NXT #718 Results & Review (January 29th, 2024)

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NXT #718
January 30th, 2024
WWE Performance Center
Orlando, Florida

It’s time for the go home show for NXT Vengeance Day this weekend, and it’s certainly an exciting time for NXT with all their current stories and having their first PLE of 2024 coming up.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic 2024 Semi Final Match
Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams vs. LWO (Cruz Del Toro & Joaquin Wilde)

The Match:
Surely Trick and Melo go through to the Finals at Vengeance Day. I would be very surprised to see the LWO facing Bron and Baron Corbin! Booker T is on fire early on with his OH YEAH and OH YES. The LWO really have become a great team, here’s hoping on the Main Roster they can start getting that Tag Division cooking with a bit more gas. Trick needs to be careful with those Harlem Sidekicks because it looks like hes not hitting people on the chest and maybe some are pre emptively bumping. They did have a few overcomplicated spots that didn’t quite hit the mark. This had a sweet finish though and Hayes and Trick win!

Winner/s: Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes via pinfall in 12:33

After the match Oba Femi came in and started attacking Dragon Lee’s friends the LWO! The LWO fight back after Dragons run in but Femi still destroyed them. That was fucking AWESOME.

Backstage Ava is with Ridge who wants to face Gallus in a 3 on 1 match. Lexis King rocked up with a gift basket for the GM, that’s the perfect way to interrupt somebody backstage. Ava announces a match between the two tonight.

Tatum Paxley is then backstage and rubbing a feather over a picture of Tatum and Lyra. Lyra enters the scene and she is beside herself over Tatum’s actions last week, and Tatum is about to face Roxanne Perez one on one.

Singles Match
Roxanne Perez vs. Tatum Paxley

The Match:
Lyra Valkyria is on guest commentary for this one. Annoyingly, during Tatums entrance we go to a commercial break. We also annoyingly don’t get audio for the beginning of the match too! Tatum got distracted with Lyra at ringside. Roxanne hit Pop Rox on Paxley and picked up the easy win! Paxley attempted an attack afterward and Roxanne got on top of her, and Lyra pulled her off as they stood across at one another.

Winner: Roxanne Perez via pinfall in 2:19.

Backstage Arianna Grace is giving Wren Sinclair advice on how to be a lady, Fallon Henley walks into the scene and tells Arianna to shutup, and Arianna is SO insulted, never more insulted in her life! This looks to lead to a Singles Match later. As easy as that.

Singles Match
Elektra Lopez vs. Lola Vice

The Match:
Here we go dude, these two fiery latin women are going to tee OFF on one another. I fully expect Lola to win this one, but we’ll see hey? Elektra came out hot with a spear and they brawled around the ring before getting back in there. Vice hit a running butt attack in the corner and showed a lot of aggression. This is definitely Elektra’s most important match of her career so far. Lola ended up winning clean with a spin kick to the head!

Winner: Lola Vice via pinfall in 3:28.

Dijak is studying some matches on an iPad as Joe Gacy arrives in this dark room Dijak is in. They bicker back and forth and Joe Gacy says he will never leave Dijak alone, and it looks like we have a cinematic fight for a few seconds! Who knows what will happen next with those two.

Singles Match
Ridge Holland vs. Lexis King

The Match:
Early on, Ridge is in control. We go to another annoying commercial break during the match. Lexis started to try build a comeback by working the knee. Lexis really has come into his own since being in NXT. See how a little focus can transform a performer? The good thing about this match is it’s difficult to figure out who’s going to win! They really went back and forth. Lexis went for the Coronation and Ridge reversed it, as he closed in on Lexis, and Joe Coffey and Gallus ran out. Lexis managed to cut Ridge off and hit the Coronation for the win! Gallus attacked Ridge after the match. They were looking to break Ridge’s ankle in some steel chairs which looked terrific, it’ll be interesting to see where this goes.

Winner: Lexis King via pinfall in 9:38.

Andre Chase is depressed backstage about the end of Chase U as we go to commercial.

Melo and Trick are backstage taking their gear off and happy over their win, and they talked about Melo in the Rumble and Trick Williams on Smackdown. Melo talks about Ilja Dragnov again and then they start talking about the Dusty Cup Finals this weekend. Trick then says he’s going to handle stuff with Ilja face to face. Melo then doubles down on how he’s right and had his back since the beginning.

Is This The End for Chase University?

Chase U are in the ring all sad with the most triumphant theme song ever playing. Andre gets emotional talking about the end of Chase U, and how he was at fault for it, but he’s grateful to have been able to live his dream. Duke gets on the mic and says there’s a tribute video he had made to Chase U. It’s hilarious. Especially the part where Andre was being an asshole for so long. It was a beautiful package showing how great the run has been over the last 3 years. Jacy Jane then came out as Andre was about to close the door on Chase U for good. Jacy then says that Chase U ended up becoming really important to the lives of everyone in Chase U. Jacy then states she’s found a way to save Chase U. Andre’s little confused face is brilliant. She shows off that there’s a Ladies of Chase U Calendar, and all these chicks she’s been talking to for weeks come out, and it’s crazy to see that there must be so many people in the Performance Center unless they are all plants. The Calendar will be on Sale on Sunday at Vengeance Day and it will make so much money that it will launch them into the next decade. Andre hugs Jacy and she’s officially in Chase U! This actually gave me goosebumps which makes me laugh.

