MLW War Chamber [Night 2] Results & Review (April 20th, 2024)

MLW War Chamber 2024 [Night 2] Results
April 20, 2024
The Coliseum
St. Petersburg, Florida

I kind of wish I had more MLW in my life at the moment, because all we are getting is 2 shows a month right now. I wish MLW Fusion was airing every week as well! Anyway, this was taped several weeks ago when War Chamber Part 1 aired, and I am super, super pumped for this. As many may remember in Part 1, Contra pretty much took over MLW by the end of the show… it will be interesting if they try to do the same in Part 2.

The show opens with Cesar Duran coming out and asking if the fans want violence. The camera was blurry for some reason. Cesar introduces Virus who is going to bring that violence! I LOVE that this show is again, only 2 hours long.

Singles Match
Virus (w/Cesar Duran) vs. Star Jr. (w/Salina de la Renta)

The Match:
Virus is a veteran Lucha wrestler from CMLL that I have never seen perform before, and has apparently been wrestling since 1986, when he was known as Bird Boy. He’s won multiple titles throughout his career and has helped train a lot of todays luchas. Star Jr. is only 30 and is a former CMLL World Trios Champion. They have a slow feeling out process to start the match and they showed some footage of Cear debating with Salina De La Rentas mother in the back and holy crap dude, Salinas Mum has GOT IT GOING ON! Virus hit a body scissors Victory Roll off the top rope! That got a 2 count. They went back and forth as it was a bit of a stale mate – it’s interesting how the Luchadores and Japanese wrestlers can all wrestle into their 50s and 60s and physically they are always solid. Star Jr. ended up picking up the win after a springboard double stomp followed by a submission hold for the tap out! Salina yells at the camera afterward as Cesar shakes his head at Virus.

Winner: Star Jr. via submission.

We get a promo with Saint Laurent with Tom Lawlor and Davey Boy Smith Jr., the new MLW World Tag Team Champions. They ripped into Alex Kane and Mr. Thomas and the Bomaye Fight Club.

Bill Alfonso with his solid set of teeth, he cuts a promo with Matthew Justice about Contra and being back in MLW.

Singles Match
Brett Ryan Gosselin (w/Saint Laurent) vs. Budd Heavy

The Match:
Budd Heavy, I have never seen before, but he looks fun, almost like an American Grado. Brett Ryan Gosselin was dominant from the outset and bro, he completely laid Budd out and hit a Roll the Dice for a super quick victory! BRG cuts a strong heel promo after the match, and the feed starts getting effected by Contra, BRG then attacked Budd again as he was being helped to the back which I found hilarious, and one of the thing I love about MLW.

Winner: Brett Ryan Gosselin (w/Saint Laurent) via pinfall.

Hahah then Salina is backstage celebrating with her extremely hot Mum, bro, I am telling you, it’s outrageous. Salina was trying to plan how to celebrate Star Jr.’s big win, but her Mother had other ideas, like ripping Cesars ball off tonight, lets see how that goes. Salina was a little surprised by her mother being so ruthless.

MLW World Tag Team Title Match
World Titan Federation (Davey Boy Smith Jr. & Tom Lawlor) (w/Saint Laurent) (c) vs. Bomaye Fight Club (Alex Kane & Mr. Thomas)

The Match:
It’s good to see the WTF as the MLW World Tag Team Champions, the group has really grown on me. Kane hit a Belly to Belly on Mr Thomas into Tom Lawlor in the corner which looked sick, and I think Mr Thomas is actually super under rated. Glad to see Davey Boy Smith Jr. back in the 1999 British Bulldog blue jeans. The WTF got some heat on Alex Kane. AJ Francis was on commentary talking about how he’s taken over the Bomaye Fight Club and they’re now a silent partner with the World Titan Federation. Mr. Thomas came in for a hot tag and bro, this guy is good! He’s SUPER quick and DID A DIVE TO THE OUTSIDE! This guy is a freak, how had I never heard of him before MLW? Thomas hit the Big Ending as Kane argued with AJ Francis whilst he was on commentary, and Saint Laurent threw the title in the ring! Tom Lawlor then clocked Thomas in the head as he went for a powerbomb and the WTF retained! Great drama.

Winner/s: STILL MLW World Tag Team Champions, World Titan Federation (Davey Boy Smith Jr. & Tom Lawlor) (w/Saint Laurent) via pinfall.

WTF then cut a promo backstage celebrating their win, before Satoshi Kojima and his partner interrupted wanting a shot at the MLW World Tag Team Titles in Chicago!

Singles Match
Sofia Castillo vs. Zayda

The Match:

Sofia makes her MLW debut here, and she’s from Costa Rica and good lord she’s something. Here comes Zayda, she is my favorite part about MLW, because she’s such a pain in the ass and such an interruption to the proceedings every time. She’s really got the character stuff down pat. Sofia should remain a mainstay, she is an eye opener when she walks out, she appears on social media to be a very nice lady – If I was starting a wrestling company I would totally hire her, the Renegade Twins, Zayda, Valentina Rossi, Kamille, etc. Joe Dombrowski tried to press Salina on a few issues and got himself in trouble with her very quickly which is very entertaining. I think eventually, Zayda will have the Featherweight Title, Lawlor and Smith Jr are the Tag Champs, and they’ll get that World Title in their camp too. These two ladies worked super well together. They unfortunately botched a Falcon Arrow! Zayda eventually hits I’m Prettier and gets the win!

Winner: Zayda via pinfall.

