MLW SuperFight 2024 Results & Review

MLW SuperFight 2024 Results
February 3rd, 2024
2400 Arena
Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia

Well I never. The first thing I am finding out on this show is Matt Striker has been replaced on colour commentary! After what happened at the last show, I wasn’t sure if that was too much to get replaced but I guess here we are as Christian Cole appears to be the replacement. I would have tried to get Shane Douglas in there. It also appears Steve DeAngelis may have been replaced as Ring Announcer!

MLW World Middleweight Title Best Two Out Of Three Falls Match
Rocky Romero (w/Jesus Rodriguez & Salina de la Renta) (c) vs. Ichiban

The Match:
These two did battle last year for the Middleweight Title, and Rocky Romero pulled off Ichibans mask which is a massive sign of disrespect, and defeated him with a roll up pin as Ichiban tried to cover up his identity. These two really work well together. This was 2/3 falls, and Ichiban had his foot held by Jesus on the ringside, and Rocky pinned him to claim fall one. I didn’t see a title change happening here. Ichiban hit a great jumping Flatliner to get the 2nd fall, and Salina’s facial expression of frustration and concern was really quite fantastic! This new colour commentator is really good, by the way, he has won me over. Ichiban wiped Jesus out and nearly got the win. This match was SLICK. Ichiban kicked out of a Sliced Rocky and Salina lost her shiznit. Sliced Rocky off the 2nd rope and he kicked out again! Rocky got more aggressive and hit a Sunset Driver to retain!

Winner: STILL MLW Middleweight Champion, Rocky Romero in 16:20.

After the match Salina De La Renta was incensed with anger and attacked one of those Azteca Henchman by nailing him with a Slapjack, and she had to be restrained. It was hilarious seeing her absolutely going crazy.

Singles Match
Davey Boy Smith Jr. (w/Saint Laurent) vs. 1 Called Manders

The Match:
Davey Boy Smith Jr. comes out and he’s with Saint Laurent, and a member of the World Titan Federation, and is wearing the denim jeans like his father sported in the Attitude Era in 1999. No Zayda sightings yet unfortunately. I’m really not sure why Davey Boy Smith Jr. doesn’t have a contract with a major organisation, but it’s good that he’s in MLW to make that roster a bit more stacked. Manders got opened up halfway through this. This was actually a fantastic fight, Manders has been the most impressive here he has ever been. He ended up getting put in a Crossface after a superplex, and Manders passed out, and the referee called the match off. Afterward, Davey Boy continued assaulting Manders. Christian Cole would go on to interview Laurent after the match, and they talked down on Manders and Davey grabbed the mic and talked about wanting gold. Great stuff.

Winner: Davey Boy Smith via Referee stoppage in 9:41.

Singles Match
Yuji Nagata vs. Jacob Fatu

The Match:
This match was mentioned as a Dream Match. I also just heard Jacob Fatu is now a free agent and I would have to assume he is WWE Bound, because that Bloodline storyline could really do with an injection of Jacob coming in. It would be so interesting if he joined the group but ended up being too unhinged for Roman to keep control of. Yuji Nagata’s theme song is epic. Imagine Zilla and Lance Anao’i also came on board? This was another all out war! Jacob hit an amazing Moonsault to pick up the win in a really physical contest. The Sentai Death Squard are swarming the ring, who happen to be former allies of Jacob Fatu, and Madds Krueger then came out who used to be in MLW, and now there’s Contra swarming Jacob and attack. Fatu then got laid OUT with a club to the head by Krueger.

Winner – Jacob Fatu via pinfall in 9:03.

