SUKEBAN’s Debut USA Show September 21 (2023)

This is something really strange I am reviewing for the first time, a Joshi wrestling company based in the United States that implements some Anime into it? Perhaps my friend Blade should be reviewing this. Your commentary team is the NWA’s Sam Leterna, and Veda Scott. The ring announcer is tremendous. He dances to the theme songs!

Six Joshi Tag Team Match

Cherry Bomb Girls (Crush Yuu, Riko Blondie & Supersonic) vs. The Vandals (Atomic Banshee, BINGO & Otaku-chan) (w/Midnight Player)

The theme songs are tremendous. Bad Reputation for the Vandals, and Cherry Bomb for.. Cherry Bomb! Supersonic and Atomic very quick early on. Bingo tagged in with Otaku-Chan. Crush Yuu no sells fake daggers being thrown to her gut, sends Banshee packing, then rolling pins off the apron to take out the whole Vandal team.

May I say Sam Laterna and Veda are great on commentary. It’s becoming obvious this is hokey comedy wrestling in the first bout. BINGO is a mime so she uses her mime tactics. BINGO has her muscles inflated and Crush Yuu lays her out. 619, into a northern lights, then a senton from Crush, close 2 count, splash from the 2nd rope and Crush Yuu gets the pin for Cherry Bomb.

Special Attraction Three Way Match

Saki Bimi vs. Konami vs. Queen Of Hearts

I don’t know who Konami but there’s a big reaction to her being the mystery opponent in this 3 way. That’s okay. I’m going into this completely blind. I have only seen 2 STARDOM shows, so i’ll learn.  The hard cam feels a little too far away. Veda Scott seems to have a lot of knowledge. Boston Crab and Camel clutch duo on Saki, which is the finisher of my first tag team when I did backyard wrestling. Saki is just getting bieled and picked on by Konami and Queen of Hearts. Konami and the Queen have their first confrontation after they fight over the pin, and Saki takes advantage with the double bulldog.

Queen sikahsay is how you pronounce it. It’s all back and forth here. The Queen spills to the outside, Konami tries to end things but Saki locks in a cats cradle. They exchange pin attempts. Konami with the sunset flip on Saki as the Queen is knocked to the outside and we have a 3 count. Komani and the Queen attack Saki as Konami is asked to choose between factions. Maya Mamushi makes the save for the Harajuku Stars.

Singles Match

Stray Cat vs. Midnight Player

So it’s Midnight Player of the Vandals Vs Stray Cat who is without representation, this is different isnt it? Veda says nobody wants to be her friend, I’ll be your friend mate. Good to have a palette cleanser of a singles match. Stray Cat with some good kicks and strikes. Midnight Player becomes in charge and gets some heat going. The back and forth strikes seemed weak as the ring mic isn’t loud enough. Stray hit a bigtime knee, for a near fall and I thought that was it. Midnight tries to get a submission, Stray locks in an ankle lock, Midnight lays her out with an eye of the hurricane. I feel we are close to the finish, slingblade for a near fall for Midnight Player. Stray with a pop up back kick, 2 count. Buzzsaw kick from Stray Cat and she wins.

Tag Team Match

The Harajuku Stars (Babyface & Maya Mamushi) vs. Dangerous Liaisons (Commander Nakajima & Lady Antoinette)

Great dancing from The Harakjuku stars during their entrance. Dangerous Liaisons attack early and it turns quickly. Babyface is cute as hell. Nakajima chokes Babyface with her own hair. Chain to the head of babyface but Lady and a kickout. Commander has a real bad ass presense about her. Lady Antionette pulls the ref in the way of Maya, chain around Mayas throat.

Ooh near fall for Antionette with the air raid crash. Nakajima with the reversal of the roll through into a double stomp. Trip from Maya on Nakajima, babyface makes the blind tag and Maya and Lady are on the outside. Babyface with the cross armbreaker, sets the Commander for a suplex. Missile dropkick by Commander on Babyface, through it was over, Maya interrupts, Commander Nakajima hits a very unique bridging pin move the ‘cutie special’ and Dangerous Liaisons win.

Sukeban World Title Eliminator Match

Countess Saori vs. Ichigo Sayaka

Main Event time! Oh excuse me, Bull Nakano rocks up. How is she so thin? She’s the commissioner. She’s actually one of my favorite wrestlers ever. She presents the Championship belt these ladies are vying for. Ichigo has to win because shes more marketable and cuter. Countess with the heat early and her outfit is wild. Saori looking for the easy countout, Sayaka gets in the ring and gets stomped. Countess no sells some offence from Sayaka, and continues control. Figure 8 from Saori, Sayaka great body sell. Sayaka gets the rope break. Countess Saori has her heat cut off with a boot to the skull. Ichigo with a vigorous leg drop, gory special follows with a neck crank. Its an all out brawl here, Sayaka hits an interesting move for a near fall, running forarm to Countess and another near fall. Saori with a picture perfect fisherwoman suplex, 2 count. She goes after Ichigo’s knee again with a 2nd figure 4. Sayaka surely wins this somehow.

Rope break for Ichigo, and all these near falls and Ichigo gets the pin with a surprise roll up? Right? No, it wasnt 3. Jesus Christ did the referee make a mistake? Sayaka reverses a Figure 4 into a small package for the actual 3 count. At least the Referee didn’t screw up as bad at Rick Knox this weekend. Ichigo Sayaka goes for the Sukeban Title very soon as ‘I Want Candy’ rings through the building. Commander Nakajima attacks Sayaka, Maya and Harajuku Stars and Dangerous Liaisons fill the ring for a brawl, here comes Commissioner Bull Nakano to sort shit out. It’s Commander Nakajima Vs Ichigo Sayaka at their next show to crown the first ever Sukeban Champion!

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