NXT #712 Results & Reviews December 19 (2023)

Tiffany Stratton, my top female wrestling star of 2023, makes her entrance, and that’s the way you want to open the show. What a heel!¬†

NXT Results & Reviews

Singles Match

Fallon Henley vs. Tiffany Stratton


Fallon Henley and Tiffany Stratton have been feuding since before NXT Halloween Havoc a few months ago, and the feud has lead to several contests between the two, where the last time, Tiffany picked up the victory. Tiffany has lately been hanging around and keeping her eye on Josh Briggs, Fallon’s on screen partner. The developments with this story should be interesting to say the least!

The Match:

This feud has been brewing quite some time and I wonder if it ends here or if it will keep going. They seem to work well together! Fallon took charge early on. Tiffany made her comback by cutting Fallon off on the top rope, and she tumbled ferociously to the outside, which was a great spot. Fallon did a good job selling, and Tiffany as usual did a great job of staying in character as the match progressed. Fallon has done a good job in selling the fact she is angry at Tiffany, showing a lot of aggression. Tiffany hit a big spinebuster and after Fallon kicked out she yelled out “What the heck!” Fallon then got a surprise win with a pinning combination! Celebrations were cut short though as Tiffany attacked Fallon after the match and nobody tries to stop here, all these men are backstage, the referee yell at her it’s enough, and nobody even tries to physically stop her. Awesome.


I assume this heads to New Years Evil, perhaps a Dumpster Match? Glad this angle is continuing, I’m into it. Hopefully it extends with Tiffany taking Josh from Fallon or something crazy like that. Very Melrose Place.

Winner: Fallon Henley in 3:56.

Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes are backstage and Melo needs to holla at Trick. He apologises to Trick for hitting him in the head with the title belt last week, but it’s all good apparently. Melo then suggests they make the match at New Years Evil a Triple Threat Match, which Trick isn’t down with, and it’s clear Carmelo is conniving. 

Ilja Dragunov arrives looking very serious, in his swanky suit. 

Ilja Dragunov makes his entrance to the ring. He gets on the mic and can’t understand how he got involved in the Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams saga. He then talks about his accomplishments of 2023 and what he plans for 2024. Ilja is then interrupted randomly by Ridge Holland and apparently he’s back in NXT, because NXT needs more people. He wants to redeem himself in NXT, because he’s injured a couple of people. Ilja asks if Ridge wants a title shot. Ridge wants to run through the whole roster to get the shot – I’m just hoping Baron Corbin is perhaps back on the Main Roster if Ridge is down here now. Ilja says he will fight Ridge tonight. Ilja has really began to understood timing and cadence in his promos. 

Lexis King is walking to the ring and acts cocky about his chances of winning the Breakout Tournament. Ilja is now walking through their warehouse and Trick walks upto him asking what he’s doing giving Ridge Holland a shot. 

NXT Men’s Breakout Tournament First Round Match

Lexis King vs. Dion Lennox


This is a First Round Match in the NXT Men’s Breakout tournament, the winner will go on to the Semi Finals. Lexis King attacked Trey Beahill last week with a chair which has lead to Trey being eliminated from the tounrament, with Lexis now taking his place, which DEFINITELY sounds fair, right?

The Match:

Dion Lennox kind of looks like Anthony Bowens from AEW. Lexis was likely a shoe-in to win this one. Lexis gets in a cheap shot early as he offered Dion a handshake. Lexis showed that his tactics and conniving demeanour will certainly upstage an enthusiastic prime athlete like how Dion Lennox comes across. Lexis King hit the Coronation and picked up the dominant, expected victory!


Lexis King heads to the 2nd round of the NXT Men’s Breakout Tournament. Trey Beahill came out after the match with a chair to chase off Lexis King, which is puzzling because he’s supposed to be injured isnt he?

Winner: Lexis King in 2:59.

Eddy Thorpe challenges Dijak to an NXT Underground fight for next week! I know he’s done this before. That should be interesting.

Tag Team Match

Izzi Dame & Kiana James vs. Chase U (Jacy Jayne & Thea Hail)


Thea Hail has recently become quite infatuated with Riley Osborne, a new NXT Rookie who has not only joined Chase University, but has also progressed in the NXT Men’s Breakout Tournament. Last week she cheered him on, and also told him after the match, albiet in an awkward way that she was supporting him. Kiana James and Izzi Dame then waltzed upto Thea and Jacy as only they can, and teased Thea Hail over it, which predictably lead to this Tag Team match on a brand that no longer have Women’s Tag Team Titles!

