Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport X Results & Review (April 4th, 2024)

Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport X
April 4th, 2024
Penns Landing Caterers
Philadephia, Pennsylvania

I watched Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport IX last year and it was a really interesting concept. For those unaware, it is essentially a show of worked shoot fights. I find it to be something that would get old if it happened every week, but doing it once a year makes it rather interesting. I was SHOCKED to see Charlie Dempsey from NXT show up for this show, as he wasn’t on the card! It was also interesting to see Shayna Baszler on the card too, but that was something I had already read about prior. This show is unique in that it features talent from TNA, MLW, AEW, NJPW, BJW, NXT and WWE. This is a very, very rare kind of show! It’s almost like those old Brian Pillman Memorial Shows that would feature WWF, WCW and ECW talent back in the late 90’s. This kind of thing never happens.

Also, the initial card that was announced appears to have been changed or updated quite a bit. As we know, these are worked shoots that can end via knockout or submission, and the ring has no ropes!

Singles Match
AKIRA vs. Viktor Benjamin

The Match:
This is literally the only time I’ll review Game Changer Wrestling, as I am not really a fan of the company. Akira started this one off with a big takedown. This is the first time I am seeing Viktor who apparently has a background in MMA. AKIRA I have seen as a mainstay in Major League Wrestling in the last year, feuding with Rickey Shane Page. Viktor looked to be in charge, and peppered AKIRA with some kicks but AKIRA no sold it and hit a deadlift German suplex. AKIRA had Viktor in a standing crossface and then suplexed him out of it! AKIRA would end up getting clipped with a Gyro Kick and Viktor wins by Knockout!

Winner: Viktor Benjamin via TKO.

Another great thing about this show is that most of these matches are short! No overdrawn out 20 minute matches.

Singles Match
Nic Nemeth vs. Mike Bailey

The Match:
Bailey has a clear background in Martial Arts, and Nemeth has a solid amateur wrestling background. I can’t see Nemeth losing this, and you know what? He must be so stoked right now. He’s probably paid off a nice house after his time with WWE, made some fat stacks of cash, and now he gets to do all these different things. Wrestling in Japan, working for TNA Wrestling, now he’s trying out this Bloodsport concept – it must be fun. The fight started off really physical as the two really tried to sell that this was a legitimate fight. Nemeth twice in a row in the early going took Mike Bailey down and it lead to Bailey tumbling to the floor on the outside. Bailey managed to NAIL Nemeth with a kick to the head and looked to end things with ferocity with an arm bar! Nemeth managed to wiggle out of the situation. Nemeth ended up hitting a REAL looking Zig Zag, and locked in a rear naked choke and Nemeth won! That’s the 2nd match in a row… where fans booed the finish? Don’t tell me you marks want the matches to go longer?

Winner: Nic Nemeth via Submission.

Singles Match
Lindsay Snow vs. Lady Frost

The Match:
You can check out my exclusive interview with Lindsay Snow on the Insiders Edge Podcast on the Slam Society! It appears clear to me now that she’s back in GCW, her time in XPW is done. Big whoop. She’s taking on Lady Frost, who is representing AEW. Lindsay has won a Bloodsport tournament in the past. Lady Frost is LOOKING FIT! I didn’t realise she had a past in martial arts. They tested eachother out in the early going, I think Lady Frost is looking awesome so far, she’s very athletic! Linsday locked in a knee bar on Lady Frost and SHE TAPPED! What a surprise victory!

Winner: Lindsay Snow via submission.

I can tell these fans don’t enjoy the matches ending quickly. Well, get over it for christ sake? Lindsay getting the victory really surprised me.

Singles Match
Janai Kai vs. Marina Shafir

The Match:
Great seeing the MLW Women’s Featherweight Champion Janai Kai representing my beloved MLW. Why does Marina throw her socks in the crowd? Why would you give those creepers out there something to be weird about? I really hope Janai knocks Marina out. Janai better not get squashed, she’s very good at what she does and has got her thighs out for the guys. By that, I mean, HER THIGHS ARE SOLID BRO. Marina dominated the early going, and Kai attempted to grapple, but she is more of a striker. Janai ended up walloping Marina with a kick to the head, GREAT selling from Marina who looked like she was nearly out cold, and then as she weathered the storm, Janai hit a SWEET thrust kick to the head and Marina went down again! Come on Janai. Marina suddenly started no selling, and managed to maybe Janai tap to a choke, which was a little disappointing, but that’s because I am biased to MLW.

Winner: Marina Shafir via submission.

Singles Match

Matt Makowski w/Tracy Williams vs. Charlie Dempsey

The Match:
I am loving Charlie Dempsey’s journey in wrestling right now. The guy is the NXT Heritage Cup Champion, he’s wrestled in All Japan Pro Wrestling for the Triple Crown, and now he’s working Bloodsport. Charlie has clearly learned very well from his father William Regal, every time I see him wrestle he does something that impresses me. Charlie dominated the early going, whilst also putting Makowski over and making him look capable. Makowski hit a sweet double underhook suplex into an arm bar in mid air! Dempsey fought out of it. Makowski really gave Charlie a hard time, and Charlie locked in a double wrist lock after a ‘shoot’ German suplex, and he won via submission. That was super good!

