MLW Once Upon A Time In New York Results & Review (March 16th, 2024)

MLW Once Upon A Time In New York
March 16th, 2024
Melrose Ballroom
New York, New York

We’re back with another Free PLE on the Major League Wrestling YouTube channel as we head to their big event MLW War Chamber on March 29th which will feature their version of a War Games Match, and it’s just continuing this crazy year in MLW and I for one am completely here for it.

Cesar Duran with the Azteca Lucha State of the Union Address

Cesar ripped into Salina De La Renta to begin with, and hypes up his May 11th show in Chicago. Cesar started talking about bringing in a Luchadora from Mexico to dominate the Women’s Featherweight Division, and my god… Zayda has shown up. This is already hilarious. Salina shows up on the big screen as Zayda had been mouthing off at Cesar. She accepts Cesars challenge, and Zayda leads Brett Ryan Gosselin to the ring for this random 6 Man Scramble to start off the show.

Scramble-6 Match
Cannonball vs. Brett Ryan Gosselin (w/Zayda) vs. Dyln McKay vs. Marcus Mathers vs. Love Doug vs. Ichiban

The Match:
They are always opening with these multi man matches which don’t have much of a reason to exist, but I will let it slide because MLW have been killing it for me lately. Cannonball got attacked during his entrance by AKIRA with a pipe! A brawl ensued with Jake Crist, Rickey Shane Page and Sami Calihan which was broken up by security. This match was just a bit of flip, flop and fly. After a few minutes of high flying action, Cannonball finally had got up after the attack during his entrance, and honestly, I think he needs to get the win here to build him up for the War Chamber. Madz Kruel Krueger interrupted the feed at once stage and said something about standing by for instructions, which was really cool. Brett Ryan ended up picking up the win with a victory roll on Dyln McKray, and Zayda was stoked about the situation.

Winner: Brett Ryan Gosselin via pinfall in 6:28.

Singles Match
Bad Dude Tito (w/Jesus Rodriguez & Salina de la Renta) vs. Azteca 66

The Match:
I have a feeling Azteca 66 is about to get squashed here by Bad Dude Tito. Christian Cole really has settled into his role as colour commentator well. From the outset, Azteca 66’s strikes were no sold by Tito, who could have won the match after one exploder suplex, but he pulled 66 up during the pin attempt. Bad Dude Tito hit a Steiner Screwdriver to win! Bad Dude Tito really does come across legit, and he could very well be the ace in the hole that Salina needs for her group.

Winner: Bad Dude Tito via pinfall in 1:25.

A video for Unagi Sayaka airs and she will debut for MLW at War Chamber on March 29th.

Saint Laurent walked out, still with the neck brace and he introduces WTF’s own, AJ Francis.

Singles Match
Mr. Thomas (w/Alex Kane & Faye Jackson) vs. AJ Francis (w/Saint Laurent)

The Match:
AJ cuts a promo, which is his forte, and this will be his first post-WWE match I have seen, and I don’t think I even saw a WWE match of his! Mr Thomas charges the ring after some back and forth with AJ and Alex Kane on the mic. AJ got in charge after weathering the storm by hitting a big powerbomb. Mr Thomas came back with a hurrcanrana which was really impressive considering the man is 6’7. MSL distracted Mr Thomas and AJ Francis hit the Blackout to win! Wow, that was quick.

Winner: AJ Francis via pinfall in 2:10.

Madz Kruel Krueger sends another threatening message about Contra coming in and destroying MLW.

MLW Women’s World Featherweight Title #1 Contendership Match
Delmi Exo (w/Cesar Duran) vs. Zayda (w/Brett Ryan Gosselin)

The Match:
Salina is on commentary for this one, and I totally expect Zayda to go over here, as Delmi has already lost a few opportunities. She enters and… she enters with Cesar Duran! They went back and forth, and another little message from Krueger showed up and I couldn’t figure out that message. An Azteca Henchman showed up and screwed Zayda, as Delmi got the win. That was a shame because we had that same finish for Mr Thomas and AJ Francis. Zayda has a melt down after the match about it, and Janai Kai made her entrance as Salina confronted her. Jesus Rodriguez knocks Cesar down with a right hand after he calls Salina 2 dollar whore! It became a whole massive ordeal in the ring and this is the chaos I have come to enjoy in MLW.

