TNA iMPACT! Results & Review (February 15th, 2024)

We start off with highlights from last week where Trinity had her last match in TNA, and if they really wanted to do the right thing, Gisele Shaw should have got a pin on Trinity to get her over before the shot at Jordynne Grace at No Surrender. They also show highlights from the storys between Nic Nemeth/Trent Seven/Mike Bailey and Steve Maclin/The Rascalz, as well as the story with Alex Shelley and co. feuding with The System, who still are yet to truly establish themselves as a solid faction. It’s like TNA are allergic to heel heat.

Singles Match
Jake Something vs. Frankie Kazarian

The Match:
Last week Jake cracked it hard at Frankie, because he looked up to him, and he’s offended that Frankie’s making his own decisions in life and is a heel now. Like it’s your business Jake? I thought Jake was getting some kind of title shot at the X Division Championship after winning the 6 Man Scramble a few weeks ago? Who knows. They start off cutting a good pace, and Jake took control with him power game. Frankie utilizes the usual ‘big man’ kryptonite, hanging the bigger man on the top rope to gain control. You know, Jake could become a new age Bruiser Brody, he’s got the look, the size, but his ring name is the drizzlings. Jake took control later on and it looked like it would be impossible for him to actually lose, Frankie hit the slingshot DDT and it was a near fall. Eric Young was peaking from the backstage area to keep an eye on Frankie, who turned on Eric a few weeks ago. Frankie got Jake into a pin and held the rope to pick up the win.

Winner: Frankie Kazarian via pinfall.

Eric Young cuts a promo after a commercial break on his problems with Frankie, and challenges to see Frankie to see him face to face next week.

Singles Match
Jordynne Grace vs. Savannah Evans

The Match:
I guess it will be another week where Savannah gets fed to somebody, as she has not progressed on the roster since she was Tasha Steelz’ hired muscle 2 years ago. Jordynne weathered the storm of Savannah quite easily and hit a Muscle Buster to win. Gisele looked on annoyed, and then wiped Jordynne out with the big X, then she hit Savannah Evans! That’s what I like to see, something that will create some sort of change. Gisele holds up the Knockouts Title and the X to end the segment.

Winner: Jordynne Grace via pinfall.

Ash By Elegance Interview with Gia Miller
I don’t know who the spruiker is that’s taken over the interview with Ash, but I think he’s not fitting the vibe of Ash’s character. Plus, Gia hardly gets a lot to do week to week anyway, did she need this taken away from her? I still don’t know his name and I walk away from this thinking of him, not Ash By Elegance and her debut match next week. This was literally all Gia did on this episode.

Simon Gotch is the next guest on Alan Angels’ ‘Sound Check’. He calls Simon one of the most controversial figures in wrestling, which is definitely not true. They talk about Josh Alexander and why Simon Gotch decided to target him. They then show some footage of ‘Destiny Wrestling from some years ago, which at least explains how they know one another. At least this has a decent backing story to it, and it’s Simon’s opportunity to win me over. Josh interrupts and starts a fight with Simon and the segment ends. Not bad, not bad!

Best of 3 Series, Match 2
TNA World Tag Team Championships
Grizzled Young Vets vs. The ABC

The Match:
It’s the usual high flying, fast paced match you would expect. Ace Austin copped a serious heat from the Vets, and the Vets did a good job in showing aggression, and I would say they have done a great job establishing themselves over the last month in TNA, after they clearly didn’t get used the way they wanted to be used in NXT. Chris Bey came in like a house of fire from the hot tag, and I have to imagine The ABC will pick up the win this week. It would be really cool if the Grizzled Young Vets just beat them straight up 2-0 to get the title shot. My bad, the titles are actually on the line in this one, apparently. How confusing. The match was at pitch fever, but then it started to drag a little bit as Ace Austin was primed for a 2nd hot tag in this match. The ABC are going to win this knowing the titles are on the line. Ace Austin managed to pin one of the Vets with the help of Bey.

Winner/s: STILL TNA Tag Team Champions, The ABC.

