Insiders Edge Podcast with Karlifornia Infirri Episode # 122 – Savio Vega | Savio Vega sparks an ALL OUT BRAWL in Puerto Rico

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Karlifornia Infirri: 00:00:13:25 – 00:00:25:25
Do you have any scary stories or funny stories of your time as a heel and… and maybe the audience being a little bit angry at you and you having to escape the arena?

Savio Vega: 00:00:25:27 – 00:01:11:01
Yes. One time we are… in (Coliseo Gallistico de) Cataño. A small arena, that’s a TV arena, every Wednesday we did TV. That’s when I was doing- in the making of the TNT. So I remember one time was Mr. Pogo, Rest in Peace, and me as a tag team, and The Profe (El Profe) is the manager.

So I’m bald, so I’m coming. down a small… I mean, small stairs, you know, coming down. But the fans are right there, you know, right here, and this side too. So when I went to walk in and I’m the third guy, I’m the last one, I notice this lady have the shoe with the big, uh, what is it called?

Karlifornia Infirri: 00:01:11:21– 00:01:12:05
High heel?

Savio Vega: 00:01:12:05 – 00:02:54:12
Ladies shoes- ah heel! The heel, yes, she has the heel and she try to hit Pogo in the head! So I say- right away I say “If she hits me, she’s going to cut me”, you know? So I saw her swing and miss when Profe went in, Profe covered his… himself with the briefcase, so I don’t have nothing to cover.

So what I did, I just went to… to scare her. “RAHHHH!” When I was scared her, she went in. So when I went to run, because it was steel… metal between the stairs, it was a big stair. It’s a lot of people on that side, because it was a packed house, big card, big time. So when I run in, this guy grabbed me by my pants and I can’t run! So when I went to get in, I’m just stuck!

So I’m- now I’m mad, so when I turn around this guy right there… smelt like alcohol and he started, you know, swearing at me… right in my face and pushed me. I just sucker punch him. BOOM! Big time. Oh, teeth… everything went! Crazy. So when I went inside, now there was a big… big fight outside. The security started fighting with the people.

They want to come inside the dressing room And I remember Carlos (Colón) was inside and, we- that was my last match. And Carlos said “get out of here.” So we catch another door- backdoor. We jump in a car and we leave and we left a big mess in the arena! And later I got I got sued, the guy you know tried to sue me or whatever, nothing! That never went anywhere!

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