NXT Results and Recap for September 26 (2023)

Performance Center

Orlando, Florida

Global Heritage Invitational Final Match

Global Heritage Invitational Finals Match

Joe Coffey (w/Mark Coffey & Wolfgang) vs. Butch

The show kicks off with this god forsaken Global Heritage Invitational Finals. I fully expected Butch to go over here, because he is from the Main Roster, his name isn’t Akira Tozawa and Noam Dar would be given the challenge he needs to be elevated. Joe Coffey and GALLAS are a great trio, I really like their presentation.

Of course, they shot the group of people sitting backstage watching the finals. They should have had popcorn. The winner of this faces the Heritage Cup winner at No Mercy. I honestly feel a bit split about this. If the winner of this tournament loses to Noam Dar, it will feel like a lot of filler to get a title match at the PLE. 

I know a lot of people thought Butch was going to leave WWE and go to AEW like some of the Blac and Gold era did, but he’s actually got job security in WWE, they aren’t going to get rid of him during all these releases. AEW have too many people under contract.

Wolfgang and Mark Coffey get involved to turn the tide for Joe, but Butch weathered the storm. Referee finally ejects Gallas and their explosion of anger was hilarious. What did they think was going to happen! 

Huge back and forth between the two and Coffey NAILED Butch with a massive clothesline. I would be surprised if Joe won, because Noam is a heel. WWE can be pretty predictable in that way. Joe knocks himself silly with a torpedo into the stairs as Butch moved out the way, Butch hits The Bitter End and advances to No Mercy. Butch is hungry to carry around that massive lump of trophy around the building like people carry title belts on their shoulder.

Dominik Mysterio Interview with Mckenzie Mitchell

Dominik Mysterio has had stirring career up to this point and understandably is pleased about not having to defend his title at NXT No Mercy, and being on the couch with ‘Mami’ eating some “Chicken Tendies” – that is insane. Mckenzie lets him know Shawn Michaels announced a #1 contenders match and the winner faces Dom at No Mercy. Dom is upset and storms off. I wish they addressed Ali getting released before his title shot here!

Tony D’Angelo and Stacks Lorenzo are at the dinner table waiting for their guests, and even then, they need to have their NXT Tag Title presented ON THE DINNER TABLE. Humberto and Angel Garza show up and get patted down and they have a seat at the table. Tone has a nice bold glass of red in front of him.

Singles Match

Joe Gacy (w/Ava) vs. Trick Williams

Schism is now down to 2 people, I am sure they’ll rebuild but maybe they don’t need to. Would Joe Gacy make it on the Main Roster with his body the way it is? I’m not body shaming, hes very good in the ring, clearly fit, just his look perhaps suits different attire.

Joe was fairly aggressive early – Trick probably needs this win at the moment as they try to start moving him into the singles division out of his run as Carmelo’s lackey and hype man. Trick hit a massive jumping knee for the win.

After the match Trick has a interview with Kelly Kincaid in the ring after the match. I like the post match in ring promo. Trick backs Carmelo for his title match with Dragunov at NXT No Mercy. Trick ends the promo hoping to become a champion too.

Blair Davenport Interview with Mckenzie Mitchell

They build up the feud with Gigi and Blair, which feels cookie cutter of Blair’s feud with Roxanne Perez. They need to change some of these feuds up a bit, but thankfully Blair got through the interview without being interrupted.

Backstage Chase U run into Jaycee Jane and Thea Hail shows up with her new look, and Duke Hudson sees her and says “HOLYYY SHIT.” Thea is proud of her new look and Andre/Duke are stressed out about this development. Amazing stuff.

Singles Match

Baron Corbin vs. Josh Briggs (w/Brooks Jensen & Fallon Henley)

Fallon was front and center for Briggs and Jensens entrance, which is where she should be. Yowza. This match is happening based off Baron Corbin having his massage interrupted backstage but the trio’s arguing. What an amazing reason to have a match!

Baron’s run in NXT has shown what he is capable of as a character, as that old Lone Wolf mixed with the Corbin we’ve come to dislike over the years. I think he’s still got potential but they just need to stop making him look like a guy whos somehow lucky to have a contract, he needs an angle on the main roster that actually matters. Baron hit the End of Days on Briggs and got the fairly easy victory. Baron cuts a promo on Bron Breakker and their match at No Mercy. Of course, Bron comes out looking pretty cheesed off. This will end in a pull apart again I bet you, and yep, that’s exactly what happened. I love how the wrestlers always end up breaking out from the people holding them back, and they pounce on their foe in the corner.

Trick Williams goes into Shawn Michaels’ Office and it looks like he’s going to get in on the Main Event #1 Contender match for the NXT North American Championship.

A hype package for Tiffany Stratton Vs Becky Lynch airs.

Tag Team Match

Hank Walker & Tank Ledger vs. OTM (Bronco Nima & Lucien Price) (w/SCRYPTS)

Here comes a Tag Team Match made for NXT Level Up, but here’s a chance to get to know Hank & Tank and OTM a little bit better. I’m guessing they weren’t invited to Tony’s for supper. Not bad work together with Hank and Tank, I think they need to go over here. I wonder if for these tag teams it’s a little difficult gelling together as a team, working hard to get that chemistry together, knowing the Main Roster don’t care for the Tag Division. Out The Mud got the easy win here after a bit of shine for Hank and Tank.

Gigi Dolin is backstage working out and the light goes out, she gets the crap kicked out of her, the light comes back on and Blair Davenport is standing above her… not breathing heavily like she attacked Gigi at all!

