NXT Level Up #85 Results and Review for September 29 (2023)

Byron Saxton is an absolute ham. His cowgirl dance during Fallons entrance was horrible and painful and amazing.

Singles Match

Fallon Henley Vs Arianna Grace

Arianna Grace cuts a promo before the match. This is Santino Marellas daughter from what I remember. She portrays a Beauty Queen gimmick, and is known as Miss NXT. I enjoyed the promo, she should get to do that every time she has a match. Arianna you can tell is working on the facial expressions, the character work as the match wore on. Arianna got caught trying to use the ropes to get the cheap win, and Fallon took advantage of Arianna arguing with the referee, and School Girl’d her to get the victory. That was pretty good! Arianna has a lot of potential as a character, and Fallon is Fallon. Who doesn’t love a country girl, am I right?

Riley Osbourne Interview with Kelly Kincaid

Riley Osbourne introduces himself, and he’s excited. He’s taking on Myles Borne. Not to be mixed up with Evan Bourne, Matt Borne or Jason Bourne. Kelly mutters afterward she’s never been as excited as Riley is in her life. 

Singles Match

Riley Osbourne Vs Myles Borne

I am surprised they are letting this happen, an Osbourne Vs a Borne. It didn’t take long for Byron Saxton to make a Bourne Identity reference. For those not aware, Myles Borne is the guy who’s deaf. I can’t imagine how difficult that would make communicating during a match. He appeared to be quite skillful, he’s definitely been training a ALOT. Riley has promise with the clear athleticism that he has, but there are a million and one guys that look and wrestle like him. He will need to try find something to stand out, especially character wise! Every time dude, we get these dives – what are the odds! That people are on the outside of the ring in the area near the entrance way, every single time! Riley got turned inside out with a clothesline from Myles, who followed it up with a Dragon Sleeper for the Submission victory. Not bad!

Singles Match

Tavion Heights Vs Oro Mensah

Tavion is another one of these energetic, excited, happy-to-be-here rookie babyfaces. He looks like he has a bit of amateur wrestling skills! This match should be a foregone conclusion, Oro Mensah is probably in need of a victory. You know, Level Up could probably do with another 15 minutes on the show, because they have so many people on the roster, they could fit another match on here. Mensah continued to utilize the ropes on the throat of Tavion for an extended heat. Tavion pops the hips and hits a belly to belly, a german, and then this weird twisting suplex for an extremely near fall. Tavion gets kicked in the head and the finish was a little anti-climactic as Oro Mensah picks up the win. We go off the air as Meta-Four celebrates!

3 matches and 1 interview on the show today, it’s an enjoyable show because it’s only 30 minutes long and you get to see the up and coming NXT stars. No follow up has taken place however on the angle from the September 15th Episode when Tatum Paxley turned on Dani Palmer during a Tag Team Match with Meta-Four. Just wanted to point that out. For now though… let’s get ready for NXT No Mercy tomorrow!

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