NXT #715 Results and Review January 9 (2024)

It’s the fallout show from last week’s NXT New Years Evil, where we’re seeing the continuation of some feuds with Blair Davenport and Nikkita Lyons, as well as Gigi Dolin and Cora Jade.

The Dusty Rhodes Classic is back as well! Oh yeah, and we will find out what happened to Tiffany Stratton when she was a Ranch Hand for Fallon Henley this week.

Nikkita was arriving and got attacked by Blair Davenport moments ago and they’ve been ushered by referees to go to the ring and continue the fight. Blair better win this one!

Singles Match

Blair Davenport vs. Nikkita Lyons

Background: Nikkita was out with a big time injury for nearly a year and the angle was that Blair attacked her, and several other NXT ladies around the time. Nikkita returned with revenge on the mind, and they have been at it for weeks now, which has lead to this contest here.

The Match: Nikkita takes control as the match gets in the ring and begins. Nikitta hit a sick spin kick at one stage for a near fall before Blair got the advantage with help from the ring post. I don’t know what the hell was going on with Nikkita’s suplex on Blair but the timing was off. Then Nikkitas timing with off with her butt smash in the corner. If I was Blair I might be a little mad at Nikkita after the match. Nikkita missed a spin kick and hit the ring post. Blair managed to chop block Nikkita, and then she hit a massive knee to the head to get the big win! I’m glad Blair won that one, Lyons was a little rough here.

Aftermath: Blair gets a decisive win over Nikkita! I don’t think this feud will be over just yet.   

Winner: Blair Davenport via pinfall in 5:25.   

Carmelo Hayes (career bio here) and Trick Williams are backstage and Melo has good news for Trick, but Trick is still weary. He gonna holla at him. Melo says he got them the last spot in the Dusty Rhodes classic and Trick isn’t so sure about it. Carmelo convinces him and Trick is down.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic 2024 First Round Match

Baron Corbin & Bron Breakker vs. Gallus (Mark Coffey & Wolfgang) (w/Joe Coffey)

Background: This is a first round match in the annual Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. Gallus are former NXT Tag Team Champions, and Bron Breakker (career bio here) and Baron Corbin entered the tournament after Baron suggested it to Bron last week at New Years Evil.

The Match: I am expecting Bron and Baron to find their way through this one because it would be a tad strange for them to make a big deal out of them teaming together only to lose straight up. Gallus gained the advantage as their experience as a team showed they were able to match up to Bron and Baron.

I wonder if Baron is just happy to stay in NXT because this is the best version I have seen of him since his debut. Gallus got heat on Corbin, before Bron got the hot tag. Again, the explosiveness of Bron Breakker is a sight to see. Bron spears Wolfgang as Baron hits the End of Days on Mark Coffey and they move forward in the tournament!

Aftermath: Bron Breakker and Baron Corbin move forward in the 2024 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic!

Winner/s: Baron Corbin & Bron Breakker via pinfall in 10:54.   

We head on over to Fallon Henleys Ranch, and Tiffany is late to work and she’s dressed absolutely ridiculous. Hot, but ridiculous. It got funnier when Fallon said Horse Shit was needing to be picked up.

Lyra Valkyria is walking backstage and pretending there isn’t a camera in front of her, and once again she looked pretty excellent with her hair down again. Lyra cuts her usual kind of promo, it always feels slightly… rehearsed and not natural.

Lola Vice then interrupts because we definitely weren’t getting out of that without an interruption. Lola Vice and Elekra Lopez walk out with their sass. Lola reiterates her Womens Breakout Tournament victory and her title shot whenever she wants. Lyra takes exception to it.

Lola’s outfit is awesome, but so ridiculous. You have to be so stuck up to wear something like that. Lyra wants to do the match with Lola now, and Elektra and Lola attack Lyra and assault here, and of course, Tatum Paxley comes out and makes the save. Is there anybody in NXT that isn’t drop dead gorgeous? I swear to god.

