WWE Raw November 27 Results, Grades, and Analysis

WWE Raw on November 27 featured the aftermath of Survivor Series WarGames. The returning superstars, Randy Orton and CM Punk appeared on the show. A Tag Team turmoil happened for the #1 contenders. Let’s look at what happened on Monday Night Raw as a fallout to Survivor Series. 

Raw Results

Randy Orton kicked off Raw

The show opened with a recap of Survivor Series, and there was the debut of a new Raw theme, too. Randy Orton made his entrance to a thunderous pop. Randy thanked the crowd and welcomed them to Monday Night Raw.

Orton said he has accomplished a lot but never competed in a WarGames match. That’s why he answered Cody’s call. He also mentioned Dusty Rhodes, who invented the WarGames. Randy claimed he hadn’t forgotten and had receipts for every member of Bloodline in the form of RKO. 

Rhea Ripley entered. She walked to the ring, and we got a much-anticipated face-off between The Viper and The Eradicator. Ripley welcomed Randy and taunted him for helping a team with Jey Uso as a member.

Rhea then started boasting about Judgment Day and their accomplishments. Randy said that he remained updated about WWE while he was gone. He said he saw Mami things weekly, but now Daddy’s back. A “Who’s Your Daddy” chant picked up. 

Dominik Mysterio and McDonagh attacked Randy from behind. McDonagh suffered an RKO while Dom ran away. Randy said he would go to Pearce to make his match official against Dom.

Grades: B+

Analysis: Great segment to kick off things on Monday Night. The crowd reaction boosted Randy Orton. He greeted fans well during his entrance. Looks like Orton will be involved with Judgment Day for some time now.

Tag Team Turmoil match

The Creed Brothers vs DIY vs New Day vs Imperium vs Alpha Academy vs Indus Sher

The winners will receive a Tag Team Title match against Balor and Priest.

Alpha Academy vs DIY

Otis and Tozawa represented Alpha Academy. Otis was doing double duties. He delivered a double clothesline and a double Caterpillar. DIY won with the Meet in the Middle on Tozawa. 

– Alpha Academy eliminated. 

DIY vs Indus Sher

Indus Sher dominated in the match. Veer and Sanga used their strength. However, Gargano brought the victory for his team with a rollup pin. 

– Indus Sher was eliminated.

The Creed Brothers vs DIY

The Creed Brothers delivered Fireman’s carry slams again and again. Ciampa delivered his reverse DDT on Julius. Gargano hit Brutus with a slingshot spear for a near fall. In the end, The Creed Brothers were victorious with Brutus Ball. 

– DIY eliminated.

The Creed Brothers vs The New Day

The New Day was dominant in the early minutes of the match. Kingston delivered a double stomp and a slingshot splash. Woods got his diving elbow drop but for a two-count. Julius powered Kofi into a vertical suplex. In the end, Kofi suffered the Brutus Ball, and The Creed Brothers progressed. 

– The New Day was eliminated.

The Creed Brothers vs Imperium

Imperium came in hot in the match and took out their opponents. Imperium bombed on Julius, but Brutus broke the pinfall. After a decent action, The Creed Brothers got the last laugh. 

Winners: The Creed Brothers

Grades: B+

Analysis: It was a decent match and a refreshing way to crown the #1 contender for the Undisputed Tag Team Titles. The WWE has recently been more focused on The Creed Brothers, and they got the deserving victory. 

Backstage: We were in the Judgment Day’s locker room. Priest was upset as they lost WarGames under his leadership. Balor and Ripley said that no one will blame him and that Judgment Day is a family. 

Rhodes in Rumble

Cody Rhodes came out to address the Survivor Series and his future. He thanked his team members, especially Randy Orton. He also welcomed CM Punk back. Then, he declared himself officially in the 2024 Royal Rumble match.

Lights went out, and Nakamura interrupted him by appearing on the big screen. Shin said he was done waiting and would bring chaos to Cody. Lights came back again, and Nakamura was standing behind Rhodes. He sprays red mist at Cody. 

Grades: B+

Analysis: It was a surprise to see Cody as the target for Nakamura, whom he has been mentioning for weeks. Both stars needed bigger feuds. Hence, feuding with each other is a great idea. 

Single Match

Ivar vs Bronson Reed

The match started with both men trying to overpower each other. Ivar delivered a spin kick at ringside and then a massive splash against the LED ring apron.

Back in the ring, both men did some moves to build up things, ending in stereo clotheslines. Then there was a nice sequence. Reed superkicked Ivar, and the latter replied with a boot.

A Samoan drop from Reed was followed by a senton splash for a near fall. Ivar delivered a spinning slam. Valhalla’s interference caught the referee’s eyes, and she was ejected from ringside. A lot of action happened at ringside.

