AEW Rampage Results and Review for October 6 (2023) 

Stockton Arena, Stockton CA

Excalibur and Tony Schiavone on commentary. 

8 Man Tag Team Match

The Hardys and Best Friends vs  Daddy Magic, Jack Hager, Daniel Garcia and Angelo Parker

Compared to Christian from the same era, The Hardys haven’t exactly been thriving in AEW, you could say they have been devalued since coming to AEW. 

From the out of the box stuff they were doing in Impact wrestling just a few years back, they are now wrestling in meaningless 8 man tags like this one. I feel they should be doing something a lot more meaningful than this.

Speaking of a waste, Jack Hager would fall into the same category, the guy is a beast of a man and athlete and here he is in matching white pants with his team. Another guy not being used to his full potential.

A lot of quick action in this one, it also had some goofy dance off stuff with Jeff Hardy and Daniel Garcia. Not much to report on this one, felt like it was just a way of getting a bunch of guys on tv. Hardys and best friends with the win with a Swanton from Jeff Hardy. 

Rene Paquette backstage interview with Eddie Kingston

Jeff Jarrett’s stable interrupts this interview. Sonjay Dutt starts going off at Kingston saying he disrespected Jay Lethal last week and asks if he is going to put his ROH world championship up against Jay Lethal. Jeff Jarrett asks him to man up and do the right thing. 

Kingston says Jeff Jarrett has never done the right thing in his entire career. Kingston says he will defend the title against Jay when he proves something to him. Stokley Hathaway enters the scene and says he has a proposition.

Danhausen has a vignette hyping his return, that he will be coming back soon. 

Tag Team Match

Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta vs Levi Shapiro and Wise Guy Ruiz

Levi and Ruiz received no entrance and were  already in the ring so we knew that this was an enhancement match.

BCC dominant and pick up the win.

Renee Paquette backstage with Daddy Magic, Jack Hager, Daniel Garcia and Angelo Parker and Anna Jay

There was some tension between the team arguing who was to blame for the loss. Daddy Magic blames Garcia for his dancing with Hager looking at him disappointed. 

Fatal 4 way match for #1 Contendership for the ROH world title

Penta EL Zero Meido vs Lince Dorado vs Johnny TV vs Komander

Eddie Kingston was on commentary. Lince Dorado is in his debut match on AEW and is getting a number 1 contenders match straight out the gate?

The win loss record stuff really doesn’t do AEW any favours, the records of Johnny TV and Komander aren’t great, yet they are also receiving this opportunity to go for the ROH title. 

It seems like these four men were put together to have a Lucha style match with all the highflying you come to expect. It was rapid fire spots one after the other the whole match. Penta taking the crazy highflying  risks he is famous for.

Johnny TV (John Morrison is another ex WWE talent that is under-utilised in AEW) his current gimmick and stable I’m yet to understand what it actually is. 

Komander did an insane tightrope walk across from one turnbuckle to the next into a front flip taking out all the men on the outside. He then threw Dorado in the ring and did another tightrope walk across the rope in a 450 splash to pin Dorarado. Komander will need a lot of building to make him a credible opponent for Eddie Kingston.

Backstage promo with Ortiz

He talked about his former tag partner Santana, he said he was tired of the disrespect he has shown to him and to the fans and says he is going to expose him. 

Tag Team Match

Nyla Rose and Marina Shafir vs Hikaru Shida and Kris Stantlander

A cold match with no story behind it that is also the main event. 

It’s not hard to see why AEW don’t seem to be able to draw viewers to watch weekly, especially this show Rampage. Marina Shafir took her shoes off before the match, she took her socks and threw them into the crowd which was odd.

This was about the most interesting thing as there wasn’t much to report from this match, some scrappy moments and a crowd that didn’t seem to care. 

Statlander and Shida did an awkward version of the doomsday device on Nyla Rose which looked like Nyla had a whiplash effect with her head bouncing off the mat.

Shida did Saraya’s finisher for the win to send a message. 

An uneventful Rampage with nothing really to get excited about. The way they finished this show baffles me, would you not want a hot angle or storyline as your main event? 

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Kev Curran

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