AEW Dynamite Results & Reviews January 31 (2024)

AEW Dynamite took place at Uno Lakefront Arena in New Orleans, LA.

For the third show in a row, Jon Moxley opens the event, this time in a match against the legendary Jeff Hardy, we get to see the two dealer’s matches for Adam “Hangman” Page and Swerve Strickland, Jericho continues waging war with the Don Callis family, going through ROH Television Champion Kyle Fletcher.

Commentary – Tony Schiavone, Excalibur, Taz

Let’s get into it.

Singles Match

Jon Moxley vs Jeff Hardy (with Matt Hardy)

For the second week in a row we are seeing Jeff Hardy on Dynamite which I’ve been saying for a while, he should be featured weekly on your flag ship show.

Moxley on the other hand has been involved in some meaningless matches lately and doesn’t really have any feud or storyline going, so tonight’s matchup is a good start to the show with two established stars with name recognition, plus it’s not blatantly obvious the outcome like I’m noticing a lot of matches have become.

The stars of CMLL are seen watching this matchup in the crowd signalling a partnership with AEW. 

Hardy attacked Moxley as soon as the bell rang, taking it to the outside, strangling Mox with his scarf from his pants. The crowd was split on who to go for with both wrestlers having their fans chanting their name. 

Moxley got thrown over the gaurd rail onto the wrestlers from CMLL with it almost coming to blows with Mox flipping them before receiving a chair to the face thrown by Hardy. 

Moxley stole a pen from the announcers desk and stuck it in Hardy’s ear piercing hole, Hardy fought him off and aggressively took it Mox. I would have to say In the last few weeks I’ve noticed Hardy be the most aggressive I’ve seen him in his entire career. 

Jeff Hardy almost had it a few times in this match until he missed the Swanton bomb with Mox taking advantage and choking Hardy out for the win. 

Winner – Jon Moxley

After the bell Moxley went for the handshake but for the second week in a row Jeff Hardy refused the handshake and left.

The Wrestlers from CMLL jumped the guardrail and gave a beat down to Moxley. The rest of Moxleys faction from the Blackpool Combat Club were not in the building tonight so Moxley had no one to save him.

Dealer’s Choice Singles Match

Adam “Hangman” Page vs Toa Liona

This match was picked by Swerve Strickland, Toa has an unpinned streak since being in AEW, but you wouldn’t think so with him sparingly appearing on the shows in the last couple months, even being ROH trios champs he wasn’t heavily featured. 

Toa Liona had a lot of the offense in this match with Hangman struggling to get any offence. Liona made a mistake by trying to moonsalt onto Hangman on the outside with Hangman nailing him with his own moonsalt on the outside. 

Hangman tried to wrap it up with a Buckshot lariat but Liona ducked it and went for a Samoan drop but Hangman reversed it into a pin to pick up the win.

Winner – Adam “Hangman” Page

The Young bucks are seen coming out of a Limo, a AEW worker addresses them by Nick and Matt to hand them the format for the show.

Nick Jackson got annoyed by the worker and asked him to address them by their full birth names and fines the worker $500. The Bucks came across as complete dicks in this scene and I’m sure that’s what they are going for.

Singles Match

Wardlow (with The Undisputed Kingdom) vs Kommander

Adam Cole joins the commentary team.

Wardlow completely toyed with Kommander throwing him around the ring, he could have finished the match at anytime but instead he seemed to enjoy inflicting pain on Kommander, this was a mistake as Wardlow made an error which allowed Kommander back in the match.

Kommander did a 450 splash off the top ropes on top of Wardlow, this looked rough with Kommanders full force landing on Wardlow’s face.

Wardlow had enough and suplexed and powerbombed Kommander and pinned him, Wardlow looked like he had an issue with his knee towards the end, hopefully it’s nothing series. 

After the match The Undisputed Kingdom threw Kommander in the ring and went to punish him for not excepting their help last week. Orange Cassidy, Trent Baretta and Rocky Romero came out and made the save with The Undisputed Kingdom retreating.

Next was a sit down interview by Tony Schiavone with Sting, Darby Allin, Ricky Starks and Big Bill with a stipulation of no violence. 

