NXT Vengeance Day Results & Review (February 4th, 2024)

It’s time for Vengeance Day, and it’s got to be the time where Carmelo finally turns on Trick Williams. The show opens and what a packed crowd! Wade Barrett is back which is crazy. Happy to see Wade back with Vic for one night.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic 2024 Final Match
Baron Corbin & Bron Breakker vs. Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams

The Match:
I am popping so hard for Baron and Bron being on Motorbikes. It’s great to see the whole building full, that’ll shut the AEW fans up. If Melo and Trick win this, and Melo turns on him later, that’s hilarious. Thank god it’s a PLE and there’s no commercial breaks. The crowd were into this early. Melo shined early, so did Trick, but the Wolf Dogs kept up with them. Bron will probably leave after Stand and Deliver. Bron did the ole Scott Steiner pushups which was a great tip of the hat to his uncle. Heat was solidly on Hayes, and he got a hot tag, this is a future star. You know what? props to the referee for keeping up with these guys. Great reversal of the Spear by Hayes into a Lung Blower for a near fall! Jesus, Bron German Suplex’d Trick whilst he was holding Hayes which made that a Fallaway Slam. Baron did a HUGE DIVE TO THE OUTSIDE! WHAT! Vic Joseph is really good now. He will take over from Michael Cole one day. Bron and Baron win after Trick almost got copped with the spear, but Hayes cops the Spear instead to enlist trust and Trick was just too late to stop the pin! We have new Dusty Rhodes Cup Champs.

Winner/s: Bron Breakker and Baron Corbin via pinfall in 14:27.

See what I mean when WWE plod along with their PLE’s? They aired all these Video Packages after the match and it’s not necessary.

No Disqualification Match
Joe Gacy vs. Dijak

The Match:
This will be a wild one. I would have put this on later so it’s a palette cleanser. Gacy really needs to maximize his minutes because he hasn’t been in a spot like this in a while. Dijak has been one of the most underrated talents in WWE and NXT in years. He never has a bad match. The story of the match is no matter what Dijak does, Gacy keeps coming. Gacy was inside a Trash Can and headbutted Dijak with it over his head, huge pop for that. Dijak went for a springboard and went flying through a table on the outside which was NUTS. Gacy German Suplex’d Dijak off the top rope, Jesus H Christ. Gacy blinds Dijak with Duct Tape and that just imerses the crowd because how bad would it be to not be able to see? He hits his finisher, and can’t find Gacy! Dijak finally peels the tape off and got spiked on a chair with a DDT, Gacy is winning this. Dijak hits the club to the back, hits his finisher again and Dijak won! I was wrong. Gacy was smiling despite losing and Dijak freaks out a bit.

Winner: Dijak via pinfall in 11:56.

Mixed Six Man Tag Team Match
The Family (Adriana Rizzo, Channing Lorenzo & Tony D’Angelo) vs. Out The Mud (Bronco Nima, Jaida Parker & Lucien Price) (w/SCRYPTS)

The Match:
The Family sneak up on OTM to start the match, Jaida and Adriana were featured early, they are so soon into their run with these groups, it must be a whirlwind for them. The Family are really starting to establish themselves. I think OTM need this win to establish themselves. They have been patient, and now they need it to be their time. OTM do the same tag move as Bron and Baron, the elevated powerslam. The NXT Tag Division is on fire right now. Jaida slapped Tony and Tony called for Adriana and she laid Jaida out. Rizzo went to the top rope and wiped the boys out with a crossbody! Tony hit the Fuggetaboutit for the win!

Winner/s: The Family (Adriana Rizzo, Channing Lorenzo & Tony D’Angelo) via pinfall in 10:11.

More Video Packages. How about some Pre-Tapes? Come on. Okay, we finally got something with Kiana James and Izzi Dame. They’re going to target Kilani Jordan, and the only change to the segment I would have made was them drinking Rose. I spoke too soon.

Carmelo and Trick are backstage and Trick asked about Melo taking the spear for him in the match, and Trick says he wants Carmelo to be at ringside for the title match later.

WWE NXT Women’s Title Triple Threat Match
Lyra Valkyria (c) vs. Roxanne Perez vs. Lola Vice

The Match:
I feel title change here. I know Lola Vice inserts herself ahead of time which is a shame. I might have to rethink pasting from Cagematch.Net for the card in my notes. Lyra has really become a good technician in the last few months. Also, I am digging Lyra’s new gear. Lyra hit her pattented baseball slide and this was a ferocious fight from the outset. Roxanne hit Pop Rox in a sloppy way early and Lola Vice’s theme hit and out she came with a referee to cash in. Tatum Paxley tried to stop her but she copped a spin kick to the head for her troubles. Roxanne is pissed OFF. It’s become a 3 way! It’s ferocious. Lola goes to choke Roxanne out after a flurry of madness. Lola was relentless on Roxanne, before Lyra hit a Splash on Lola. This is so good because it’s made the result super suspenseful. Perez hit a few dives and looked to close in on Valkyria, who reversed a crossbody into her finish, Lola tried to take it, and this is how you book a cash in! Lola hit a SICK back fist. This was just so suspenseful. Tatum got involved against after a Pop Rox, Nightwish was hit after that on Lola, and Lyra won! Christ!

