WWE SmackDown Results, Winners, Grades, and Analysis from September 22

WWE SmackDown episode brings some fresh air to breathe after the recent releases by WWE. The new rivalries are built, and the old ones got a huge boost this week. WWE builds to the Fastlane event, where the Franchise star John Cena will be in action against the Bloodline members Jimmy and Solo. Who will be Cena’s partner? Who will win the SmackDown Women’s Title match between Asuka and Iyo Sky? Catch everything in our WWE SmackDown Results, Winners, Grades, and Analysis from the September 22 Episode.

John Cena and AJ Styles Open SmackDown

John Cena entered the ring with his usual style and swagger, bringing energy to the crowd. John Cena thanked the crowd for his support throughout his journey. After that, Cena talked some business and built a narrative to get a match. Cena respects WWE’s decision to use him as a host and referee, but he always wanted to return as a wrestler. So, he called out the Bloodline for the match. AJ Styles joined him in the ring to tease a partnership as he wanted to settle the score with the Bloodline.

Grade A


John Cena is probably the biggest star WWE has ever produced. He knows when and how much energy he needs to talk to a hot crowd. He is fantastic on the mic. It looks like WWE will use the star power of John Cena to boost Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso in the absence of Roman Reigns. Sending AJ Styles into the mix will elevate the star power.

Tag Team Match

The Street Profits vs Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar

WWE United States Champion Rey Mysterio and his LWO partner Escobar teamed up against the Street Profits to settle the score from their previous week’s attack. On the other side, Ford and Dawkins tried to prove their dominance on the SmackDown. The heel work allowed the Street Profits to deliver intense blows. Mysterio and Escobar used their quickness to get the upper hand. The legendary Luchador and his protege beat the Street Profits when Mysterio pinned Dawkins with a rollup.

Grade B+


Bobby Lashley hit a chokeslam to Mysterio on the apron, but it did not work for his team. This match was everything it needed to be. Surprisingly, WWE gave the victory to Mysterio and Escobar because the heel trio is still building momentum. Bobby Lashley betrayed his team to teach them a lesson that if you don’t win, you are through. The trio storyline would be great in the coming weeks.

Women’s Championship Title Match

Iyo Sky vs Asuka for WWE Women’s Championship

It was a dream match between two outstanding Japanese performers. Both competitors are known as one of the best wrestlers in the world. The in-ring action did not disappoint. Asuka and Sky had great chemistry in the ring and performed their moves smoothly. The action was great, but the finish was again with a distraction, as we have seen multiple times in the last few weeks. Charlotte Flair distracted both competitors by attacking Bayley at the ringside. It set up the finish as Sky retained her championship.

Grade A


WWE delivered a blockbuster match on SmackDown, which should be on the Pay Per View. Both competitors used the power moves, reversals, and counters accurately, and there was nothing to be criticized. The only bad thing is the finish of the match. WWE did not bring Shotzi in this match but still allowed Charlotte to distract to set up the finish. Why does Charlotte Flair remain in the title scene every time? WWE must answer this question.

Tag Team Match

Brawling Brutes vs Grayson Waller and Austin Theory

A backstage confrontation between Grayson Waller and Brawling Brutes set up this match. All four competitors brought the necessary energy to this match and performed up to the level they were supposed to do. Butch has been performing on NXT in the Global Heritage Invitational Cup, where he reached the final. However, WWE did not give a victory to his team in this match. Grayson Waller and Austin Theory won the match as Theory pinned Ridge Holland by A-Town Down.

Grade B


It was a solid match between two interesting teams. However, WWE did not clearly explain why Theory and Waller have been working as a tag team every week. The Brawling Brutes did not have the same energy as they had when Sheamus was regularly working with them in the ring. Will Theory and Waller challenge for the Tag Team Championships in the future? If they don’t, then WWE must clarify why they work as a tag team.

Contract Signing between Cena and the Bloodline

Solo Sikoa attacked the Phenomenal One AJ Styles backstage, leaving him for medical attention before the start of this segment. It was pitched earlier that AJ Styles will partner John Cena for the match against Uso and Sikoa. Cena returned to backstage after signing the contract to check on AJ Styles. Jimmy and Solo entered the ring, where Paul Heyman addressed WWE Universe and said Cena signed the contract without any tag team partner’s name. Cena returned to the arena, but Solo and Jimmy attacked him. They signed the contract to end the SmackDown.

Grade A


WWE delivered the purpose of the match in the main event. It should be an intense match where something should be at stake. John Cena’s pride is now at stake against the relatively younger opponents. Where Aj Styles stands in this rivalry is a big question. There are rumors that WWE took him away to bring the Mega Star LA Knight into the frame. LA Knight will be a good choice to partner with Cena in this match, considering his popularity as well as a shutout to Roman Reigns’ title a few weeks ago. It will surely be a blockbuster main event if Cena and LA Knight fight Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso.

That was all from our WWE SmackDown Results, Winners, Grades, and Analysis from the September 22 Episode. Let us know your thoughts on this in the comment section.



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