Winner: Delmi Exo via pinfall in 4:19.

Singles Match
Davey Boy Smith Jr. (w/Josh Bishop) vs. Matt Riddle

The Match:
This should be an interesting one! MSL is impressed with Riddle and really think he could be the crown jewel of the World Titan Federation, but I have a feeling Matt Cardona might be back soon. They had a great grappling session to start off the proceedings, I would love for Davey Boy to pick up a win here. Josh Bishop got involved which gave Davey Boy an opening to stay in charge. Dedicating the match to the memory of Carl Demarco, the former president of WWE Canada is ridiculous, as he’s still alive. Riddle took control after wiping Bishop out off the ring apron, and hit his usual flurry as he heads toward trying to win the match. Bishop got involved again before Davey Boy Smith Jr. hit a big time superplex. Riddle kicked out at 2.99. This was match of the show so far, as they traded pinfall attempts – Riddle attempted a Triangle choke. Sharpshooter reversal by Davey Boy, this was almost like a WrestleMania level IC Title match. Riddle got a big victory after another pinfall reversal exchange between the two!

Winner: Matt Riddle via pinfall in 11:51.

Court Bauer made his entrance to make an announcement. As he did, Krueger sent a video to ‘eliminate the target’! Wow, I have never seen anything like this. Mads Krueger cuts another promo about blood being on MLW’s hands as he takes over the feed. The CEO of MLW is out, the roster is on the floor, referees are down. The way that was shot and the videos that played were really well put together that really made it show up it was some kind of terrorist attack. To make it real though I wouldn’t have been showing instant replays.

Singles Match
Magnus (w/Cesar Duran) vs. Star Jr. (w/Jesus Rodriguez & Salina de la Renta)

The Match:
At this point I feel the show has now become a little heavy on Cesar Vs Salina. I think the Women’s title match should have been the last chapter of this story on this particular show, and perhaps we needed a match that is about the Calling and their feud with AKIRA and Jake Crist. Nonetheless, this is a nice palette cleanser with a Lucha match. I saw Magnus for the first time at the last AEW Pay Per View, Revolution. To make the Contra story feel more real, people should be acting really distracted. Star Jr. really impressed with some dangerous looking dives. They continued to go back and forth still Star Jr. hit a springboard double stomp to win!

Winner: Star Jr. via pinfall in 8:36.

Cesar Duran was shown putting coins in the eyes of a fallen Rocky Romero, after that match literally just ended. It was okay, but maybe we could have had the main event first and ended it on that as a cliffhanger. Whilst we did have that wild brawl to end the show, it still would have been a fitting end to the event after the World Titan Federation stood tall in the ring.

Six Man Tag Team Match
Alex Kane & CozyMAX (Satoshi Kojima & Shigeo Okumura) (w/Faye Jackson) vs. World Titan Federation (Josh Bishop, Richard Holliday & Tom Lawlor) (w/Saint Laurent)

The Match:
The Main Event broke out in a massive brawl to start off, and this is a match that is a preview of War Chamber. I think the only cronstructive criticism I can give is, that there’s too many angles on the show including MSL and Salina with Cesar, when we definitely could have done with showcasing the Calling’s feud a bit more on this show. The World Titan Federation had supreme control for a good portion of this. Okumura finally got a job tag to Alex Kane, I assume they’re protecting Kojima and his knee here. Kojima got a blind tag then nailed Bishop with the Lariat and they pick up the win!

Winner/s: Alex Kane & CozyMAX (Satoshi Kojima & Shigeo Okumura) via pinfall in 9:38.

After the match, the WTF attacked the babyfaces as Gosselin and Davey Boy Smith Jr. came out. The Calling were then seen brawling with AKIRA and Jake Crist on the roof! The 2nd Gear Crew then came to make the save and it’s complete mayhem to finish off the show at MLW Once Upon a Time in New York! AJ Francis then made his entrance to go after Alex Kane. The World Titan Federation stood tall to end the show.

Final Thoughts:

I had more constructive criticism to throw MLW’s way this show but it certainly was a wild affair from top to bottom, all the angles meant something and it’s certainly something AEW and TNA could look at right now as their stories are either non existent, or completely cookie cutter. War Chamber is upon us at the end of the month, and Major League Wrestling is still cooking with gas.

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