Winner: Charlie Dempsey via submission.

Singles Match
Takuya Nomura vs. Fuminori Abe

The Match:
It’s time for a bit of Japanese flavor! I have not heard of these two guys before, but knowing they’re from Japan, it will likely be very stiff and physical. Nomura was really stiff with his kicks early on, after they had a bit of a slap fight. It was pretty much a stale mate, but then they did some spots where they weren’t selling one anothers strikes which is typical I suppose. Nomura was bleeding from the head, I think from a headbutt by Abe. Nomura managed to put Abe to sleep with a sleeper hold after some strikes.

Winner: Takuya Nomura via TKO.

Singles Match
Erik Hammer vs. Lou Nixon

The Match:
I remember Lou Nixon from the times he wrestled for XPW, which I assume is not happening anymore as well, just like pretty much everybody else that wrestled for them because Rob Black has no loyalty to anybody. Erik Hammer is undefeated at Bloodsport events, and I fully expect him to win this one too. Lou Nixon dropped Hammer early on with a knee to the head, and they grappled about after that seeking an advantage. Hammer locked in an arm lock, and appeared to ‘yank’ Nixon’s arm out of its socket when it reality I think Erik accidentally lost his grip on Lou’s arm. Lou tapped out!

Winner: Erik Hammer via submission.

Singles Match
Minoru Suzuki vs. Royce Isaacs

The Match:
Minoru Suzuki I am obviously very familiar with, and Royce Isaacs is a guy that I never got to see much of, and I think the last time I saw him was when he lost to John Morrison last year. I like Minoru, but I really get annoyed with his constant no selling. I get it, I know, I know, that’s his thing. They grappled a lot in the early going. Suzuki started playing around and going in and out the ring to break up the count out, and at one stage sat on a womans lap at ringside which was quite humerous. Suzuki put Isaacs to sleep and hit a Gotch Piledriver to win via TKO.

Winner: Minoru Suzuki via TKO.

My friend Nic sent me a picture of Nick Khan being at Bloodsport, which I thought was crazy. It’s really cool to see whats going on with WWE now Vince is gone.

Singles Match
Axel Tischer vs. Timothy Thatcher

The Match:
This was a struggle to begin with, as both had a grappling stalemate. Timothy Thatcher is a veteran of the wrestling business, and spent some time in NXT between 2020-2022 during the time period where they were hanging their hat on indy talent. Tischer showed a bit of ability too, and they went back and forth with strikes before Tischer hit a brainbuster. Thatcher out of no-where locked in a Fujiwara Arm Bar to get the victory.

Winner: Timothy Thatcher via submission.

Singles Match
Shayna Baszler w/Zoey Stark vs. Masha Slamovich w/Jordynne Grace

The Match:
This is so interesting, seeing a battle of NXT and TNA. This is Masha’s chance to maybe get signed by WWE, she’s only 25! I was really surprised to see Jordynne Grace flanking Masha, and Zoey Stark flanking Shayna! Masha really took it to Shayna, who caught Masha’s head kick and hit a Regalplex! I haven’t seen that move in years. They struggled with one another in the early going. Masha is clearly a favorite of the GCW crowd as she’s not only a TNA regular but she’s held championships in Game Changer Wrestling. Masha hit a crazy looking suplex on Shayna, that was probably move of the match. I was like a pump handle German Suplex… crazy! They were really trying to make Masha look like a threat and she ended up stomping Masha on the head till she was knocked out! The crowd then chanted F*ck you Shayna because whatever. Show some respect.

Winner: Shayna Baszler via TKO.

Finals of Women’s Bloodsport Tournament
Marina Shafir vs. Lindsay Snow

The Match:
Please tell me Lindsay wins this. They rolled around jocking for position to begin the match. They grappled for the longest time, but the more Lindsay tries to lock submissions in, the more obvious it seemed to me that Marina was probably going to win this match. Lindsay really went after Shafir’s leg for most of this match.Linsday Snow got kicked in the head and she fell out of the ring and the referee called for the bell which was a really shitty finish. The referee should have at least checked on Lindsay first. She hadn’t even stopped bumping to the outside when the referee called for the bell.

Winner: Women’s Bloodsport Tournament Winner, Marina Shafir via referee stoppage.

Singles Match
Josh Barnett vs. Johnny Bloodsport (John Hennigan)

The Match:
The crowd were split on who to go for in the Main Event of Bloodsport X. It would have been cool if Matt Riddle showed up to this considering the first Bloodsport was called Matt Riddle’s Bloodsport! It would be cool if they perhaps built to Barnett vs Riddle in the future. Barnetts size was making stuff difficult for Johnny, but he managed to find a way to gain an advantage over the big, bad, bustling Josh Barnett. Holy hell, Josh Barnett hit a side suplex that was crazy, followed by a super snug spin kick to the head. Then Josh hit a gut wrench bomb and won the match!

Winner: Josh Barnett via referee stoppage.

After the match Josh Barnett gets on the mic and is going to bring Bloodsport to Japan this year on June 22nd, and we go off the air!

Final Thoughts:
This was a fun show and I am happy to keep this as a yearly tradition going forward for sure! I look forward to the show coming up in Japan. This has been a fantastic WrestleMania Week so far, and we’re only just beginning!

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