Reed delivered a Death Valley Driver onto the barricade surrounding the timekeeper’s area. The match ended in a double count-out. Reed with a chair shot after the match, and the brawl continued.

Pearce and the guards separated them. 

Winner: No Result (double count-out) 

Grades: B+

Analysis: It was an awesome match between two big but agile men. Every move looked powerful and devastating. 

Backstage R-Truth Segment

R-Truth was on Judgment Day’s couch in their locker room. He wanted to be the 5th member of Judgment Day in WarGames. Priest told him that WarGames had gone. Truth sarcastically asked him how they did, and Priest replied that they lost. Truth said he’s happy that Randy Orton is back. Judgment Day kicked him out of their room. 

Singles Match

Nia Jax vs Zoey Stark

The match began with Jax trying to overpower Stark, but Zoey always found a way to escape. Stark delivered a flying clothesline to the outside.

Stark also delivered a corkscrew senton for a two-count. Jax had a running hip attack, and she climbed to the top. Zoey delivered a springboard missile dropkick for a near fall again. Ultimately, Jax delivered a Samoan Drop and a massive senton splash. Nia dragged Stark to the corner and delivered Annihilator for the win. 

Winner: Nia Jax

Grades: C-

Analysis: WWE is looking to make Stark a competent babyface. But her persona and character lack a spark to get the crowd invested in her. They need to work on that. Nia seems to be the next challenger for Rhea Ripley. 

Backstage: Gunther told Vinci and Kaiser to resolve their issues and handle DIY. The Miz challenged Gunther again. 

World Heavyweight Title Picture

Seth Rollins entered the ring. The crowd chanted “CM Punk”. Rollins seemed unhappy and said he didn’t want to waste his time on that hypocrite. He said that after WarGames, he wanted to be a fighting champion once again, and he had talked to Adam Pearce. 

Drew McIntyre arrived and delivered a passionate promo. He said Judgment Day failed, and never got Jey Uso on his plate. Now, he just wants to focus on the World Heavyweight Championship by leaving behind Jey Uso.

Rollins said Drew deserves a Title match, but there is a problem. He said he talked to Pearce, and will defend the title against Jey Uso next week. This angered McIntyre, who delivered a Glasgow Kiss to Rollins, followed by an overhead Belly-to-Belly suplex. 

Jey Uso arrived to make the save and delivered a superkick on Drew. Both Jey and Rollins worked together to get Drew out of the ring. 

Grades: B

Analysis: Drew McIntyre is getting more and more frustrated which is good thing for his heel character. Seth Rollins can face him in the Royal Rumble.

Women’s Tag Team Title Match

Chelsea Green and Piper Niven vs. Natalya and Tegan Nox

This was a poor match on a well-stacked show. It took much longer than expected. The champs retained the Titles, with Niven delivering a basement crossbody splash.

Winners: Chelsea and Piper

Grades: C

Backstage: Jey Uso apologized to Randy for what he did back in the day. Orton said he would punish Bloodline, but Jey is out so far. Both shake hands. 

Non Title Match

Randy Orton vs Dominik Mysterio

It was Randy’s first singles match on TV after February 14, 2022. The story revolves around Orton taking out Mysterio. Dom tried to run away from him.

Orton chased McDonagh, too, and made fun of his neck brace. Orton delivered two clotheslines followed by a power slam. Orton delivered his signature Vintage DDT and prepared for RKO.

McDonagh pulled out Dom. At ringside, Orton delivered two back suplexes on the commentary table. Dom hit a 619 and went for a splash. Orton escaped and delivered an RKO for the win. 

Winner: Randy Orton

Grades: B

Analysis: It was nice to see Orton back in action. He hasn’t lost a step. He is truly a veteran.  

CM Punk Promo

Punk’s music hit, and he entered with a massive pop. He first said, “Looks like hell froze over.”

Punk said Saturday was a career highlight for him, and he is short of words to explain the feeling.

He quoted the American Dream: “If you speak from the heart, you cannot be wrong.” He said, “I’m home,” and the crowd erupted.

He thanked the powerful WWE Universe for never forgetting him. He mentioned AJ, her wife, too. He said everyone welcomed him with open arms and teasingly said almost everyone.

Punk said that everyone competes to be the best in the world, but The Best in the World has not been here for ten years. At last, he said near the camera, “I’m not here to make friends. I’m here to make money.” 

Grades: A

Analysis: This was a great promo segment. It was not a rant as most people would expect. He didn’t even indirectly mention AEW or his time in AEW. He solely focused on WWE. I’m glad that he mentioned AJ Mendez (AJ Lee). 

Overall, it was a great show. There is a debate on whether the show delivered to the hype. WWE is going slow on things with Punk. Tonight was just a welcome promo by him and not more than that. It looks like that he will continue in a proper story on Road to WretleMania season.



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