NXT #724 Results & Review (March 12th, 2024)

NXT Results & Reviews

NXT #724 Results
March 12th, 2024
WWE Performance Center
Orlando, Florida

This is the fallout episode of NXT from last weeks special, NXT Roadblock, and this is going to be yet again another hectic episode of NXT!

WWE NXT Tag Team Title #1 Contendership Qualifying Match
LWO (Cruz Del Toro & Joaquin Wilde) vs. Out The Mud (Bronco Nima & Lucien Price) (w/SCRYPTS)

The Match:
Here’s the first match for the NXT Tag Team Tournament where we uncover new #1 Contenders! The L.W.O are still here in NXT and I don’t expect they’ll be here much longer but being on the Main Roster which is so deep with talent, I also am not suprised they are still doing some NXT stuff to keep working. Out The Mud attacked the LWO during their entrance to get a quick start on Joaquin and Cruz. I was surprised a few weeks ago to find out Joaquin was the former Xema Ion from TNA! I had no idea. OTM dominated a lot of this one, during the commercial break, SCRYPTS got involved, and just before, the Wolf Dogs showed up and they were watching the match. Gee, these LWO guys do some fancy things! Joaquin hit a sweet 450 Splash off the ring apron to win. P.S, where the hell was Jaida Parker? Is she not with them now?

Winner/s: LWO (Cruz Del Toro & Joaquin Wilde) via pinfall in 10:46.

Oba Femi shows up and says he’s confident over his match with Brooks Jensen. Brooks showed up and they got into a shoving match. Kelli Kincaid should have asked him, she’s the roving reporter, not the camera man. Briggs shows up to see what Jensens problem is and it’s all drama.

Roxanne Perez is seen walking to the ring before the commercial break.

Thea Hail is backstage with Andre Chase. Andre says he is here for her, and Duke Hudson asks who her partner is going to be, and she’s more concerned with Jacy Jane hanging out with Jazmin Nyx. Thea tries to snap out of it. Thea claims she has other friends, and here comes Kilani Jordan, and she’s going to team with Thea tonight.

Roxanne Perez is in the ring and here comes her first heel promo. Roxanne talks about her tough year and what she’s been through and how she’s been overlooked. She did a great job with this in ring promo. She fully turned on the fans, and then bragged about being the most decorated woman in NXT history. What a well put together piece of verbiage! This felt slightly rehearsed but it’s almost like she practiced in front of a mirror and wasn’t just saying lines written for her. Roxanne invites Ava out and says she can vacate the belt and give it to her. They bicker, and I fully expect Tatum Paxley to show up. Yep, I was right! Refrees show up to get control of her as we cut to highlights of Carmelo and Trick Williams from last week.

They show a vignette of The Family eating food at their restaurant, Salut. They are all impressed with Luca Crucifino, and Adriana helps the narrative with her chatter, and Tony talks about going after the NXT Championship. They talked about calling Trick to get involved last week, and Ilja Dragunov shows up to sit with the Don at the table, and the Family leave. Ilja congratulates Tony and talks up Tony winning last week. Ilja doubled down on his love for the title and wants Tony to know no matter what Tony does, the title stays with him at Stand & Deliver. Tony says no matter what, the Don likes him and he’s pulled away by Stacks and Luca. Ilja is seen being thrown into the boot of a car, as The Family hop in and drive off.

Singles Match
Mr. Stone vs. Lexis King

The Match:
Interesting seeing the former Robbie E wrestle a bit more lately! Stone came out hot and Lexis King took advantage after 1 mistake from Mr. Stone. Robert copped a solid heat from Lexis, who’s Stand & Deliver situation is still unknown. Mr. Stone fought back and hit a great crossbody, but then ran into a superkick. Lexis hit the Coronation to get the victory. Von Wagner goes to make the save and scoops Stone up and who knows where we go from here!

Winner: Lexis King via pinfall in 4:35.

Oba Femi Interview with Kelly Kincaid
Oba Femi talks down about Brooks Jensen and how he will be slaughtered. Dijak interrupts and it’s the first time in weeks they have done this bullshit with the backstage interview interruption and he questions Femi’s longevitity as a champion.

Backstage Ridge Holland gets a phone call from his wife and child and they give him some encouragement as he works out backstage.

NXT North American Title Match
Oba Femi (c) vs. Brooks Jensen

The Match:

Lamb to the slaughter is the situation here. There’s an Oba chant ala Goldberg. They tussle for a bit before Oba takes advantage and gets in the drivers seat. They hit a stalemate as they go to commercial. Femi gets sent to the outside after the break and Brooks took advantage. Josh Briggs was watching on the monitor backstage and walked off. He came out to motivate Brooks. He fought back with gusto, but was cut off. Oba took control and it was mathmatical from here. Pop Up Powerbomb from Femi and he wasn’t done. Powerbomb again from Femi and that was the end of it.

