TNA iMPACT! #1028 Results & Review (April 4th, 2024)

TNA iMPACT! Results
April 4th, 2024
2300 Arena
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

It’s time for another week of TNA Wrestling, and this is the big show where the main event is Nic Nemeth taking on Alex Shelley.

Old School Rules Non Title Match
Rhino vs. Mustafa Ali

The Match:
This match is anything goes, so it should be an interesting start to the show! They’re at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, and it’s just so unrecognisable but I guess it’s because of the lighting. Anyway, the match began and Rhino dominated early and Mustafa Ali was struggling to get it together as he prepares to face Jake Something at the next PLE, TNA Rebellion. There’s an NHL Legend in the front row, who has a new book out, and Ali threw it in a bin. How rude. They eventually got back in the ring and Mustafa Ali nailed a Coast to Coast on Rhino. This is a great way to start the show. I am digging that this match is getting a bit of time, seeing Rhino do his thing is always a joy. The security for Ali distracted Rhino, and Rhino missed a Gore through a table and Mustafa Ali got the pinfall victory!

Winner: Mustafa Ali via pinfall.

After the match, Jake’s theme song hit and he threw Ali in the ring and went for a powerbomb. A security guard stopped him and then Jake powerbombed the every living shit out of the security guard.

I was a little disappointed TNA didn’t decide to do Multiverse United 3 for WrestleMania 40 weekend, but I’m guessing new management weren’t interested.

Hammerstone Interview with Gia Miller
They’re changing things up and having Gia interview him in front of the crowd. Gia looked frightened the whole time. Hammerstone was ripping into Josh Alexander and he ended up NAILING the cameraman! He then put him in the Torture Rack, and Gia Miller was calling for help. It was great to see them do something a little bit out of the box. It was funny however when they cut to the fallen camera mans camera whilst he was laying there in pain.

Tag Team Match
The Rascalz Vs The New Full Blooded Italians

The Match:
The Rascalz come out and cut a promo to get some heat from the crowd. They are interrupted by The FBI, and it’s a nice surprise but also unfortunate to me because Little Guido isn’t wrestling, and the Tag Team is a “new” FBI. Which I am hardly interested in. It’s not these guys fault but the thing about the FBI is most of the time the guys in the group weren’t even Italian. Zack Clayton is apparently JWoww’s Husband from the Jersey Shore. Myron Reid, that third member of the Rascalz showed up to spray Guido in the eyes, and the distraction lead to the Rascalz getting the win. I’m not sure about this new Full Blooded Italians – The FBI to me was always a group of guys that were way over the top and charismatic, where as the two young blokes here didn’t really jump out at me as being on that level of entertainment as the likes of Chuck Palumbo, Johnny The Bull, JT Smith, Tracy Smothers, Tony Mamaluke, etc. If anything, Luca Crucifino and Stacks Lorenzo would make that work, but the D’Angelo Family is a little bit more of a matured version of a group of Italian Pro Wrestlers who act like they’re in the mob.

Winner/s: The Rascalz via pinfall.

Ooh, a vignette! Jonathan Gresham appears to be doing some sort of anger management, or something along those lines. That looked interesting. Jonathan has it all going with the in-ring stuff, but it would be really cool to see different sides of him and see him actually do a bit of character work for once.

Speedball Mountain Interview with Gia Miller
Gia is in a different outfit than earlier. Speedball Mountain start talking, and The System interrupt, and they happen to have their titles over their shoulders. Trent Seven then challenges Moose to a match to next week. Alisha Edwards is so hot.

Singles Match
Frankie Kazarian vs. Chris Bey

The Match:
Frankie Kazarian makes the ring announcer call him the King of TNA and Chris Bey just smacks him in the mouth and Frankie went from being happy with himself to massive pain, that’s the stuff I like. Bey was in charge early because of this. Kazarian took control after some under handed tactics. Kazarian is much more suited to being a heel, he does a great job in either role, but this is the role that may lead him to finally becoming TNA world Champion. I’d probably have Moose lose it eventually to a babyface and for the next heel in line after that be Frankie. Bey got cookin’ when he reversed the Chicken Wing from Kazarian, and looked to close in but I have a hard time believing that he’s going to beat him. Kazarian looked to try close in with the springboard cutter. They were given a lot of time here, I would say too much time but TNA dont appear to be trying to aim for casual fans right now. Ace AUstin got ejected for snatchign Kazarians chain off him, Chris Bey missed a dive but Kaz still sold it, Kaz low blowed Bey and hit Fade to Black to win.

