NXT Spring Breakin’ [Week 2] Results & Review (April 30th, 2024)

NXT Spring Breakin’ [Week 2]
April 30th, 2024
WWE Performance Center
Orlando, Florida

Week 2 of Spring Breakin’ 2024 is here! It looks like Kiana James, Ilja Dragunov, Carmelo Hayes, Lyra Valkyria, Blair Davenport and Dijak have been moved up to the Main Roster amidst the WWE Draft, which gives me severe concerns. Bron Breakker and Tiffany Stratton are already there, and Baron Corbin headed back too. I’ll elaborate on this more on my video review at the Slam Society on YouTube.

We open the show with the new NXT Champion, Trick Williams. He gives props to Ilja and thanks him and wishes him the best for his trip to the main roster. Lash Legend interrupted! I’m glad they’re continuing this story. I really enjoy it, they have chemistry, I can tell. ‘Now I got a little gold around my waist, now you want a little taste’. “You wanna take this gold off top and get to the chocolate on the inside dont you” The crowd chanted ‘Trick’s a Baddie’. Lash has an envelope with “the truth” behind it. She says enjoy the title reign because things are going to get really hot.

We go to a vignette with Gigi and Arianna at a restaurant. She keeps calling her Georgina which makes me laugh every time. They use this to hype matches on the show, as Gigi burps drinking her ice water, to Ariannas disgust. She teaches Gigi about the different cutlery on the table. We end the segment with Gigi burping again.

Oba makes his entrance to the ring, and Trick Williams and Oba stare eachother down.

WWE NXT North American Title Match
Oba Femi (c) vs. Ivar

The Match:
This should be good! I always look forward to seeing how Oba does his thing and topples his next challenger. They should keep this belt on him till the next Stand & Deliver. Ivar kicked off in charge and hit a flip off the apron onto Oba on the outside early. Ivar has been a surprise package to me recently, and he’s come into his own since his partners injury. Oba got the advantage back and manhandled Ivar! Ivar hit a crossbody on the outside on Oba against the barricade and it snapped off, woah. Ivar flipped off the top rope to the outside and just laid Oba out, he’s going balls to the wall here. That’s 3 impressive spots from the outset! Oba is taking to his title defences like Kamille did in the NWA. Putting the opponents over so it looks more impressive when you get the win. Femi was able to carry Ivar on his shoulders and hit a Samoan Drop! Ivar hit a HUGE MOONSAULT AND CRUSHED FEMI AGAIN! Femi managed to get a rope break. Femi reversed a Moonsault into an Electric Chair Drop, and Femi hit a Pop Up Powerbomb to retain!

Winner: STILL NXT North American Champion, Oba Femi via pinfall.

Wes Lee’s theme song hit and he appeared in the crowd. The crowd popped and I kind of rolled my eyes, this dude is quarter of Oba Femi’s size. They have a stare down as we cut backstage.

Thea Hail and Chase U are with Fallon Henley who’s upset about not being drafted and Thea convinces her to come out with her to the ring, and they walk all through the backstage area to enter through the crowd! That was a cool shot.

Singles Match
Jacy Jayne (w/Jazmyn Nyx) vs. Thea Hail (w/Andre Chase, Duke Hudson, Fallon Henley & Riley Osborne)

The Match:
They start off smaacking eachother up the head. Vic and Booker T bickered about how Jacy treated Thea Hail. They always have all these background stories that last for some time. Thea has very likable qualities that I think will serve her career really well. Jacy and Fallon are both in that next class of NXT talent that are ready for the next level. Another great spot was Thea headbutting Jacy at the same time and they both went down. Fallon copped a Pele Kick from Jazmyn Nyx, saving Thea, and Thea managed to make Jacy tap to the Kimura Lock!

Winner: Thea Hail via submission.

Fallon Henley then LAID THEA OUT! What the hell was that about Fallon! That was sick. I love a heel turn like that. Thea was so happy and then she was crying, that’s hilarious.

They have a sit down interview with Tyriek Igwe and Tyson Dupont. They talk about their background and how they got to the spot they got to. Great introduction to the big boys.

Backstage, Natalya and Karmen are backstage and do a bit of extra training. Karmen doing those high kicks did a few things to me.

Tag Team Match
Tyriek Igwe & Tyson Dupont vs. The OC (Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows)

The Match:
Igwe and Dupont facing The OC is super interesting here for their debut. They are impressive, I can’t wait to see how they go. They started off solid, they are my boys bro. Tyson got a hot tag and looked great. The O.C really making them look good. The O.C got the win after hitting the Magic Killer, and that was probably the result that needed to happen.

Winner: The O.C via pinfall.

They showed NXT people getting drafted to the Main Roster. Here’s hoping they all go far. I have a huge interest in seeing them move to the next step and succeed.

