NXT #713 Results & Review (December 26th, 2023)

It’s time for another edition of NXT, and this time it’s the Boxing Day edition!

NXT Results & Reviews

All Or Nothing Tag Team Match

Chase U (Andre Chase & Duke Hudson) vs. Out The Mud (Bronco Nima & Lucien Price) (w/SCRYPTS)


Last week, Andre Chase and Duke Hudson were out in the projects with Out The Mud, playing some sort of street game for money. Andre got in over his head and wanted to put all the money on the line in a Tag Team Match here, where if Chase U loses, Andre loses everything. 

The Match:

I really like the fact not only does OTM have GTA inspired text, but everybody on this show generally has a name plate for their entrance that is tailored to them and their characters. The Family are standing on the podium watching on as it’s clear they’re the ones Andre Chase is in debt to. Andre weathered the storm early before tagging Duke Hudson in, who has really settled into his role well. I wonder why they thought the gambling gimmick wasn’t working? It would be interesting if that aspect of Duke’s old character came into play during this story. Chase U are actually molding themselves into quite the little team. The thing about this big roster is, guys like Out The Mud don’t get seen on TV enough, weeks at a time. You have those characters that need TV time every week like your champions, Tiffany Stratton, Carmelo and Trick, Lexis, but these other cats on the roster seem to disappear at times. Chase got a hot tag to the MVP of Chase U, Duke Hudson, who was on fire, and has impressed with his hot tags recently. Chase tags in and says he’s ‘got this’ to Duke, and he ain’t got this. Out the Mud pick up the win in almost clumsy fashion with their finisher. 


Chase U lose all the cash that they earned last week against Out The Mud. 

Winner/s: Out The Mud (Bronco Nima & Lucien Price) (w/SCRYPTS)

They announced the NXT End of Year Awards, with the Creeds winning Tag Team, Tiffany winning female, and Ilja Dragunov winning Male Superstar of the year. Tiffy and Ilja had my votes, but I voted for The Family!

Trick Williams is backstage with Carmelo Hayes. Trick talks Ilja being hurt by Ridge Holland last week, but he wants to face Ilja at 100% for the NXT Title. Melo tells Trick its cool to take a shot at the man when he’s weak. 

Eddy Thorpe is shown arriving earlier today with his gear, looking super serious. 

WWE NXT Heritage Cup Title Match

Noam Dar (w/Jakara Jackson, Lash Legend & Oro Mensah) (c) vs. Josh Briggs


After Fallon Henley, Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen’s altercation with Meta-Four at NXT Deadline, they did battle last week in the fallout show, in a 6 Person Mixed Tag Match. In the end, Josh Briggs picked up the big win as Tiffany Stratton was brawling with Fallon backstage.

The Match:

Josh Briggs being too proud to have backup at ringside was really selfish you know? Because now I don’t get to see Fallon Henley come out. Briggs shows off his strength advantage early on. Noam tries all his tricks but Josh is just too strong and big for him. It’s good to see Briggs is getting back into storylines. Briggs had Noam up for a Powerbomb as the first round ended, and showed good sportsmanship by letting him down gently.

Noam tried to use some submissions to get some advantage but then Briggs hit a MASSIVE lariat to get a pin in Round 2. We come back from commercial break, and there’s 20 seconds in Round 3 left. Briggs was bleeding from the nose. Briggs not having any corner men might have played against Briggs here. Noam Dar kicked out of a chokeslam, it’s concerning seeing people kick out of chokeslams. Briggs ended up getting DQ’d and and the match is called off. How Briggs isnt complaining about being hit with the bucket and letting it slide.


I guess Josh needs his homies with him as he couldn’t get the job done here, and Noam Dar is on a roll!

Winner: STILL NXT Heritage Cup Champion, Noam Dar.

Here we go, Nathan Frazer is backstage talking to Axiom and his mouth is going to get him in the shit again isn’t it? Nathan Frazer talks about Bron Breakker and being glad he didn’t win it because he’s angry 24/7 and what do you know, Bron is behind him. I’m digging that Nathan Frazers gimmick is his stupid mouth is getting him into the shit. 

Singles Match

Cora Jade vs. Karmen Petrovic


Hilariously, last week Cora Jade took Karmen’s locker and threw her things out of it, despite the fact Cora wasn’t even wrestling last week. I thought that was a tremendously piss-weak way to start a feud but it makes me laugh. 

