AEW Collision Results and Review for October 28 (2023) 

Mohegan Sun Arena – Uncasville, CT

Commentary – Tony Schiavone, Kevin Kelly and Nigel Mcguiness 

Singles Match

Jay White vs AR Fox

Jay White is battling MJF for the world title at the Full Gear PPV so why on earth would anyone think AR Fox, who is making his debut on Collision to beat him? 

Flat start to the show, this match went on way too long. If Jay White takes this long to beat AR Fox then how are we suppose to believe he is going to beat MJF? 

Sure AR fox had some amazing high flying moves in this match but it’s all meaningless when we know nothing about him. 

After the match MJF tried to steal his belt back  but failed so he will have to wait to get it back on Dynamite. 

The Acclaimed and Daddy Ass are backstage and we get another silly promo from these guys, next week on Collision will be 69 days as trios champs and they are going to have a 69 party.

Caster said MJF texted him and was going to be there front row. Bowen looked at his phone and said it was a catfish. Caster said he sent pictures, Daddy Ass banished him to the back corner. 

Tag Team Match

The Boys vs The Gunns 

The Boys were making their debut here, Dalton Castle came out with them and was centre stage, the actual tag team didn’t stand out at all to the point where I thought The Boys were just dancers for Dalton.

This was a squash match as the Gunns destroyed The Boys in quick fashion. 

A hype package was next building tonight main event of MJF vs Kenny Omega. 

Another Danhausen vignette hyping his return, with his “very nice” “very evil jingle. 

Lexi is with Ryan Nemeth backstage as he talks about his acting career going well but he wants it to translate over to AEW and get to the next level. 

He is outside CJ Perry’s door and knocks hoping to join her managing stable. Miro answers the door and rips him into the room to give him a beating. 

AEW Womens World Title match (Fright Night Fight)

Hikura Shida (c) vs Abadon

This was a Halloween gimmick match with items all around the ring. 

Even though Shida is the Women’s world champion, I don’t know anything about her as we have seen nothing but matches from her.

Same goes with Abadon who just returned, won a match then found herself getting this title match. 

Both these women bashed each other with bones around the ring, there was even a spot where Abadon teased that there was going to be thumbtacks coming out of her bucket but it was candy. 

A trashy hardcore match, Shida won the match by putting a pumpkin on her opponents head and hit the katana kick to retain her title. 

Toni Storm comes out to steal the spotlight from Shida. 

ROH Television Title Match 

Samoa Joe (c) vs Rhett Titus

Never seen Titus before, it said he was a former TV champion but I had a feeling this match wouldn’t last long.

My suspicions were correct as Joe tapped out Rhett in quick fashion.

QT Marshall’s group were backstage with Renee, QT spoke about defending his Mexican title in AEW against the best luchadores. 

Not really much point of this segment, it was kinda flat.

Claudio Castagnoli segment was next talking about getting revenge for Bryan Danielson’s orbital bone injury, he said it could have been Orange Cassidy’s Orange punch or Okada’s rainmaker. 

I had to laugh that an Orange Punch from a wrestler like Orange Cassidy with his build would break Danielson’s orbital bone after all the crazy moves he takes in matches weekly. 

Singles match

Ricky Starks (with Big Bill) vs Dax Harwood (with Cash Wheeler)

House of Black is in the crowd watching the match from afar. 

Some great counter for counter wrestling from these guys. Bother wrestlers were smooth, this is one of the best pro wrestling matches I’ve seen on Collision.

Dax hit a massive superplex off the top rope that got the crowd on their seat literally. 

Dax almost won the match with a jumping piledriver on Starks but Big Bill ripped His legs out of the ring to break the count. 

Dax tried to get back in the ring but Starks nailed Dax with a piledriver to pick up the win. 

Julia Heart is at the top of the ramp, the lights go out and all members of House of Black are in the ring. 

Rush’s new group come out to the ring also. All hell breaks loose and everyone starts brawling around the ring. House of Black retreat. 

Another example of AEW putting too much moving parts in a segment, it just came across as messy. 

Andrade is backstage with Lexi, she asks him about CJ Perry’s offer last week and now Rush returning who he has a past with, Andrade says his business is his business. 

Another backstage segment with Kris Statlander requesting time to talk to Skye Blue and Willow. It’s like Statlander is playing mediator for Willow and Skye Blue. The story is after getting mist in thier face from Julia Heart they are now changing into something else, something dark. This storyline is brutal and these backstage promos don’t do anyone any favors. 

Sky Blue says anything between her and Julia Heart she will say to her and leaves. 

Singles Match

Claudio Castagnoli vs “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams 

Another squash match, Castagnoli comes out pissed and out for revenge for his friend Bryan Danielson by sending a message to Okada and Orange Cassidy for injuring his black pool combat club member. 

Claudio absolutely destroys Tracy Williams in quick fashion.

AEW World Championship Match

MJF (c) vs Kenny Omega 

Jim Ross joins commentary. 

Looking at how much time was left on the show you knew was going to be a long match.

Both men felt each other out in the first few minutes with counters and holds but after that it was on at a frantic pace, with some high flying over the top rope to the floor acrobatics from Omega.

MJF took a page out of Omegas book and hit Omega with a flip of his own to the outside which popped the crowd, something you don’t see MJF doing. 

These guys literally gave everything in this match. MJF took a scary back snap suplex on the outside apron followed by taking a power bombed through the table. 

Omega went for his One Winged Angel finisher which was amazingly countered in a reverse hurricanrana that looked devastating but Omega just popped right up from it and delivered a reverse hurricanrana of his own to MJF.

Back and forth these guys went with devastating moves and near falls.

Omega went for his One Winged Angel finisher again but was distracted by Don Callis who came down to ring side. 

More near falls were traded from both men until MJF hit a destroyer and then the heatseeker to win the match and retain his title. 

Entertaining match but something that should have been built up and been a main event of a PPV. 

Handshake and hug after the match, AEW can’t help themselves with this handshake stuff even if it’s a the detriment to MJF’s character, I thought he was suppose to be a scumbag? 

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