NXT #726 Results & Review (March 26th, 2024)

NXT Results & Reviews

NXT #726 Results
March 26th, 2024
WWE Performance Center
Orlando, Florida.

Another week of NXT is here, and we are in the final stages as we head to NXT Stand & Deliver on WrestleMania weekend! Not everything is set in stone yet, and the ante looks to be upped on this episode. As usual, we crack on with a match to kick off the show!

Singles Match
Shawn Spears vs. Dijak

The Match:
This will be interesting, it’s hard to pick whos going to win this one! I heard Dijak’s contract is up later this year and I seriously hope he re signs, or he gets called up to the main roster. The dude has been one of the most consistent in NXT. As far as Shawn Spears is concerned, his presentation has been much better in NXT than it was in AEW. This was a great match for the length it was, Dijak hit a plancha to the outside, Spears German Suplex’d Dijak off the top rope, it was wild. Spears had left his chair at ringside, and Joe Gacy snuck out from under the ring and took it and pulled it back under with him! They went back and forth, and Spears went to grab his chair but it was obviously missing, and he looked super confused – Dijak hit High Justice and Spears kicked out! He then hit Feast Your Eyes and Dijak won.

Winner: Dijak via pinfall in 13:23.

A Roxanne Perez vignette airs which coincides with her heel turn. It was good, and continued hype and heat for her showdown with Lyra Valkyria at NXT Stand & Deliver.

Hank & Tank are backstage are all jacked up to host NXT Stand and Deliver. It looked like a bunch of people were looking to audition for it. Andre Chase claimed he “F%$ing nailed that sh!t” which is hilarious. Meta Four then storm into the casting call and it’s obvious they’re going to get the job.

Singles Match
Thea Hail (w/Andre Chase, Duke Hudson & Riley Osborne) vs. Jazmyn Nyx (w/Jacy Jayne)

The Match:
Thea is back in her Chase U gear! Jazmyn looked really impressive in her entrance, her ring gear looked terrific, I can imagine people watching, googled her immediately. Thea Hail came out of the gate like a house of fire, and Jazmyn impressed when she took over the match. She’s a former Soccer player, and it shows! I can’t believe how polished she looks in her first match! Jazmyn hit a SWEET Pele kick at one point. Jacy Jane then got involved and threw Andre Chases scarf into the ring, and Riley Osborne caught it. Which got Chase U disqualified! Thea Hail then got slapped by Jacy, and Jazmyn went for the roll up pin, but Thea replaced it into a Kimura Lock and Jazmyn tapped out immediately!

Winner: Thea Hail via pinfall in 3:38.

After the match, Kiana James and Izzi Dame came out and helped Jacy attack Thea, but then Fallon Henley and Kilani Jordan made the save! I am assuming that this will lead to a 4 vs 4 match at Stand & Deliver!

We get a super cool video package on the story between Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes which included analysis from Randy Orton, CM Punk and Booker T.

Lola Vice is then seen punching the air backstage.

Maxxine Dupri is backstage giving a pep talk to Alpha Academy. Not much to declare here, just the usual hijinx.

Singles Match: Lola Vice’s Open Challenge
Natalya vs. Lola Vice

The Match:
When Lola Vice makes her entrance, I am at attention. She’s really got it down. Lola gets on the mic, the reps are important! She talks herself up and how shes got an open challenge, and of all people, Natalya shows up! Lola panics, Natalya talks some smack too, and they’re brawling from the get go! Lola is going to be a big star. Natalya and Lola exchanged submission holds, pin attempts, and Lola hit her impressive back fist (better than Eddie Kingston), and Karmen Petrovic came out to give Natalya some encouragement, which served as a a bit of a distraction. Natalya ended up getting a pinfall on Lola with a roll up, and Lola was furious, and Karmen was absolutely gorgeous.

Winner: Natalya via pinfall in 8:36.

Shawn Spears is seen leaving the building annoyed at Joe Gacy getting involved in his match. Shawn’s beloved steel chair then lands on the parking lot floor behind him and Joe Gacy is on the roof and apologizes for not returning the chair sooner. Oba Femi then rocks up and Joe apologizes if he nearly hit him and Joe just thinks its hilarious. His stupid little head yelling from the roof popped me.

Sol Ruca cuts a serious promo on Blair Davenport and how she put her on the shelf for 9 months. Blair is then seen with Kelly Kincaid and yada yada yada, Blair is going to spoil the party for Sol.