Death Machine Rules Match
Sami Callihan vs. AKIRA

The Match:
This is the palette cleanser I am looking for, aside from a sighting of Zayda. AKIRA has lost a lot lately, especially to Rickey Shane Page, and he probably needs a win here, but Sami probably does too considering he lost to Kojima in his return match last show. Joe Dombrowski got snotted on by Sami, which was hilarious. AKIRA put Sami through a door with a Blockbuster off the ring apron! I honestly wouldn’t have been surprised if Sami won this, this being his signature match. They start staple gunning one another and it’s fantastically disgusting. God damn it, it’s the return of the kick out at 1. AKIRA kicked out at 1 and i just don’t like that spot. AKIRA got hit with a piledriver and this guy just can’t catch a break! RSP came out to celebrate with him as AKIRA is still down. AKIRA got duck taped to the bottom rope. The Calling point to the entrance way and what do you know, Raven showed up and he hasn’t actually abandoned The Calling! How enthralling. But then in a twist, Raven assaulted The Calling! Raven came back to help AKIRA, who helped him clean house. Raven and AKIRA do the Jesus Christ pose together, and this was a super interesting twist in the story.

Winner – Sami Callihan via pinfall in 13:37.

They announce Minoru Suzuki for MLW Intimidation Games on February 29th to face off with Satoshi Kojima.

A Madds Krueger promo airs as he talks about being back and wanting to end things once and for all with Jacob Fatu.

Singles Match
Averno (w/Jesus Rodriguez & Salina de la Renta) vs. Mistico (w/Cesar Duran)

The Match:
Here’s another palette cleanser, something with some high flying antics. Good. Former MLW on screen talent Cesar Milan shows up to confront Salina! Cesar is the advocate for the original Mistico, the former Sin Cara. Will he be able to make up for years where people thought he was a disappointment for WWE? He could never quite be the next Rey Mysterio, thats Dragon Lee’s spot now. It’s quick from the outset, and Mistico copped a heat soon into it. It’s crazy how Mistico can hit a headscissors takedown whilst landing on his feet. Cesar and Salina had a stand off as Averno cut Mistico off. It’s clear he’s really good and on point tonight, this is a moment of personal redemption for him. Devil Wings from the 2nd rope from Averno and it was only a 2 count, this had been given a good amount of time. Spanish Fly from the top by Mistico, for another 2 count. Mistico made Averno tap out!

Winner – Mistico via submission in 14:44.

Cesar Duran is announced to have signed Mistico challenging Rocky Romero at Intimidation Games on February 29th.

We go to a Don King Promo about Alex Kane defending against Satoshi Kojima next.

MLW World Heavyweight Title Match
Alex Kane (w/Faye Jackson & Mr. Thomas) (c) vs. Satoshi Kojima (w/Shigeo Okumura)

The Match:
No Zayda tonight! Oh well. We got a heap of Salina. Kane winning will be huge for him, but Kojima winning will be almost like a Terry Funk moment, a story coming full circle. This is definitely the biggest match in Kane’s career. Alex Kane and Kojima really went to war here. Kojima looked to end things but Kane was resiliant in his comeback. Alex Kane started getting frustrated as his arsenal was not getting him over the line. After a few false finishes and some more war going on betwen the two, Kojima hit a big Lariat and HE WON THE TITLE! Holy shit!

Winner: NEW MLW World Heavyweight Champion, Satoshi Kojima via pinfall in 11:23.

After the match, Satoshi Kojima got on the mic and said ‘MY ENGLISH VERY SHIT’ and thanked everybody and it was so funny. I am SO proud of the old boy.

Final Thoughts:
NO WAY Kojima won the belt, that was such a great moment to witness, stuff like this never happens these days. It’s like how Jerry Lawler should have beat The Miz for the WWE Championship back in the day. Kojima was the first champion in 2003 and now he’s champion in 2024. That is so cool. What a great choice – because every dog can have their day at any given time. This is like George Foreman winning the World Title in the twilight of his career. Every single show I see of Major League Wrestling, I get more and more impressed. They have a perfect mix of sport, sports entertainment, hardcore, blood, high flying, all those different flavors you are looking for in the ultimate wrestling show. They are there now, and I hope they start to get noticed. I can’t wait for the next event. It looks like Kojima Vs Suzuki will now be for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship which should be very interesting. Alex Kane had a great title reign and I am sure he will be back in the title hunt again soon, I am sure Kojima will not be a long term champion. Thank you MLW for such a tremendous show!

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