Winner: Frankie Kazarian via pinfall.

Masha is talking Russian to the camera and Alisha Edwards just interrupts her because that’s most of TNA’s angles. Shame to hear Killer Kelly is gone for now.

They’re really trying to sell this Nemeth match with Alex Shelley like some Dream Match, and I am sure to some fans it is but to me it’s just another match.

Kon cuts a promo about the Monsters Ball Match that is coming up against PCO. He actually needs to win this match if you want any real mileague out of Kon in future.

Singles Match
Ash By Elegance vs. Xia Brookside

The Match:
Die hard wrestling fans will never give the former Dana Brooke a chance, because they don’t like pretty women, only ‘girls next door’. Ash barks at Xia to begin things about Xia spilling a drink on her weeks ago which is comical. Ash powdered to the outside and Xia chased her down and this issue between the two is super silly. Xia ended up getting her gorgeous face smacked into the ring steps. Ash continued her heat on Xia, and they were given a little bit of time to build the match up before Xia came back with a flurry of offence before getting cut off. Ash was dominating Xia and hit a cutter on the floor! Xia went for the Brooksy Bomb but Ash shrugged her off. Xia made her comeback and impressed with her offence, and the Concierge threw Champagne on Xia’s eyes and Ash got the cheap win. Surely, a rematch at the next PLE. If Russo was booking, it would be a Champagne Bottle on a Pole match, and the annoying Concierge would end up copping it, and being blinded by it.

Winner: Ash Be Elegance via pinfall.

We cut backstage Ace Austin and Chris Bey are backstage and Ace Austin keeps going on about going back after the Tag Titles and they bicker, and then AJ Francis and Rich Swann show up and antagonize them which is guess what? Going to lead to a Tag Team Match. Isn’t it funny how quickly Rich has completely changed his demeanour.

Steph De Lander/Matt Cardona Interview with Gia Miller
Gia Miller has changed her outfit again, and this is a standard promo about Steph eventually challenging Jordynne Grace at Rebellion for the TNA Knockouts World Title. There will be a contract signing next week.

Singles Match
Alex Shelley vs. Nic Nemeth

The Match:
Here comes the ‘Generational Match’ that’s been hyped all bloody night. We get the usual feeling out process. Tom Hannifan nerds out and lists off both of their impressive title histories. They went back and forth in the early going before Shelley took control after they brawled to the outside, using the steel ring post as a weapon. One thing I like about TNA is there is never any drama, or immaturity from the company in the public sphere. They are going to give this a heap of time. I fully expect The System to make their presence known at some point in this match. Nemeth finally found an opening after Shelley continued to use the ring post as a weapon and eneded up smacking his head into it. Nemeth is probably quite stoked he’s getting the chance to have a match that goes longer than 10 minutes. Shelley started working on the leg after working on the shoulder didn’t take. Nemeth went for 10 standign elbow drops in a row at one stage during a hope spot and Shelley stuck a knee up on the 10th one. Shelley eventually locked in the Border City Stretch. We all know Nemeth is winning this. Alex Shelley needs to change his hair shampoo and conditioner. Shelley went for Sliced Bread, and Nemeth hit him with a Superkick for a near fall! Nemeth reversed the Shellshock into Danger Zone for the big win!

Winner: Nick Nemeth via pinfall.

Final Thoughts:
Not such a bad Episode of TNA iMPACT! – The main event was definitely match of the show, but my favorite performer was Xia Brookside. I think the show really is improving I just think my expectations when they re branded to TNA Wrestling – my expectations were that they were going to push the creative envelope – nonetheless I’m looking forward to Rebellion in a few weeks!

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