Meta Four are backstage and they’re watching last week when Briggs, Jensen and Fallon all split and went their seperate ways and they were all just screaming at the iPad. Ridiculous. COINCIDENTALLY! Josh Briggs shows up, what are the odds? Josh Briggs blames Oro for the loss to Noam Dar for the Heritage Cup, they start bickering, and I knew it wouldn’t be long till they’d be in the ring having a match.

THE LEGAL EAGLE Luca Crucifino is with Ava,  Luca is showing Ava some evidence of his foot being under the rope during the NXT Mens Breakout Tournament, and she said she will pass is concerns along, but she’s got bigger fish to fry and now Dragon Lee walks in. Ava is happy to hear Dragon Lee is back after his Visa issues, and Lexis King rocks up wanting a title shot at the NXT North American Championship.    

Singles Match

Oro Mensah (w/Jakara Jackson, Lash Legend & Noam Dar) vs. Josh Briggs

Background: They just argued backstage, because Mensah screwed Briggs last week.    

The Match: The fight breaks out straight away. Briggs surely wins this one, right? Lash pulls Oro out the ring after getting slammed down with authority, and then Briggs chased to the outside, as he got in the ring Noam grabbed his foot, so that Oro could clock him with a short superkick – that was a good spot. Briggs fought back with a chokeslam, they attempted more interference on the outside but Briggs took Mensahs head off with a big time lariat.  

 Aftermath: Briggs still looks like he wants that NXT Heritage Cup as he stared down Noam Dar after the match.   

Winner: Josh Briggs via pinfall in 3:26.   

Tiffany is at the Ranch doing all of her chores with the funniest ‘southern’ music in the background. Tiffanys feet are killing her, because she’s in heels. She then had to wash a Horses down because it had chucked a massive load of poo. Now Tiffany is dirty, and she wants a shower. Tiffany is beside herself having the clean the stalls which are loaded with a LOT of Brown Horse poo.   

WWE NXT Tag Team Title Match

The Family (Channing Lorenzo & Tony D’Angelo) (w/Adriana Rizzo) (c) vs. Out The Mud (Bronco Nima & Lucien Price) (w/SCRYPTS)

Background: Out The Mud are finally getting an opportunity at the NXT Tag Team Titles against the crowd favorites, The Family. Adriana Rizzo is out there now with them and that’s grat news for me.    

The Match: I smell successful title defence here. OTM do need to start getting more in the hunt, we need an angle that teaches us about the past of Nima and Price. The move that Out The Mud hit on Stacks on the outside looked REALLY dangerous. We go to commercial, Stacks did a great job selling.

Stacks fought from underneath and finally managed to get the hot tag to Tony D. Tony went buck wild on this hot tag, as the WONDERFUL Adriana Rizzo cheered on from ringside.

OTM got close but the Family shut them out after Stacks dove on them, they hit the Bada Boom, Bada Bing but Nima got involved and broke up the pin! SCRYPTS tried to get involved but Adriana shoved him off the top rope. Tony D hit the Fuggetaboutit and The Family retain the titles!

Aftermath: Good showing for OTM, but The Family continue on their illustrious run as Tag Team Champs, I just really hope when that package gets put on the Main Roster, they have a game plan for them and they don’t get lost in the shuffle.   

Winner/s: STILL NXT Tag Team Champions, The Family (Channing Lorenzo & Tony D’Angelo) (w/Adriana Rizzo) via pinfall in 11:47.   

NXT Anonymous caught Jacy Jane trying to pitch some ladies from Chase U an idea on how they can help to save the University. I barely paid attention because MY HOMIE the one and only Madi Wrenkowski was seen in the back ground. Great nodding, smiling, and ethusiasm as a background character there Madi!    

Oba Femi has an Interview with Kelly Kincaid and Kelly asks when he wants to cash in, and he can cash in anytime on any belt. Lexis King interrupts, so our 3 week streak is over. Lexis flirts with Kelly. Oba asks if thats the Main Event tonight, then looks at his contract.