The Match:

You have to laugh at how dorky Thea is when she comes out trying to dance sexy like Jacy does. I have a feeling Izzi and Kiana have got this – to establish their new team. It remains to be seen if Izzi and Kiana have chemistry as a duo, so we will have to wait on that as this is their first match as a team together. I think Izzi needs a bit of time to improve, but I see the potential there. Jacy has really become a solid, confident performer over the last couple of years, and she’s definitely the kind of person Izzi needs to get in there with to improve. Thea got a hot tag, she waves to Riley Osborne, and then she taunts to him, geez, Thea, concentrate! Kiana tapped to Thea when she was the illegal Tag Partner, and Izzi wiped her out with a massive big boot for the pinfall victory. Thea messed that up by worrying too much about that boy. Tut tut!


Izzi and Kiana establish themselves, I don’t see the feud continuing per se, but I do see this story with Thea and her crush Riley continuing for sure.

Winner/s: Kiana James & Izzi Dame in 4:52.

Backstage in the Women’s locker room, they’re all watching the monitor and Arianna Grace says how Kiana and Izzi look like a force to be reckoned with. Sigh. Then the little psycho hose beast Roxanne Perez walks in all angry about not being done with those two, Arianna winds her up with her delusional words of encouragement and says it’s not about wins and losses and Roxanne SLAPS HER IN THE FACE REALLY HARD and says it is and storms off. See – I told you, this character is a psychopath. Not a role model for anybody. Arianna cried “Am I still pretty?”. What a character.

Dragon Lee is walking backstage as they head to commercial.

Chase U are betting in the projects with the group, Out Tha Mud, and is winning money that they earned from the Car Wash and Bake Sale. Andre offers to double or nothing next week if they can beat Chase U in a tag match. If they lose, they lose the money, and have to get Out Tha Mud a Tag Team Title shot which they definitely haven’t earned because you never see them wrestle! Adriana from The Family then rocked up in all her tough bitch glory, and it’s so attractive, AY BAWSS, ARRIGHT, YOU GOTCHO SELF A DEAL. She’s going to be a triumph. 

WWE NXT North American Title Triple Threat Match

Dragon Lee (c) vs. Charlie Dempsey (w/Damon Kemp, Drew Gulak & Myles Borne) vs. Joe Coffey


Last week, Dragon Lee was backstage talking to Kelly Kincaid about being proud to be NXT North American Champion and mentioned he would be taking on all challengers over the next few weeks. After his match where he successfully defended the title over Tyler Bate, Drew Gulak and his goons showed up to antagonize Dragon Lee, which has lead to Charlie Dempsey challenging him here. Gulaks group is now called the No Quarter Catch Crew. Christ. Not sure about that.

The Match:

Joe Coffey comes out and wants Dragon Lee to pick between them both, and Dragon Lee says he will take them both on. Ridiculous, but ballsy. Dragon Lee is keeping his word and being a total babyface like his hero Rey. It’s a 3 way stalemate to start this one off, before they go to commercial. This was good and creative, and it’s good to see Dempsey getting in the mix, considering he’s William Regal’s son. Jesus, Joe belly to belly suplex’d Dragon Lee whilst copping a German Suplex from Charlie Dempsey… I have never seen that before. These 3 were going ALL OUT for this one. Joe Gacy then showed up from under the ring to look at the 3 on the outside, then hid, then grabbed Joe Coffey and pulled him under the ring! Dempsey hit his incredible fallaway slam into a bridging pin, but Dragon Lee hit Operation Dragon to retain.


Dragon Lee picked up the big win here and continues on this run where he’s taking on all comers. The No Quarter boys attacked Dragon Lee after the match, and the lads from the LWO made the save! Looks like it’s gonna lead to a multi man match soon.

Winner: STILL NXT North American Champion, Dragon Lee in 12:05.

Trick Williams is backstage with Carmelo Hayes and he’s furious with Ilja for giving Ridge Holland such a big opportunity before Trick faces Ilja at New Years Evil. 

Cora Jade rocks up with her gear and says she’s back, and she’s being really arrogant about it, taking Karmen Petrovic’s locker and then Karmen rocks up upset about it… Why does Cora rock up halfway through the show, with gear, and she’s not on the card? Amazing?

WWE NXT Breakout Tournament First Round Match

Tavion Heights vs. Luca Crusifino


This is a First Round Match in the NXT Men’s Breakout tournament, the winner will go on to the Semi Finals. I have seen Tavion wrestle a couple of times, last time on WWE Main Event against Apollo Crews, and “The Legal Eagle” Luca Crucifino has somewhat been a mainstay on NXT Level Up for the last few months.

The Match:

Speaking of amazing, Luca Crucifino, the Legal Eagle’s theme song hits. I OBJECT. What a song. Tavion Heights makes his entrance like an over the top enthisiastic babyface, and I know he’d going to win but bro, Luca should win this. Tavion was hot early but Luca cut him off! Tavion was then just dominating with a lot of different styles of suplex before hitting a spinning Belly To Belly suplex to win!


Tavion moves on to the Semi Finals of the NXT Men’s Breakout Tournament! Oba Femi and Tavion will do battle in the Semi Finals, whilst Lexis King takes on Chase U’s Riley Osborne. 

