NXT Spring Breakin’ [Week 1] Results & Review (April 23rd, 2024)

NXT Spring Breakin’ 2024 [Week 1]
April 23rd, 2024
NXT Performance Center
Orlando, Florida

We open up the show with Ava with Adam Pearce in the room with Nick Aldis on webcam. I think Ava is settling into her role well, I just want to see her rocking a power suit.

We then see Trick Williams and Ilja Dragunov arriving to the building, as well as the Family, Sol Ruca, Karmen Petrovic and Natalya – and yep, Karmen looks good brother.

WWE NXT Women’s Title Triple Threat Match
Roxanne Perez (c) vs. Lyra Valkyria vs. Tatum Paxley

The Match:
This should be interesting considering Lyras situation with Tatum, and Roxy as well. Lyra started off going after Tatum before Roxy finally got involved, and Tatum keeps on freaking everyone out which is very fetching. They cut a good pace to open the show here. After a commercial break, Lyra hit a double powerbomb off the 2nd rope, and they applied triple threat psychology as they should. There was a lot of suspense, and the crowd gave them a ‘This is Awesome’ chant and actually waited for the match to be awesome before chanting it. This was actually really good. Lyra and Roxy have great chemistry, and Tatum really kept up with them. Paxley actually looked like she was going to win! She hit an amazing 450 Splash on Lyra, before Roxanne hit the coolest Jacknife pin on Tatum to retain. What a killer finish.

Winner: STILL NXT Women’s Champion, Roxanne Perez via pinfall in 12:04.

I was sad to hear Von Wagner and Cameron Grimes being released this week. They were a solid part of NXT 2.0 and I think they were good – Grimes proved he could pull off some good storylines.

Backstage Thea, Fallon and Kilani are talking about their situation with Andre Chase and standing un natural, and then Jaida Parker overhears and decides to give Fallon some shit, and shoves her, then Fallon shoves back and there’s a pull apart, and that’s how simple it is to start a blood feud.

There’s a vignette for my homies Tyson Dupont and Tyriek Igwe, who I have seen on Level Up a few times, and I think they’re GREAT. I believe they just finished up a feud with Hank & Tank on Level Up, and they debut next week.

The Creed Brothers/Ivy Nile Interview with Kelly Kincaid
They are there to check out the show and they believe Trick Williams is going to win. They are severely lacking in charisma.

Six Man Tag Team Match
The D’Angelo Family (Channing Lorenzo, Luca Crusifino & Tony D’Angelo) (w/Adriana Rizzo) vs. No Quarter Catch Crew (Charlie Dempsey, Damon Kemp & Myles Borne)

The Match:

Things for this one got wild from the get go, oh and by the way, Adriana Rizzo looks hot. It might be cool if one day they do an angle where Stacks wants to assume the Don position, Luca and Adriana have a bit of an affair, and they all end up turning on Tony. Not yet though – this group needs to be brought to the main roster together. This was fun. The NQCC isolated Stacks. It feels like this angle came out of no where. Tony D came in for the hot tag and started laying people out. Crucifino and Stacks have taken FTR’s finishing move, which I find quite funny. Tony D’Angelo ended up pinning Charlie Dempsey and the D’Angelo Family got the win.

Winner/s: The D’Angelo Family (Channing Lorenzo, Luca Crusifino & Tony D’Angelo) (w/Adriana Rizzo) via pinfall in 11:05.

Baron Corbin is leaving NXT, and Lexis King walks up and gives him a gift package of Lexis King merch. So, now they shall wrestle tonight! Simple as that ese.

Singles Match
Fallon Henley vs. Jaida Parker (w/Bronco Nima, Lucien Price & SCRYPTS)

The Match:

What is this bullsh!t with Fallon Henley’s entrance being through the commercial break? Not cool mate. AND the beginning of the match. Fallon yelled at the Out The Mud guys at ringside and you can tell they “think she fine”. Fallon is again one of the most active women on the NXT roster! I find it humerous that they got so many baddies in NXT now, several of them have signature moves that utilize their butt. Jaida has already got real good in a short amount of time! Jaida hit Fallon with a Hip Check and beat Fallon clean!

Winner: Jaida Parker (w/Bronco Nima, Lucien Price & SCRYPTS) via pinfall 6:30.

Jacy Jane cuts a promo on Thea Hail. This is surely leading to a showdown next week. I love Jazmyn Nyx in the background just nodding and agreeing with everything Jacy is saying cos they are baddies. Jazmyn should have piped in after Jacy made her final point and said ‘Yeah, bitch.’

Lola Vice cuts a promo on how she’s going to beat Natalya at NXT Underground next week.

