AEW Collision Results & Reviews January 27 (2024)

AEW Collision took place at the Brookshire Grocery Arena in Bossier City, LA. The night’s results included an AEW International Championship title match, a continental classic crown match, further developments in the Hangman/Strickland rivalry and an elimination cage match main event.

Commentators – Tony Schiavone, Nigel McGuiness, Kevin Kelly

Tag Team Match

Jon Moxley and Claudio Castagnoli vs Shane Taylor and Lee Moriarty

Shane Taylor and Lee Moriarty have barely had any TV time in the last couple of months. They haven’t been presented as a threat.

The night before on Rampage, Jon Moxley defeated Moriarty with a headlock. Afterwards Taylor and Moriarty knocked Moxley down and got some payback.

Moxley has invited his mate from The Black Pool Combat Club, Claudio Castagnoli to do what? I would really like to know the logic and thinking when booking this match.

I just don’t understand when the show isn’t drawing ratings this is the best they can come up with?

The ending? Well Jon Moxley made Shane Taylor pass out again with the same headlock, seriously.

Winner – Jon Moxley and Claudio Castagnoli

Backstage Lexi is with Kommander and The Undisputed Kingdom who requested this time to talk to him. 

Roderick strong starts by saying “Kommander” in the shouting tone he used to say “Adam” which was quite funny. 

Strong says to Kommander “Imagine being AEW International Champion for 5 weeks before I beat you at Revolution” 

He said the only way that could happen is with The Undisputed Kingdom’s help. 

Roderick grabbed Komanders hand and shook it like they had a deal. Kommander was left looking confused. 

AEW International Championship Match

Orange Cassidy (c) vs Kommander

I’ll say that I liked how they planted the seed that The Undisputed Kingdom could potentially screw Orange Cassidy over here as without that setup this match would be unbelievably obvious that Cassidy is winning. 

The guys kept it lucha style in this match and were having a nice bit of back and forth until the Undisputed Kingdom came down to the ring and sat ringside with their steel chairs, this made Cassidy and Kommander a little uneasy. 

Roderick Strong distracted the referee and gave Kommander the nod as Taven and Bennett were on the outside ready to hit Cassidy with their belts.

Kommander has some crazy athleticism, this was evident when he ran across the ropes and flipped onto Taven and Bennett on the outside, this however cost him the match as he slid in the ring and got The Orange Punch with Cassidy winning and retaining his title.

Winner – Orange Cassidy 

Roderick Strong looked like he was going to hand Cassidy the title but he dropped it at his feet and left with Taven and Bennett.

Backstage Daniel Garcia is on the floor bloodied and beaten with his friend Matt Menard calling for help. 

A Toni Storm segment is next in black and white as usual, Toni is mad at Dianno Purrazzo. Mariah May once again asks Storm if she will watch her match on Collision, Storm says yes this time but declines when she finds out what city it is in. 

Singles Match

Mariah May vs Lady Frost

I haven’t seen Lady Frost in months, she has the spot of putting others over and this was the case in this match in another predictable affair.

Mariah May picks up another victory to put her record to 2-0 with her finisher Mayday Mayday. 

Winner – Mariah May 

A Swerve Strickland package is next, he questions AEW keeping the Hangman vs Swerve rivalry going but understands that it’s because it’s big business, he picks Toa Liona from The Mogul Embassay to face Hangman on Dynamite, a man that hasn’t been pinned or submitted in AEW. 

Hangman Page is backstage and doesn’t reveal who he has picked to face Swerve on Dynamite, instead he says he will have to wait the whole show to find out. 

Continental Classic Crown Match

Eddie Kingston vs Willie Mack

Not sure what Willie Mack did to receive this shot at the title as I’ve only ever seen him lose. They have totally devalued this Triple Crown Championship in my opinion.

All those that were in a Tournement for a month or so battling it out for this championship have never received a title shot but instead Kingston has been defending against guys who are either hardly ever on tv or lose regularly.

