Impact Wrestling #1007

Cicero Stadium

Cicero, Illinois

Taped October 22nd, Broadcasted November 9th, 2023

Impact Wresting

Singles Match

Deonna Purrazzo vs. Tasha Steelz


Well, these two started a team and it looked like they were going to challenge MK Ultra at Bound For Glory for the Tag Team Titles, it turns out they did but the match was a Dark Match. You couldn’t fit a 6 minute match on the Pay Per View? They failed in their attempt and now they’re facing off here.

The Match: 

I fully expect Tasha to win this one if again, Deonna is leaving. I just don’t know where Deonna is going to go, after her match at AEW last time was a disaster, plus the fact they have 1 Women’s match a show and a Pay Per View, what’s the point? Deonna is still so good, but sticking around is pointless because shes accomplished everything already.

Deonna goes tit for tat with Tasha with the Twerking. Steelz goes to the eyes of Deonna to break out of the Fujiwara. Big time cutter from Tasha, followed by another and she wins.


Tasha Steelz wins, there’s no way Deonna returns after this.

Alex Shelley Promo

He lays down the law to Gresham. This all builds to the Main Event tonight!

The ABC are backstage and they brag about partying after their title wins. A very unnatural conversation, as Santino interrupts. Here comes Sheldon and Kenny King. Kenny wants a Digital Media title shot, The ABC are annoyed at the interruption, and this is how we set matches up.

Impact Digital Media Title Match

Tommy Dreamer (c) vs. Crazzy Steve


Crazzy Steve won this briefcase for a Digital Media Title shot at Impact 1000 in the Feast or Fired Match.

They have been feuding since then, including Johnny Swinger, and a few weeks ago he stabbed Tommy with a fork.

At Bound For Glory, they tangled it up during the Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match. This is Tommys first Title Defence as far as I’m aware of.

The Match:

I think Tommy needs to somehow retain, leading to a Pay Per View Rematch. Tommy does well early, but Steve gets the advantage after singing to him. Tommy weathers the storm and hit a big superplex, Tommy needs to lose some weight in order for this to make it realistic. Steve raked his eyes for a long time to gain the heat back.

Crazzy Steve brings out the fork he’s been known for. Tommy hit Steve with the fork and got DQ’d. Tommy digs the fork in Steve’s head. Tommy gets a measure of revenge over a laughing Crazzy Steve.


This becomes more hectic going into Hard To Kill.

Jonathan Gresham Interview with Gia Miller

Gia says this is the biggest opportunity of them all of the World Title Shot tonight. Jonathan’s interviews are weak and cookie cutter. You won’t win bro.

Singles Match

Brian Myers vs. Joe Hendry


Nothing, this is cold as ice. Joe Hendry left the UK Tour as the Glasgow Cup Winner.

The Match:

Cute promo to start us off from Joe. I hope at Hard To Kill, they really lay on the money for the show and make the return for TNA make them look like they are a solid contender to challenge WWE and AEW.

Joe dominates early! Great defensive move by Brian when he pulled Joe throat first in the ropes to gain the advantage. Joe made his comeback and he showed off his strength. Implant DDT from Myers, and who cares that it’s a 2 count. Myers rakes the eyes and hits the Roster Cut to win.


Who knows, it’s up in the air. This could continue with a JOYA reunion against The Worlds Most Professional Gods, or not. It was that cold.

Will Ospreay Interview with Gia Miller

Will talks about his match with Josh Alexander, and honestly, he had better be putting him over. Good little promo, but if he leaves 3-0, that’s no good. Let’s not make this another Kenny Omega situation where he comes in, beats everyone, then lost the Impact World Title to a non Impact wrestler.

Singles Match

Eric Young vs. Eddie Edwards (w/Alisha Edwards)


I see no background to this at all, but who knows where it may go from here. 

The Match:

Alisha gives me hot bogan vibes. What is good about this match is that you can’t tell who’s going to win, as they are so evenly matched, and in a similar place on the rosters echelon. We need some angles brother so we can get out of cold match limbo here.

Good typical back and forth between the two, before Alisha got involved to throw a spanner in the works, but Eddie was thwarted, Eric went for an elbow drop from the top, hit it, and there was a kickout.

Alisha got involved again with a steel chair, the referee took it out the way, Alisha accidentally hit Eddie with a kendo stick and a piledriver from Eric Young ended this.


Not an absolute clue!

Winner: Eric Young

Backstage, Moose and Bryan end up arguing over loyalty to their Tag Team after Moose didn’t help Myers win his match. Heath showed up and somehow it lead to an argument with Moose and now Heath wants to have a match against him, but at least he said he was going to find Director of Authority, Santino Marella to see it was okay unlike NXT where they just book their own matches and they miraculously happen. 

Sonny Kiss Interview with Gia Miller

Sonny wished to win the Call Your Shot Gauntlet and face Trinity for the Knockouts Championship and WHAT DO YOU KNOW? Trinity was right there to interrupt and say she heard what she said and she will talk to management for a title defence next week. What a lazy NXT way of setting up a match.

Tag Team Match

Dirty Dango & Oleg Prudius (w/Alpha Bravo) vs. Nick Diamond & Storm Grayson


None, this is a cold match and clearly going to be a squash match.

The Match:

Dango leaves the ring and lets Oleg lay waste to the random guys. Oleg hasn’t had a match for 12 years apparently. Dango gets on commentary during this, and Oleg is dominating. Dango tagged in after Oleg did all the work, and hit one move and won.


Dango and Oleg prove themselves out of the gate and get themselves over the first time they team together.

Winner/s: Dirty Dango and Oleg Prudius

Jordynne Grace brags about winning her trophy, Bully interrupts, Kilynn King interrupts as well, and then Steve Maclin interrupts. This is how mainstream Pro Wrestling continues angles these days. What a shame. I don’t care about the verbiage, I could do better than these ideas.

The Rascalz are whinging at a stairwell after this, they introudce a third member.. I didn’t catch his name. Myron Reid? Byron Reid?

Impact World Title Match

Alex Shelley (c) vs. Jonathan Gresham


The opportunity Gresham has been begging for finally comes to pass. This is Alex’s 7th title defence.

The Match: 

Shelley doesn’t trust Gresham from the get go as he went for a handshake. They have a chop battle which I never will never understand, till Gresham hits Shelley in the nuts for the advantage. The Octopus dominated early, there’s no way he wins this though. Gresham continued to dominate! This was all Gresham working on the knee of Shelley. Gresham slowly but surely got more and more frustrated.

Great float through from a Tornado DDT into a pin and into the Border City Stretch. Gresham grabbed the referee to get out of it! We got a Pay Per View length Main Event match here! These two went all out and ferociously went for an array of pin attempts and reversals, till Gresham got a figure four locked in and Shelley got the ropes. Shelley hit Shellshock finally and retains! What a struggle.


Surely Alex Shlley defends against Moose at Hard to Kill. 

Winner: STILL Impact Wrestling Heavyweight Champion, Alex Shelley.

Final Thoughts:

Good show. Again though, angles being built off lazy scenarios with backstage interviews or segments, that’s a #1 issue across the industry. This was a passable, good show, but they need to start pushing the creative envelope when they re-brand to TNA Wrestling.

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