Impact Turning Point Results November 3 (2023)

Walker Activity Dome

Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne And Wear, England

Impact Wrestling Turning Point 2023 REVIEW | WZWA Network (November 3rd, 2023)

Countdown to Turning Point

Tag Team Match

Grado & Rhino vs. Mike D Vecchio & Ryan Richards


Looks like a couple of local guys here, and Grado/Rhino are going to get an easy victory here! 

The Match: 

Grado is over in the UK, as is tradition. Grado is a fantastic live act for the crowd. You know who Grado is? He’s Pro Wrestling’s answer to Tennis’ own Mansour Bahrami.

The local guys got some heat on Grado before the hot tag was made, and Rhino gets the tag, hits a few clothesline, goes the HELL out of Ryan Richards, who took it so well, and Grado/Rhino pick up a solid win to the pop of the crowd.

Winner/s: Grado and Rhino in 4:26.

NORTH Title Match

Leon Slater (c) vs. Mark Haskins w/Vicky Haskins


Mark Haskins used to be in Impact Wrestling, and he broke his neck. Leon Slater is North Wrestling Champion, and this match is for the title!

The Match:

I have never heard of either of these guys, but I really liked the presentation of Mark and Vicky Maskins, and Leon looks pretty cool too! Haskins is quick as a cat from the outset.

Haskins worked on the left arm of Leon Slater in the early going. Speaking of speed, Leon shows some quickness and pace as well! Haskins hit a flurry of big time moves and got a near 2 count on a Juggernaut Driver.

Leon hit a sweet cutter but Vicky pulled her husband out of the ring and yowza, HELLO VICKY HASKINS! Leon hit a MASSIVE plancha over the top rope on Haskins and hits a Swanton 450 splash for the victory!

Winner: STILL North Wrestling Champion, Leon Slater in 10:42.

Turning Point PPV goes live!

Tag Team Match

Eric Young & Josh Alexander vs. Subculture (Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews)

The Match: 

There’s no way Sulculture beat 2 former World Champions. No chance! They are the new Team Canada, right?

Eric and Josh dominated this matchup early on. This was actually an important match for Sub Culture, to work with vets on this level, they are former Imapct World Tag Team Champions, and I have noticedthey left TV when they lost the Impact World Tag Team Titles.

Eric hit a big elbow and we got a near fall. The young lads really took it to the vets, and Josh/Eric made the young lads look so good with their selling.

Props to Sub Culture for also repaying that favor for Josh Alexander and Eric Young. So much back and forth between the teams! Josh Alexander hit the C-4 spike for the big win!

Winner/s: Eric Young & Josh Alexander in 14:05.

Singles Match

Alex Windsor vs. Gisele Shaw

The Match:

It’ll be good for Gisele to have a solid contest and actually pick up a win here, as it seems Gisele always seems to fall short on Pay Per View, but it looks like a foregone conclusion this time. For those playing at home, Gisele will be Knockouts Champ within the next 2 years, I guarantee you, because I sense the trajectory, despite some of the losses on Pay Per View this year I can tell that she will be at the tippy top by 2025.

Alex appears to be quite technically sound. Alex Windsor was really on top of her game in this when she was on the big stage, she as Jim Ross would say, maximized her minutes.

Gisele ended up with the deserved win. Honestly though looking back, way to go Alex Windsor. Gisele is already quite good, but you made her look even better.

Winner: Gisele Shaw in 8:40.

Singles Match

Rich Swann vs. Trey Miguel

The Match:

As much shit I hang on Rich Swann, the man hasnt done anything important in a while. Nice stalemate between the two. Trey thwarts Rich 3 times before Rich finally gained a slight advantage.

Trey gets the advantage on the outside. They just smacked one another over and over again at one stage which kind of made me laugh.

They got given a lot of time for this one! Rich hit the 450 off the 2nd rope and won! That was actually a good win and Rich needed it badly. 

Winner: Rich Swann in 11:48.

Dani Luna cut a promo and nailed it son.

Singles Match

Jordynne Grace vs. Dani Luna

The Match:

What a big weekend for Dani! Working with Deonna, Moose, Myers, now it’s onto former Impact Knockouts World Champion, Jordynne Grace, when during Subcultures run in Impact, she was just at ringside and seldomly used in the ring from what I had witnessed.

Dani definitely has a lot of potential, I couldn’t have been more impressed with the fact she matched up to Jordynne well! Dani showed SO much of herself in this. Juggernaut Driver and Jordynne wins, as was expected. Pretty good match here!

Winner: Jordynne Grace in 8:50.

Singles Match

Joe Hendry vs. Simon Miller

The Match:

Simon looks the part doesn’t he? He’s got those big man pecks, well done brother. Great attitude on the mic. Did he call the Newcastle crowd Goobers? New favorite wrestler. He threatened the crowd by stepping through the rope, even though he had no intention of actually getting into the crowd to start swinging, another win.

