Impact Wrestling #1008

November 16th, 2023

Cicero Stadium

Cicero, Chicago, Illinois

Impact Wresting

Impact World Tag Team Title Match

ABC (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) (c) vs. Kenny King & Sheldon Jean


This stems from last week in a lazy segment where King and Sheldon rocked up as the ABC were talking to Director of Authority, Santino Marella in the Locker Room as King wanted another Digital Media Title Shot. The ABC took exception to the interruption, as is tradition, and now we have a Tag Team Title Match this week. Kenny King’s Digital Media return match was exchanged for this Impact World Tag Title shot.

The Match:

Well we know who’s winning this because Kenny was just given his release after this show. Kenny dominated Ace Austin early. It’s pretty back and forth, actually. Sheldon maximised his minutes when he drove Bey into the ring post, that looked good. Bey got a hot tag to Ace Austin, who went to work with some innovative offense with some cool defensive manouvers as well. Sheldon hit a sick Harlem Side Kick on Ace on the outside! Well done Sheldon. Nice near fall with Sheldon and King working together on Bey, but King gets taken out with a dive from Bey, they hit their finisher on Sheldon and pick up the win and retained their Impact World Tag Team Titles.


Who knows where Sheldon goes from here with King leaving Impact, The ABC retain and continue their reign.

Winner/s:STILL Impact World Tag Team Champions, The ABC in 7:39.

MK Ultra Vignette

Masha speaks in her native tongue and Killer Kelly translates, and it’s all very sexy stuff. They continue to run with this seductive nature they have together and they talk about owning the Knockouts Division. I think they’re going to be Impact Knockouts Tag Team Champions for some time.

Singles Match

Heath vs. Moose (w/Brian Myers)


Last week, in another lazy segment, Brian Myers was upset that Moose didn’t help him in his match with Joe Hendry, even though Myers won the match, and for whatever reason Heath walked up to them and got in to an argument with Moose which brings us here this week because we can’t think of any other way to get a match signed on a show other than people walking up to one another and bickering for the sake of it.

The Match:

Heath is large and in charge early, ‘rollin’ like Tom Hannifan said. Heath got thrown to the outside and the thud was sickening! Myers nailed Heath as he sold on the ropes. Heath with 2 great reversals of the Uranage and the Powerbomb on Moose, and he was cookin’ with gas. Myers got involved again, and he got nailed, Myers threw the Feast or Fired Briefcase into the ring which distracted the Refree. Heath went for the Wake Up Call but thanks to Brian Myers holding onto Moose, Moose hit the spear for the win. They go to attack Heath after the match and Rhino shows up for the save! Rhino gores the hell out of Myers and the segment ends with Moose clutching his briefcase.


I assume Rhino will team with Heath against The Worlds Most Professional Wrestling Gods at Final Resolution. 

Winner: Moose in 5:58.

Moose and Myers cut a promo to the camera, Moose challenges Rhino to Impact Wrestling Final Resolution and claims he will finally end his career.

Six Man Tag Team Match

Black Taurus, Juventud Guerrera & Laredo Kid vs. The Rascalz (Myron Reed, Trey Miguel & Zachary Wentz)


Trey and Zachary introduced Myron last week as the new member of The Rascalz whos an old member, and this match here is to feature the new trio and clearly get them a win against 3 guys who have absolutely nothing to do with one another.

The Match:

Konnan is on commentary for this with Tom and Matthew. They’re going full Lucha Libre rules in this one. There’s a ferocious opening to the match, but when we get back from commercial break, The Rascalz were in control of Lardeo Kid. The luchas take control before commercial break where Juvi takes off the mask randomly, and when we get back they continue the assault. Juvi catches fire and gets a ‘You still got it’ chant. After a huge flurry of craziness, I was completely WRONG! Black Taurus pins Myron with the Destination Hellhole! What the hell!


The luchas won! I have no idea what this does to establish the next/old Rascalz, but I don’t mind, that was a crazy ending to the match.

Winner/s: Black Taurus, Juventud Guerrera and Laredo Kid in 11:51.

They show Will Ospreay and Josh Alexander getting in the zone for their match in the Main Event tonight.

Mixed Tag Team Match

Bully Ray & Jordynne Grace vs. KiLynn King & Steve Maclin


Last week, again, Jordynne Grace was talking to the camera about winning the Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match at Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory, when Bully Ray just walked into the scene to argue with Jordynne, then coincidentally KiLynn King rocked up to add her 2 cents, and then Steve Maclin miraculously showed up to tell Bully Ray he’s gone soft once again. Lazy, lazy, lazy. Sorry!

The Match:

Bully and Jordynne look like unhappy partners. Seeing Steve and Bully hook it up in this fashion doesn’t seem right. Having KiLynn square off with Jodynne is exactly what King needs at this point in her Impact tenure. 

Aftermath: I have no idea where any of this is going! Bully Ray and Steve Maclin will be on course to battle at Final Resolution I’m sure.

Winner/s: Bully Ray & Jordynne Grace in 6:49.

Singles Match

Trinity vs. Sonny Kiss


Last week……..again. Sonny Kiss was being interviewed by Gia Miller about wanting to wrestle Trinity and low and behold, Trinity walked in to the scene a few moments after that because some how she happened to be 10 meters away as Sonny started answering Gia’s question, and Trinity said she would talk to Management about getting the match booked for next week. Everyone, start a slow clap, because this is true creative writing right here to get two people to have an issue and have a match. I love Impact but these last few weeks have been so lazily booked it’s starting to grind my gears.

The Match:

Evenly matched to begin the proceedings. Trinity and Sonny mess around early on with some funny spots, selling the fun competition between the two. Sonny eventually took over and started tuning Trinity up with an array of spectcular moves. You know what, I’m really not getting into Trinity as this babyface Knockouts World Champion. She’s having great matches but shes not formiddable. Speaking of that, Trinity retains with the Bubba Bomb.


I have no idea. Trinity continues the reign. Seemed like a bit of an underwhelming way to feature Sonny Kiss but you know, Trinity still hasn’t lost a match in Impact.

Winner: Trinity in 8:04.

Singles Match

Josh Alexander vs. Will Ospreay


Will Ospreay had his first match in Impact Wrestling at Bound For Glory in a big time match with Mike Bailey which Will won. Will then also picked up a win over Eddie Edwards at their UK PPV, Impact Wrestling Turning Point on November 3rd. This looks to be Will’s final match in Impact till he signs his inevitable contract with one of the other 2 major organizations. Josh Alexander is coming off a big loss at Bound For Glory against Alex Shelley, has tagged with Eric Young since then during their UK tour of Scotland and England, and this is a ‘Dream Match’ of sorts.

The Match:

Bro, I’m telling you, Josh better win because if Will comes through here and wins every match, then leaves, that’s a disservice to Impact and we don’t need another  Kenny Omega situation. I hate the Os Cutter. Josh with with German suplex’s! Josh worked on Will’s back. I really hope Will doesn’t sign with AEW. It would be so boring and just pointless. Will fought back with a handspring kick to the head. Huge avalanche rolling senton by Josh! They continue to go back and forth, it’s very even. Good near falls in this oe 


It’s a once off match, Will won which does nothing for anybody, he’s going to be gone after this match so that’s just the way it is I suppose.

Winner: Will Ospreay in 21:33.

Final Thoughts:
It was a fairly basic, bare bones, wrestling heavy Impact Wrestling Episode this week. If they want to gain some momentum when they become TNA again next year, they’d better start making an effort creatively and start pushing the envelope, it can’t look anything like this.

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