WWE RAW February 5 Results, Grades, and Analysis

On February 5, WWE Raw aired live from Enterprise Center in St. Louis, Missouri. The fans were hyped for the show after the Rock, Roman, and Cody drama. Rhodes met with Seth Rollins and fought Nakamura in a bull rope match. Gunther celebrated his 600 days as IC Champion. The build of the Elimination Chamber began, and much more. Let’s talk about everything that happened on Monday Night Raw.

Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes face-to-face

Seth Rollins kicked off Raw and welcomed the fans. Rollins said it had been a great week and smelled what was cookin’.

The crowd gave loud boos and chanted for Cody. Rollins said that he wants Cody, too. Seth had a lot of questions, and he called out Cody.

The American Nightmare came out to a thunderous ovation. He asked Rollins and the fans, what you wanna talk about?

A “Rocky Sucks” chant picked up. Michael Cole gave a call back in 1996. Seth also said that he didn’t expect to hear that.

Seth said that he wanted to test himself against the best. He mentioned the previous history between himself and Cody.

When Rollins asked about Cody facing Seth at WrestleMania, the crowd heavily chanted “No.” Drew McIntyre came out.

Drew told Seth to focus on their WrestleMania match for the World Heavyweight Championship and trash-talked about CM Punk. He told Cody not to listen to Rollins. McIntyre further motivated Cody to finish the story he had talked about for two years.

Rollins reminded Drew of their previous two matches where McIntyre lost. Drew didn’t let Cody talk. McIntyre said that Seth is an amazing champion. He said no one wants to fight Roman Reigns because they know the finish.

The Bloodline will interfere. He praised Rollins’ work as the Champion. McIntyre said that it’s time for him to carry it forward. Drew laid out Rollins with a Glasgow Kiss. Cody sent him out of the ring.

Grades: B+

Analysis: It was a fine segment in the opening. One bad thing is that it didn’t clear Rhodes’ WrestleMania path. McIntyre’s work was amazing.

Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Championships Qualifier Match

The teams involved were DIY, New Day, Imperium, and the Creed Brothers. The winners will face Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate to become No. 1 contenders.

Woods and Ciampa started. Kofi soon entered with a cross-body block. Imperium members got involved and laid out New Day at ringside. Back in the ring, Kofi landed a springboard dropkick.

DIY’s Gargano hit a slingshot spear on Woods. Gargano and Ciampa laid out The Creed Brothers with stereo planchas. Julius delivered a somersault senton off the top rope.

Ciampa laid out Woods with an Air Raid Siren onto all other competitors. We got a Tower of Doom spot where the New Day hit a powerbomb on Imperium, who was delivering a superplex on Ciampa. Kingston landed a famous on Johnny.

Julius delivered overhead belly-to-belly suplexes to almost everyone. Vinci suffered a Brutus Ball for the Creed Brothers. DIY laid them out and delivered Meet in the Middle to Vinci for the win.

Winners: DIY

Grades: B

Analysis: It was a great match. The tag team division seems to be improving very well with time. DIY now will face Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate.

Elimination Chamber Perth Qualifying Match

Becky Lynch vs. Shayna Baszler

It was an Elimination Chamber qualifying match. The match began with takedowns and submission attempts.

Baszler targeted Becky’s hand on the steel steps. Baszler landed a German Suplexand a running knee for a near fall. Becky came back with a missile dropkick off the ropes for a two-count.

Becky delivered a reverse DDT for a near fall. The Man was pumped up and pointed to the WrestleMania sign.

Lynch delivered a superplex off the ropes. Baszler soon landed a gut-wrench suplex for a near fall. In the end, Becky was victorious with the Man-Handle Slam.

Winner: Becky Lynch

Grades: B-

Analysis: Becky did a brilliant job and qualified for her first Elimination Chamber match.

Backstage, Zoey Stark and LivMorgan were watching. They will face each other next week in another qualifier.

Backstage: Adam Pearce was in his office with Drew McIntyre. Pearce was unhappy with McIntyre for attacking two guys who were not medically cleared, Seth Rollins and CM Punk. He mentioned firing Drew.

Singles Match

Rhea Ripley and Nia Jax Brawl

Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley entered the ring looking for Nia Jax. Pearce came out and told her that it was not the right time. He made Ripley vs. Jax official for the Elimination Chamber.

Nia came out in anger. Pearce tried to stop her but couldn’t. Ripley and Jax fought in the ring, taking out the security guard. In the end, Jax stood tall after an Annihilator on the Champion.

Grades: B

Analysis: This is a good story in the women’s division. The match seems all set for the Elimination Chamber PLE. 

