MLW: Kings of Colloseum Results & Review (2024)

Here we are again, it’s time for the first Major League Wrestling Pay Per View of the year, and it’s somewhat of a new era, as it’s the show where Matt Riddle and Sami Calihan come back to MLW, Richard Holliday returns, it’s a stacked show, and I just wish Zayda was on the card.

You can catch the replay of this event on Triller Tv!

Six Man Tag Team Match

Alec Price & Wasted Youth (Dyln McKay & Marcus Mathers) vs. Griffin McCoy, TJ Crawford & Tony Deppen

I couldn’t possibly tell you the background to this one, I know Wasted Youth are able to get a MLW World Tag Title shot in the future, and Tony Deppen has become quite the darstedly heel in MLW.

The Match:
This is your high flying opener that everyone comes to expect to open any given Major League Wrestling card.

With the lawsuit with WWE being over and both sides settling, I really hope that gave MLW a big time influx of money which might help them grow in size.

Alec Price has a lot of talent and athleticism! This is only the second time I have seen him and Wasted Youth perform. Wasted Youth need to get in the gym and work on their bodies so they dont look so soft.

There was an assisted powerbomb instigated by Tony Deppen by him and his boys that was dreadful. Come on guys, don’t overcomplicate things when it’s supposed to be simple.

Deppen and his boys started to close in, the referee needs to show he gives a damn that there’s people in the ring that shouldn’t be there. They all started exchanging finishing moves, then there was a huge double powerbomb by Wasted Youth, as Alec Price hit a DOUBLE BLOCKBUSTER at the same time.

This match does come across super choreographed, Alec Price was the stand out though. Great finish though! Wasted Youth hit a Shooting Star followed by a 450 Splash and they picked up a pretty big win!

Wasted Youth looking strong before their inevitable MLW World Tag Team Title match.

This all seemed pretty definitive, no angle going forward here.

Winner/s: Alec Price & Wasted Youth (Dyln McKay & Marcus Mathers) via pinfall in 9:47.

NEVERMIND, Zayda is here and she’s on a mic backstage. She got all that sass, that’s what I like about her, amongst other things. Mr Thomas greets her at the door and she wants to inside scoop from Alex Kane on the main event later on.

Zayda storms off angry as Alex lays it all out there on what he’s going to do to Richard Holliday later. Her facial expressions throughout the promo were hilarious.

MLW Women’s World Featherweight Title Match

Janai Kai (w/Salina de la Renta) (c) vs. Hyper Misao

Hyper Misao is the next challenger to Janai Kai, and is another representative from Japanese Joshi Wrestling company, TJPW – apart of MLW’s open door policy. This is Janai’s 4th defence of the Featherweight Championship since winning it 85 days ago.

The Match:
Misao has a super hero gimmick. Janai Kai is so interesting looking, I honestly think she looks she’s from from another planet. She’s had a great run as champion so far. I would REALLY like to see Zayda challenge her for the title. I wouldn’t be surprised if the World Titan Federation ended up with all the titles at some point!

Misao copped a bit of a heat, before her come back where she rode her bike around the ring and hit a clothesline on Janai whcih was ridiculous, and fun. MLW is starting to remind me a little bit of ECW.

Misao locked in a Crossface Chicken Wing, as Salina gets on the ring apron and went to throw powder in Misao’s face, but Salina got sprayed in the face. Salina wiped her face with cash which was hilarious. Hyper Misao then got clocked and was made to tap out by Janai.

Janai continues her reign!

Winner: STILL MLW Featherweight Champion, Janai Kai via Submission in 7:15.

MLW World Tag Team Title Match

The Second Gear Crew (1 Called Manders & Matthew Justice) (c) vs. World Titan Federation (Josh Bishop & Tom Lawlor) (w/Saint Laurent)

The World Titan Federation are clearly the new thing right now. They’re trying to run rough shot over the company right now, and claiming the MLW World Tag Team Titles would be a good move, as they still have not got any championships within their stable.

The Match:
Tables are introduced early on as its an all out brawl between the teams on the outside. Thankfully, Mister Saint Laurent brought Zayda out with him. It’s like this – as soon as I see her doing anything, I am entertained.