Imagine Simon attacked him during his last match in Glasgow and got heat on him prior to this? I honestly think if we got a stretcher job with Joe bleeding on the previous edition of Impact, it would have lead to more intrigue about who Simon is, and hopefully lead to more PPV buys for Turning Point.

Simon attacked Joe at the outset. Simon got cocky on the mic and Joe clocked him. Huge personal pop. Joe did his usual strength shtick to start with the stalling suplex. Miller finally caught some heat on Joe. Simon hit the 5 moves of doom, but copped a Standing Ovation for the loss.

Winner: Joe Hendry in 6:42.

Tag Team Match

Chris Sabin & Frankie Kazarian vs. The Most Professional Wrestling Gods (Brian Myers & Moose)

The Match:

Again, this was a great back and forth to start off the proceedings, it’s kind of difficult with these cold matches sometimes, especially when one of the teams isn’t actually a tag team – I am assuming Alex Shelley is dealing with some injury woes because he was on the previous Episode of Impact Wrestling when the Motor City Machine Guns faced Eric Young and Josh Alexander.

Huge dropkick from Moose on Sabin that got a big pop. This is such a cold match. A new team against a team that isnt a team? A great, GREAT heat on Sabin. Sabin turned the tables with the tornado DDT. Frankie hit the cutter on Myers. Moose kept on trying to hit his moves on Sabin to not effect, he kept reversing everything.

These teams really got given a lot of time. Moose hit a sick spear to win! Another big win for Moose and Myers, the Most Professional Wrestling Gods.

They needed a bit of momentum as since I started watching Impact Wrestling weekly, I haven’t really seen them team together much! It’s a good way to keep Main Event type guys away from the Main Event if they’ve been oversaturated in that area. Like Josh and Eric Young I suppose. Deonna and Chelsea Green with VSK, etc.

Winner/s: The Most Professional Wrestling Gods in 15:54.

Impact Knockouts World Title Match (Special Referee: Gail Kim)

Trinity (c) vs. Deonna Purrazzo

The Match:

Gail is so pretty as a referee! Well, honestly, Gail is pretty no matter what she does. What a head of year. Ok, I’ve got to admit, this English ring announcer is great and did a tremendous job all evening, and at the 1006th Episode of Impact Wrestling.

Loving Trinitys British flag outfit, that is so cool, it’s like the female wrestling tights version of Ginger Spice who in fact is, my favorite Spice Girl. There was a bit of a stalemate between the two early! There’s a Virtuosa chant, the fans seemed into Deonna but then what do you know…. Dueling chants!

Gail did such a good job refereeing, I didnt even remember she was the referee! This should have been the Main Event as far as I was concerned, I actually thought it was the best match of the show. What a great battle this was.

This went on so long, Queens Gambit by Deonna, no chance that was a finish. Trinity locks in Starstruck, she reverses into a pin, Bubba bomb, Statstruck, it’s over.

After the match Deonna hits Gail who hits Eat Defeat to end Deonnas Impact Contract maybe? Or, wouldn’t it be cool if Deonna Purrazzo and Gail Kim wrestled one another before Deonna leaves? I keep trying to guess when she’s going to leave but I just can’t figure it out.

Winner: STILL Impact Knockouts World Champion – Trinity in 16:15.

Singles Match

Eddie Edwards vs. Will Ospreay

The Match: 

I was wrong, this should be the Main Event. This is cool for both of these guys. Will should sign with Impact and not get lost in the AEW shuffle. Will, you are cool but in no place to no sell a chop. You’re not Hawk.

Eddie’s cartwheel was a pop. Eddie gets some sweet heat in, I bet you though Will wins. Backpack stunner gets a near fall. Will stops the big chop and then cops one and moonsaults off eddie chest, wild stuff that ends with a Stundog Millionaire. After a struggle, a cool spanish fly for a 2 count, Oscutter, 2 count.

Crowd were surpremely behind Will. Notice how every Will Ospreay match has to be taken to the limit? Somebody who can lose in 6 minutes on TV somehow can last 20+ minutes with Will? Kicking out of everything doesn’t make it awesome. You can do it in other ways bro.

Sick Styles Clash by Ospreay, he actually nailed it so well. Hidden Blade, Stormbreaker, Eddie gets pinned. Does Will lose before he leaves Impact? Is there a match with Josh? It’s cool he wins but if he’s not sticking around, somebody should get the rub.

Winner: Will Ospreay in 18:26. 

Final Thoughts: What an interesting show. Lots of cold matches, but I got to know a lot of wrestlers I wasn’t aware of prior. What a cool show in the UK!


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