Final Thoughts:
Not a bad go home show by any stretch, I am still finding it incredibly difficult to get into the weekly show right now, I just think things are too predictable and there’s too much cooking cutter, cut and paste booking techniques and that the creative envelope needs to be opened up. The fact Kazarian didn’t show up this week to cause havoc was a big mistake. Still, I look forward to TNA Sacrifice this coming weekend.

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