WWE SmackDown March 01 Results, Grades, and Analysis

WWE presented the SmackDown after the Elimination Chamber from Desert Diamond Arena in Glendale, Arizona. The show featured the return of Roman Reigns and The Rock. Carlito and Santos Escobar clashed in a Street Fight. Bayley and Dakota Kai teamed up to take on the Kabuki Warriors. Tiffany was in action against Naomi and much more. Let’s discuss everything that happened on SmackDown on March 01, 2024. 

The Return of The Rock and Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns came out alongside The Bloodline to kick off the show. Reigns told fans to acknowledge him. The fans cheered a bit. Roman asked them if they used to be louder.

The crowd chanted Cody’s name. Roman told Heyman that they were done here. Heyman told him they couldn’t leave as The Rock was coming out next. 

After the commercial, The Rock’s theme song played, and The Great One arrived. The Rock asked if there were fans from Phoenix because it is the most cocaine-using city. The Rock repeated, “Finally, your life has meaning.”

The Rock talked about how electrifying the wrestling business has been with sold-out arenas all around the globe. The Rock turned down Cody’s challenge for a one-on-one match. Instead, he presented a counteroffer to The American Nightmare. 

The Rock presented a tag team match on Night 1 of WrestleMania with Roman Reigns and The Rock teaming against Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins. He raised the stakes, too.

If Cody and Seth won, The Bloodline won’t interfere in Roman and Cody’s match on Night 2. But if Roman and The Rock won, it would be Anything Goes on Night 2. The Rock called out Seth and Cody to come next week on SmackDown and answer the challenge. 

The Rock was going for his catchphrase, “If ya smell,” but Roman stopped him. Reigns said that he would do anything for the family, but The Rock should acknowledge him first.

The Rock acknowledged The Tribal Chief. Then, they delivered the catchphrase. The Rock said, “If ya smell,” and Roman said, “What The Bloodline is cooking.” 

Grades: A

Analysis: Great stuff from The Great One! The Rock is excellent as a bad guy. The challenge is out for the anticipated tag team match, and they will meet next week with further proceedings.

They raised the stakes, which is a nice move. Also, The Rock acknowledged Roman Reigns. Well, at least for now.

Backstage: Grayson Waller and Austin Theory watched Randy Orton getting hurt during the Elimination Chamber. LA Knight was out there seeking for AJ Styles.

Orton caught Theory and Waller and challenged any of them for tonight. Waller accepted the challenge on Theory’s behalf. Austin Theory didn’t look happy about what Grayson did. 

Singles Match

Tiffany Stratton vs. Naomi

The fans cheered for Stratton. She delivered a shoulder tackle, but Naomi replied with a spinning elbow to the face. Naomi jumped from the top rope and delivered a facebuster for a two-count.

Naomi slammed Tiffany head-first onto the apron. Back in the ring, Stratton landed a spinebuster for a near fall. 

In the end, Stratton with a rake to the eyes, followed by the Prettiest Moonsault Ever for the win. 

Winner: Tiffany Stratton

Grades: B-

Analysis: Tiffany has looked good on her outings so far. She is the future of this division. Naomi’s plans are unclear so far. 

Non-Title Tag Team Match

The Kabuki Warriors vs. Bayley and Dakota Kai

Bayley started the match with Asuka. Asuka distracted the referee, and Sane attacked Bayley. The whole story revolved around Bayleg trying to tag Kai in, but Asuka and Sane prevented that every time.

In the end, as Bayley was about to tag her, Dakota jumped off the apron. Bayley understood what was happening and threw her right hand at Dakota.

Iyo Sky came out of nowhere and delivered a double knee strike on Bayley. 

Winner: No Contest

Grades: B+

Analysis: This is a story being nicely told. Bayley has turned into an ultimate baby face as Dakota Kai turned on her tonight. 

Singles Match

Bron Breakker vs. Xyon Quinn

Bron straight crushed Quinn with a Spear for the victory.

Winner: Bron Breakker

Grades: C

Analysis: Bron is currently being booked as a monster on TV. He needs a valid opponent at WrestleMania. 

Street Fight Match

Carlito vs. Santos Escobar

Next up was a Street Fight between Carlito and Santos Escobar. Soon, the action went outside. Carlito sent Escobar into the steel steps and grabbed a table from under the ring. 

Carlito then grabbed a kendo stick and an apple from under the ring to a huge crowd ovation. He took much time in it, and Santos laid him out with a suicide dive.

Back from the break, Carlito had a trash can on his head, and Escobar landed a double knee strike for a near fall. 

Carlito used a steel chair to his advantage. He put the trash can on Santos and attacked him with the chair. 

Legado Del Fantasma joined Escobar, and they delivered a powerbomb to Carlito for a near fall. LWO came to even the odds. 

Rey Mysterio’s theme played, and he came out on crutches. He used the crutches to attack Garza and Carillo.

In the ring, Rey came face-to-face with Escobar. Carlito spitted apple mist on Escobar, followed by a 619 from Rey. Carlito slammed Santos through the table for the win. 

Winner: Carlito

Grades: B+

Analysis: It was a fine match and set the stage for Rey Mysterio’s return. Maybe it will be a faction against faction or a singles match between Rey and Santos at WrestleMania XL. 

Either way, it will be awesome, or the WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio deserves to be on the card for WrestleMania.

Backstage: LA Knight was still searching for AJ Styles. Aldistold him that he stopped AJ from coming tonight.

Knight said that Styles flew worldwide to cost him the Elimination Chamber match. Knight had the same steel chair by which he was attacked in the Chamber match. 

Singles Match

Randy Orton vs. Austin Theory

Kevin Owens was the guest commentator for the main event. Orton started with punches and right hands and delivered a European Uppercut.

Waller’s distraction at ringside allowed Theory to slam Randy back onto the commentary desk. Back in the ring, Theory was on the top rope.

Randy caught him there and delivered a headbutt. The Theory went for the blockbuster, but Orton held onto the second rope, and Austin fell on the mat.

Orton delivered a bodyslam and a clothesline to send Theory to the outside. This time, Randy slammed him on the commentary table, and Kevin Owens enjoyed it. Randy did the same to Theory.

In the ring, Orton delivered his trademark DDT. Theory escaped the RKO and delivered a blockbuster for a two-count. In the end, Orton caught Theory and delivered RKO for the victory.

After the match, Grayson tried to attack Randy from behind. Owens made the save, and he delivered a Stunner to Theory. Orton delivered RKO to Waller to close out the show. 

Winner: Randy Orton

Grades: B+

Analysis: Randy looked good throughout the match. It looks like we are headed to a tag team match, with Orton and Owens teaming up against Waller and Theory. 

Overall, it was an excellent edition of SmackDown that started with a brilliant segment. The Bloodline and The Rock’s segment was the highlight of the show.



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