Bishop and Manders are chopping eachother over and over, and over, and over. The use of the weapons is really making this feel like ECW for me. I think if MLW go more down that route, it would be a good style of identity to adopt. More foul language may be needed.

The World Titan Federation were taking solid control of the match as it wore on. Justice and Manders took advantage and set up double doors on 2 sets of 2 chairs! I wondered how the hell that is going to work. The doors had been set up twice and when they bump in the ring, it completely falls apart. Just… if you’re setting it up that way boys, just set it up when you’re to do it.

Zayda got involved and I laughed so hard when Manders clotheslined the hell out of poor little Zayda. Manders then got the Razors edge over the top rope to the outside through a table. Zayda got carried backstage which hurt my heart. Justice was then getting set up to go through these doors, but Lawlor got shoved off by Justice and he went through a table on the outside. Justice then hit a DVD off the top and didn’t end up breaking the fucking doors. For Christ sake.

They got attacked after the match by Josh Bishop with a door, and they make it seem like they still want those Tag Team Titles.

Winner/s: STILL MLW World Tag Team Champions, The Second Gear Crew (1 Called Manders & Matthew Justice) via pinfall in 15:40.

MLW National Openweight Title Taipei Death Match

Rickey Shane Page (c) vs. AKIRA

For weeks, Akira and Rickey Shane Page of The Calling had been butting heads ever since Akira lost the MLW World Middleweight Championship at MLW Slaughterhouse last year against Rocky Romero on October 14th. It came to a head at the following MLW Fightland event, where The Calling lost the MLW World Tag Team Championship to the Second Gear Crew, Matthew Justice and 1 Called Manders.

After the match, Page and the rest of The Calling attacked Akira, kicking him out of the group. On the season finale of MLW Fusion, Akira challenged Page for the latter’s MLW National Openweight Championship, but was quickly defeated.

The Calling would conduct a post-match assault on Akira afterwards, before Akira managed to low blow RSP. On December 19, MLW announced a rematch between the two for the title in a Taipei Deathmatch, where both participants will have taped fists covered in broken glass. This was a match made famous in ECW between Ian and Axl Rotten.

The Match:
AKIRA charged out there and had enough of waiting and wanted to get to the match as soon as possible. RSP and AKIRA brawl to begin the fight, and RSP takes advantage after he throws AKIRA through a door in the corner.

AKIRA is bleeding already – we really needed some closeups of the fists covered in glass. RSP is just beating the crap out of AKIRA early on, AKIRA was in a world of hurt, and had a piece of door smashed on his head, so well that his head popped through it. This match is like watching a bully constantly beat up the little guy and no matter what the little guy does, he just can’t match up to the bully.

AKIRA got in a Lou Thesz press, and his punches have lead to RSP bleeding too. I have to admit though, it’s pretty obvious when they’re blading but that’s probably just because I know how it’s done. RSP hit a huge superplex followed by a massive splash off the top rope. I am becoming a big fan of Rickey Shane Page. RSP hit a Raven Effect out of no where. RSP emptied a bucket of broken glass on AKIRA, and he set up a glass table over AKIRA. RSP then HIT A SENTON OFF THE TOP through the glass table, and AKIRA kicked out. This has become a bloodbath! Sami Calihan then got involved as AKIRA was about to finally end it once and for all, and hits a Raven Effect on AKIRA, and RSP retains.

Sami Callihan appears to have joined the Calling! AKIRA will surely be continuing his plight against RSP and the Calling. It would be interesting to see him try and get his revenge after this, he’s been copping it for months now!

Winner: STILL MLW National Openweight Champion, Rickey Shane Page via pinfall in 12:23.

Love Is Blind Match

Brett Ryan Gosselin vs. Love Doug

For several months, Love Doug has attempted to attract the attention of B3cca with unsuccessful results. On the special MLW Fusion on Thanksgiving special on November 23, Love, Doug seemed to have luck after receiving an invitation for a rendezvous. However, it turned out the invitation was sent by Brett Ryan Gosselin, who was B3cca’s boyfriend. Gosselin would take the opportunity to bludgeon Love, Doug with a crowbar, leaving him bloody and with multiple injuries to the face.

