MLW Burning Crush 2024 Results & Review (February 17th, 2024)

MLW Burning Crush
February 17th, 2024
2100 Arena
Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia

Alex Kane makes his entrance and addresses his future with the Bomaye Fight Club. Kane addresses letting himself down for losing the MLW World Championship against Satoshi Kojima at the last PPV. Alex Kane wants to step away from MLW because of his loss – and Mr. Thomas interrupts, and he comes out to give Alex a pep talk. Alex needs to stop being a little sook. Mr. Thomas is actually good on the mic. Within 2 minutes, he’s snapped Alex out of his funk – solid character stuff here, it’s just funny how he went from being a sook to overly confident in a ball hair of time. AJ Francis then shows up on the big screen, and interrupts. I don’t mind the guy, but I don’t understand the hype Impact and MLW are giving him. He has however, joined the World Titan Federation. It’s so funny how wrestling works sometimes.

Six Man Tag Team Match

Griffin McCoy, TJ Crawford & Tony Deppen vs. Nolo Kitano & Wasted Youth (Austin Luke & Marcus Mathers)

The Match:
This is a 6 Man Tag Team Match, I wish ‘Trios’ would stop being used. This shall be the usual car crash opening MLW match. Deppen’s team I think will prevail here, although I did think Wasted Youth had booked themselves a Tag Title shot at some point? We got the obligatory dives to start the match. Nolo Kitano really impressed early on! Mathers hit a 450 Splash and then Tony Deppen nailed him with a kick and Deppen got the win, and his push continues.

Winner: Griffin McCoy, TJ Crawford & Tony Deppen via pinfall in 5:55.

Rickey Shane Page and Sami Calihan cut a promo on Raven, AKIRA and Jake Crist, who is debuting. It doesn’t matter though, Zayda is performing next and that’s all that matters.

They announce Bobby Fish is returning to MLW at Intimidation Games.

Salina De La Renta is on commentary with Joe and Christian Cole and immediately Joe Dombrowski gets insulted which made me laugh.

Four Way Match
Delmi Exo vs. Notorious Mimi vs. Tiara James vs. Zayda (w/Brett Ryan Gosselin)

The Match:
The Federette is here! Surely Zayda is winning this one, and taking the belt, right? She immediately picks a fight with all 3 of her opponents which is perfect for the delusional character Zayda is. Brett Ryan Gosselin is also popping me, he’s just innocently been at ringside and he’s been knocked over 3 times in his fluffy coat, dude that’s just hilarious. Salina told Joe Dombrowski to shutup which is again, making me laugh. Delmi has to work on the extension of her thrust kick, and Zayda shouldn’t have bumped it! There’s a Tower of Doom and Zayda tries to pin one after another and can’t pick up a win. Christian Cole asked Salina a question and she says she doesn’t need any of his questions, which is again funny because Salina is on commentary. Zayda hit the I’m Prettier on Mimi and got the win. Burst into laughter because Zayda ripped her arm away from the referee holding her arm up, she’s a bitch. Brett holds her hand up as her dope theme music plays and Salina attacks Delmi visciously! This fight was happening and Zayda gets on the mic and announces her intention for the MLW Featherweight Championship. Brett gets on the mic and puts Salina down, Salina fires back about Ken not getting laid in Barbie, Zayda talks about Salina blowing her way to the top, Salina rebuttles her, it’s insults galore and it’s fantastic. Salina calls Zayda a bitch to end the segment and that was tremendous.

Winner: Zayda via pinfall in 4:58.

Madz Krueger cuts a promo on how he bided his time and he’s come with Contra to end things with Jacob Fatu for good.

It’s interesting that MLW Fusion has been placed on the backburner and we are just doing bigger shows every 2 weeks, it’s a change in MLW’s format but I haven’t been offended by it.

MLW National Openweight Title Match
Rickey Shane Page (w/Cannonball, Doctor Cornwallis & Talon) (c) vs. Jake Crist

The Match:
Jake must be stoked to get on the MLW roster at this stage after how difficult things must have been for him over the last few years. Rickey Shane Page has a legitimacy to him because he really does look like a slovenly serial killer. Crist hit a dive to the outside and then a torando ddt on the concrete, then an Asai Moonsault! That’s how you make the first impression. Jake Crist was doing a great job outdoing RSP with his top rope antics. Cannonball got on the ring apron and he got superkicked! Sami Calihan then hit the ring and clocked Jake, and the match is thrown out, AKIRA makes the save, and Crist nails both of them, as AKIRA then flew off the top rope on the calling with a chair. Cannonbal then nails Crist with a DDT, and The Calling set up a table. Cannonball looks to be trying to put him through a table, AKIRA got involved and then Crist hit a Steel Chair elbow drop on Cannonball through the table! The Calling have been put on notice.

Winner: Jake Crist via DQ in 3:56.

This is what’s good about MLW, the PPV’s are 2 hours long and the matches aren’t too long. It’s story driven, and bing-bang-boom. I like it.

Court Bauer is seen backstage on the phone, and Cesar gets in Court’s face, and pitches a May 11th show with MLW and the best luchadores in the world. MSL then interrupts him and wants a title shot, and Zayda should have been with him. Court says yes and shakes his hand, then uses some hand sanitizer.