The Match:

Oooooh yeah, Cora’s here! Karmen is out next and this match is definitely a dream match for me. Cora needs to win the title in 2024, I think. Cora hit a sick elbow squisher on the ropes. Karmen’s skills are something to behold with those kicks! Karmen hits a big kick to the back of Cora’s neck for a near fall, but then she hit the double arm DDT to win and Jesus H Christ, she’s hot.


Cora gets the win, then toys with Karmen after the match and yep as expected, Gigi Dolin came running out to run her off, and this is how we start a new feud.

Winner: Cora Jade.

Dijak shows up to the building earlier in the day and looks cool as a cucumber.

NXT Men’s Breakout Tournament Semi Final Match

Lexis King vs. Riley Osborne


This is a Semi Final Match in the 2023 NXT Men’s Breakout Tournament. Riley defeated Keanu Carter 2 weeks ago, and Lexis King defeated Dion Lennox last week! 

The Match:

Lexis has to deal with Riley’s athleticism early on, I honestly can’t see anybody other than Lexis winning this thing. At the entrance ramp, Trey Bearhill comes out with a chair and sits down to watch the match. Thea Hail is in the crowd with Jacy again, wanting the guy she wants to slobber on to win. Riley and King went back and forth, Trey distracted Lexis and Riley hit a SICK shooting star and he goes to the finals! They continue to keep me guessing with these things, well done WWE for not making it like an AEW tournament.


Trey Bearhill brawled with Lexis King, clawed his back, and was all fired up. I love when Lexis powdered to the outside, that there’s a magic force field that stopped Trey from continuing to go after him. Riley Osborne heads to the Finals of the NXT Men’s Breakout Tournament to face either Oba Femi or Tavion Heights!

Winner: Riley Osborne.

They announce the match of the year is NXT No Mercy with Dragunov Vs Carmelo Hayes. I voted for Dragunov Vs Dijak. Moment of the year is given to the Undertaker making his first appearance at NXT. That was pretty epic.

Ava is seen backstage and gets interviewed with Kelly Kincaid about whats going on with Ilja Dragunov. I wonder what Ava’s role is?

Singles Match

Nathan Frazer vs. Bron Breakker


Nathan Frazer got in the shitzit earlier by talking about Bron Breakker not winning Male Wrestler of the year with his big mouth. 

The Match:

Bron is going to crush Nathan. I assume Bron will be in the 2024 WWE Royal Rumble to finally leave NXT. He really has nothing else to accomplish there. Nathan has bit off more than he can chew in this one, which is what I’m down with. Baron Corbin was then seen backstage, so yep, he’s still in NXT. Nathan evaded the spear from Bron as we went to a commercial break. I wonder what the go with Von Wagner is? Huge German Suplex where Nathan landed on his chest! Nathan fought back but it was only a matter of time before he got cut in half. This got given a lot of time, as Bron got dropkicked into the stairs, which is the kryptonite for all big guy wrestlers. Bron caught Nathan’s crossbody into a ferocious slam. Nathan hit a superkick to reverse a spear attempt, he went for the Phoenix Splash and then Bron KILLED HIM with a Spear to win.


After the match, Baron Corbin said “interesting” as he walked off from watching the match.

Winner: Bron Breakker.

Drew Gulak and his boys are backstage half naked and warming up to fight some guys they aren’t fighting tonight. They want the L.W.O for a 6 Man Tag at New Years Evil. 

Fallon Henley with her flat stomach and Brooks Jensen go console Josh Briggs. Brooks thinks Briggs wants to be a singles wrestler, and Fallon needs to step up. Briggs says he loves Brooks and Fallon, and it looks like they’re splitting up. I feel bad for Brooks, that made me really sad.

Arianna Grace was standing there next talking to Ava and she’s looking fairly dazzling. Arianna wants Roxanne to enlist in Anger Management and SHE IS RIGHT. Instead, Arianna is going to have to fight Roxanne Perez next week which is BS.

Lyra Valkyria and Blair Davenport are doing a sitdown chat from something recorded earlier in the day. Blair looks hot. I surely hope this doesn’t end in a fight. This was really good verbiage from the ladies.