We cut to a package with The Family talking about it being their time to take over, Adriana talks herself up, and the goodfellas build her up. They talk about Vengeance Day and they are challenging OTM to a 6 person match.

Brooks Jensen walks upto Fallon Henley and talks about their old group, and reminisces with her, but Fallon is busy and has to leave and Brooks looks dejected like he doesn’t know what to do with himself. I am digging this story! We’re now learning about Brooks’ plight.

Chase U are backstage and they are celebrating big time. Andre tells Jacy she saved his life. Lexis King wants a signed copy of the calendar, and Riley Osborne tells Lexis to back off and Lexis buggers off angry saying nobody likes Riley. Thea says she likes Riley and she backtracks a bit when he’s thinking she meant ‘like like’, and then it was interrupted with Dijak and Joe Gacy brawling backstage!

Singles Match
Fallon Henley (w/Wren Sinclair) vs. Arianna Grace

The Match:
I am really glad they found a spot for Wren so soon. Arianna’s theme hit and her entrance is hilarious, she’s so happy whilst making that entrance. You know what? Fallon has a fantastic tan. Fallon really has become a staple of NXT in the last few months. Also, where is Nikkita Lyons? It’s been nearly 4 weeks. There’s another commercial break during a match and that’s probably my only complaint about NXT right now except for the fact Kelly Kincaid is starting to get used less and less, but they have TOTALLY removed the backstage interview interruption! That doesn’t mean Kelly shouldn’t be interviewing people still. Jakara Jackson and Lash Legend got involved and Arianna beat Fallon!

Winner: Arianna Grace via pinfall in 8:39.

Then there’s a vignette with OTM as they talk about The Family and how they’re facing off with them at Vengeance Day.

We cut to Dijak and Joe Gacy fighting on the top of some sort of platform outside of the Performance Center. Dijak THEN KICKS JOE OFF THE PLATFORM and he lands in a massive Dumpster! How dramatic.

Bron Breakker is backstage on the phone, and Baron runs in yelling and Bron just hangs up with phone. Baron is bragging about how good Bron’s appearance in the Rumble, and Baron accidentally called them the Wolf Dogs and Bron is super excited about him acknowledging the name. This is like Head Cheese with Blackman and Al Snow. They talk about Vengeance Day and wanting to win the Dusty Cup and the Tag Team Titles.

WWE NXT Heritage Cup Title Match
Noam Dar (w/Jakara Jackson, Lash Legend & Oro Mensah) (c) vs. Von Wagner (w/Mr. Stone)

The Match:
Von’s old Skull injury seems to have been completely dropped from his characters narrative. Von hasn’t wrestled in months! It’s strange isn’t it? Von was really in charge early on, Noam really has had a good run with the Cup this time around. I just wonder what Noam would do beyond this division and how far he’s going to go in WWE. Von kept hitting Noam in the head and kept punching him after the bell, and Mr. Stone tries to calm Von down. Oro Mensah then copped it sweet. Noam nailed Von with a big kick and got a pinfall to end Round 2.

We got back from commercial break and Von hit a stalling suplex. Lash and Jakara got involved and Fallon Henley and Wren Sinclair brawled with them to the back! Von ends round 3 in a submission, and Mr Stone begged Von to dig deep. We start Round 4 with Dar working on Von Wagners skull, so they did end up referencing it. Noam ended up beating Von 2-0 after Von hit the ringpost and Noam pinned him with a roll up. After the match Von attacked Noam and Oro and Mensah got put through the announce table!

Winner: STILL NXT Heritage Cup Champion, Noam Dar 2-0. in 10:10.

Outside the building Ava is screaming at him. Dijak wants a match with Gacy. Gacy climbs up out of the Dumpster and accepts the challenge.

Trick Williams and Ilja Dragunov Confrontation

Trick calls out Ilja Dragunov. Ilja comes out and he’s excited to fight Trick, and you know what, Ilja is extremely excited about the fight and goes to shake Trick’s hand. Trick won’t accept it. Trick starts to accuse Ilja, and Ilja knows Carmelo is a little voice in his head, and their relationship is built on respect. Ilja is insulted. Trick thinks it’s obvious Ilja postponed the title match to Vengeance Day when Trick has a Dusty Rhodes Classic Match at the same show. The situation on Sunday is very interesting. They shake hands and Trick says may the best man win, and Ilja hugs him which freaks Trick out a bit, and Bron Breakker and Baron Corbin attack! Ilja got knocked down, and the Wolf Dogs brawl with Trick and Melo! Ilja gets up and is steaming mad, staring at Trick, as Bron and Baron are held back by referees. It was dramatic but also a weird end to the show!

Final Thoughts:

This was a good go-home show for NXT Vengeance Day this weekend, they continue to tell so many stories in NXT and I for one really look forward to the show this Sunday!

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