NXT Results and Recap for September 20 2023

WWE Performance CenterOrlando, Florida.

Becky opens the show and I’m still super unhappy Tiffany lost the title last week but I get it, the ratings for NXT went up about 23% last week – or something like that. Becky with a little bit of Dr Suess, rhyming peoples names as to who she might give a title shot to. She brings up Tiffany Stratton and says “She may be an idiot and she may be an arsehole.”

Tiffany’s theme song hit – “Um, excuse meeee?” Tiffany challenged Becky to a rematch, and for NXT No Mercy. Becky called Tiffany entitled, Becky hits Tiffany, and Kiana James attacks Becky, then Becky fights off a 2 on 1 assault, which is a major yawn. Give me some heat.

Tony D’Angelo/Stacks Lorenzo Backstage.

They’re talking about inviting people to dinner, whilst also holding their NXT Tag Team Titles on their shoulders. The Tag Team Title scene is heating up, I’m assuming there’s going to be some kind of Gauntlet at No Mercy.

Ilja Dragunov Interview with McKenzie Mitchell

Ilja Dragunov says his piece about the NXT Championship, and he looked pretty schmick in that suit. Then Becky Lynch showed up and she’s already beginning to get on my nerves. Becky challenges Tiffany and Kiana to a Handicap match. If she wins that, I’ll riot.

Trick Williams was then standing backstage on the phone lathered in baby oil, and he’s not even booked on the card which pops me. Dominik walks up and interrupts him and Dom gets in Tricks head about getting out of Carmelo’s shadow. 

Global Heritage Invitational Group A Match

Tyler Bate vs. Butch

Going into this, I was seriously hopeful for a Butch victory. You see, Noam Dar only just won this trophy. If they do this whole tournament, with a point system and everything, and the winner of the tournament loses to Dar that would feel like a big waste of time. Which it already is. I hate tournaments sometimes, maybe that’s on me. Haha, I really am being negative, aren’t I?

I think Butch should win the tournament to be honest. I had to laugh again as they shot all the boys in the tournament watching along together. This was a decent match, the technical bout you expected from them both. Highlight of the match was probably Bates airplane spin into the Brainbuster. They exchanged finishers. Bate kicks out of the Bitter End, then the Bitter End with 9 seconds remaining in the time limit. Butch advances to the finals next week!

Thea Hale is out and about with Jacy Jane and they’re going clothes shopping to complete Thea becoming a bad girl like Jacy. Great stuff. Thea has picked her outfit out which we didn’t get to actually see, so I look forward to what they went with next week. That’s the thing about NXT, they always build to the next week during the current weeks show.

Global Heritage Invitational Group B Match

Joe Coffey (w/Mark Coffey & Wolfgang) vs. Duke Hudson (w/Andre Chase)

We came back from that vignette and Chase U made their entrance and I immediately start laughing, they have such a great theme song, with both Duke and Andre having really serious demeanors. What I’d give for an Andre Chase feud with Christopher Nowinski.

Duke looked solid early on, but these tournament matches are always just a bunch of bloody cold matches.  I actually think this is the first time I’ve seen Joe Coffey wrestle, Hudson hit a roll up pin after a quick back and forth and got the surprise win and it’s comical again seeing Chase U look so happy. Poor Akira Tozawa ended up 0-3 in his group.

Nathan Frazer interview with Kelly Kincaid

Nathan is all excited about the tournament and yells “Lets fricken go!” he is the most boring, annoying nerd in NXT. He’s a knob end mate. I feel bad for him, I wonder if he realizes how bland they make him.

Singles Match

Roxanne Perez vs. Lola Vice (w/Elektra Lopez)

Roxanne do be looking fine here! Here was Lola’s chance to show something and stand out. With the NXT roster being nearly 90 deep, opportunities to ‘maximise your minutes’ in a singles situation on the main show are hard to come by. The match was snug, they seemed to work pretty well together, but it seemed pretty obvious from the get-go that Roxy was going to win this. Roxanne reversed a Crossface into a roll up pin for the victory.

Eddie Thorpe Vignette

Eddie cuts a promo on Dijak to continue this feud between the two, and I think we knew a Strap Match was happening. Eddie has a great look but unfortunately if I close my eyes, it just sounds like Byron Saxton is talking. Just bland and monotone. I swear if Dijak loses this match, it’ll be his 3rd or 4th feud in a row where he lost the feud ending match.