Winner: STILL NXT Women’s Champion, Lyra Valkyria via pinfall in 13:30.

Backstage Riley Osborne shows up to ask Thea Hail at the Chase U Calendar Signing to ask Thea to be his Valentine.

A vignette then airs and it’s super mysterious. No idea what that’s about.

WWE NXT North American Title Match
Oba Femi (c) vs. Dragon Lee

The Match:
I can’t wait to see Femi dominate here. Who needs Moose in WWE when you have Oba Femi? Not a knock on Moose, but he’s getting there in age. That’s why these NXT guys are a way of building to the future rather than aging Indy guys. Dragon came out hot but Femi was impatient and nailed him. Dragon Lee was super resiliant though, and kept trying to fight back. Femi started to dominate. Dragon Lee’s selling is great. They went back and forth with hope spots a plenty for Dragon, Dragon had Femi in a submission and he got a rope break with his teeth. Dragon fought so hard Femi was in a world of hurt – but Dragon hit a sit out Liger Bomb for another 2 count. Femi retained after a few sick power moves and the Pop Up Powerbomb to win.

Lexis King is with the Chase U ladies and flirts again and Riley Osborne confronts him and they fight and it’s split up by security.

Ava Interview with Kelly Kincaid
Kelly presses Ava about NXT Stand and Deliver and Ava talks about Battleground and how thats a PLE too.

Malik Blade and Edris Enofe are backstage with Brinley Reece and they’re delivering their postive and negative feedback on their situation as a team, Nathan Frazer interrupts with Axiom and goes on about his ‘Hard Hitting Home Truths’ and Axiom isn’t happy about it, and it’s going to lead to a match on NXT next week.

Vic goes on about this weeks NXT and we cross to Lola and Roxanne fighting backstage and Roxanne is going crazy again like a real insane bitch and she’s got some problems.

WWE NXT Title Match
Ilja Dragunov (c) vs. Trick Williams (w/Carmelo Hayes)

The Match:
Let’s see what happens here. Trick opened up hot. Ilja was bleeding from the nose early. This is a match where I don’t want to keep darting my eyes away to write notes. The fans booed Ilja as he yelled about not wanting to lose. Trick was bleeding from the mouth. Ilja is destroying Trick Williams early, Ilja is like an animal. Melo hugged Trick too long on the outside and Ilja dropkicked Trick as he got in the ring from the top rope. Ilja is a psychopath. Trick had a section of hope and started to get Ilja reeling. Trick LAID into Ilja and he fell to the outside. This is just more suspense. Book End off the ring apron onto the floor by Trick, god damn. Carmelo gets in Ilja’s face, and Ilja clocks Melo, and Melo hit Trick in the knee inadvertantly. Trick still kept fighting despite it, and he hit a H Bomb of his own. Trick went for his knee and got a powerbomb. This is such a harrowing fight like only Ilja can be apart of. Melo is shocked at Ilja kicking out of a H Bomb. Trick was SO close to winning after hitting a Gyro Kick. Melo got involved again and it ended up with the referee getting nailed by Trick. Trick hit the big knee for, the crowd chanted to 10, a new referee showed up, and it was a 2 count. Huge reaction from the crowd. Ilja and Trick both went for Torpedo Moscow and the Knee at the same time and collided, and Ilja managed to get the pin after that! What an insane finish.

Winner: STILL NXT Champion, Ilja Dragunov via pinfall in 17:58.

Melo pep talks Trick after the match and then FINALLY turns heel and attacks Trick as they were about to go off the air. Melo grabbed a chair as the fans have their hands over their mouths. Melo works on Tricks knee relentlessly with the steel chair! Melo sat on the chair and talked trash. The crowd chanted F You Melo and Melo sucks at the same time. Melo blamed the fans for it as we go off the air.

Final Thoughts:

This was way better than the Royal Rumble, every match had so much drama, it was a 9/10 show for me, and that’s saying something. We finally got the Carmelo Hayes heel turn, the suspense was in the air for all the matches, NXT is better than the Main Roster and NXT Vengeance Day 2024 proved it.

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