AEW Collision Results and Review for October 7 (2023)

Maverick Centre – Salt Lake City, Utah

Ian Riccaboni and Nigel McGuinness on Commentary.

AEW World Tag Team Championship match 

Big Bill and Ricky Starks vs FTR (c)

Ricky Starks jumps FTR before the match to gain an early advantage, he tags in Big Bill who clotheslines Dax to the outside. 

Bill Bill takes his attention to Wheeler and choke slams him through the table on the outside. FTR are being decimated from the get go. 

Big Bill choke slams Dax several times from the instruction of Starks, Bill tags Starks in who spears Dax pinning him to become new AEW tag team champions. FTR squashed.

Singles Match

Bryan Danielson vs Kyle Fletcher

Fletcher being only 24 years of age had to bring his A game to keep up with the seasoned veteran in ring general Bryan Danielson. 

Classic wrestling contest, much different to Bryan’s last match against Zack Sabre Jr, this was more of your conventional wrestling match. 

Fletcher took a scary bump running through the rope to Bryan on the outside, his head went straight into the barricade, and it was close to him being in serious trouble. 

Back from the break it was all Kylie Fletcher, Bryan took his punishment, but the momentum switched when Bryan hit him with a clothesline and begin to hit his trademark kicks to Fletcher.

Fletcher fought his way back in the match, chopping Bryan’s chest till it was red raw. Bryan got back in control and gave him a few receipts to his chest.

Both countered each on another’s submission on the floor with Bryan escaped and picking up the win with a sneaky pin. A really great contest between these two. AEW must see a lot of potential in Fletcher, I think if he put on a bit of size on, he would look a bit more legitimate.

Members of The Mogul Embassy came out to attack Bryan after the match, but Bryan was rescued by his Blackpool Combat club member Claudio and Wheeler Yuta.

Backstage Tony Schiavone with the new AEW tag team champs Big Bill and Ricky Starks

Bill said they faced the best tag team in the world and whooped their ass. He said they are stars and finally the tag team titles are held by stars. 

Starks said FTR will not get a rematch and they are the new top dogs on Collision.

Trios Tag Team Match

Juice Robinson and The Gunns with Jay White vs Angelico, Metalik and Gravity 

Gravity is a funny character, walks like he is walking on the moon. He even does it when he is going for a tag. Classic. I’ve watched Juice Robinson and The Gunns for a few weeks now and I’m starting to find their schtick is a bit over the top, they are playing the most obnoxious douchebag heels, but they dial it to ten and it comes across cartoony and silly, if they dialled it back to an 8, I think it would come across better. Just my opinion. 

What I do like about them is they all throw great punches, it definitely stands out from the rest where forearms are the norm. A fast-paced contest with plenty of action, Bullet Club Gold’s fast in and out constant interference was too much for the Lucha Libre threesome to handle with Juice Robinson pinning Metalik for the win. 

Jay White cuts a promo after the watch holding MJF’s AEW world heavyweight title over his shoulder. He said he was disappointed Max didn’t care enough to come get his title, he challenged Adam Page for a non-title match this Tuesday for a dynamite. 

Next was a package of Nick Wayne explaining why he turned on Darby Allin, he said that Darby abandoned him and was never there for him. He said that Christian was the father figure he never had. I’m sorry but whoever is writing this segment needs to get more creative, it’s just generic stuff and there needs to be a better reason. I like Christian being his father figure but the rest needs more. 

AEW Trios Championship Tag match 

 Iron Savages and Jacked Jameson vs The Acclaimed and Daddy Ass

My first time seeing Iron Savages and Jacked Jameson, their catch phrase is “We are going to eat some ass”? Really? From eating ass gestures to scissoring references, if you like it silly this was the match for you.

The Acclaimed and Daddy Ass seem to defend their titles every show. They are an act that is hot with the crowd but don’t seem to have a storyline or feud to really match the reception they are getting, if they are just wrestling every week how are they supposed to progress?

Lots of tomfoolery in this one and in the end we knew The Acclaimed and Daddy Ass were going over, scissor me timbers, Max Caster with the elbow drop, 1.2.3.

A Toni Storm package was next. Continuing on from her unveiling her name was now “Timeless Toni Storm, another black and white clip continuing on her 50’s movie star gimmick. 

Singles Match

Toni Storm vs Kiera Hogan

Another match where the outcome was very obvious. Storm handed Kiera what looked like a script, Kiera tore the script up which enraged Toni to attack her. Toni seems to be really embracing her new character constantly acting as she is wrestling.

The match was a lot more competitive than I thought it would be, both women tried to hit each other with their rear ends, it was quite comical. Toni even bit Keira’s ass and finished off by running her ass into her face and hitting her storm zero finisher.

Rene Paquette backstage interview with Ruby Soho. She complained about her loss to Shida last week. Renee filled her in that she was banned from ringside for Saraya’s title match against Shida on Dynamite and she responded that Saraya would be fine without her. 

ROH World Championship match 

Eddie Kingston (c) Vs Kommander

JR joins commentary team on this match, which came about from the fatal fourway the night before on AEW Rampage.

Handshake start, I’ve said it before, but I don’t like this nice side of Eddie Kingston, it doesn’t suit his character. This was another match where I feel we already know who is going over. 

Kommander tried to submit Kingston early, but Kingston overpowered and chopped up his chest in the corner. 

Kommander is an impressive highflyer and caught Kingston off guard with his speed and agility. Kingston then turns the tables on Kommander and hit his spinning back fist to get the victory. The end result was yet another handshake to end the match. 

It appears this thread has closed up as quickly as it began.

Adam Copeland In Ring

Adam Copeland (Edge) was next with an in ring promo to address Christian’s response from last week’s Dynamite. He said he was confused and needed some answers and called out Christian once again to find out why.

Christian appeared on the screen and said he wasn’t going to answer him tonight but instead he would this Tuesday on Dynamite. Christian said that’s if you make it, which cued Luchasaurus and Nick Wayne to came out and attack Adam Copeland.

Copeland fended them off for a while, but the two on one advantage eventually wore him down. Luchasaurus was going to hit Copeland on his neck with the chair but was saved by Darby Allin.

Allin took a beating with his arm being smashed by a chair for his troubles by Nick Wayne.  Show goes off the air with Luchasaurus and Nick Wayne looking at the limp bodies of Allin and Copeland.

Once again, the Christian/ Edge storyline to end the show was strong and builds the drama going into Dynamite.

The rest of the show the matches were very predictable, if AEW could make the rest of the show compelling like the last segment it would make the whole show a hell of lot more exciting. 

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