WWE RAW March 25 Results, Grades, and Analysis

On March 25, WWE Raw aired live from Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois. The show featured several singles matches. Cody Rhodes spoke about his WrestleMania matches. The show’s highlight was CM Punk’s return, who made a major announcement. Let’s talk about everything that happened on the show.

Cody Rhodes kicked off WWE Raw

The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes opened the show. Cody came out to a loud pop and asked the Chicago crowd, “What do you want to talk about?” Cody said that we are two weeks from WrestleMania.

The time for talking’s over and is the time for fighting. Rhodes mentioned that Roman called him a politician on Pat McAfee’s show.

Rhodes said that he respects Reigns, but Roman took away his moment last year, and that’s why he hates his guts. Cody asked the crowd if they would be with him, and they cheered.

The Rock’s theme played, and he made a surprise appearance. There were different chants after that, and Rock took a moment to absorb them.

The Final Boss came face-to-face with Cody and whispered something. Rhodes was taken aback by that. Rock walked away with Cody, just confused. 

Grades: B+

Analysis: It was a massive opening segment. The Rock came out of nowhere. They made a new plot of what Rock whispered to Cody.

Singles Match

Ricochet vs. JD McDonagh

Backstage, Ripley, Priest, and Finn Balor told McDonagh to win this. Dominik was at ringside. Ricochet sent JD outside to go for a dive. 

Dominik saved JD, but Ricochet laid him out on the other side with a Fosbury Flop. McDonagh dominated in the ring for a while. He delivered a Sambo Suplex.

Ricochet escaped a standing moonsault and delivered a springboard back elbow. Ricochet delivered a flying clothesline followed by a standing shooting star press for a near fall.

McDonagh fought back with a Spanish fly for a two-count. He wasted no time and delivered a brainbuster for another near fall. From the top rope, Ricochet landed a poisonrana followed by a Recoil.

Dom put JD’s foot on the rope to save the match. McDonagh crashed Ricochet with a lariat and delivered a sit-out powerbomb for a near fall.

Ricochet countered a move into the Canadian Destroyer. Dom tried to interfere but was caught and ejected from ringside by the referee. Ricochet landed the shooting star press for the win.

Winner: Ricochet

Grades: B+

Analysis: It was an excellent match. These two have great chemistry together. It looked good to see a Canadian Destroyer on WWE TV.

CM Punk is Back

CM Punk entered to a thunderous ovation from his home crowd. Punk said that he would be at WrestleMania. His arm was injured, but his mouth still worked.

Punk talked about the possibility of him being a special guest referee at WrestleMania. He said that he listened to what Roman Reigns said about him and that they would meet soon.

He mentioned Rollins and The Rock. Punk said you should handle the problems face-to-face in Chicago while mentioning Drew McIntyre.

Then arrived The Scottish Warrior. Punk asked to cut his music. McIntyre stayed on stage. McIntyre reminded Punk of stomping his injured arm.

Punk replied by calling Drew a troll in the skirt. McIntyre came to ringside and mentioned the checklist on his shirt. Punk said he never had to put another guy’s name on his shirt to sell it. 

Punk invited McIntyre to the ring, but Drew sat on the commentary table just like Punk. Drew wanted Punk to have a front-row seat at WrestleMania.

Later, McIntyre said that Punk is good at talking, so he should be the guest commentator for WrestleMania.

Seth Rollins came out and went face-to-face with Punk while McIntyre was still on the commentary table. Rollins said that it was his show. Punk replied by saying that it’s his city. 

Rollins said that it doesn’t matter what Punk does at WrestleMania. He said that Punk should just stay out of his way. They teased Punk as a referee, but Rollins said that he had injured his counting arm.

In the end, Punk made his decision that he would join the commentary team at WrestleMania XL. In the end, Rollins superkicked McIntyre and hit him with a stomp before a brief stare-down with Punk. 

Grades: B

Analysis: It was a fun segment. These superstars threw everything on each other with the microphone. They teased Punk as a guest referee, and never doing that looked a bit off the rails.

Singles Match

Candice LeRae vs. Ivy Nile

Nile slammed LeRae and landed a suplex for an early two-count. LeRae attacked Nile and even Maxxine. In the end, it was a roll-up win for Candice. Hartwell looked conflicted.

Winner: Candice LeRae

Grades: C-

Analysis: They are trying something heelish with LeRae. Let’s see where it goes. 

Backstage: We spotted Paul Heyman talking with Drew McIntyre.

Tag Team March

DIY vs. The New Day

Awesome Truth was on commentary for this one. The first big move came when Kofi hit Gargano with a famouser for a near fall. Ciampa suffered stereo superkicks from New Day.

After the commercial, Ciampa landed a double-diving clothesline. Gargano tagged in and laid out Woods and Kingston with a suicide dive at ringside. 