Starks said he respects Sting, but goes about  it in a backhanded way which Darby Allin taking offense and taking it to Starks verbally.

Both Sting and Darby get under Ricky Starks skin which leads him to throwing a water in Allins face. Sting says Allin will hit him but it will be next week and he will hit him to. 

Singles Match

Chris Jericho vs Kyle Fletcher (with Hobbs and Don Callis)

Kyle Fletcher stars the match aggressively, it looks like he has possibly been getting some workout advice from Hobbs as he looks like he has put on a bit of size, I remember him not long ago looking a bit scrawny.

Chris Jericho looked like he was in control and about to win the match but Don Callis tripped up Jericho behind the refs back as he preoccupied by Hobbs. 

Jericho again was stopped from winning the match with him going for the Lionsalt with Hobbs punching him in the face with the ref once again preoccupied. 

Kylie Fletcher went for a Brainbuster off the top ropes but something went wrong and Jericho landed awkwardly, it looked like it could have injured him. 

Jericho stumbled to the outside with Fletcher running off the ropes to dive at Jericho but was caught by the Judas Effect by Jericho who then threw Hobbs into the outside steps and rolled Fletcher into the ring.

Jericho went to the top and waited till Fletcher to get up to jump off the top rope to nail another Judas Effect for the victory.

Winner – Chris Jericho

Toni Storm joins the commentary team.

Singles Match

Taya Valkyrie (with Johnny TV) vs Dionna Purrazzo

Valkyrie has had very little TV time in the last few months, it’s hard to see her winning when Purrazzo is the new toy in the playground and feuding with The Women’s Champions Toni Storm that looks like it will be at the Revolution PPV.

The two women brawled to the outside with Purrazzo throwing Valkyrie into Toni Storm who yelled “Someone’s pissed in my seat” 

Purrazzo locked in a submission on Valkyrie back in the ring with her arms bent backwards with her having no choice but to tap out.

Winner – Dionna Purrazzo

Renee is backstage with Darby Allin, she asks him about his admiration for The Young Bucks, this seemed like an odd question until The Young Bucks came into the scene and it looked like they put her up to asking that question. They called Sting a 65 year old blood sucking parasite taking Darby’s money.

The Bucks acted like smarmy assholes in this scene, they accused Darby of ignoring them and asked if he had a problem with them, Darby responsed with saying he was only focused on The AEW Tag Team Titles. 

Samoa Joe comes down to ringside to do commentary for the next match.

Dealer’s Choice Hardcore Match

Swerve Strickland vs Rob Van Dam

Hangman Page came on the screen and announced this would be a hardcore match.

Swerve turned around and got a chair in the face from RVD.

RVD turned back the clock to the glory days of ECW for this match bringing out all the spots that he was the innovator of.

Swerve took a lot of punishment in this match, RVD was about to hit a trademark move off the top, Brian Cage came out and pushed him off the ropes. Hook ran down the ramp and hit Brian Cage with a chair, both men brawled on the outside and dissapeared out of the arena. 

Now Swerve was in control and he punished RVD, he made one mistake by going to the top rope but RVD got up before The Swerve Stomp and threw a chair which knocked Swerve off the top rope a through a table on the outside that RVD had setup previously. 

RVD went for a 5 star frog splash on Swerve but missed and landed on a steel chair. Both men brawled on the top ropes until Swerve hit RVD’s head off the turnbuckle and Hit The Swerve Stomp off the top ropes for the win. 

Winner – Swerve Strickland

Hangman Page comes out and tells Swerve Strickland that he will not let him be the next AEW Champion. Swerve says he has nothing to prove after beating Hangman twice, Hangman Page said man to man that he needed the Mogul Embassay to beat him and that he couldn’t lace his boots.

Swerve gives in and says he will give Hangman one more match and after that it’s done. The match is made official for next week.

Kevs Thoughts – Not a bad show with a lot of main players featured but where has Christian gone? He is one of hottest heels you have on the show and he seems to have disappeared for a few weeks.

Consistency is not a strong suit of AEW, they have so many on the roster and because of that we have people dropping off the face of the earth sometimes, hello? Miro where are you?

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