Winner: Tavion Heights in 3:25.

The show a vignette on Lyra Valkyria and the differences between her and her future challenger for the NXT Women’s Championship, the hot English psycho chick herself, Blair Davenport. 

Lyra is seen backstage watching the TV and nodding after watching that video package, and these two norks showed up as Nikkita Lyons showed up and Jesus Christ bro. Talk about T H I C C. 

Meta-Four Interview with Kelli Kincaid

Meta-Four are there celebrated and singing and everything as Noam is carrying his super heavy lug of a Heritage Cup with him and he confirms he will face Josh Briggs next week for the Heritage cup.

Singles Match

Nikkita Lyons vs. Tatum Paxley


Lately, Tatum Paxley has been somewhat stalking and showing some obsession for NXT Women’s Champion, Lyra Valkyria.

The Match:

Nikkita makes her entrance, then Tatum makes it, and it’s a bit much for me to handle, because I’m a hot blooded male and they rock me. Sorry Norman. Vic Joseph talks about Tatum stalking Lyra Valkyria and compares it to the Boogeyman stalking Booker T, and Booker T freaks out. I’m happy Tatum is back in the mix here. They went back and forth here and looked like they had some chemistry. I don’t know why fans have be on Nikkita’s case for her in ring ability because she was pretty good here. Nikkita hit the 180 splits on Tatum for the win, and Tatum loses again!


Nikkita’s claim to go after the NXT Women’s Title gets one step closer. Glad she did well in this one, and Tatum was bleeding from the nose!

Winner: Nikkita Lyons in 3:18.

Hank and Tank are backstage PUMPED UP about their upcoming tag match with GALLUS. BODY SHOTS TURN TO KNOCK OUTS! 

Josh and Brooks are with Fallon, and she’s infuriated with Tiffany, and off she goes. Brooks has never seen her that pissed off and neither have I. Brooks wants to support Josh for his Heritage Cup match, and Josh wants to do it on his own, and Brooks appears to be a bit upset about it.

Tag Team Match

Hank Walker & Tank Ledger vs. Gallus (Mark Coffey & Wolfgang) (w/Joe Coffey)


Hank and Tank have been wanting to climb the ranks and improve within the NXT Tag Team Division, and 2 weeks ago they challenged Gallus to a match up, in Gallus’ watering hole/the pub they frequent. I have a feeling that the match was bumped from last week and here it is now!

The Match:

Hank and Tank showing a lot of fire early, trying to sell the fact they really *want this*. They were really in control! GALLUS may have been underestimating them a bit, which makes sense considering I haven’t seen them perform in months. GALLUS finally got in control of Hank. Hank finally got the tag but Tank didn’t have the tag rope, and Hank got dropped with a kick from Mark Coffey and Hank and Tank lose this one.


Back to the drawing board for Hank and Tank, as Joe Gacy looked on from the crowd.

Winner/s: Gallus (Mark Coffey & Wolfgang) in 3:56. 

Dijak cuts a promo now on Eddy Thorpe. Dijak’s character is so under rated. He accepts Eddy’s challenge. By the way, it’s been so nice that nobody interrupted a backstage interview this week!

Tiffany cuts a promo to the camera on her own about Fallon and I bet Fallon will attack her during this, it’s not far off after Tiffany challenges her to a match at New Years Evil… nope, it never happened. But if Tiffany wins at New Years Evil, she becomes Tiffany’s servant, which has so much potential story wise.

Non Title Match

Ilja Dragunov vs. Ridge Holland


Earlier tonight, Ridge Holland walked through the crowd and issued a challeneg to prove himself to Ilja for even a Non Title match, because he really wants to show that he can make a name for himself at this point in his career!

The Match:

Here we go, Ridge about to be taken to school here. It will be interesting seeing him taken to his limit. Ilja gives it to Ridge early on. Ridge came back with a sloppy whiplash aka Alabama Slam, and Ilja came abck again with some German Suplex’s. Ilja was still in control as we got back from commercial break. Ridge fought back with gusto, but Ilja countered a suplex into a ferocious DDT. HUGE H Bomb from Ilja! Holland hit a pump kick on Ilja for a near fall. Ilja gets hurt on a bump from Ridge trying to hit a move on him, like his shoulder is dislocated and Ridge is upset. It’s a work. Ridge thinks he’s injured somebody again, as the commentators go silent. I bet so many fans ran to social media to complain about Ridge again. Time was running out on the show though… this was confusing as we go off the air!


This will play into the New Years Evil title match with Ilja and Trick, I really look forward to how Ridge and Ilja respond to this next week!

Winner: No Contest in 10:54.

Final Thoughts: 
A much better Episode than last week, a lot of angles were continued and formed and again, NXT continue to kill it every single week! It’s a whirlwind of stories that remind me of the good old days of the Attitude Era, without the grittiness and controversy.

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