TNA iMPACT! Results & Review (February 8th, 2024)

TNA iMPACT! #1020
February 8th 2024
Osceola Heritage Park
Kissimmee, Florida

It’s time for another week of TNA Impact, and this is the first Episode airing after the depature of Scott D’Amore as TNA President, and I believe it is the last episode that was taped before his depature.

Singles Match
Chris Sabin vs. John Skylar (w/Jason Hotch)

The Match:
I haven’t seen John Skylar in a while, but again, it’s these constant ‘foregone conclusion matches in TNA that can be tough to watch from week to week because more often than not it appears to be happening. Don’t get me wrong, the match was good but it’s kind of the same formula every week and I’m still looking for TNA to push the envelope creatively. Sabin won with the Cradle Shock, as is tradition!

Winner: Chris Sabin via pinfall in 7:11.

Alex Shelley Interview with Gia Miller
Alex Shelley talked about knowing what it was like to be a member of a team, whilst The System didn’t in comparison. He said that if you take out one part of a system, the whole system fails, and he is starting with Eddie Edwards tonight. Bold statement, I am hoping for an Edwards victory.

Singles Match
Tasha Steelz vs. Xia Brookside

The Match:
It was a solid little back and forth and a rematch from the return episode of TNA iMPACT, I am assuming this is building up some sort of program between the two because it was disappointing seeing Xia lose this year, but at least Tasha cheated to win right?

Winner: Tasha Steelz via roll up in 4:24.

Chris Bey and Ace Austin Interview with Gia Miller
The ABC were backstage talking about their best 2/3 series with the Grizzled Young Vets, and as they were talking, the Vets attacked them brutally, because this is the best we can do, and they actively tried to injure Ace Austin’s shoulder.

A recap of Kazarian’s heel turn promo from last week aired, with Eric Young was watching on from behind the curtain backstage.

Jake Something and Frankie Kazarian got into a confrontation backstage, and Jake went on about how he used to look up to Frankie Kazarian, but now they would fight in the ring since apparently the words weren’t working. These are really weak reasons to get matches booked but I suppose I really just need to accept this is how it is in 2024 Pro Wrestling.

Singles Match
Mike Bailey vs. Zachery Wentz (w/Trey Miguel)

The Match:
This was anybodys and at least it had a conclusion I wasn’t expecting. Bailey took it to Wentz in the early stages of the match, but Wentz was able to turn it around with a distraction from Trey Miguel at ring side, as is tradition. Bailey hit that really wild springboard moonsault to the floor, but Wentz then smashed Mike Bailey’s head into the announcers table.

Zachary Wentz hit a big suplex on the floor and Mike Bailey made it back into the ring before being counted out. The match wore on, as they continued to go back and forth, and Speedball went to the top rope and hit a missile dropkick. Mike Bailey then missed a big superkick and Wentz hit a full nelson slam for a near fall. Bailey & Wentz botched a standing Spanish fly and I have been SAYING THIS FOR MONTHS. Pro Wrestlers – STOP DOING THIS MOVE. Mike Bailey nearly broke his neck. It’s been risky for months, for crying out loud, somebody is going to get their neck broken!

Bailey blocked a big kick from Wentz with a spinning kick then his tornado kick before going for the Ultimo Weapon. Trey Migel knocked Bailey from the top turnbuckle which allowed Wentz to hit his finisher, the UFO Cutter for the win. After the match, The Rascalz started beating on Bailey, and Mike Baileys new tag partner, Trent Seven FINALLY made the save, as he still hadn’t made an appearance for TNA Wrestling since the return of TNA iMPACT!. Steve Maclin ran down to the ring and attacked Trent Seven, but then of course Nic Nemeth ran down, hit an array ofsuperkicks on The Rascalz and cleared the ring. I called this last week, they are setting up some sort of multi man match for TNA No Surrender.

Winner: Zachary Wentz via pinfall in 11:00.

A hype video for Big Kon aired, and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next for the big man.

A video airs of Crazzy Steve attacking Rhino on the newly returning TNA Xplosion, which is and was primarily a YouTube only show. Steve hit Rhino with a low blow and laid Rhino out. Rhino then cut a promo on Steve.