Winner: STILL NXT North American Champion, Oba Femi in 11:34.

We see The Family standing on a bridge as Ilja is unhanded, and Ilja and Tony have a stare down. Tony said he can’t come into his restaurant unannounced and unpunished. Tony and Ilja bicker and Tony leaves and tells Ilja to have a nice walk back!

Singles Match
Gigi Dolin vs. Arianna Grace

The Match:
We come back halfway through Gigi Dolins entrance which is insulting to this hot blooded male. Surely Arianna wins this to get that vignette of Gigi being taught manners and how to be a lady. Arianna shies away from being punched early on. Arianna is tremendous. Imagine Gigi did lady lessons, but then Gigi made her go to a live Punk Gig? Her name is Gigi Dolin for a reason – GG Allin. They low blow eachother and I don’t understand how that works, but Arianna got the win because he didn’t see Gigi do it first.

Winner: Arianna Grace via DQ in 4:14.

Backstage Sol Ruca is with the ever so lovely Karmen Petrovic and Lola Vice walks in and acts like an asshole and Karmen and Lola bicker, then Brinley Reece walks in and is annoying, and Malik Blade and Edris Enofe show up and pull her away.

Tag Team Match
Izzi Dame & Kiana James vs. Fallon Henley & Thea Hail

The Match:
They show footage of Kilani attacked in the back with referees screaming, and Thea screaming, and my estimation from last week is correct, Fallon Henley is so showing up to back Thea up. The babyfaces show up the heels to begin the match up, and this is a rehash of Kiana and Fallon’s former feud. How good is Fallon getting? Jacy and Jazmin Nyx showed up during the match to apparently support Thea. Geez, all these women are absolutely drop dead gorgeous. Jacy clearly turned on Thea at ringside but it’s up in the air, and Kiana pins Thea. Thea got on the mic and confronted Jacy about not being her friend. She really ripped into her whilst standing in an unnatural position. Thea cracks it at Jacy. Big time. Thea says the old Thea Hail is back!

Winner/s: Izzi Dame & Kiana James via pinfall in 5:35.

Riley Osborne is backstage and the No Quarter Catch Crew walk upto him and it’s immediately a confrontation. Then dickhead Nathan Frazer and Axiom shows up and it’s looking like a 6 Man Tag is going to be set up. or, this is about the NXT Tag Team Tournament.

The Good Brothers Gallow and Anderson are backstage talking about facing Hank & Tank next week and I bet they interrupt. This again should have been Kelly Kincaid looking for the scoop from them instead of them looking at a camera. Hank & Tank don’t interrupt but they were watching on a monitor in the NXT Kitchen. They yap about it together and they they think they will win. The Wolf Dogs interrupt and yeah. Hank and Tank get overly worked up and the Wolf Dogs laughed over it.

Singles Match
Shawn Spears vs. Ridge Holland

The Match:
Ridge’s situation seems odd, it’s almost like he’s really not meant to be in NXT right now. This however, is Shawn’s big opportunity in his 3rd week since being back in the company, being back in NXT. Shawn took control early before Ridge tried to focus and come back. Ridge continued to hesitate with his rage. Ridge got caught in the ropes and Shawn yelled at him and mentioned his wife and Ridge finally found a bit of rage. Ridge set up the announcers table. Spears got chokeslammed through the table! It would be interesting if somehow Shawn won here. Ridge had a chair and the referee took it off him and DVD on the chair in the corner by Spears and he wins!

Winner: Shawn Spears via pinfall in 9:40.

Trick Williams makes his entrance and Booker T is vibing on commentary, Trick is so over in NXT! Trick’s vest is incredible, as he addresses his old friend Carmelo turning on him. The fans are so behind Trick. Trick really laid into Carmelo and it was super good, and he challenges him to a match at Stand & Deliver. Strangely, Noam Dar and Meta-Four interrupted and I guess this random situation was set up for a match between the both of them next week. Noam talks about losing the Hertiage Cup and he wasn’t a sook about it, and Noam headed to the ring and said he wants to steal Trick’s hype. Lash Legend then gets on the mic and follows up. Trick ends up brawling with Noam and Oro Mensah and Lash goes after him and… leans her over and SHE KISSES HIM!! That is hilarious! I was laughing so hard over that as Lash was overwhelemed and he sent Oro and Noam to the outside. Lash gets told off by Noam and this was an incredible end to the show!

Final Thoughts:
Wow that was such an unexpected end to NXT, I would welcome a Lash/Trick duo. They kissed good! They keep making every week interesting which is so welcome from this fan right here. Long live NXT!

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