Gallus are backstage having a tantrum over what happened. Joe tries to chill the boys out, Ridge Holland walks by and Joe rips into him. A confrontation takes place. Gallus threaten Ridge.   

Singles Match

Gigi Dolin vs. Cora Jade

Background:  This alll started a few weeks ago when Cora stole back her locker from Karmen Petrovic who Cora defeated and then attacked after the match.

The Match: Gigi’s angles continue to be pretty cookie cutter. I’d have her approach Jacy after the Chase U angle is over saying how she sees that shes changed and they should goto the main roster together and take those Tag Titles.

Cora dominated Gigi early. Gigi fought back and went for her finish, but Cora held onto the referee. Cora then hit her Double Arm DDT to pick up the win. That was wayyyy too quick.

Aftermath: I guess… this feud is over? This did something for Cora but not Gigi.   

Winner: Cora Jade via pinfall in 4:05. This should have been 14:05.   

OTM are walking in the Parking lot mad over their loss tonight. They run into ‘Miss Parker’ and I have no idea what’s going on, but Jada Parker is apprently needed with OTM.    

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic 2024 First Round Match

Axiom & Nathan Frazer vs. Hank Walker & Tank Ledger

Background: Last week it was suggested between Axiom and Nathan Frazer that they should get together for the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. Nathan had a bit of foot in mouth and Edris Enofe and Malik Blade overheard and lost their shizit over it.   

The Match: I think Hank and Tank will lose again. They took control for half a second, but Nathan and Axiom are too quick. They continued to overcome Hank and Tank with their quickness. They really gave it to Nathan Frazer and Axiom to finish them off. The together teams seem to be struggling against the random teams! Frazer hit the Phoenix Splash to win!

Aftermath: Axiom & Nathan Frazer advance in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.

Winner/s: Axiom & Nathan Frazer via pinfall in 4:45.

Tiffany is back at the ranch. Tiffany started to impress the ranchers, and Tiffany ripped into Fallon about enjoying that job. Fallon was about to compliment her, then Tiffany fell into a pool of water after stepping in horse shit. I would have shot it differently, but that was still fun.   

Edris Enofe and Malik Blade are getting the chance now to show their personality as they talk about facing Trick and Melo next week. Britny Reece shows up to do her best Muffy impression to get them ready to work out for their shot. So many ladies are being introduced as a valet or side piece to the outfit now.      

WWE NXT North American Title Match

Dragon Lee (c) vs. Lexis King

Background: Lexis King challenged Dragon Lee to this match earlier tonight. Lexis interrupted an Oba Femi interview soon after which makes Oba a threat to this one. This is Dragon Lee’s 4th defence of the title but honestly, he’s transitional as he’s already main roster.

The Match: Lexis has continued to be a nuisance in NXT. Dragon definitely won’t be in NXT long, so maybe Lexis is a good person to take the belt, but the North American title has been hot potatoed lately. Dragon Lee handled the situation well, Trey Bearhill distracted Lexis. I wonder when that will get to what it needs. Dragon got a heap of momentum going and Lexis was in trouble! Dragon finishes off Lexis and retains the title!   

Aftermath: Dragon continues on with his reign, another.. hang on. Oba Femi’s theme hits and he cashes in! Thank god there’s a cash in that doesn’t get Damian Priest foiled.

Winner: STILL NXT North American Champion, Dragon Lee via pinfall in 8:46.

WWE NXT North American Title Match

Dragon Lee (c) vs. Oba Femi

Background: Oba clearly wanted this earlier in the show. I am just going to watch this.   

The Match: Oba dealt with Dragon Lee’s quickness, and wanted to finish it off, but Oba Femi powerbombed the hell out of Dragon Lee to win the belt and I bet he holds it for a long time. No more Hot Potato.    

Aftermath: This is Oba Femi’s time with that belt, that belt ain’t going anywhere for a while, let’s be honest.   

Winner: NEW NXT North American Champion, Oba Femi via pinfall in 1:16. Final Thoughts: Wow another great episode of NXT! I can’t wait for next week.

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