Backstage with see Kojima and his partner and Kojima has a bag of bagels I’m sure. The 2nd Gear Crew offer them a tag title shot and MSL gets all upset because they are supposed to get the first title shot. MSL says he’s the only legitimate promoter there and Kojima stuffed a bagel in his mouth. Richard Holliday KILLED me as MSL is on the floor in pain from a bagel being in his mouth “HE DIDN’T EVEN TOAST IT, HE DIDN’T EVEN BUTTER IT, THAT WAS A DRY BAGEL” like MSL had been seriously assaulted. Brilliant.

Singles Match
Matthew Justice vs. Tom Lawlor

The Match:
Tom Lawlor attacks Justice early on, as the war between the World Titan Federation and MLW rages on. WTF need more wins, and here’s the opportunity. MSL in his stupid outfit, scurrying around the ring, tremendous. Christian Cole absolutely popped me when he said to MSL what a great job he was doing with WTF being a suckhole which would only annoy Joe, and Joe is just all annoyed at MSL and then Tom Lawlor high fives MSL, it’s absolutely tremendous havigng Dombrowski be the straight man in this sea of wankers. I don’t understand how people can’t love MLW. MSL talks about opening a WTF Restaurant in Times Square like WWF New York, Joe asks if he could get a baguette there and MSL said he would get banned, and Christian Cole backs MSL up saying Joe wouldn’t even be allowed in. I love how they’re just taking the piss out of the WWF. Hahaha 6 strikes on his black belt Mensa – that IS RIDICULOUS. The match is fantastic as well. MSL grabs Justice’s foot after he barks at him and MSL kissed the referee to distract him, this is the greatest performance MSL has ever put on. He grabs 1 Called Manders’ hat and dances around and then got clocked, and YES Lawlor got the win. What an awesome match. That was pure entertainment.

Winner: Tom Lawlor via pinfall in 6:55.

Cesar Duran comes out and he talks about bringing in new guys to join his roster. Along with Mistico, he is joined by Barbaro Cavernario and Atlantis. He talks smack about Salina, who immediately comes out to confront him. Cesar says he has the biggest cahones in wrestling, and a fan said “but the smallest cock”. Amazing dude. Salina has footage of Cesar crying and pissing himself. He yells ‘IS BULLSHIIIIT’. Brilliant. He says she’s going to be broke and pinches her face. He issues a challenge for somebody to face Rocky Romero, she accepts and shoves Cesar over. She’s a wild woman!

Lumberjack And Jill Match
Brett Ryan Gosselin (w/Zayda) vs. Love Doug

The Match:
Here’s a match between Brett Ryan Gosselin and Love Doug, which ended with Love Doug winning, but now BRG is flanked by Zayda. BRG is decent on the mic, and I’m loving the Ken from Barbie gimmick. I love that Christian Cole is into the fact that BRG and Zayda are “besties”. This is a nice palette cleanser, a quickened pace, with the added element of the lumberjacks and lumberjills. All the women go beat up Zayda on the outside, and now all the jacks and jills are fighting, and Doug dived onto all of them. Zayda got involved again and BRG hit Zayda’s finisher to win which is hilarious.

Winner: Brett Ryan Gosselin via pinfall in 4:07.

Surely WTF get the Tag Titles, and the Featherweight, and eventually get the World Title.

Tag Team Match
CozyMAX (Satoshi Kojima & Shigeo Okumura) vs. World Titan Federation (Davey Boy Smith Jr. & Richard Holliday) (w/Saint Laurent)

The Match:
Now MSL is coming out and he’s got a neck brace from the clothesline from 1 Called Manders. For Christ sake. MSL gets on the mic and is just as horrible as ever. MSL goes on about Kojima and his love of bread and being anti carbs and it’s for fat people, tremendous. They showed footage of Kojima slapping MSL in the face at a press conference. MSL is constantly copping it and I’m here for it. This should be a good one. Shigeo copped a heat and Richard/Davey Boy are a solid tag team. I’m loving that Davey Boy is dressed like his father when he made his short stint in the WWF in the Attitude Era. Kojima ended up leveling Holliday and CozyMAX ended up with the victory!

Winner/s: CozyMAX (Satoshi Kojima & Shigeo Okumura) via pinfall in 6:52.

Baklei Brawl Match
Jacob Fatu vs. Mads Krule Krügger

The Match:
It’s time for the Main Event and this is likely Jacob Fatu’s farewell from MLW. They meet on in the aisle way as they started brawling. Fatu’s theme song is playing on loop, this is New Jack vibes. The song finally ended when Mads had taken control and set up a table. This starts to become a war between the two, as weapons are introduced. Jacob really got cooking and upped the ante, utilitizing his high flying ability that would really suit the Bloodline storyline let’s be honest. Fatu hit a sweet moonsault, but could not capatalize! Mads threw a fireball in Fatu’s face, and hit Scorched Earth to win! The Sentai Death Squad make their way out and Jacob is about to be put in a Body bag. Mads puts him in it and he’s taken away.

Winner: Mads Krule Krügger via pinfall in 11:16.

Final Thoughts:
An eerie finish to the show, and a show that was full of different flavors, just the way I like it brother. MLW are on fire right now.

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