JD McDonagh Interview with Kelly Kincaid
They’re really making the main event seem important by having a bunch of Main Roster people talk about who they think is going to win the NXT Championship Match. Glad Kelly threw it back to the ring.

Lola Vice and Natalya Contract Signing
Karmen and Natalya come out together and Karmen is wearing a fantastic outfit. Lola comes out next, here we go. Lola’s theme better not change, it’s super sexy. “Just because I shake my ass, doesn’t mean I can’t beat your ass” – Brilliant. Lola’s training partner is Shayna Baszler which is stepping all of this up a notch! Shayna get’s a ‘Welcome Back’ chant. I wonder what is going to become of Shayna, it feels like she’s been at a stand still since her feud with Ronda. They brawled after Karmen kicked Shayna in the head, and Natalya threw Lola onto people at ringside which was an awesome visual. Lola looked really cool at the end of the segment as she stared down at Natalya and Karmen.

Ridge Holland rocks up with his gear earlier in the day when he’s not even on the card. Shawn Spears comes out to get in Ridge’s ear about listening to his demons. I called it, Ridge will be aligned with Shawn very soon.

Axiom and Nathan Frazer are standing there watching the TV Screen. With their title belts over their shoulders. They complained about the Authors of Pain and Main Roster Tag Teams coming to NXT wanting title shots. The Good Brothers show up and back up the words which is obviously hypocritical. Edris Enofe starts talking a big game but then knocked over a mirror and it broke. 7 years bad luck storyline coming?

Beach Brawl Match
Blair Davenport vs. Sol Ruca

The Match:
The match began as Blair hit Sol with a Boogie Board and there’s no way that hurt, I used to use them in Backyard Wrestling and we would pretend they were steel chairs. Blair got a donut floatie put on her and she acted trapped which is hilarious. Sol and Blair brawled at the outside, and this is essentially a Hardcore Match but with Beach related gear as weapons. Davenport got an X Factor into an inflatable pool with balls in it. Silly to start with. They got in the ring and went back and forth. I think Blair should be the first NXT Women’s North American Champion. They set up the picnic table and Sol held Blair on her back and jumped backwards and put Blair through it! That looked sick. Great sound effect too. Sol Snatcher picked up the win and she totally wins this feud with Blair and goes 2-0 against her. The last half was better than the first!

Winner: Sol Ruca via pinfall in 10:29.

Trick is on the phone to his mother who isn’t well and she asks him tonight to Whoop That Trick. Johnny Gargano shows up to talk to Trick and give him some kind words of encouragement.

Singles Match
Baron Corbin vs. Lexis King

The Match:
Lexis got on Baron early, and to be honest, Barons run in NXT has been excellent but perhaps it’s time to head back to the main roster. Vic and Booker T arguing on commentary was fantastic. Vic sticking up for himself, brilliant. Lexis really took it to Baron, and I can’t pick who’s going to win this one. Lexis needs a big win but if Baron is heading back to the main roster… Baron got field goal kicked, and Lexis hit the Coronation to win! That has to be the biggest win of his career. Vic and Booker argued even more, I can’t get enough of that.

Winner: Lexis King via pinfall 5:38.

Ilja is on his way to the ring and he gets interviewed by Sarah Schreiber on the way and as he’s done talking, Damien Priest the World Heavyweight Champion wishes him luck. Then as that segment crosses to Byron, Damien hits on the interviewer Sarah Schreiber.

Trick Williams has a SICK robe on as he’s heading to the ring, and Byron Saxton asks him about it, and Trick means business.

WWE NXT Title Match
Ilja Dragunov (c) vs. Trick Williams

The Match:
It’s ferious from the onset, before Ilja fights back, but then it hits a stalemate. They show some mutual respect and Ilja clocks Trick with a big knee before a commercial break. Ilja goes coast to coast, which is so risky with no trash can to kick first. The fans are supremely behind Trick – and Ilja is the perfect Tweener for something like this, Trick hit the H Bomb but Ilja kicked out. Trick then hit Torpedo Moscow! 2 count. Ilja fought back with a death valley driver in the corner. Ilja then set up the announce table for impact, but Trick countered. Book End off the barricade through the announce table! That looked sick. Ilja fought back again, hit a superplex, then a H Bomb, then a Super H Bomb, and it was a near fall! Great facial expressions from Dragunov. He hit a 2nd one and hurt his arm, and the pain registering costed Ilja the win. They both went for the win and Trick hit the Trick shot to win the title!

Winner: NEW NXT Champion, Trick Williams via pinfall 11:56.

Final Thoughts:
A tremendous episode of NXT Spring Breakin’, as Trick Williams finally fulfils an early destiny in his career. Knowing how he struggled in the ring in the early days, to see him grow so quickly in the last year to become the man of NXT was a sight to see.

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