We go back to Tony D’s house, and nobody has had a sip of their red wine. The Creed Brothers show up and Brutus is hungry. Brutus suggests that food poisoning is likely and Humberto’s appetite is ruined. Ridiculous.

Tyler Bate is backstage with Mr. JL, I mean, Axiom. Trick informs them it’s now a Fatal 4 Way Main Event. I assume It’s Trick Vs Dom at No Mercy

Strap Match

Dijak vs. Eddy Thorpe

Here’s hoping Dijak gets the win here! He has not been so successful recently in his feud ending matches, but something tells me this story is likely not over after this. The strap comes into play early as Dijak powdered to the outside and got pulled face first into the ring post. Thorpe got a nice shine early on., but of course Dijak managed to gain control and he just tortures Thorpe. I am still struggling to see the appeal of Thorpe, don’t get me wrong, hes done nothing wrong. It’s the WWE Sydrome of the dull babyface chacracters with no depth to the character at all, Eddies Mom and niece are screaming at ringside and if thats his father or Uncle, thats hilarious because he was smiling the whole time. If Eddie is doing this for his culture, then I am sure he’s going over. Dijak just can’t seem to win the big one. Thorpe wins, and Dijak has now lost his feuds with Wes Lee, Tony D’Angelo, Ilja Dragunov and seemingly Eddie Thorpe. Dijak attacked Eddie after the match though! Eddie gets whipped like the family pig after the match in front of Eddies screaming family and smiling father.

Jaycee is backstage waiting for Thea Hail to get into her new ring gear.

Singles Match

Thea Hail (w/Jacy Jayne) vs. Dani Palmer

The smiley Dani Palmer come out and she’s clearly quite the gymnast. Yep, I did a google search, she was a gymnast. This is why WWE have this program to bring people in from sports. On Level Up her former tag partner turned on her, Dani still seemed pretty chipper here. Thea has new music, and it’s Rock N Roll. Thea’s new ring gear was…. appreciated.  Isn’t it funny when somebody becomes a bad girl, their stock goes up? In the early goings of this match, I was VERY impressed with Dani Palmer. What an athlete! Palmer impresses but Thea catches her with the Kimura lock and gets the submission victory.

Andre Chase and Duke Hudson watch on from the crows nest and Andre looks upset. Trick goes into Carmelo’s locker room, his title is hanging on his locker in the background. Carmelo is just on his phone and ignores Trick whos excited about his situation. I don’t know why doing a contract signing has Carmelo so busy on his phone. You literally just have to sign a piece of paper dude.

Baron Corbin is leaving the building without his bag, Bron Breakker attacked him as he spoke to the camera, this is the same build as Gigi and Blair. There’s a pull apart, and we head to the main event.

WWE NXT North American Title No.1 Contender

Fatal Four Way Match

Tyler Bate vs. Dragon Lee vs. Axiom vs. Trick Williams

Surely Dragon Lee wins this, but with how Trick’s been used on this show, I wouldn’t be surprised. Trick fired up big time but we went to a commercial break and when we came back Tyler Bate nearly got domed on a half nelson suplex. Dragon Lee and Bate did this seamless transition at one stage, which ended in a sweet sit down Liger bomb from Lee. Double Book End by Trick Williams on Lee and Bate. This got pretty wild toward the end, and Dragon Lee kicked out of a Spanish Fly off the top rope and got up pretty much straight away. Trick manages to fluke a massive win!

Back at Tony D’s and they’re loving the food, of course it’s pasta, and Scrypts and his boys show up, Tony offers a booster chair for Scrypts and everyone laughs about it and it’s so good. Horrible, yet amazing television. Julius Creed’s nodding along to the joke laughing was ridiculous. Brutus interrupts and he complains about his and Julius’ mothers cooking, and Julius stood up for his mother’s cooking. Tony calls his guidos and made men in the room before it becomes a fight. It will be a Fatal 4 Way at No Mercy between these teams. The Creeds were drinking Milk by the way.

Dominik Mysterio’s 2nd interview with Mckenzie Mitchell

Dom’s mad at HBK, he claims to be destroying Trick Williams at No Mercy, then Dragon Lee nails him. 

Carmelo walking backstage with his coat over his shoulder, wearing his title belt like an absolute mark. He runs into Trick, and he’s on his way to the ring to have the Contract signing with Ilja Dragunov.

A Brian Pillman Jr. Vignette airs. He’s watching footage of his father. Give us Loose Cannon 2.0!

Contract Signing: Carmelo Hayes and Ilja Dragunov

Both wrestlers come out there in their suits, Carmelo’s character right now is absolutely ridiculous in the way he acts. It’s so unrealistic and it’s popping me. They go back and forth with some weak burns but their facial expressions are of insult and it’s hilarious. Weird note, they piped in crowd noise here because you could clearly see the audience were sitting and listening. Carmelo talks about not being like the people Ilja has defeated, and accidentally slips up and says Trick Williams’ name. The segment ends with a stare down. It was ridiculous, but man, it’s champagne television for this viewer.

After the segment, they cross to the parking lot where Baron Corbin and Bron Breakker are STILL fighting. Somebody call the cops? The referees didn’t do anything. Baron dents his rental car, Bron tries to spear Baron through his car door and just cops it sweet, and they brawl back into the Performance center. Amazingly, Bron Breakker and Baron Corbin go flying through a wall, and into Shawn Michaels’ office. This is insane. What a way to go off the air for the go home show of NXT No Mercy!

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