Impact Wrestling ‘Ultra Clash’ Results & Review December 7 (2023)

We haven’t had a regular Episode of Impact Wrestling in about 3 weeks with last weeks IPWF Throwback Throwdown IV Special, and the prior week being a Thanksgiving clip show special of Impact/TNA Wrestling’s greatest Thanksgiving moments.

With the last Impact Wrestling Pay Per View Final Resolution coming this weekend before they rebrand back to TNA, the build has been interrupted by these specials, and also the fact this Episode of Impact is their Ultra Clash battle against Mexican wrestling company, AAA. Still, this should be a fantastic show considering the talent booked.

Tag Team Match

Chris Sabin & Trinity vs. Chik Tormenta & Dinamico

The Match:

The referee is that crooked referee I saw on those 3 AAA TripleMania’s that took place in Mexico this year. Chik Tormenta started out getting some heat on Trinity, and they completey botched a headscissors takedown. I honestly am starting to think that Trinity has become very hit or miss since being in Impact.

Sabin and Dinamico hooked it up soon after and they went tit for tat with some chain wrestling. Sabin got Pearl Harbored and copped a dropkick from behind in the spine, and then Trinity was knocked on her butt off the apron. Team AAA were in supreme control early. Trinity came charging in to stop a pin attempt and was completely late on it. I’m not sure what’s going on with her but her timing is completely off like it was when she first came to Impact.

Trinity comes in for a hot tag and here was here chance to turn it around. Dinamico won me over here, posing for the crowd and pointing to his muscles, it made me laugh. Sabin and Trinity double team Tormenta and Trinity ends up pinning her with a Full Nelson Bomb.

Winner/s: Trinity and Chris Sabin in 8:00.

Josh Alexander is backstage and talks about wanting the Impact World Championship back, and he gives Alex Shelley props and says he is the undisputed World Champion. He challenges The Motor City Machine Guns to Final Resolution, and will be teaming with Zack Sabre Jr.

Three Way Match

Eddie Edwards vs. Latigo vs. Myzteziz Jr.

The Match: 

Eddie stupidly picks a fight with both Luchadores to start off and they both target him early. Latigo hilariously turned on Myzteziz Jr. I hate typing his name more than Larry Zbyszko’s surname. There was a bit of stalling in the middle as the two heels were trying to work together, which was Latigo and Eddie.

I see Myzteziz Jr. winning this one, and I’m totally copying and pasting his ring name everytime it hits this review. Latigo hit an awesome dive onto Eddie and Myzteziz Jr. in the mid part of the match! This looked like a nice crowd for this show as well. Latigo hit Myzteziz Jr. with a Destroyer on the outside which was insane, and should take him out of the match. Then he’s suplexed on the outside by Eddie, this has to be over soon! He got to hit feet kind of soon after though which was a bit disappointing to see. He hit a springboard crucifix bomb on Latigo, and Eddie hit a sitdown powerbomb for a 2 count! Myzteziz Jr. hit a picture perfect Shooting Star Press on Eddie Edwards and he got the pin!

Winner: Myzteziz Jr. in 12:00

Trey Miguel warns Mike Bailey ahead of their bout at Final Resolution this weekend. Nice touch with the Days of Christmas song.

Motor City Machine Guns cut a promo next on Josh Alexander and Zack Sabre Jr. ahead of their bout at Final Resolution. This is a bare bones edition of Impact that they’ve put together on this Ultra Clash show with AAA. I’m guessing Gia Miller wasn’t flown in!

Tag Team Match

Jordynne Grace & Sexy Star vs. Deonna Purrazzo & Maravilla


We have heels from AAA and Impact taking on babyfaces from AAA and Impact here in this next contest. I finally got some confirmation on Deonna Purrazzo’s status, this looks to be her 2nd last match with Impact Wrestling before her contract is up. Sexy Star is a former 3 time Reines de Reines Champion from AAA, Maravilla is a former Mixed Tag Team Champion from AAA, the Mexican ladies are matched pretty closely it seems.

The Match:

Sexy Star is in this match, so I am here for it. I’m noting something about the Lucha Ladies, they are thicker than the ladies from the U.S. Definitely not complaining! The referee gets a cuddle from Maravilla and then Deonna gives him a kiss on the cheek and Tom and Matt on commentary pop for it.

There’s a great pin reversal sequence from Grace and Deonna early on. Maravilla and Sexy Star lock up next, and Maravilla gets some heat on Sexy Star before Deonna took over. Jordynne got a hot tag and the referee wouldn’t count when she tried to pin Deonna because of the favoritism from the kiss!