Judgment Day interfered with the match. Dominik delivered a frog splash on Gargano. The Miz suffered a South of Heaven from Priest. They threw R-Truth in the ring.

Truth laid out McDonagh, Dominik, and Balor. But Priest hit Truth with Razor’s Edge. Balor followed it up with a Coup de Grace. 

Winner: No Contest

Grades: B-

Analysis: The Judgment Day took over the match. It was good to hype up the six-pack ladder match at WrestleMania. Truth was funny in the commentary.

Backstage: Cody was asked what The Rock whispered to him. Rhodes said he won’t repeat that.

– Gunther was questioned about Sami Zayn. The Ring General said that Zayn can’t beat him, and he knows it.

Singles Match

Andrade vs. Giovanni Vinci

Originally, Ivar had planned to compete against Andrade, but he was not medically cleared. Vinci slapped Andrade to start the match.

Andrade replied with a chop to the chest. Andrade landed a mid-air dropkick followed by a moonsault block to the floor.

Andrade hit a standing moonsault for a two-count. Vinci escaped the Three Amigos and delivered a running crossbody block.

Andrade delivered back-to-back Dragon Screws, followed by a double knee strike for a near fall. Andrade won with his finisher, who was called The Message.  

Winner: Andrade

Grades: B

Analysis: It was a decent match. Andrade is looking back better than ever. 

Becky Lynch and Rhea Ripley Face-to-Face

Rhea Ripley arrived alongside Dominik. Rhea said that someone was not giving her full attention, and she was talking about Becky. She said that Lynch has continued to compete every week.

Ripley said that she had been respectful to Lynch, or she would have attacked her in any match. Mysterio tried to talk, but Lynch’s music played.

Becky came out. Ripley straightly asked her why she needed to prove herself by wrestling every week before the biggest match of her career.

Lynch took a shot at the Champion. She said that Ripley grabs attention by posting her ass on social media. On the other hand, Lynch proved herself by busting her ass every night in this ring.

Becky Lynch said she would give Rhea Ripley a new experience at WrestleMania 40.

Ripley compared Becky to a cockroach by saying she’s hard to kill but not impossible. Rhea then mentioned Becky’s daughter.

The Man was furious and warned Rhea to keep her daughter’s name out of her mouth. Becky and Rhea came face-to-face in an intense moment.

Dom backed up Ripley and came to Becky, who punched him. A brawl began between Lynch and Ripley. Multiple referees separated them.

Grades: B+

Analysis: It was good to see the focus finally being on Becky and Ripley. This was a necessary altercation, and WWE booked it nicely.

Singles Match

Sami Zayn vs. Bronson Reed

Gable motivated Sami before the match. After some action, Zayn sent Reed outside and delivered a somersault senton.

Reed caught a flying Sami back in the ring and avalanched him into the ropes. Bronson hit Sami with a flying shoulder tackle.

Reed was bleeding from the nose, and Sami laid him out with a lariat. The Ring General Gunther arrived on the stage. 

Reed delivered a twisting suplex for a near fall. Zayn hit him with a tornado DDT. Sami was distracted by Gunther’s presence. It allowed Reed to get the advantage.

Reed landed a sentonsplash followed by a Tsunami from the top rope for the win. Gunther laughed at Sami.

Winner: Bronson Reed

Grades: B-

Analysis: The match was good, but the result was a bit off. Zaynis the #1 contender for Gunther’s IC Title, and he lost to Reed two weeks before WrestleMania.

Singles Match

Jey Uso vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Nakamura caught Jey with a snap kick earlier in the match. Shinsuke delivered two knee strikes to the ribs. Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa came from the crowd.

Cody and Seth met them there, and a brawl broke out. McIntyre interfered, and he delivered a Future Shock DDT to Rollins. Jey delivered a Superkick and a Spear in the ring for the win. 

Backstage, Cody was attacked by The Rock. The Final Boss sent him out of the arena. Rock sent Cody into a metal barricade and threw a trash can on him.

Rock sent Cody onto a bus twice, and Cody was bleeding. Rock had Rhodes’ blood on his knuckles, and he slapped Cody. The Rock was talking trash constantly. 

Rock grabbed a weight belt and rubbed Cody’s blood on it. He showed it to the camera and mentioned Mama Rhodes. Then he said that Dusty talked about hard times.

The Rock will tell him about hard times. The Rock sent Rhodes into the bus again to end the show.

Winner: Jey Uso

Grades: A+

Analysis: Outstanding segment to close out the show. Rock just made the show fabulous, even though he was not advertised. Things are on a whole new level after this segment.

Overall, it was a fine edition of Monday Night Raw that culminated with a Phenomenal beatdown of Cody Rhodes by the hands of The Rock. 



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