Tag Team Match
Jordynne Grace & Trinity vs. Gisele Shaw & Savannah Evans (w/Jai Vidal)

The Match:
Evans and Grace started the match brawling, Trinity and Grace had the advantage in the early part of the match, and Evans got some the heat after Jai Vidal interfered in the match.

After a significant heat on Jordynne Grace she finally made the hot tag to Trinity, who hit some kicks on Evans, and then a crossbody on Evans for a near fall. Trinity hit the Rear View on Evans, but Gisele Shaw made the save just in time. Jordynne Grace threw Gisele out of the ring onto Jai Vidal which made me laugh, and then Trinity hit Code Red and locked on Starstruck on Evans for the win, because of course she had to exit TNA with her head held high and getting a win. Of course, it wouldn’t have maybe been a good idea to get some heat on Gisele by having her pick up an incredibly important win before facing the CHAMP at the next Pay Per View. It’s just disappointing mate.

Winner/s: Jordynne Grace & Trinity via Submission in 6:36.

Poor Deaner cut a promo backstage, saying he was at a crossroads in his life after the ending of The Design, and before he could keep talking, the one and only AJ Francis showed up and offered to help him. Deaner said that he clearly needed help with Joe Hendry, and Hendry’s music hit, and he popped out from behind some chairs, and Deaner clapped along to Joe’s theme. Aj then asked Deaner “Why did you clap?” and Deaner looked confused… What the hell is going on? Joe Hendry then showed up and gave AJ a hard time over what people say about him on social media, and Deaner looks like he might be turning babyface through all this, it’s all rather confusing and a slight whirlwind, but not bad stuff overall.

Handicap Match
Kon vs. Richard Adonis & Ori Gold

The Match:
Kon squashed Adonis and then clothesline the hell out of Ori Gold. Kon hit a chokeslam and then smothered his face for the easy victory and the 3 count. He then snapped the neck of Adonis, which made me laugh. Kon just killed a man in public. Kon was going to then snap the neck of Ori Gold, but the lights went out and PCO was conveniently on a guerney needing to be ressuected by a team of doctors. Does this have to happen every single time? As PCO sat up, Kon took out team of doctors and a brawl broke out between them. PCO clotheslined Kon over the ropes, and PCO hit a dive to the floor onto security. Kon would then slam PCO on the ramp, and PCO no sold it and they brawled to the backstage area and that was the end of it.

Winner: Kon via pinfall in 0:31.

Singles Match
Josh Alexander vs. Alan Angels

The Match:
After what transpired last week, with Alan’s new segment ‘Sound Check’ I was surprised they went to all that effort just to have Josh absolutely wreck him this week. Alan did hit a nice frog splash at one stage but it was obvious what was happening. Josh won with the Ankle Lock. As Josh Alexander was leaving, he’s attacked by a “fan” and I couldn’t believe it, but it was Simon Gotch of all people. He hasn’t been seen on national TV in 7 years. I’m not usually one to say I’m not a fan of somebody, but come on dude.

Winner: Josh Alexander via pinfall in 3:53.

Singles Match
Alex Shelley vs. Eddie Edwards (w/Alisha Edwards)

The Match:
Shelley took went after Eddie’s limbs in this one in the early going, Eddie distracted the referee at one stage as Alisha Edwards choked Shelley on the ropes, allowing Eddie Edwards to hit more chops on Alex in the ring, but then Alex Shelley hit a dragon screw followed by hitting an enziguri. After some more back and forth between the two Eddie Edwards hit a big knee to the skull of Alex Shelley, and you could hear Alisha Edwards in all her hot bogan beauty screaming her approval. Edwards hit another knee for a eye rolling 1 count, because everybody is using that spot these days, and Alex Shelley fired up, hitting a superkick, but Alisha Edwards interfered for the distraction, and Eddie Edwards went for the Boston Knee Party. Shelley managed to reverse it into a roll up pin and he expectedly got the win. Heels getting heat in this company just seems impossible sometimes. KUSHIDA made a save, as well with the help of Kevin Knight. Where was Moose?

Winner: Alex Shelley via pinfall in 13:40.

Final Thoughts:
It’s not a bad show by any stretch, don’t get me wrong, I just think they could be doing a lot more with TNA’s weekly show, and perhaps that creative envelope may be pushed in the coming weeks as we charge toward TNA No Surrender.

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