AAA TripleMania XXXII Results & Review (April 27th, 2024)

AAA TripleMania 32: Monterrey
April 27th, 2024
Estadio Mobil Super
Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexiko

It’s time for Part 1 of AAA TripleMania for 2024, and it should be another spectacle. I covered last years shows and they were a wild affair and this should be nothing short of a crazy show, just like AAA are known to put on. With such stars like Nic Nemeth, Jeff Jarrett, Alberto, El Patron, Super Crazy, Super Calo and Vampiro on the show, along with the sexy luchadoras, I for one couldn’t wait for this event! Let’s crack on with the show.

Eight Man Tag Team Match
Estrellita, Faby Apache, Reina Dorada & Sexy Star vs. Las Toxicas (Flammer, La Hiedra & Maravilla) & Dalys

The Match:
This is going to be exactly what you expect it to be. It really feels like their ring is absolutely massive. Which wasn’t the only massive thing out there. I am a bit bummed there’s so many multi person matches BUT I do realize this is what Lucha Libre is about. Flammer is my favorite here. I have seen La Hiedra and Maravilla before too, and I’m sorry, Sexy Star is actually my favorite here. I didn’t realise she was in the match. There was a lot of back and forth here in this one. The ladies did a lot of flashy stuff here but I did not like everybody waiting to catch the dive on the outside. Dalys hit a sit down powerbomb to win the match for her team! The ladies really went all out here and did a great job to open the show.

Winner/s: Las Toxicas (Flammer, La Hiedra & Maravilla) & Dalys via pinfall.

Copa Bardahl Match
Super Crazy vs. Antifaz del Norte vs. Heavy Metal vs. Super Calo vs. Chessman vs. Charly Manson vs. Toscano vs. Pimpinela Escarlata vs. El Elegido vs. Aero Star vs. Abismo Negro Jr. vs. Mr. Iguana vs. Nino Hamburguesa vs. El Fiscal

The Match:
Here comes the Copa Bardahl, it’s always a long, long match. Mr Iguana enters the match 3rd. Super Calo was 4th which is so awesome, I loved him in WCW! I thought he was retired so that’s a great surprise. Not sure about the outfit though Calo. Chessman is out next, the guy who pissed Vampiro off last year! El Fiscal came out next after the guys in the ring bumped one another around. These matches just take so long. Antifaz was next, of ECW fame. Heavy Metal came out to a pop, another legendary luchadore. These matches bro, they’re kind of boring. Toscano was net, who was like a lucha Danny Doring looks wise. Super Crazy then followed! Then Charly Manson. This match is just entrances with a few headscissors takedowns every now and then. Pimpinela, the exotico came out next and made some noise early on. I had to fast forward this a bit I am sorry, it’s just so drawn out. Pimpinela Escarlata won with an inside cradle. Sorry but these matches just feel like a waste of time and never produces exciting results. Super Calo should have won. I wish they would stop doing these slow, boring Copa Rumbles because they’re never exciting. The decision of Pimpinela winning was a bad one as far as I am concerned.

Winner: Pimpinela Escarlata via pinfall.

Jeff Jarrett, Sam Adonis, QT Marshall, Parker Boudreux and Satnam Singh are here, Jeff gets on the mic and rags on the crowd. Jeff keeps going as Hugo Savinovich translates. Hugo nearly got hit with the guitar and the segment ends. This was a fun segment which set heat up for the heels for later on in the show.

Six Man Tag Team Match
Bestia 666, Dr. Wagner Jr. & Tigre Blanco vs. Nueva Generacion Dinamita (Forastero & Sanson) & Negro Casas

The Match:
Here comes another 6 man tag. Negro Casas had a feud witht he former Psychosis at last years bunch of TripleMania shows. Negro Casas being in AAA is apparently super insane considering his past with CMLL. This was a stalemate early on. I have a feeling Negro and Dinamita will win this one. Besta and Blanco forged a comeback. Don’t they have other titles in AAA? There’s not that many title matches. Lucha does feel like a bit of a dance routine sometimes doesn’t it? Negro Casas took off Wagner Jr.’s mask. We saw his full face! Dinamita had it won and then Damian o66 and Halloween showed up as Bestia and Mecha Wolf go after one another. Dr Wagner Jr. got the pin! This was a serviceable match where the babyfaces ended up looking strong in their victory.

