AEW Collision Results & Reviews for March 30 (2024)

Budweiser Gardens, London, Ontario, Canada

Commentary – Tony Schiavone, Nigel McGuiness, Ian Riccaboni

Adam Copeland came out with his newly acquired TNT title, he grabbed the mic and announced that the chapter with Christian Cage was now closed.

He stated that “Cope Open” was back but the stakes were higher and that every match he would be defending his TNT title. 

Copeland asked who was going to step up first. 

Matt Cardona surprisingly was the one to come out and answer the challenge which caught the crowd by surprise with them chanting “Holy Shit”

TNT Title Match 

Adam Copeland (c) vs Matt Cardona 

Cardona and Copeland have a long history with one another dating back to Cardona’s early days as a rookie learning off Copeland in WWE. 

I’ve said this before but there is just something about these seasoned veterans that just makes the matches so much more palatable for me, they are crisp, smooth and the match comes across more legit. 

Copeland and Cardona went toe to toe trading offence with Cardona a lot more aggressive than his days as Zack Ryder in WWE. I can’t quite figure out why AEW doesn’t sign him permanently or WWE gives him another run but he would be an asset to both companies. 

The crowd were really into this match and loved what was on offering in this opening contest. 

Cardona used the less than admirable tactic of kicking the ropes as Copeland was coming back in the ring to hit it between the gonads.

Cardona went for a flying DDT but Copeland kicked out.

Cardona as the match grew became the heel in the match, slapping Copeland around and getting heat from the crowd. 

Copeland responded with a buckle bomb and and another powerbomb setting up to deliver the spear which Cardona reversed into his flying leg drop.

Cardona was going to spear Copeland as he turned around but Copland beat him to it and nailed Cardona for the 3 count.

Winner – Adam Copeland 

Awesome first match to start Collision. 

All the lights went out, when they came back on Malakai Black was in the ring. Malakai stared at Copeland until Buddy Matthews came from nowhere and attacked Copeland.

Marc Briscoe and Eddie Kingston came down to aid Copeland with the lights turning off and on with Black and Matthews nowhere to be found. 

FTR is backstage from earlier today with Lexi, she mentioned that they are one of the favourites to win the Tag Team Title Tournament. 

Cash Wheeler didn’t agree with Lexi and said they haven’t had the best record as of late but are going to give it all they got. 

Tony Schiavone brings out The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn (Daddy Ass) The crowd cheer for Daddy Ass but he cuts them off saying he was pissed off. He is angry at Jay White and will face him next week on Collision.

Max Caster sends a message to The Gunns, they challenge them to have faith in Jay White and not interfere in the match next week between Gunn and Jay Whit and will be on guard if they do. 

Anthony Bowens says they are going to dismantle Bullet Club Gold, him and Gunn made reference to Billy Gunns house being broken into by Jay White, this must of happened on Rampage? Some video packages here would have helped a lot explaining this.

AEW Tag Team Tournament Match  

FTR vs The Infantry

The Infantry got the upset victory over House of Black 2 weeks ago on Collision but tonight it was pretty obvious they weren’t getting past FTR.

The Infantry put up a good showing but the problem is they have had no investment to explaining anything about them on AEW programming, I’ve since learnt they predominately wrestle on ROH but no one watches that show so we need to be filled in on the details otherwise they are just wrestlers. 

This match went way too long for what it was, we know FTR is winning why make it such a long drawn out affair?

Finally FTR hit the Shutter Machine double team to win the match and advance.

Winner – FTR 

Lexi is backstage with Big Bill and Ricky Starks, Lexi mentions they haven’t been seen since losing their Tag Team Titles to Sting and Darby Allin. 

There has been no explanation where they went or why they never received a rematch but they are both back and say they are going to beat FTR and become champions once again.

Edge is backstage with Eddie Kingston and Marc Briscoe. 

Copeland is pissed at House of Black for getting in his business, he challenges them to face him, Briscoe and Kingston at the next PPV Dynasty. 

Singles Match

Kyle O’Riley vs JD Drake

Another match for Kyle O Riley to get a win, JD Drake is of the Workhorsemen Tag Team who barely appear on AEW programming, he also never received an entrance,  history tells us that Kyle O Riley is going over. 