On December 13th, MLW announced on their website that Love, Doug and Gosselin will compete in a “Love is Blind(fold)” match at Kings of Colosseum. I am sure B3cca will get involved at some point.

The Match:
This should be interesting to see how they pull this one off. I’ve seen a few blindfold matches in my time as a fan, I think Triple H Vs D’Lo Brown is my favorite one I’ve seen. They finally touched, ducked, then double clotheslined eachother. Gosselin pulled up the blindfold and then hit Doug with brass knucks. Asai DDT by Love Doug out of the blue and he won the match!

I don’t know where the angle goes from here, I was surprised b3cca didn’t get involved at all, I suppose the angle ends here!

Winner: Love, Doug via pinfall in 3:22. 

Mistico is announced to perform at SuperFight on February 3rd.

MLW World Heavyweight Title Match

Alex Kane (w/Mr. Thomas) (c) vs. Richard Holliday (w/Saint Laurent)

After Alex Kane successfully defended the MLW World Heavyweight Championship against Matt Cardona at MLW One Shot in December, Kane called out anyone to challenge him.

The lights went out and former MLW talent Richard Holliday appeared, marking his first appearance in MLW since June 2022. Mister Saint Laurent then told Holliday he would offer him a world title match against Kane, if he would join the World Titan Federation. Holliday then accepted and joined the World Titan Federation!

The Match:
I’ve heard a lot about Richard, but I have never seen him perform. Feeling out process to begin, I think Kane will retain here, but it won’t be long till the World Titan Federation have all the titles. Especially with Zayda as the Featherweight Champion, the Federette is clearly the future of MLW.

I’m watching Richard Holliday perform, and I’m trying to figure out what it is about him that the WWE didn’t want. Richard was like the indy Austin Theory, that’s a compliment.

Striker was like “Noooo, nooooo, noooo” on a 2 count. The referee copped it and Holliday was tapping. As Alex looked close to winning, Alex and Josh interfered.

I can’t see this going any further.

Winner: STILL MLW World Champion, Alex Kane in 13:55.

Satoshi Kojima is brought out to the ring, and is named the new #1 Contender to the MLW World Heavyweight Championship. It’s also revealed by Joe Dombrowski for those that may have forgotten, Kojima was the first ever MLW World Champion in 2003 during the first era of Major League Wrestling.

Satoshi got in the ring and threw out bagels to the crowd which was rather funny. Sami Calihan interrupted as Satoshi starts talking. Sami has a great promo voice. That’s what I want to see Sami, some foul language as he states he calls bullshit on Satoshi being named #1 Contender. Sami spits water in Joes face, and security rush out and split up a brawl with Sami and Kojima.

Singles Match

Jacob Fatu vs. Matt Riddle

Matt Riddle was recently released from the WWE and he’s back in a company he used to work for, which is MLW. This match was put together as somewhat of a dream match between Riddle and former MLW World Champion, Jacob Fatu.

The Match:
This should be interesting, will the ex WWE guy come in and immediately go over or does he walk in humbled? Riddle really was on the cusp of something in WWE, he went over Rollins and everything, and then just screwed it up.

Fatu was in charge early, and hit a nice suicide dive, and Riddle one upped him with the Floating Bro. Fatu then caught a Floating Bro in mid air and hit a sitdown powerbomb! This was really back and forth between them.

Riddle hit a twisting senton again, and he and Jacob ended up shouting UCE and BRO at one another. Riddle caught him in a Triangle choke reversing a moonsault! Riddle kept choking Jacob who finally managed to get out of it, before letting his guard down for too long and then Riddle made him tap to an arm lock/choke. That was a great match.

Who knows where either of them go next, I wouldn’t be surprised if Riddle turned heel and joined the World Titan Federation to take the belt off Alex Kane.

Winner: Matt Riddle via pinfall in 12:28.

Final Thoughts:
I am loving MLW right now, it’s like a 2024 version of ECW. Great stories, Zayda, a solid sports presentation, Zayda, and Zayda. Looking forward to MLW Reload!

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