NXT #719 Results and Review (January 6th, 2024)

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NXT #719 Results
February 6th, 2024

WWE Performance Center

Orlando, Florida

It’s time for another week of NXT after the fallout of NXT Vengeance Day, and the questions are in the air, why did Carmelo Hayes finally turn on Trick Williams?

Carmelo Hayes opens the show and I don’t know what he’s wearing but that coat is ridiculous. He has the mic in his hand… and he just says “Not yet”, and walked off.

After highlights from NXT Vengeance Day, Bron Breakker and Baron Corbin are standing in front of the Commentators table, and they get the ring announcer to introduce them, and she introduces them as the Wolf Dogs and Baron rolls his eyes and it’s fantastic. They’re really playing off one another well and how they annoy one another. They’re interrupted by Nathan Frazer and Axiom, who were wrestling next.

Tag Team Match
Axiom & Nathan Frazer vs. Edris Enofe & Malik Blade

The Match:
This was all set up at Vengeance Day when Nathan Frazer opened his big fat mouth again and angered Malik Blade and Edris Enofe. Which is not the first time he’s done that, and now it’s starting to pop me. Byron Saxton is at ringside with Vic, I wonder what’s going on with Booker T? Ah, I just read online he’s just had surgery.
I don’t see Nathan and Axiom being a team for a long time, but you never know. It’s funny how I pay for Binge yet I still get adverts. Bron and Baron are killing me on Commentary with Bron going on about them being the Wolf Dogs. It’s such a dumb name. Both teams had a lively battle as to be expected, and this guest commentary is a great thing for character development. Somebody should be on guest commentary for a match every week. Malik really is a freak with his vertical leap! Spanish Fly into a Phoenix Splash by Axiom and Nathan was insane! Great suspense in this one, lots of great moves with a near fall. Nathan and Axiom win with some ferocity with another Phoenix Splash and a Golden Ratio from Axiom.

Winner/s: Nathan Frazer & Axiom via pinfall in 16:42.

After the match, Bron and Baron attack Nathan and Axiom, and The Family come out, and the Wolf Dogs lay a challenge for next week, and Stacks accepts the challenge.

We then see Ilja Dragunov in the parking lot as he enters the arena, and Kelly Kincaid wants some answers, but Ilja wants some answers from Carmelo Hayes.

The Mad Dragon Ilja Dragunov makes his entrance and he’s getting straight to business. Ilja talks about Trick Williams and how he’s a worthy opponent and would be a worthy champion. He then calls out Carmelo Hayes, but Dijak interrupts. Looks like Dijak is winding Ilja up to get a match. Ilja ends up getting punched square in the head and he’s bleeding from the forhead as FINALLY security do something to split people up in NXT. Looks like we have our Main Event.

Thea Hail and Jacy Jayne are backstage talking about selling out the calendar. Thea wants to go see Riley’s match. Jacy seems to think Thea needs to play it cool and play hard to get. This might end up distracting Riley!

Backstage, Von Wagner and Robert Stone are talking about Von’s missed opportunity with the NXT Heritage Cup last week. They’re mad at how Meta Four yelled at Roberts kids, and the kids showed up trying to attack them both, they want Robert and Von to team together to battle Oro Mensah and Noam Dar in the future.

Singles Match
Lexis King vs. Riley Osborne (w/Andre Chase & Duke Hudson)

The Match:
Lexis King has been a real creeper backstage with all the ladies lately, and he crossed Riley Osborne a few times when he tried to hit on Jacy and Thea over the last few weeks. I don’t see Riley winning this one! Riley got SENT from the ring apron onto the announce table. I bet Byron is stoked to get to commentate on this show. These two were having a really good match, and Riley has improved a lot over the last few weeks. Riley LOOKED INTO THE CROWD just as I thought and Thea wasn’t there. Lexis hit the Coronation on Riley after poling him on the top rope, and it was over.

Winner: Lexis King via pinfall in 4:06.

Carmelo Hayes is seen walking back to the Performance Center in the parking lot.

We get back from Commercial and we have a hype package for Kilani Jordan as she talks about her purpose, her ‘Why’.

We go backstage and some of the trainees are watching the TV in the Women’s Locker Room, and Kiana James and Izzi Dame rock up and get all rude and tell the girls to buzz off. Brinley Reece shows up all hyperactive as well and Kiana and Izzi are thirsty, apparently, and they want Brinley’s drink, and they take it from her, and tip the coffee into the bin. Typical bullying, and I love it. We exit scene with Brinley looking sad.

Carmelo Hayes is sitting on a chair in the ring with a spotlight on him. Carmelo talks a real strong game about Trick crossing him first, and that Trick bit the hand that feeds him. They had a deal about Trick being North American Champ whilst Melo was going to be NXT Champion. Carmelo blames Trick for what Carmelo had to do, essentially. Did he attack Trick Williams a few months ago? You’re damn right he did. Tricks theme song hits! Melo panics, but I think it’s a ruse. Yep. Melo started dancing. Brilliant. We remember when Shawn Michaels did that to Bret Hart and Hulk Hogan? All Trick will be is apparently, Carmelo’s hype man. They should cut to backstage with Ilja getting ready, looking at the monitor, shaking his head.

We get another vignette like the mysterious one we saw at Vengeance Day. It’s super hard to figure out what it’s about!