Ava makes her entrance, and at the UFC Apex is where they are going to crown the NXT Women’s North American champion in a Ladder match. They will have a combine and then the 12 best will do battle in singles matches to see who qualifies for the Ladder Match. Jada Parker interrupts which is very humerous to me. Sol Ruca interrupts, says the same stuff, then Arianna Grace comes out in a panic and doesn’t want the ladies to be so aggressive, and panicking about the Ladder Match. Then they’re interrupts by Michin for some reason. I would say if she is sent to NXT that might help the trajectory of her career like it did for Baron Corbin. Michin nails Arianna, and then all the women ran out and it was a MASSIVE fight!

I heard SCYPTS is leaving NXT soon. That’s a shame for Out The Mud, but they don’t really need him. He’s good but he doesn’t really add much to the team.

Backstage The Street Profits give Nathan and Axiom give them some words of advice and encouragement.

Lola is training with Shayna and is so arrogant she doesn’t want to do ALL the stuff Shayna suggests.

Singles Match
Shawn Spears vs. Ridge Holland

The Match:
This should be good – I just wonder where the story is headed and if Ridge is going to join with Spears. The big man Kryptonite of the steel stairs turned the tide early as Ridge collided with them. Spears was in control out the commercial break. Ridge fought back with a Military Press Slam. A QR code showed up on the screen for quarter of a second, I love stuff like that. It sends you to https://www.wwe.com/kintsugi. Very mysterious! Ridge hit a big DDT and got the win over Spears.

Winner: Ridge Holland via pinfall.

Roxanne Perez is seen backstage yelling at Ava about not being drafted to the Main Roster. Roxy blames her even though champions can’t leave NXT to the Main Roster.

Briggs checks on Ivar and they talk about Oba Femi. Wes Lee walks in talking about his North American title, Briggs takes exception. Ivar says he’s not done with him either and Wes will battle next week against Briggs.

They cut to a promo with Paul Ellering and the Final Judgement wanting all the Tag Team gold. Karrion picked up Scarlett and they walked off. She’s so hot.

We cut to a segment with The D’Angelo Family on the road, and Tony wants a shot at the NXT Heritage Cup. T is on the hunt and needs help from his cronies to prepare for it.

WWE NXT Tag Team Title Match
Axiom & Nathan Frazer (c) vs. The Authors Of Pain (Akam & Rezar) (w/Karrion Kross, Paul Ellering & Scarlett)

The Match:
If I could change anything about their entrance I would have Scarlett lead them to the ring. I fucking love that they brought Paul Ellering back. The match starts off ferociously, and I have no idea how the Authors are going to lose to these guys. AOP dominated into commercial break. They continued on their assault out of it and nearly had Nathan Frazer pinned. Axiom low bridges one of AOP, and the little guys did the best they could to try finish the other one off. Scarlett got involved and the referee sends them to the back, Dunne and Tyler Bate then got involved and cost AOP the match!

Winner/s: STILL NXT Tag Team Champions, Nathan Frazer and Axiom via pinfall.

Thea was backstage crying, and Ridge speaks to Andre and sees if Thea is okay, Ridge and Andre talks about their demons and Andre says he’s there to help him out.

Meta-Four are in the parking lot and said they will reveal the secret next week. Fallon storms outside and Kilani comes out with her and wants to know what her problem is. Fallon needs to look out for herself.

Backstage Edris and Malik are talking after Edris broke a mirror last week. Brinley showed up and had some black cats with her which as we know, means bad luck. Haha, what is going on.

NXT Underground Match
Natalya (w/Karmen Petrovic) vs. Lola Vice (w/Shayna Baszler)

The Match:
Here we go baby. Lola has her game face on. Natalya comes out and my eyes can’t keave Karmen. They have the added visual of the boxing ring announcer mics hanging from the roof. They grapple around and Natalya dominated that early and Lola fought back with kicks and strikes. Natalya got hip checked to the outside and it knocked some lumberjacks over. Nattie suplex’d Lola on the outside. Lola had Natalya in a Triangle Choke. Lola tries her hardest to choke Natalya out! There was a lot of suspense with this and Natalya took Lola onto the outside and slammed her on the floor. Natalya went for the Figure 4 around the post and Shayna Baszler got close, and they bumped into them on the post and it broke the hold. Natalya went for the Sharpshooter and Baszler got involved and Natalya threw her to the outside, and then Natalya locked in a Sharpshooter, and Lola couldnt get out of it, and it would be annoying for Lola to lose here, Shayna had a choke hold on Karmen, and Natalya stopped the Sharpshooter to stop Shayna, which hopefully… yes she copped a backfist, and reigned down forearms and Lola won thanks to Referee Stoppage! That backfist needs to be her finisher.

Winner: Lola Vice via Referee Stoppage.

Backstage Roxanne is back with Ava and wants to know what the go is. Ava says Roxanne has a title match week. Chelsea Green enters the scene and will be her challenger next week. Fantastic.

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