Kyle O Riley got the win with an arm break submission.

Winner – Kyle O Riley 

The Undisputed Kingdom comes out to celebrate with Riley, picking him up over thier shoulder to celebrate. 

You can see this double cross coming any week now as it’s too friendly and we know Undisputed Kingdom is going to take exception  for Kyle O Riley not joking their group. 

AEW Tag Team Tournament Quarter Final

Big Bill and Ricky Starks vs Top Flight

Top Flights matches always kind of go the same way, they run around the ring at a hundred miles per hour and leap and dive all over the place.

I was happy when Big Bill was tagged in as that stuff doesn’t fly when he is in the ring.

Top Flight double teamed Big Bill and Starks knocking them to the outside. 

In my opinion Big Bill shouldn’t be getting knocked out of the ring like this, he should be killing these guys as they are tiny compared to him.

Starks and Big Bill took way too much offence in this match, especially Bill, it looks silly him getting drop kicked around the ring.

Starks got a swinging DDT from Darius and then he pinned Starks. Starks never got up from it signalling this may have hurt him badly.

Winner – Top Flight

I don’t know what the hell is going on when Big Bill and Starks are getting beat by these guys in such fashion where they are getting thrown around the ring and made to look bad. 

Top Flight winning is no way believable, Big Bill alone should crush these guys, I see way more money in Bill and Starks than Top Flight. Head scratcher this one. 

Christopher Daniels is backstage and challenges Malakai Black for a match for Rampage.

Singles Match

Thunder Rosa vs Lady Frost

Another extremely obvious match with Thunder Rosa who the commentary team put over as the highest ranked women on the AEW Women’s roster.

If this is the case why in the hell is she facing Lady Frost who never wins. 

If she is the highest ranked her next match should really be for the AEW Women’s Championship which I’m sure they are getting to. 

Another competitive match but the victor was always going to be Thunder Rosa putting Lady Frost away with Tijuana Bomb even though Lady Frost came close at times in this match. 

Winner – Thunder Rosa

Renee is backstage in Black and White with Toni Storm, Mariah May and Luther.

Renee reveals that the the two highest ranked women are Thunder Rosa and Mariah May and will face each other with the winner facing Toni Storm.

Storm is surprised with the announcement of Mariah May and accuses Mariah May of plotting this the whole time. 

She kisses Mariah on the lips and calls her a magnificent bastard.

Storm seems happy with this and gets Mariah to mine her catch phrase:

“Chin Up, Tits Out, Watch Out for the Shoe”

Toni was super over the top here, sniffing the title and acting as quirky as ever, she is truly unique.

A package played hyping Will Ospreay and all his accomplishments ahead of his match with Brayan Danielson at the Dynasty PPV. 

Six Man Tag Team Match

Bryan Danielson, Claudio Castagnoli, Katsuyori Shibata vs The Righteous and Lance Archer

Another obvious match. 

The Righteous have been booked horribly for several months as well as Lance Archer who is very stop start when it comes to him appearing on the show.

Jake The Snake Robert’s was reported to have resigned with AEW, where is he? He is suppose to be the manager of this group but we haven’t seen him on TV in ages. 

Once again like the women’s match tonight this match was long for the sake of being long to chew up time to fill for the main event. 

Is this a main event caliber match? I would say not even close.

This is all down to The Righteous and Archer being presented as not important and I don’t think anyone expected them to win this match. 

The Righteous and Archer took a lot of the offense in this match with Archer getting triple teamed and put into the Big Swing by Castagnoli. 

Dutch and Archer got knocked to the outside with Castagnoli European uppercutting Archer taking him out of the match.

Shibata was left in the ring with Vincent, he picked up the win after kicking Vincent in the face to got the pin fall. 

Winner – Bryan Danielson, Claudio Castagnoli, Katsuyori Shibata

Kev’s Thoughts –

Another week of AEW programming and once again, there isn’t a hell of lot going on in terms of storylines, it’s just matches and very predictable ones at that. 

I think the show needs more Toni Storm and Mariah May, apart from the Copeland and Cardona match they were the most entertaining part of the show.

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