Mixed Tag Team Match

Ivar and Valhalla vs. Akira Tozawa and Maxxine

Tozawa landed a suicide dive to begin. Tozawa and Maxxine both hit Ivar with cross-body blocks to take him down. Valhalla delivered a head-butt to Maxxine. Ivar slammed Tozawa off the ropes for the win.

Winners: Ivar and Valhalla

Grades: C

Analysis: It was a short match to give fans a break between the next big segment. 

Judgment Day’s Clubhouse

R-Truth still considered him a part of the Judgment Day. He thought of last week’s beating as initiation.

The Miz vs. JD McDonagh

Dominik Mysterio distracted Miz to give JD an early advantage. Miz bounced back with a clothesline. Miz delivered a brutal vertical suplex on the floor. Back in the ring, Mysterio’s distractions continued.

McDonagh delivered a Uranage followed by a standing moonsault for a near fall. R-Truth came out to a huge crowd ovation.

Miz delivered a hurricanrana on JD. Truth forced a t-shirt onto Dominik. Truth went to the apron and waved money towards McDonagh as his cut. JD looked pleased, but this distraction allowed Miz to hit the Skull Crushing Finale for the win.

Winner: The Miz

Grades: B

Analysis: It was a short, fun match. They are giving Miz enough TV time, which is a good step. Truth is an expert in his genre.

Gunther’s Celebration

Gunther celebrated his 600+ days as the Intercontinental Champion. The ring was decorated, and Vinci and Kaiser were in the ring. Kaiser introduced Gunther. The Ring General made his way to the ring.

He thanked Kaiser for arranging this celebration. But he said there’s no difference because his reign will continue as the greatest and longest-reigning IC Champion. He claimed that no one was worthy of challenging him, and he was running out of competition.

Jey Uso came out from the crowd with a great pop. Gunther recalled eliminating Jey from the Royal Rumble. He said he wanted to talk to Jey, but this was not the time. Gunther felt disrespected.

Uso praised Gunther for his work as the Champion. Gunther also mentioned Jey’s accolades as a tag team wrestler. But he said Jey needed to do only 50% of the work.

Gunther claimed to beat Jey so badly that his own family wouldn’t recognize him. Kaiser and Vinci tried to attack Jey, but New Day made the save.

Grades: B+

Analysis: It was great to see Jey Uso getting back in the title picture. Gunther has improved his promo abilities well.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Title Match

The Kabuki Warriors vs. Kayden Carter and Katana Chance

Asuka started with kicks. Katana targeted Asuka’s ribs injured during Bayley’s steel pipe attack on last Friday’s SmackDown.

One moment was awesome and dangerous at the same time when Chance hit a double stomp on Kairi’s neck for a two-count. Double kicks by Asuka and Sane laid out Chance for a near fall.

Carter and Chance successfully delivered the After Party to Asuka, but Kairi broke the pinfall. In the end, Kabuki Warriors retained the titles with a reverse DDT/In-Sane Elbow combo.

Winners: Kabuki Warriors

Grades: B

Analysis: The women’s tag team division has vastly improved with the addition of Kabuki Warriors. Also, the arrival of Kayden Carter and Katana Chance has been impactful.

Video Package: Sami Zayn’s video package was aired, where he looked confident in proving himself. He called himself the underdog and a contender to be a champion one day.

Bull Rope Match

Cody Rhodes vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

It was a bull rope match in the main event. They were using the same bull rope the American Dream Dusty Rhodes used once. Nakamura tried to escape but couldn’t.

Rhodes used the rope to pull him rib-first into the barricade. Later, Shinsuke used the rope to dominate Cody and landed knee shots.

Rhodes applied the Figure Four Leglock, but Shin used the cowbell to break out of it.

Cody delivered a snap power slam and the disaster kick for a near fall. Nakamura delivered a sliding German Suplex. Cody replied with a Cody Cutter.

Rhodes hit Shin with a Bionic Elbow. Nakamura tried to hit Kinshasa, but Rhodes countered it into a pedigree for a near fall.

Shinsuke successfully spit the Red Mist on Rhodes’ face. However, Cody somehow delivered Cross Rhodes for the win.

After the match, Drew McIntyre attacked Cody from behind and delivered a Claymore Kick. 

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Grades: B+

Analysis: There was a good moment for Cody Rhodes. Drew McIntyre is portraying a violent and impressive character.

Overall, WWE Raw was excellent. A bad thing was that WWE didn’t give Cody a moment to talk. There was no explanation for why Rhodes did what he did on SmackDown.



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