Roxanne Perez and Becky Lynch Backstage

Roxanne offers to be Becky’s tag partner whilst selling her shoulder more than anybody has ever sold a shoulder.

Non Title Singles Match

Carmelo Hayes vs. Dominik Mysterio

It’s Champion Vs Champion here! Dominik has that Shane McMahon heel vibe, people love seeing him get his ass whopped. Melo had the advantage early on. We come back from commercial break and now Dom is in charge. These are the opponents Dom needs in order for him to improve. Dominik just pops me so much. Ilja Dragunov was non commentary and he threw Dominik into Ilja. Then Carmelo gets thrown into Dragunov. Then – dude, Dominik slapped the absolute shit out of Ilja Dragunov, who snapped, got in the ring and attacked both combatants. Ilja ends up hitting a H Bomb on Dom, then his finish on Melo by accident. It’s a no contest, and Dragon Lee ends the segment by laying out Dominik on the entrance ramp. I liked how well layered this match and segment was.

Trick Williams backstage with Joe Gacy and Ava, and they’re trying to convince him to turn heel as well. 

Duke Hudson and Andre Chase Backstage

Andre gives Duke the pep talk of the century and Duke is pumped up to win this upcoming match, where the winner goes to the finals of the Global Hertiage Cup.

Bronco Lima, Lucien Price and Scrypts were in an alley way counting cash and I had no idea what they were going on about.

Hank & Tank interview with Mackenzie Mitchell

Yeah, they want a tag title shot. Big whoop.

Global Heritage Invitational Group B Match

Joe Coffey (w/Mark Coffey & Wolfgang) vs. Duke Hudson (w/Andre Chase) vs. Nathan Frazer

In order to find a true winner for Group B, this is now a Three Way. Nathan Frazer runs to the ring as fast as he can like a massive nerd. I actually am convinced they’re purposely making him come across like an absolute loser. Frazer with a double drop kick then a boring suicide dive. Joe Coffey gains the advantage. The backstage area appears to be monitor sell out.

Phoenix splash by Frazer on Chase, thank you god…. Joe Coffey gets the big win to face Butch in the finals (I wrote Bitch,) Suck it, Nathan. Seeing how devastated Andre Chase was at Duke losing actually hurt my heart whilst also making me laugh. One day Andre Chase is going to get something nice.

Mustafa Ali Interview with Mckenzie Mitchell

Mustafa actually did well with this interview. North American Title to be decided between Dominik and Dragon Lee on RAW, that was surprising. Mustafa then claims he’s going to do something about it. Hey, at least nobody interrupted this interview!

Backstage Segments

Kianas sudden singles push still feels out of nowhere. Tiffany Stratton and Kiana James talk about their plans for Becky tonight and have a surprise for her. 

God damn all these backstage segments!

Briggs and Jensen are backstage complaining to Fallon Henley about the heel turn from Myles Borne on them last week. Fallon sticks up for him, they all start yelling, here comes Baron Corbin annoyed because he’s getting a massage and they’re being loud. What are you doing there Baron? You’re not booked on the card and he gets to show up and get massages. Amazing.

Carmelo Hayes is seen leaving the building. Talks trash about Ilja Dragunov, and they’ll meet for a contract signing next week. Hey, at least Wes Lee wasn’t on the show.

Tag Team Match Main Event

Becky Lynch & Lyra Valkyria vs. Kiana James & Tiffany Stratton

Tiffy and Kiana attack Becky during her entrance, thats what I like to see. Heat. Lyra Valkyria makes the save for Becky and we got ourselves a tag team match, playa.

Tiffany does such a good job at being unlikeable. With Becky main eventing again, I wonder if this will keep the ratings up again this week? 

Tiffany with some fantastic gymnastics display which is avoided by Beck, Lyra gets the hot tag and this match is pure fire. I assume now, there will be a heat on Lyra before Becky gets the eventual hot tag. Stereo leg drops on the ropes by Team Ireland. Big near fall from Tiffany’s Swanton Bomb, this match was drama central. 

Manhandle slam, and God damn it, a great splash from Lyra to pick up the win, where’s my heat? Get some heat on Tiffany. YES, TIFFANY WITH THE CHAIR SHOT TO THE SPINE ON BOTH OF THEM! That’s how I wanted this show to go off the air. Becky challenges Tiffany to an Extreme Rules match at No Mercy.

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