Dirty Dango cuts a promo about ‘Will Ostrich’ and Mike Bailey about their 5 star match and it’s hilarious because he essentially said the 5 star matches don’t matter because his Dad doesn’t know who they are, but he knows who Scott Norton is. I love that Dango cares so little that his promos are really unenthusiastic. This was great.

Mustafa Ali has a promo talking about the X Division needing to be revitalized. It was great, but the issues I have with it is, it always seems like people just show up and get signed and suddenly they’re in line for title shots.

TNA Digital Media Championship
Crazzy Steve (c) Vs Rhino

The Match:
I would have thought they’d hold this off till No Surrender, but I assume this may just be a pit stop on the way to the Pay Per View. Soon into the match, Rhino takes advantage and pulls out a Table. Steve gets Rhino with the other big man kryptonite, the steel stairs. Rhino needs an angle which shows us his character, and something that does something to change him slightly as a person. Rhino can be Rhino, but surely he can have different sides to him that we can see? He’s one of the last of his generation. Rhino gains control and scored a sweet TKO, but only for a nearfall. Steve grabbed his work, and the referee got ahold of it, and I swear to god, he hit Rhino in the head with the title belt and the referee was right there as it happened, looking to give somebody the fork. What an annoying botch. Steve retains.

Winner: STILL TNA Digital Media Champion, Crazzy Steve via pinfall.

Singles Match
Deaner vs. Joe Hendry

The Match:
This is based off their interaction last week, as Joe’s feud with AJ Francis continues on. I wonder how this is all going to go when it gets to No Surrender. AJ Francis raps at Joe Hendry on the big screen as Joe is almost done with his entrance. He wants Joe to to refer to this place as TN-A.J Francis. So lame but it’s fun. Joe Hendry has a rebuttal video already lined up, and it’s all good fun isn’t it? At least it’s something different. The song uses AJ Style’s theme song, and the theme is AJ Francis being ‘Banned from Diving’ AJ looks on grouchy, and Deaner attacks Joe from behind, and AJ Francis gets in the ring and chokeslams Joe Hendry. Rich Swann makes the save and dispatches Deaner, because AJ asked him to join forces weeks and weeks ago. Rich makes AJ walk away as he barks at Joe Hendry.

Winner: No Contest

Singles Match
Killer Kelly w/Masha Slamovich vs. Dani Luna w/Jody Threat

The Match:
The issue with MK Ultra and Dani Luna/Jody Threat continues this week, and Killer Kelly is super welcome on my screen. Dani Luna hits an exploder suplex to start off, Dani probably needs a win here to be honest. Killer Kelly distracted the referee, and Masha belted Dani. They’re such a good duo. They’re such a good team. Luna made a big time comeback and hit Killy Kelly with multiple clotheslines followed by a running dropkick. Luna was able to get the surprise roll up victory! All due to Masha and Jody Threat getting into it at ringside. Good to see Dani get a win. After the match MK Ultra beat down the babyfaces before Decay made the predictable save. Nothing wrong with that.

Winner: Dani Luna via pinfall.

Singles Match
Moose vs. Kushida

Moose goes after Kushida early and takes him to the outside, where Moose is more dangerous. Moose then worked on the leg of Kusida, and then got sent to the floor. He rolled back in only to get tossed out, again. Kushida then reversed a powerbomb attempt and trapped Moose in an arm breaker on the apron.

Kushida then managed to hit two moonsaults and went for the Hoverboard Lock! They then went back and forth till Kushida hit a sweet code red. Moose dodged a big punch and then nailed Kushida with the spear for the win! Nice and easy.

Winner: Moose via pinfall.

The System come out to the ring and they celebrate. Brian Myers and Eddie Edwards hold Kushida up so Alisha can slap the taste out of his mouth, which is such a great cheap shot. Eddie batters him a bit before Kevin Knight and Alex Shelley run down to start brawling, which just reminds me of last week. The babyfaces stand tall in the ring as the show goes off the air, because again, TNA never end a show with heat. It’s always babyfaces up.

Final Thoughts:
I hate to keep harping on it but I really have been expecting better from TNA. I still look forward to No Surrender, but man, it just feels like they really aren’t trying hard enough right now. It’s just too safe, and they’re still not pushing themselves and are just doing the same kind of stories and the same cookie cutter stuff every week.

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