The Death Fighters cut a promo backstage, and they talk about their War Chamber match with The Calling, and I was surprised to see that Raven is actually going to be in the match, that should be interesting.

Singles Match
Timothy Thatcher vs. Matt Riddle

The Match:

Apparently these two are former rivals! This should be an interesting match. The match starts off as a bit of grappling stale mate between the two. It got super physical early on, and Thatcher got in charge after targeting Riddle’s arm. Riddle is still undefeated in MLW, and he beat Bad Dude Tito, but Tito got a title shot at Kojima before Riddle did! Riddle hits his usual comeback with the T-Bone/Soccer Kick/Broton for a 2 count. Timothy seems like the kind of guy that would flourish in Japan, but not WWE. This was probably the best match of the show so far. Riddle weathered the storm from Thatcher and hit the BroStone for the big win – and now he’s no longer NJPW Television Champion, perhaps it’s time for him to head toward the Main Event scene and go for the World Title.

Winner: Matt Riddle via pinfall.

Afterward Joe Dombrowski interviewed Riddle. Riddle did exactly what I was expecting, and he claims to be apart of the Battle Riot in Atlanta, and wants the world title.

OH DUDE Contra were backstage attacking referees, and Richard Holliday! So, it does look like the World Titan Federation aren’t safe from this heel stable either. This is interesting stuff!

We have a short break.

We come back from the break and Atlas Security and local Police have now apparently ‘Locked Down’ the arena.

MLW World Heavyweight Title Match
Satoshi Kojima (w/Okumura) (c) vs. Bad Dude Tito (w/Salina de la Renta)

The Match:

It’s time for our MLW World Title match and dude, Salina de la Renta is such a good character. It’s been great having Kojima back in MLW, he’s represented the championship very well in his 2nd reign. Tito took charge and hit a MASSIVE Frog Splash on Satoshi. Kojima fought back and spiked Tito with a DDT. Again, if I were to own a wrestling company, I would definitely hire Tito. Kojima ended up hitting the Lariat out of the blue to win and retain the Championship! Salina is then seen yelling at Tito at ringside, gosh I would love her to yell at me.

Winner: STILL MLW World Heavyweight Champion, Satoshi Kojima via pinfall.

As Kojima celebrates, Contra hacks the feed and now they’re attacking Davey Boy Smith Jr – SURELY they show footage of Saint Laurent running from the building without worrying about anybody else in the group.

As they set up the Cage, Tom Lawlor was then seen attacked by Contra – they are totally targeting the World Titan Federation, which makes this angle even more interesting considering they are also going after heels!

War Chamber Match
The Calling (Cannonball, Doctor Cornwallis, Rickey Shane Page & Sami Callihan) vs. Death Fighters (AKIRA, Jake Crist, Jimmy Lloyd & Raven)

The Match:

Jake Crist is first in the match for the Death Fighters, and he brought a Trash Can with him. Sami Callihan was in first for The Calling, brandishing a barbed wire baseball bat. That’s one thing I don’t really like about Sami’s act is the stuff with the spit and saliva. That’s just not for me brother. Crist was violently thrown to the door way of the cage and he just burst through it. After getting beaten down on the outside, Crist becomes the first person to bleed in the match. Sami jams a fork in Jake’s head. Sami was just torturing Crist before the 2nd member of the Death Fighters was to come out, and it was AKIRA – but RSP, Doctor Carnwallis and Cannonball attacked him during his entrance! Security make The Calling go backstage. AKIRA hadn’t even got up, and RSP was out next and laid AKIRA out again. RSP is so ugly, it’s perfect. AKIRA is also busted open, and Crists blood was then wiped on a barbed wire door, before Crist tried to fight back – they really need Jimmy Lloyd out there. Crist reversed a slam into a stunner, and AKIRA hit a shotgun dropkick on RSP who went through the door which was a fantastic spot. Jimmy came out next like a house of fire! As soon as I typed that, Christian Cole said it on commentary! The Calling’s theme song is so sick. Cannonball was out next. Cannonball had barbed wire wrapped around him, and hit a back splash off the 2nd rope THROUGH A TABLE ON AKIRA! Wow.

The next one out was Raven, and this is going to be interesting because I have a hard time believing Raven is going to be able to do a whole lot. He comes in and peppers the heels with kendo stick shots, and he and Crist hit a double drop toe hold onto a steel chair. Cornwallis was in last for the Calling. It was brutal and violent with 12 minutes remaining. Cornwallis had his mask fall off during the match, and copped a cinderblock into his groin with a trash can in the way. The Death Fighters got really worked over. We get the obligatory dive off the top of the cage onto people waiting to catch it. Lloyd then copped a double suplex onto a barbed wire door. They set up a double stack with a door on top of chairs on top of a table which was not going to work. It didn’t. But RSP went through the table with a senton. AKIRA managed to hit a Raven Effect, and finally beat RSP by making him tap out to a camel clutch with barbed wire in RSP’s mouth! What a great war between these two groups.

Winner/s: Death Fighters (AKIRA, Jake Crist, Jimmy Lloyd & Raven) via submission.

After the match, AKIRA cut a pro-MLW promo and thanked the fans. Raven talked as well, as the final vision of the show was Salina and her Mother walking away from the building as Cesar Duran watched on, twirling a key.

Final Thoughts:
Great show, I once again am really loving MLW at the moment and this show had some great twists and turns, high flying, hardcore, technical, – Major League Wrestling give you all the broad flavors that professional wrestling can provide on any given show.

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