NXT #711 Results & Reviews December 12 (2023)

We start off with Melo and Trick Williams arriving to the building, Trick happily talked to the camera man about his future title match with Dragunov at New Years Evil.

Carmelo is seen having been attacked backstage! Trick Rushes in to see what’s going on, and its a very dramatic scene.

Cora Jade is in the ring saying her pre rehearsed lines. It’s just a bit obvious. I think she should have had an entrance though! 

December 12th, 2023

WWE Performance Center

Orlando, Florida

Dragon Lee Interview with Kelly Kincaid

He’s proud to win his first championship, and he’s got an open challenge for the title set for later! Kelly is pretty.

Mixed Six Man Tag Team Match

Brooks Jensen, Fallon Henley & Josh Briggs vs. Meta-Four (Lash Legend, Noam Dar & Oro Mensah) (w/Jakara Jackson)


This past weekend at NXT Deadline, these two groups ended up engaged in a brawl backstage after getting into a confrontation over Josh Briggs and Fallon Henley losing in the Iron Survivor Challenge, as well as Lash Legend losing as well. The brawl has subsequently lead to this 6 Person Intergender Tag Team match. Lyra Valkyria interrupts and these people are all psychopaths. Here comes the bitch herself as Blair Davenport interrupts too and these chicks are insane. Nikkita Lyons will be interrupting soon. This is so contrived, I’m laughing. We all knew this was how this was going to go.

The Match:

Speaking of pretty, Fallon Henley is here. What is Noam Dar wearing? They two teams start brawling to begin but the referee gets things sorted out quickly, and Fallon SMACKED Lash with a sweet chop. Tiffany Stratton is watching backstage. Booker T ends up saying ‘tiffy tiffy top’ in a high pitched voice and he pops Vic Joseph. These two really have chemistry. Lash pressed slammed Fallon to the outside onto Briggs and Jensen as we went to commercial break! We come back from commercial as Jensen is copping a heat. Fallon spills to the outside and Tiffany Stratton shows up! They brawl to the back and she’s left the boys on their own. It didn’t matter though, Briggs hit a big lariat to win the match and this team needed this badly, but Meta Four are going to need to go over on somebody soon.


This was all a vehicle for Fallon and Tiffany’s feud to continue. 

Winner/s: Brooks Jensen, Fallon Henley & Josh Briggs in 11:02.

We go backstage and Carmelo Hayes in the trainers room, and the trainer says everything is fine. Melo said he knows who it was, but I’m assuming nobody ever attacked him in the first place.

We get introduced to all the combatants in the NXT Men’s Breakout Tournament! There’s always a tournament going on in NXT. At the end of it Lexis King nailed one of them in the spine with a steel chair!

NXT Breakout Tournament First Round Match

Singles Match

Myles Borne vs. Oba Femi


This is a first round match in the NXT Men’s Breakout Tournament. Myles Borne has been in NXT for a few months now, having joined up with Damon Kemp, Charlie Dempsey and Drew Gulak in a nameless stable, and Oba Femi has had 16 matches in the past 13 months, and hasn’t been seen on TV since February 14th when he lost to Xyon Quinn on NXT Level Up. His next 8 matches were on Live Events.

The Match:

I think Myles is the favorite to win this thing, most of these guys have either just been on Level Up, or have been only been doing live events. Oba took a drop toe hold like shit. The crowd are REALLY quiet for this, which is always going to happen when they barely know the people in the match. Hey, by the way, whatever happened to Zyon Quinn? Oba really showed some great power here and I was TOTALLY wrong, Myles got eliminated by Oba with a pop up Powerbomb!


Oba Femi moves forward into the Semi Finals in the NXT Men’s Breakout Tournament.

Winner: Oba Femi in 3:35.

Lyra and Nikkita are backstage talking about what’s going down. Nikkita better not get injured again. They opened her locker and Tatum has pasted her face over Becky Lynch in a picture Lyra has with her.

Tiffany Stratton Interview with Kelly Kincaid

Tiffany is all mad at Fallon. She talks like she’s not reciting lines, it sounds natural, and she’s rude, and walks off as Kelly goes to talk.

NXT North American Title Match

Dragon Lee (c) vs. Tyler Bate


Dragon Lee won the NXT North American Title this past weekend at NXT Deadline, which may have signified the exit from NXT for the former champion, Dominik Mysterio. Tyler Bate is coming off a loss in the Men’s Iron Survivor Challenge.

The Match:

The challenger is Tyler Bate, thankfully it’s not Nathan Frazer. Lots of sportsmanship between these two in the early going, I think it’s great Dragon Lee has come back to fill Wes Lee’s spot to have this run. I am sure the title reign will be kind of short, unless he’s going to do NXT and the main roster. I don’t see Tyler Bate doing super well on the main roster, I think he’s going to be a NXT-lifer. He’s too short. They both hit dives on one another early into the match, and it’s always on the same outside part of the ring. Bate hit an airplane spin into a slam. He hit his big clothesline as well, and looked to end this thing. Double Stomp from Dragon Lee, he went for a powerbomb, Tyler reversed, Dragon reversed into a hurricanrana and soon after he hit Operation Dragon to retain!


Dragon Lee continues his reign and RUSH is stuck doing nothing in AEW.

Winner: STILL NXT North American Champion, Dragon Lee in 10:53.