This referee is constantly crooked in AAA and it’s hilarious to me that he never gets reprimanded for it. Sexy Star dives on Deonna as Jordynne hits a VERY dangerous looking Juggernaut Driver on Maravilla for the win.

Winner/s: Deonna Purrazzo & Maravilla in 14:00.

We get a little mini documentary on Impact Wrestling’s trip to Mexico, which is terrific. They did this on the UK tour, which makes an episode like this much more exciting.  A great insight into the performers of Impact and how they feel about this milestone for the company.

Tag Team Match

Brian Myers & Black Taurus vs. Laredo Kid & Tommy Dreamer


These 4 are actually Impact wrestlers but Taurus and Laredo Kid are also AAA regulars. Taurus is the former tag team partner for Crazzy Steve who is currently feuding with Tommy Dreamer.

The Match:

We eased in early into this one, and I hate to say it again but Tommy Dreamer needs to drop some weight. There was a great spot with Dreamer getting cut off from a dive and Laredo jumping over Tommy to the outside on Taurus and Myers. Taurus and Myers got some heat on Dreamer. Dreamer hits the Dreamer Cutter on Myers to finally crawl over and tag in Laredo Kid, and the pace started to pick up! Poisonrana from Laredo on Taurus but Myers broke up the pin.

Dreamer nailed Brian Myers with a cookie tray on an attempted suicide dive, and now Tommy has thrown a door in the ring. Laredo hits a Destroyer as a transitional move which is annoying, before hitting a running Code Red to win. Dreamer hits the Dreamer Driver on Black Taurus through a table for a pop but Taurus is kind of supposed to be a babyface so that didn’t make that much sense.

Winner/s: Laredo Kid & Tommy Dreamer in 11:00.

Trinity talks about her match at Final Resolution and we can’t even get through a show without a promo being interrupted by somebody, as Jordynne Grace interrupts and they talk about having eachothers back at the PPV.

Tag Team Match

Josh Alexander & Octagon Jr. vs. Moose & Toxin


Again, this is a AAA and Impact Babyface against a AAA and Impact heel. Josh and Moose have a huge history dating back 2 years!

The Match:

Moose and Octagon work together a bit in the early going, Moose is so much bigger than the AAA guys. Octagon Jr. copped a heat from Moose and Toxin early on. We are reminded Moose is facing Rhino at Final Resolution, which should be great.

Josh Alexander finally got a hot tag after the commercial break, and he and Moose start waging war on one another. A sliced bread on Toxin on the ring apron by Octagon and Alexander crossbodys Toxin off the apron!

Josh slammed Toxin down who copped a 450 splash from Octagon Jr. before Moose broke up the count. A lot of back and forth between both teams after this to build the suspense before our finish! Moose was caught in a MID AIR CUTTER by Octagon Jr. and he kicked out and the fans couldn’t believe it. Moose spears Octagon after some help from Toxin and he gets the deserved win!

Winner/s: Moose & Toxin in 17:00.

Tommy Dreamer cuts a promo on his match with Deaner at Final Resolution.

They then announce Kazuchika Okada and how he’s coming to TNA Wrestling to get revenge on how he was handled when he was in the company years ago, now that he’s become a decorated World Champion and the face of New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Six Man Tag Team Match

El Hijo del Vikingo & The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) vs. Los Vipers (Latigo & Toxin) & Trey Miguel


The AAA Heavyweight Champion El Hijo del Vikingo teams with the Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion Alex Shelley, Impact X Division Champion Chris Sabin, who is working double duty. They take on Los Vipers, Latigo and Toxin who are also working double duty, and Trey Miguel. 

The Match:

Trey starts off with Alex in this one, and Trey starts cracking it early on when he has a hard time dealing with Impact World Champion Alex Shelley. We end up going to commercial and we come back to Shelley trapping Miguel in a Figure Four which is broken up by Toxin. Sabin wraps himself around Toxin before Vikingo hits the ring to tie up Latigo.

Trey rakes Sabin’s eyes and then hit a double stomp. Vikingo ends up landing a big frog splash on Trey! Shelley drags Toxin into a Crossface. Latigo interrupted, but the Motor City Machine Guns lock in dueling STFs on Los Vipers. Vikingo sent Trey outside and then hit a flip over the top rope onto him. They met in the ring again trading chops. Trey nailed a poisonrana for a nearfall on Vikingo. Vikingo finally landed Pheonix Splash from the second rope on Trey to score the pinfall!

Winner/s: El Hijo del Vikingo & The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) in 18:00.

Final Thoughts:

This was a solid show, full of cold matches of course but that is by design. If they do this TNA Wrestling re-brand they better focus on television that will seek casual fans because at the moment it seems they are seeking that vocal minority. Nonetheless, fun stuff!

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