NXT #725 Results & Review (March 19th, 2024)

NXT Results & Reviews

NXT #725 Results
March 19th, 2024
Performance Center
Orlando, Florida.

We’re on the road to NXT Stand & Deliver and the show begins with immediate in ring action!

Singles Match
Roxanne Perez vs. Tatum Paxley

The Match:
Roxanne Perez and Tatum Paxley have been at it now for months as Perez has targeted Lyra Valkyria and the NXT Women’s Championship at Stand & Deliver. They charged at one another to start the match off, and Roxanne took charge when she started to work on the arm of Tatum Paxley. Paxley some great moves but was unable to get the win, till Roxanne hit Pop Rox and then locked in a Crossface to make Tatum tap.

Winner: Roxanne Perez via submission in 4:02.

Roxanne Perez cut a promo after the match and called out Ava wanting to be given Lyra Valkyria’s title, as she never actually lost the title last year. Lyra Valkyria charged out with her arm in a sling to brawl with Roxanne, and Lyra accidentally collided with Tatum, and then found herself in a crossface on the floor screaming in pain.

Backstage, Meta Four are talking about last week, and Noam says he can’t wait to get his hands on Trick Williams, and Lash Legend says the same thing but in a sexy way and the group all get upset at her over it, then what do you know, Otis, Maxxine and Akira Tozawa show up, and Otis is a little jealous over the kiss between Lash and Trick last week.

Oba Femi is seen walking backstage as we head into commercial break.

Out of commercial break, Lyra is in pain backstage, and she says she’s fine when she’s clearly hurt. Ava checks to see if she’s okay, and Lyra demands Roxanne Perez at Stand & Deliver. Ava gives in and says yes.

Josh Briggs interrupts the commentators talking about what just happened, and he gets on the mic and talks about how he’s not happy with how Oba Femi beat up his friend Brooks Jensen last week. He dares Oba to come out and put him through the mat. Oba comes out and gives a rebuttal as he talks about how his results speaks volumes. Briggs calls Oba out and says he wants a shot at the North American Title. Oba says ‘don’t say I didn’t warn you’ and then Dijak waltzes out. I smell a multi man match at Stand & Deliver. Dijak wants him shot too. A brawl takes place and they all end in a big stalemate and nobody gets laid out as the little referees somehow stop the fight.

Shawn Spears is seen watching on the monitor in the back. He laughs saying that pride comes before the fall, and Joe Gacy is creepily laying on the floor behind him, so I guess Shawn’s next feud is on the cards.

Carmelo then shows up to the building with his security in tow.

WWE NXT Tag Team Title #1 Contendership Qualifying Match
Axiom & Nathan Frazer vs. No Quarter Catch Crew (Charlie Dempsey & Myles Borne)

The Match:
We have 2 Tag Team Tournaments going right now, one on the Main Roster, one in NXT, where the winners take on the Tag Champions on WrestleMania 40 weekend. Frazer and Axiom hit a few suicide dives at one stage. Charlie Dempsey was particularly impressive as is expected. Charlie hits that fallaway slam into a bridging pin and it’s unbelievable. So many people are sleeping on NXT right now, especially AEW fans. Axiom hit the Spanish Fly, Frazer hit the Phoenix Splash, and it was over! That was such a faced paced match.

Winner: Axiom & Nathan Frazer via pinfall in 9:48.

They show Robert Stone and Von Wagner bickering backstage because Von came out to make sure Robert was okay after his loss to Lexis King last week.

Wolf Dogs Interview with Kelly Kincaid
Bron and Baron started bickering about the fact Baron paid for dinner last night, and it was rather annoying to see Akira Tozawa and Otis waltz in, wondering why they weren’t in the #1 contenders Tag Tournament, and I can already tell them – It’s because you’re on the main roster and don’t wrestle in NXT except for one short little run last year. I don’t understand why this is happening. Now Alpha Academy face the Wolf Dogs next week and if they beat the champs, they get a shot at Stand & Deliver too. I love NXT, but this isn’t necessary and it insults my intelligence. Come on.

Singles Match
Sol Ruca vs. Brinley Reece (w/Edris Enofe & Malik Blade)

The Match:
Sol Ruca is back, and this is her first match back since her injury, and I hope to god she doesn’t get re-injured like Nikkita Lyons and Cora Jade did. Mark my words – Brinley Reece and Thea Hail will be teamed together at some point. They match eachothers energy. I also expect Blair Davenport will be showing up here. These women who have a gymnastics background are absolutely tremendous. They worked well together, and Sol hit the tremendous ‘Sol Snatcher’ to get the victory.

Winner: Sol Ruca via pinfall in 3:18.

After the match, Blair Davenport lays Sol Ruca out with a knee, and Blair Davenport was wearing the coolest pair of pants I have ever seen.

Gigi Dolin is seen backstage conversing with my homegirl, Wren Sinclair. Arianna Grace interrupts after the situation between the two last week, when Gigi got DQ’d. Now, Gigi is ‘Miss NXT In Training’, this is going to be an awesome storyline, and I bet in the end Gigi ends up looking like an even more dazzling Beauty Queen.

Ridge Holland sends through a video of himself upset over last week, and he’s going to ‘do what everybody wants him to do’, which might signify he’s staying away for a while.