Non Title Match
Ilja Dragunov vs. Channing Lorenzo (w/Adriana Rizzo)

The Match:
This is Channing’s biggest test yet. I am super keen to see how he goes, as he has shown he’s got a lot of talent from his time teaming with Tony D. I’m not surprised Ilja is getting rave reviews from the company right now, his intensity and how intereresting his character is – he’s got it all at the moment. Channing was a solid test for Ilja, who sold a dislocated finger for most of the match. Ilja won with Torpedo Moscow.

Winner: Ilja Dragunov via pinfall in 5:03.

Backstage Tony and Luca Crucifino are talking about Tony says for Luca to find Ilja and invite him to dinner next week.

We get another chapter of the Trick Williams/Carmelo Hayes story, where Trick is visiting family. Tricks boxing coach and CM Punk AND former NFL player Garry Cobb chimes in as well. Trick ends this amazing package by running up the stairs in Philly like Rocky Balboa.

Baron Corbin rocks up to Bron Breakker whos getting ready for their match with Alpha Academy. The OC then show up. The OC were hilarious here with the ‘Too Sweet’ and Karl Anderson saying it aggressively.

Ridge Holland comes out and thanks Marty Jones and William Regal, and appears to be retiring from wrestling. The speech was very classy and emotional, and it’s an interesting scenario, and I wonder if anything will come of it, or if it’s real.

We get the rebuttal vignette with Lyra Valkyria. They have done a great job with these packages with Roxy, Lyra, Trick and Melo. Tremendous. NXT owns wrestling right now.

Singles Match
Duke Hudson vs. Josh Briggs

The Match:
Dijak is on commentary for this match. I think Duke Hudson has really shown his range since being in Chase U, I’m a proud Aussie over here. This is the battle between two big boys here, but I fully expect Josh Briggs to go over here. Dijak was a hoot on commentary. Booker T once again makes Vic be the 3rd wheel, tremendous. GREAT selling from Duke off a Josh Briggs superplex, I thought he had actually thrown his back out. Briggs and Hudson really got given some good time to have a barnburner. It was really a stalemate. Big lariat from Briggs and he goes to Stand & Deliver! After the match Dijak went to confront Duke. Oba Femi shows up in the crows nest and talks to them about being the mountain, and he’s confident they won’t reach the summit.

Winner: Josh Briggs via pinfall in 10:29.

We get another video package on Trick and Carmelo Hayes. Johnny Gargano, Tommasso Ciampa, Cody Rhodes, CM Punk and Randy Orton chime in on it. Melo and Trick trade words to end the package, it was true hype. It honestly could not have been a better bunch of packages.

Meta Four are messing with the show in the Production Truck, and they announce that they’re the hosts for Stand & Deliver.

Arianna Grace is freaking out about what dress to make Gigi Dolin wear next week.

Kelly Kincard approaches Ilja backstage, and she asks about his situation. Luca Crucifino shows up and invites him to dinner. Ilja opens the invite and his eyes widen as Kelly has a peak. Kelly is great at her job man.

Non Title Tag Team Match
Baron Corbin & Bron Breakker vs. Alpha Academy (Akira Tozawa & Otis) (w/Maxxine Dupri)

The Match:
This has felt so forced for me, they did a tournament for their opponents, and I feel like Alpha Academy did not really sensically earn this opportunity. Maxxine wins the pants of the week after Blair won last week. They look super comfortable and cool. Alpha Academy dominated early. Bron does his usual shtick just going off the ropes so EXPLOSIVELY. The Wolf Dogs are really gelling well as a team. Would it be a bad idea to bring them to the main roster together? Afterall, they do need to open up the NXT Roster a bit more if they have 10-20 people ready for the main roster and guys like Eddie Thorpe hasn’t been seen for months. Bron Breakker powerslammed Tozawa OUT OF A DOOMSDAY DEVICE POSITION. That was AMAZING. Otis then got double powerbombed through the announce table. Tozawa got powerbombed, then hit with Brons spear, and it was over.

Winner/s: Baron Corbin & Bron Breakker via pinfall in 10:06.

Final Thoughts:
What an awesome episode of NXT! The LWO showed up, as did Gallows and Anderson, and Nathan Frazer and Axiom, and it ended up in a brawl to end the show! This is the best brand of wrestling going today, they have got their TV product down pat, the vignettes, the hype videos, the quick and snappy style of Crash TV wrestling, this has everything I could ever want in a wrestling product and that’s why in my opinion, It’s number 1.

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