Winner/s: Bestia 666, Dr. Wagner Jr. & Tigre Blanco via pinfall.

AAA Mega Title Match (vacant)
Alberto El Patron vs. Nic Nemeth

The Match:
Alberto El Patron needs to be forgiven already. Alberto has home field advantage. These two have a rich history together. They went back and forth early before Nemeth took charge with his offence as he grabbed a table! Nemeth spilled to the outside with help from Alberto. I accidentally fell asleep for an hour just before this. Alberto El Patron had the arm breaker locked in, but Nemeth got out of it. Nemeth got powerbombed onto a table and it didn’t break. They got a close 2 count. Nemeth kept fighting back and went for the Cross Armbreaker, Nemth hit Danger Zone for a very near fall. Nemeth hit a 2nd Danger Zone and won the AAA Mega Title! Nemeth now solidifies himself as the new Mega Champion, as somebody who will hold that belt with prestige before the inevitable return of El Hijo Del Vikingo who will likely seek out his championship that he never lost, and I feel like Nemeth Vs Vikingo would be a solid match. The biggest issue I had with the match was the fact that in typical AAA style, they didn’t have tables that were breakable, and I am the table from BotchaMania lived on.

Winner: NEW AAA Mega Champion, Nic Nemeth.

Eight Man Tag Team Match
Laredo Kid, Murder Clown, Octagon Jr. & Psycho Clown vs. Parker Boudreaux, QT Marshall, Sam Adonis & Satnam Singh (w/Jeff Jarrett)

The Match:
It started off as an all out brawl! The heels were in charge early. QT Marshall is shown as a better version of himself in AAA, it’s early opening. Team Laredo kept chopping the redwood Satnam down, and he no sold a bunch of dives to the outside. The heels were cocky as they took charge of this match. This was clearly a Tornado Tag. The heels were destroying the babyfaces, and Jeff Jarrett got overly involved. Faby attacked Jarrett after he disrespected the owner of the company. Psycho Clown went to town on Jeff. Psycho Clown went after the whole team! The babyfaces took over with some gang work and then hit some dives to the outside. Satnam got slammed by Murder Clown and he looked to finish if off by Jeff Jarrett interrupted the referees count. Murder Clown got hit with the guitar and Santam hit him with a chokeslam through an unbreakable Mexican table and the heels won! There were lots of shenanigans throughout this match, and it was fun, but one again the fucking table didn’t break on that final chokeslam by Satnam Singh on Murder Clown. Satnam would have really enjoyed the ring time here, he was made to look good and let’s be honest, every AEW guy on this card got made to look better in AAA than they do being booked by the stupid twink with the bad haircut.

Winner/s: Parker Boudreaux, QT Marshall, Sam Adonis & Satnam Singh (w/Jeff Jarrett) via pinfall.

Six Man Tag Team Match
El Mesias, Pagano & Vampiro Canadiense vs. La Secta (Dark Cuervo & Dark Ozz) & Cibernetico

The Match:
Here comes the Main Event! Vampiro has one more main event in his aresenal. The fans were super appreciative. Latin Lover came out before the match and gave Vampiro a nod of approval. This is one of Vampiro’s last matches. All out war begins the proceedings! The heels were in charge early on. Vampiro is copping it, along with his team early. They fought back with gusto, and were in control. It finally calmed down as Vampiro had a showdown with Cuervo. Vampiro hit a big boot and went off the ropes and took down La Secta. Pagano took the heat for a while before Vampiro got back in the ring and copped it sweet. Vampiro was getting set up and somebody made an entrace for an interference and I had no idea what was going on. Vamp missed a senton. Vampiro hit a small package on Cibernetico to win the match! What a surprise win! This was very similar to the matches we just saw throughout this show, with a nice surprise ending, but this was such a rinse and repeat version of the other matches it almost like like, ‘eh’.

Winner: El Mesias, Pagano & Vampiro Canadiense via pinfall.

Final Thoughts:
AAA TripleMania 32 in Monterrey was an okay show, I think they could have done better as there were less stakes this year from last year, Vampiro and his inclusion was great and all but I wonder where they go from here. Big props to Joe Dombrowski for his call in English on the shows commentary, it was less confusing than last years show. I did fall asleep during this which is perhaps a nod or a nod-off to how this show might be percieved by others, I hope the next AAA TripleMania this year is a bit more exciting and has less multi man matches.

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