NXT Men’s Breakout Tournament Semi Final Match

Tavion Heights vs. Oba Femi


This is a Semi Final Match in the NXT Men’s Breakout Tournament. Tavion Heights defeated ‘The Legal Eagle’ Luca Crucifino last week to advance to this match and Oba Femi defeated Myles Borne 2 weeks ago. 

The Match:

Oba Femi is now the favorite for me. Tavions character annoys me, I hate energetic babyfaces! This is babyface vs babyface, so the fans will pick somebody soon. We really needed that close up of Femi’s face, I need to see his character. This was a real close one, it was anybodys, but Oba Femi hit a pop up Powerbomb to win.


Oba Femi goes to the finals against Riley Osborne at NXT New Years Evil next week. I did not think it would be these two in the finals of the NXT Breakout Tournament!

Winner: Oba Femi

Kelly Kincaid tries to get a word with Ilja Dragunoc who said he’s looking for Trick Williams.

We find out there will be an interview with Ridge Holland at New Years Evil next week. This show is full of SO many stories!

Singles Match

Joe Gacy vs. Joe Coffey (w/Mark Coffey & Wolfgang)


Joe Gacy has been stalking and bothering Joe Coffey for weeks as he’s his first target to bother since the split of his stable, Schism. I have a feeling this is probably only the beginning of the feud.

The Match:

Gacy comes out on fire, I think his gear isn’t flattering for his figure, I liked what he used to wear. There was a ‘Joe forever’ chant. I still don’t know what this feud is about. Hank and Tank get involved to stop Gallas from getting involved, Gacy hit his finish and got the win.


Joe Gacy got a sorely needed win with his huge clothesline.

Winner: Joe Gacy.

Dragon Lee and the LWO Interview with Kelly Kincaid

The LWO accept the challenge of the No Quarter Catch Crew. They catch up with Elektra Lopez, who interrupts the interview and Kelly bails. She introduces Lola Vice to them and she’s all proud to see them again. I LOVE in NXT that they don’t ignore the obvious things.

Eddy Thorpe and Dijak are gearing up for the main event, which is a hook into a commercial break. 

They do the rundown of New Years Evil. I am most excited for Fallon Vs Tiffany.

NXT Underground Match

Dijak vs. Eddy Thorpe


This feud began some time ago, with their first battles taking place on August 1st and 29th of this year, on episodes #692 and #696, won by Dijak – which lead to a Strap Match on the 700th Episode of NXT, which Eddy Thorpe won. Eddy Thorpe wouldn’t return to NXT for a little while, till he was trying to qualify for the NXT Iron Survivor Challenge at NXT Deadline, which he failed to do. Dijak attacked him after his final qualifying match attempt, and the following week on Episode #711, Eddy defeated Dijak in 55 seconds by DQ as Dijak plowed Eddy into the corner turnbuckle which broke, and Dijak continued an assault on Eddys ribs. This looks to be the feud ending match in an NXT Underground Match, a Match he defeated Damon Kemp in on June 27th, 2023 on NXT Episode #688.

The Match:

This is really interesting. Something different, a different way of shooting it too. Eddy has the war paint on so surely he wins this. Eddy got thrown into the ringpost before the commercial break. Dijak hit a flip to the outside on Thorpe and man, this dudes time is now, he needs a shot on the main roster. These people at ringside are surely getting blown up from their enthusiasm. I don’t recognize many of them. Crowd were solidly behind Eddy. Eddy German Suplex’d Dijak off the ring and he landed on his feet and he nailed Eddy with his finisher.

Dijak started attacking some of the guys at ringside. Manifest Destiny from Thorpe, and Dijak is still awake. Eddy brought out a strap and went to work on Dijak. Great selling from Dijak in the Sleeper Hold before putting Eddy into the ringpost. Eddy gets Dijak on the outside, and nearly knocks him out with a Manifest Destiny on the outside, and then Dijak tried to get out of being choked out.  Dijak climbs the stairs toward the announce table. Eddy was on his back with the sleeper, Dijak Manifest Destiny through the announce table followed. It’s over!


Eddy ends the feud once and for all.

Winner: Eddy Thorpe.

We cut to Ilja and Trick sitting across from one another. Trick needs to know if he’s in for New Years Evil and offers to push the match back. Ilja won’t hold off. It’s on for New Years Evil.

Final Thoughts:

Great episode of NXT, this is Crash TV in 2023, and I am bloody loving it. 

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