We get a vignette for Oba Femi. “I STUND HED AND SHOLDAZ ABOV DE REST.” His voice is so good. We see his path of destruction since he arrived in NXT.

Riley is backstage frustrated and ran into Thea and Jacy and Riley is disappointed she wasn’t out there. She plays it cool and Riley asks if they’re still on for Valentines Day and she goes spazz, and he fist pumps. Thea is such an idiot, it’s hilarious.

Singles Match
Roxanne Perez vs. Lola Vice

The Match:
This match is taking place because of Lola Vice unsuccessfully cashing in at Vengeance Day, which interfered with Roxanne Perez trying to win the NXT Women’s Title. They need to figure out how to not cut off Lola shaking her hips at ringside with her name plate during her entrance. Lola has done a great job establishing herself so quickly. Also, it seems Elektra Lopez is definitely gone from NXT after their feud ending match last week. It’s ferocious from the outset as you would expect, and Lola is actually showing more aggression than the psycho hose beast Roxanne Perez. Lola needs to win this, she needs to establish herself, and it will help with Roxanne turning heel. By the way, this crowd has been on FIRE this show. Lola had Roxanne in a choke at one stage, But Roxanne fought out of it, great suspense. The back fist again was hit by Lola, which should be her finisher. Tatum Paxley has the NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament contract and… wants to cash in? She get’s on the ring apron and Lola spin kicks her off! Roxanne then annoyingly hit Pop Rox to win.

Winner: Roxanne Perez via pinfall in 9:50.

They talk about not sweating Fallon and Wren in their upcoming Tag Team match. Good to see Kelly is being used on the show, but we needed her earlier to rush to Ava’s office to confirm Ilja and Dijak’s Main Event Match later. The 5 week streak is over as they have their INTERVIEW INTERRUPTED by the No Quarter Catch Crew. They go on about them accepting Stone and Vons challenge and I don’t know why they care. Anyway.

Tag Team Match
Fallon Henley & Wren Sinclair vs. Meta-Four (Jakara Jackson & Lash Legend) (w/Noam Dar & Oro Mensah)

The Match:
Since Wren’s debut where she eliminated Lash Legend from the #1 Contenders Battle Royal a few weeks ago, Meta-Four have targeted her, and Fallon Henley has befriended her and is backing her up. Lash has really picked up the steam with her aggression lately. Wren got in there and did what she was meant to do. To be honest, a quick side bar here, I am very disappointed to hear Kamille is going to go to AEW. They have so many people on that roster, she’s going to have an important period of her prime taken away doing next to nothing. Anyway, back to the match, I am just happy seeing one NWA talent make the right choice. I would trust AEW more if somebody else was booking. Lash and Jakara were dominating Wren as she copped their heat. I still think it’s a shame there’s no NXT Women’s Tag Titles but it is what it is. Fallon comes in and is on FIRE! Her confidence is on another level. Another thought, where is Gigi Dolin and Nikkita Lyons at? And we haven’t seen Blair Davenport in 2 weeks. Wren copped the Slam Dunk again from Lash and got pinned. Wren clearly needs to get a win back soon.

Winner/s: Meta-Four (Jakara Jackson & Lash Legend) via pinfall in 5:02.

We go backstage and Josh Briggs is talking to some guy, and Brooks Jensen shows up to talk. Josh asks how he’s going, Brooks is talking about Fallon and wants to be chums still, Josh wants to leave, and Brooks says “I’m lost without ya’ll” and that he’s struggling. Josh gives him a pep talk, and says “do you think being sad is going to help you? You aren’t a kid anymore” and he shoves him into the locker room. He barks and tells Brooks to grow some balls. Woah. Let’s see what happens from here!

Backstage Ava is with Jaida Parker backstage and Jaida wants Adriana Rizzo next week. Ava said nobody can be at ringside. Ridge Holland walks in and he wants Gallus next week. Ava won’t give him the match. She’s going to give him a Gauntlet Match with Gallus next week, and this is all the GM is going to be doing tonight.

Non Title Match
Ilja Dragunov vs. Dijak

The Match:
Based off their argument in the ring earlier, and based off their match last year, this should be insane. This was going to be tremendous. Ilja trash talks with Dijak in the early going and this seems like a very real situation because of it. Dijak was bringing it early! Dijak kept going to Dragunov’s broken nose in the match. They went back and forth with dicuss forearms before Dijak hit his discus kick to the head. Ilja looks like he’s just got out of a warzone! Ilja hit a Senton off the top rope for a 2 count! I hear Dijak’s contract is up later in the day and this guy needs to be resigned, and he needs to go to the Main Roster. This is a battle between the two most intense guys in NXT. Joe Gacy showed up as Dijak was hanging over the apron and got hit in the face with a Boxing Glove on the end of a stick, and Ilja won with the H Bomb after that.

Winner: Ilja Dragunov via pinfall in 12:56.

Carmelo Hayes attacks Ilja after the match and attacks Ilja’s knee and he wailed on him! Then Melo hit him in the head with the NXT Title! Melo posed with the belt afterward, and I assume Stand & Deliver will be a 3 way for the title.

Final Thoughts:
What a fallout show from Vengeance Day 2024! I really enjoyed this and it’s still the best wrestling product going right now. There were so many things going on, so many angles, this is the kind of wrestling product I grew up on.

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