AEW Dynamite Results and Review for November 22 (2023)

With the no showing of the mystery devil mask man at Full Gear this fall out edition of Dynamite needed something to get some buzz going around to who this is before it gets stale. 

Wintrust Arena, Chicago, IL

Commentary – Excalibur, Tony Schiavone,  


This Continental Classic Tournament starts tonight on Dynamite, I hate tournament’s and feel they are waste of time but nether the less here we go. 

Continental Classic Tournement Gold Match 

Swerve Strickland vs Jay Lethal

Both men had a good showing in this one, Swerve would have been feeling worse for wear after his match with Adam Page the night before with both men taking a beating.   

Swerve came out victorious with his double foot swerve stomp to advance in the tournament. 

Renee is backstage with Orange Cassidy, Hook and Shibata who are in trio’s action later. 

Wheeler Yuta interupts them and mocks how Cassidy won his match again Moxley at Full Gear. He eyes up Shibata for a match to get his ROH Pure Tile off him later down the track. 

I don’t know what it is but Wheeler Yuta just comes off as very unlikable. 

MJF and Adam Cole come to the ring, 

MJF bragged of his accomplishments as well as putting over Jay White as one the best wrestlers in the world. 

Cole says he isn’t even close to being ready to wrestle and he will work his ass to come back as soon as possible. 

MJF said he is going to find the person behind the devil mask and send them to hell. 

The arena goes black and the devil mask man is on the screen laughing. 

Lights go back on and Samoa Joe comes out.

He asks if he is honoring his deal of giving him his title match. MJF declines by telling Joe to “blow me” 

An irate Joe starts choking MJF.

Cole being the voice of reason, asks Joe to stop and speaks to MJF, he said that the old MJF would say that but new MJF would honour the deal.

MJF challenges Joe for a match tonight but Joe declines the offer and says he wants MJF at his best with no excuses, he brings up

The Worlds End PPV for his shot then, MJF excepts. 

Joe says that MJF is his property until then and will have his back to deliver the best version of MJF at Worlds End so he can beat him, choke him out and take his title.

It’s official, it’s MJF vs Samoa Joe at Worlds End on December 30th. 

Six Man Tag Match 

Orange Cassidy, Hook and Katsuyori Shibata vs Matt Menard, Angelo Parker and Jake Hager

This match is a thrown together affair with no real stakes and reason behind it. 

Before the match could start, Cassidy grabs the mic and says he has a surprise, it’s the return of Danhausen who comes down to ringside. 

I’ve said it before but Jake Hager is totally wasted in AEW, he is a beast of man and here he is getting chopped around by Shibata and doing silly stuff with Danhausen coming up on the apron with a purple hat Hager used to wear. 

A double tap out on Menard and Parker by Shibata and Hook ended the match. The losing side of Menard, Parker and Hager looked like buffoons in this match. 

Renee backstage with Adam Cole, he gets interupted by Roderick Strong still in a wheelchair and neck brace. 

“Adam Adam Adam” barks from Strong  who finally seemed to got to Adam Cole who told him to back off and that he wasn’t his best friend anymore. 

Christian Cage comes out with Nick Wayne and Luchasaurus. He blames Luchasaurus for the loss at Full Gear and asks him to take a knee. He calls him a moron and finally Luchasauraus takes a knee. 

He says the name Luchasaurus is associated with losing and he said from now on his name will be his finisher, his name will now be Killswitch. 

Christian says Nick Wayne will be called The Prodigy Nick Wayne. Wayne’s mom comes out and Christian dressers her down and tells her to get out of his ring. Luchasaurus has had enough and gets in Christian face. Christian slaps him and then pushes Luchasaurus into Nick Wayne’s mom knocking her to the floor.

Nick Wayne goes out of the ring and gets a steel chair and puts it in the ring for Christian to put under her head and he grabs another chair to smash her head but gives the chair to  Luchasaurus so he can do it, he looks conflicted and doesn’t want to do it, finally Adam Copeland’s  music hits as he runs in to make the save. 

Luchasaurus pulls Christian out of the ring to escape and Nick Wayne takes a spear from Copeland. He then puts Wayne’s head on the chair and smashes it with another chair with Wayne’s mom crying and tending to her son. 

Renee is backstage with Anna Jay, Matt Menard, Angelo Parker and Jake Hager. The infighting between the guys is bothering Anna Jay as she is preparing for her match tonight, she asks Parker if she will be in her corner, he said of course, as he is seen clearly texting Ruby Soho as they are leaving, Soho is the women Anna is fighting tonight. 

Contintental Classic Tournement Gold Match

Rush vs Jay White (with The Gunns) 

This was a hard hitting affair. Rush likes to showboat a lot during the matches which is something you don’t see as much anymore.

These guys chopped the hell out of each other, the match was in similar fashion to Rush’s last match against Dax Harwood.  

Rush took a little too long showboating on the top rope that he ended up missing a dive of the top rope which allowed White to gain control. 

The ref got distracted which allowed White to kick Rush in the balls and hit the blade runner to win the match. 

Footage was shown from after the Full Gear scrum with Ricky Starks and Big Bill attacking Chris Jericho backstage. Jericho and Omega became number 1 contenders after their match from Full Gear. 

A Presentation of the AEW Women’s title was done like it was the Oscars with RJ City and Renee Paquette hosting. 

Toni Storm came out to accept with Mariah May coming out to present the title with Luther clapping her on. 

Toni did an acceptance speech, just as she finished Skye Blue came out and walked right through her stage to go to the ring making Storm mad. 

Triple Threat Match

Sky Blue vs Anna Jay vs Ruby Soho 

With Anna Jay having her issues with her team not being unified and Ruby Soho being berated by Saraya on the outside for getting cute with Angelo Parker, It was easy pickings for Skye Blue tonight as she hit a cutter and pinned Anna Jay after her team was pre occupied and caused her distractions.

Was this a number 1 contenders match? It felt like it was but I have noticed that AEW seems to leave out these crucial details a lot, if so Sky Blue is next in line for Toni Storm. 

Wardlow is backstage with Renee who asks why he is taking his time going for MJF, he said it will be on his time. AR Fox comes in the scene and tries to give him some friendly advice but gets a headbutt for his trouble. 

Continental Classic Tournement Gold Match 

Mark Briscoe vs Jon Moxley 

This is billed as the main event, why? We know Moxley isn’t losing. 

Not sure what happened to Briscoe during the ad break but when we came back his face was full of blood. 

I wasn’t a fan of this match at all, lot of the Japanese style forearm stuff back and forth that looks silly to me. 

Briscoe completely no sold Moxleys double arm DDT explained by the commentary team as “Adrenaline” 

Moxley hit the double arm DDT again this time it got the win. 

I predict the ratings for this show will plummet in the last hour. Very uninteresting and uninspiring episode of Dynamite, especially on the heels of Full Gear, they needed to come out swinging and nothing really happened. 

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