The D’Angelo Family Speak
Tony D’Angelo and The Family make their way to the ring. What a group. If only they had a couple of heavies like Palumbo and Stamboli, they’d be unstoppable. Luca Crucifino is officially and publically inducted into the D’Angelo Family. He talks about Ilja Dragunov and his respect for his background, and but yada yada, we know he wants the NXT title. Ilja interrupted on the big screen, which is so Pro Wrestling. Stacks is going to go one on one with Ilja next week, or in 2 weeks and Tony lays down the law.

Thea Hail goes upto Riley Osborne to apologize to him for how she was on their date. They are staying friends and they high five. Haha, so wholesome.

We see a TikTok of Karmen Petrovic showing off her Black Belt skills, and Lola Vice retorted. Whatever the case, they’re both hot as all hell.

WWE NXT Heritage Cup Title Match
Drew Gulak (w/Charlie Dempsey, Damon Kemp & Myles Borne) (c) vs. Riley Osborne (w/Andre Chase, Duke Hudson & Thea Hail)

The Match:
I snorted with laughter over Thea Hail acting like a dickhead during their entrance. Gulak is defending the Heritage Cup this time around, which is good because I don’t think I have seen this bloke wrestle in months. There was some decent chain wrestling early on. Riley Osborne hit the Shooting Star Press to win Round 1! That was unexpected. I hope the NQCC cheat, and that brings William Regal out. Gulak nailed a great reversal into a pin in Round 2 and it’s tied up 1-1! They head toward the end of Round 3 after a commercial break. Drew locked in the GuLock and Riley was saved by the bell. Jasmine Nyx and Jacy Jane came out during the break too and Thea went ballistic. Thea Hail was so angry at Jacy Jane she chased her and they got in the ring which provided a distraction, then Jazmyn cost Riley the match in the background. Can somebody shoot Jazmyn for longer than quarter of a second so I can see her character and facial expressions?

Winner: STILL NXT Heritage Cup Champions, No Quarter Catch Crew in 9:15.

Brooks Jensen is seen leaving the building in a huff, and Fallon Henley chases after him. Brooks is obviously very upset, and he says he’s done. Fallon says to not be like that. He leaves, and then Kilani Jordan rocks up angry over being attacked last week, and she and Fallon appear to be going off to look for Izzi Dame and Kiana James.

Ava is on the phone in her office talking to somebody about the Mens Tag Titles and Alpha Academy, why can’t she just be talking to her Mum or something? Surely anybody she needs to talk to about the Tag Title situation would be in the building? Thea Hail storms into Ava’s office and Jazmyn Nyx is booked with Thea in a singles match next week, and Duke has a chance at being a challenger for the North American Championship.

WWE NXT Tag Team Title #1 Contendership Qualifying Match
Hank Walker & Tank Ledger vs. The OC (Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows)

The Match:
I fully expect The OC to win this Tournament, to give them the shot at Stand & Deliver. I expect them to actually win the NXT Tag Titles, because it’s clear they’re kind of lost on the Main Roster at the moment. Hank and Tank never seem to get on TV too often, it must be frustrating. Gallows at one stage socked Hank and he fell off the top rope to the outside and it was sick. The fans chanted “Too Sweet woop woop” and its so stupid. This match felt like it started to go no where, but the Magic Killer was hit finally and they stopped toying with Hank & Tank.

Winner/s: The O.C via pinfall in 7:55.

Trick Williams Interview with Kelly Kincaid
Trick is confident ahead of his match with Noam Dar. He also says if Carmelo shows his face, he ‘Gonna whoop dat ass’.

Roxanne gets a question from a camerawoman as she exits the building and acts like a bitch.

Kiana James and Izzi Dame enter the building and they run into Jacy and Jazmyn. These 4 women acting like complete bitches is just hilarious. Fallon and Kilani then attack Kiana and Izzi after Jacy and Jazmyn leave. Hilarious.

Singles Match
Noam Dar (w/Jakara Jackson, Lash Legend & Oro Mensah) vs. Trick Williams

The Match:
I really hope theres some kind of interaction with Trick Williams and Lash Legend here like last week. The match started off great with Noam working from underneath but Trick being too much. The sky is the limit for Trick Williams. Lash shows concern for Trick on the outside. Noam Dar worked the ankle of Trick for a lot of the match before Trick hit a Book End on Noam. Oro Mensah got nailed off the ring apron, then lash got on the ring apron and called Trick over…. here we go. Unfortunately Lash tried to hit him which I thought was the wrong call. Trick hits the Trick Shot out of no where, and he picked up the win.

Winner: Trick Williams via pinfall in 12:11.

Trick called Carmelo Hayes out after the match. Hayes’ Security surrounded the ring, as a fake Carmelo Hayes came out, because Carmelo was dressed as his own security and he attacked Trick, and here comes some heat. Trick gets laid out and we go off the air!

Final Thoughts:
Another great episode of NXT where so much is going on and things continue to take shape for NXT Stand & Deliver in a few weeks! I would say the best match of the show was Gulak Vs Osborne, the most entertaining performer was Trick, and Blair Davenport wins the award for wearing the coolest pair of pants. My only nitpicks are the Alpha Academy angle with the Wolf Dogs being really out of place, the moment with Lash and Trick during the main event, and not much follow up on the Lyra/Roxanne angle, I think something else should have happened. Nonetheless, this episode was fun!

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