Backstage Briggs and Jensen are talking about the match they just had, Fallon showed up saying sorry. Briggs talked about the Heritage Cup. Briggs wants to keep the momentum going, Jensen said he doesn’t think it’s his style. 

Lexis King is backstage with Ava outside of Shawn Michaels’ office. Lexis King wants to be in the tournament and Lexis is bragging about how cool he is. Lexis is replacing Bearcat in the tournament, and Ava is confused by his BS.

Singles Match

Dijak vs. Eddy Thorpe


Dijak and Eddy have been feuding for some time, even competing in a Strap Match at Halloween Havoc, which Eddy Thorpe won. Eddy disappeared off TV and managed to enter the Iron Survivor Challenge qualifying matches, and Dijak renewed their feud by kicking him in the gut after Eddy was being helped to the back by medical personell.

The Match:

Dijak and Eddy start brawling at the entrance way and it’s on for young and old. Dijak is bleeding early and the top rope gets detached as he charges Eddy in the corner! this was definitely the plan as Dijak lays Eddy out with the actual turnbuckle and Eddy is screaming in pain from his injured ribs and the match is thrown out. Dijak lays Eddy out even more as the referees are yelling at him.


This definitely continues to New Years Evil! 

Winner: Eddy Thorpe in 0:55.

Chase U have another segment, and Chase is asking about the sales at the Bake Sale and Car Wash. Duke tells Andre he looks like shit. Thea wants to watch Riley’s match because she’s in love. Some guy rocks up with a halleburton and says he has a proposition for him and he walks off and the segment ends.

Blair Davenport and Cora Jade are backstage talking about Cora stealing Blair’s moment. They talk about Cora challenging for the belt and Blair will be champion by then. They’re not really getting along!

WWE NXT Breakout Tournament First Round Match

Riley Osborne vs. Keanu Carver


This is a first round match in the NXT Men’s Breakout Tournament. I have seen Riley Osborne quite a few times on NXT Level Up over the last few months, and Keanu Carver I am not familiar with at all.

The Match:

Was Keanu the guy who gave Andre the halleburton? Riley shows his athleticism early, and Keanu hit a sick lariat. I hope Keanu wins this. He hit a fallaway slam without going down! Riley weather the powerhouse storm but got hit with a Marcus Cor Von style POUNCE! Riley hit the Shooting Star Press to win.


Riley Osborne moves forward in the tournament, and Thea Hail is super happy!

Winner: Riley Osborne in 3:28.

Dragon Lee is always backstage, and Drew Gulak and his boys rock up and get into Dragons face about Wes Lee. One of Drew’s boys are going to step up and challenge Dragon Lee next week. No interview interruptions this week! Yes!

Riley is backstage and Thea wants to talk to him, as Jacy pushes her to him. She flirts with him and its awkward and Jacy is mortified, Kiana and Izzy Dame rock up and antagonize Thea. Ridiclous. Thankfully Roxanne Perez isn’t here tonight.

Tag Team Match

Blair Davenport & Cora Jade vs. Lyra Valkyria & Nikkita Lyons


Blair is not only the new #1 Contender for Lyra Valkyria’s NXT Women’s Championship, but she’s feuding with Nikkita Lyons who was put on the shelf by Blair some months ago when it was revealed she had been the one attacking the like of Roxanne Perez, Sol Ruca, etc. Cora Jade made her NXT return attacking Lyra Valkyria at NXT Deadline this past weekend!

The Match:

Lyra deals with Cora and Blair early on. Nikkita gets in there and it’ll be interesting to see how she goes, and she immediately takes heat from Cora and Blair before making the tag to the champion. Lyra dives out with a baseball slide to Blair. Tatum Paxley has shown up and is creeping Lyra out. Cora pins Lyra as Blair and Nikkita are brawling on the outside! Tatum gets in the ring and cuddles Lyra.


Now Cora is in line for a title shot after pinning the champion! Let’s see where this story heads next! 

Winner: Blair Davenport & Cora Jade in 8:28.

Hank & Tank talk about their match with Gallus next week. Gallus crack the shits at them and Joe Gacy has commandeered a Forklift and he talks to Joe Coffey about being a Joe with a cup of joe. Ridiculous, again. 

Trick Williams and Ilja Dragunov Confrontation

Trick talks about winning the Iron Survivor challenge. You know what, when Trick said “But here’s the thang” I thought to myself, okay, Trick is a star. He’s on point and said he’s TRICK JAMES BITCH. Ilja’s amazing theme song plays and out he comes, the NXT Champion, Ilja Dragunov. I have a feeling they are piping in a ‘crowd buzz’ sound in the background. Ilja talked up Trick’s momentum. At New Years Evil, the momentum comes to an end, says Ilja.

Trick is confident he will beat Ilja. Here comes another chapter in the book, Carmelo interrupts. He knows who attacked Trick, and Ilja says he will leave them to their business and Carmelo won’t let Ilja leave and says he was the one that attacked Trick, Ilja is beside himself over it and said it wasn’t him. It was Melo, surely, I wonder when NXT Anonymous will pop it the answer out there. Ilja questions if Melo even got attacked. Melo tries to wrestle the NXT title from Ilja, and he accidentally hit Trick in the head with the belt! We go off the air!

Final Thoughts:

What an episode of NXT! This was exactly what you need to put together for a post PLE-show. I am really into NXT at the moment, and this episode continued angles, built intrigue, and the direction of dozens of performers was continued!

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