Very predictable outcome with Willie Mack going for his 6 star frogsplash with Eddie Kingston getting the knees up and hitting Mack with the Spinning Backfist for the win. 

Winner – Eddie Kingston

Bryan Danielson comes down the aisle as Kingston is walking up, Danielson completely ignores him as he makes his way to the ring. 

Eddie Kingston joins the commentary team for the next match.

Singles Match

Bryan Danielson vs Yuji Nagata

I remember back when Yuji was in WCW with Sonny Ono at ringside, pretty cool to see him still wrestling all these years later. 

This AEW audience ate this match up with the crowd split on who they wanted to win. I think it was pretty obvious Danielson wasn’t going to lose to the 55 year old Nagata and once again played the role of a heel,  resorting to some less than admirable tactics during the match. 

This match went for ages with these guys striking each other with forearms all over the place until finally Danielson hit Yuji with the running knees to pin the NJPW legend. 

Winner – Bryan Danielson 

Danielson made his way up the ramp with everyone expecting him to ignore Kingston again but instead he flipped him off.

Lexi is backstage with FTR who are outside the trainers room who are working on Daniel Garcia, she asks for an update but they say they are still waiting.

Marc Briscoe comes in the scene and offers his services to replace Garcia, FTR say they will see how Garcia is but he will be the first person they ask if he can’t go.

Backstage Renee is with Bryan Cage, he complains about why everyone is talking about Hook, he said he was the first FTW Champion. Hook comes in the scene and says anytime he wants a shot he is here. 

Singles Match

Serena Deeb vs Robyn Renegade

Serena has had quite a number of vignettes hyping her return tonight,  she comes back to face Robyn Renegade who I have never seen before.

Robyn never received an entrance so we know the drill that she is enhancement talent. This didn’t last long as Serena tapped Renegade out in her leg lock. 

Winner – Serena Deeb 

Serena took the mic and said it was good to be back. She said she wanted to elevate the women’s division, put the wrestling back in AEW and to win the AEW Women’s title.

Eliminations Cage Match

FTR and Daniel Garcia vs House Of Black (Malakai Black, Brody King and Buddy Matthews

Marc Briscoe came out but got ambushed by House of Black who threw him off the ramp on to a table. FTR who were a man down fought outside the cage for a while until Daniel Garcia with a bandage around his head came limping down the ramp with all men getting inside.

Cash Wheeler went to the top of the cage which was 20 feet high and dived off onto all the bodies below knocking them over like bowling pins.

House of Black had control for a lot of this match. I didn’t realise this was an elimination cage match until Dax Harwood was hit by Brody King with both men spilling to the floor to escape. 

Only 4 men remained. Cash Wheeler and Buddy Matthews climbed over the cage with Buddy knocking Wheeler off the cage who landed on a table. Malakai Black motioned for Buddy to come back in to double team Garcia but Garcia grabbed Black and threw him against the cage which knocked Buddy Matthews off the cage who also landed through a table, now it was down to two men. 

Black and Garcia brawled in the ring untill Garcia got a break and climbed the cage, Julia Hart came from nowhere and spat mist into Garcia’s eyes. Black went to walk out the cage but Garcia screamed at Malakai to finish him off.

Black came back in but it was a mistake as Garcia ended up piledriving Black on a chair. Garcia couldn’t see well and felt his way around the ring until he found the cage and started climbing.

Black started to crawl towards to the door to escape and it was a race to the finish which looked like Black would get there first and he almost escaped but Marc Briscoe came from nowhere and flung the cage door into the face of Malakai Black which allowed Garcia to escape first and win the match. 

Winner – FTR and Daniel Garcia  

A main event that could easily been on a PPV, creative ending, good details, I was actually really impressed on how this one was put together.

Kevs Thoughts – Awesome main event tonight but the rest of the card was the same old story, predictable long wrestling matches. I’m not sure who wrote or put together the last match and the backstage stuff surrounding it but do more of that and less of the predictable stuff and this show would be much better off. 

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